Fellowship of the Sun

Founded by Rev. Theodore Newlin, the Fellowship of the Sun is primarily a Christian religion focused on protecting humans from the wickedness and immorality of vampires. With the reverend being in constant demand for interviews and news casts, many of the church duties now fall to his son, Rev. Steve Newlin and his wife Sarah. Under their tutelage, the church has begun to expand membership through the newly established Light of Day Institute.

Like any religion, the Fellowship can be described in a variety of ways depending upon whom you speak to. To some, it's just a religion that asks its parishioners to look out for the future of humanity. To others, the religion has been distorted in such a way as to create fear among those it purports to protect. No matter the opinion, the Fellowship has become a national sensation and continues to recruit new members through outreach and the newly formed leadership conference (LoDI), which offers training to new parishioners in the form of Bible study, and defense against vampires.

Claiming to accept everyone, the Fellowship truly only accepts human members that are committed to the teachings God, and the ongoing battle against the vampires via their seminars, legislation and protests.

The have an extremely strong presence in Dallas, one of the first and largest churches having been built there. They are easily accessible to everyone.

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