With a population of over one million, it's safe to say that the majority of those living in Dallas are human. While there will be the odd one or two that are completely oblivious to the fact that vampires walk among them, the majority are well-educated and well-aware of the existence thanks to the Great Revelation. Some are even aware that additional supernatural entities exist.

Acceptance of vampires as average citizens is normal, with some going so far as to volunteer at the American Vampire League. Bias and fear is also quite commonplace, and due to this churches like the Fellowship of the Sun have formed.

Humans have no supernatural abilities, which often leaves them at a disadvantage in the world, because they lack the ability to face or perceive many of the dangers that supernaturals could potentially pose to them. Though they may not possess powers like those of a supernatural, human characters are not without their merits. After all, they still hold political and religious power, and the human population far outweighs that of the supernatural.

As the setting is modern, a human character has a great deal of options so far as concepts, including the possibility of being turned into a vampire or two-natured in the future. From the average housewife, to the upper-class businessman - they are far more than just a potential meal for a hungry vampire.

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