Unfortunate Events

Dallas Public Library

The library is a rather large building that extends two levels. Security gates at the entrance lead past a long rectangular circulation desk where patrons may check out or return books. Across from the circulation desk is large, archaic looking card catalogue beside which is a computer that is set up to locate books. Following the typical Dewey Decimal Classification System, the rows of shelves are laid out systematically, with large signs overhead so that patrons can find precisely what they are looking for. Study carols and tables line the walls, and one corner of the library is set aside for two separate lecture rooms that can booked for meetings.

Chloe picks up her cellular phone and begins to dial.
<Phone> You hear the phone ringing at the other end.
<Phone> The phone is picked up at the far end.
<Phone> Will says "Chloe," though it's mostly drowned out by the incredible ambient noise of wherever he is. A huge, pumping beat screams out from something nearby. There is a brief, windy sound, then silence.
(Directed into the phone) Chloe says "How did you…?"
(Directed into the phone) Chloe says "Never mind that… look. I'm stuck here. Someone's watching the library."
<Phone> Will pauses, briefly. "I will explain later. Can you describe the person?"
(Directed into the phone) Chloe says "Can't see him. Can barely hear him. He's out in a car. Black sedan, can't tell what type. Keeping an eye on the library, something to do with a vampire being here not long ago… and the incident…"
<Phone> Will says "First consideration brings four options, none of which are particularly good for you. I will be there shortly."
(Directed into the phone) Chloe says "Wait…"
(Directed into the phone) Chloe says "He may be trying to see if you'll show up. I just thought… well if he was one of your guys… maybe you could call him off?"
<Phone> Will says "If it were one of my people, you would likely not hear him. One moment. Do not end the call, I am still listening." The brief windy sound again, pumping beats again. Snatches of voice come across the line from within the noise, a male voice as well as Will's. "-potential-" "-police-" "-ainer-" "-pire league-" "-thing-"
(Directed into the phone) Chloe says "Will? I… I really don't think it's the police. Whenever I get close to what he's thinking, he starts quoting scripture in his head…"
<Phone> Will 's voice says two more words, these clear since his voice is raised somewhat. "Christian fanatic." The windy sound comes again, then silence. "Chloe? I need you to continue about your business for the moment. I will be with you shortly, please do nothing to arouse his suspicion. I will still be able to hear you as I move, though you will not be able to hear me." The windy sound happens again, this time not stopping.
(Directed into the phone) Chloe says "Uhm… okay…"
(Directed into the phone) Chloe says "I'm just closing up for the night, so that's easy enough to do. I just don't want my brother getting into this mess…"
(Directed into the phone) There are sounds as she moves around the library, reshelving books, phone still to her ear.

Chloe is still moving around the library, phone to hear ear. "He's moving. I can't see him, but I feel him moving. I mean, he's thinking about it at any rate. Of coming in here." She feels like a fool for having called the vampire, but so far as protection goes he's the only one available that is not her brother.

The wind in the willows, the wind in her ear. Will moves at top speed, a fairly terrifying concept for those he moves past. A few people are sent from their feet with the rushing wind that passes them, and the dark shape flashes up onto a building opposite the library, surveying the ground below. Barely eight minutes have passed, though likely seeming longer for the person inside. The windy noise ceases. "I seek him now."

The response in her ear is enough to make her squeak in surprise. Really, she rather thought he would hang up. Chloe takes a deep breath, closes her eyes, and tries to force her mind past the mind-numbing medication. Feeling out the brain that isn't there, and the one in the vehicle.

"To your left," she says quietly. "Be careful, he's getting out of the vehicle."

"Mine eyes fall upon him. Be not afraid, I am able to watch and hear him now. I will follow the wretch, determine his intent. Act as you normally would." The archaic tone falls easily from his lips, his careful accent lost for a moment into something else, something old. Only then he hands up. Thus he does follow, a silent shadow for the man, predator in the blackness.

It is, perhaps, just a little hard to act as she normally would. For one, there is a man outside who is either stalking her or the library. For two, there is a rather menacing vampire upon the roof… or wherever he is. Chloe moves back to the desk, reaching for the mouse so she can shut the computer down for the evening. When the phone goes silent, she drops it into her pocket.

The computer goes off, following it the last light in the place.

Which is when she hears the unmistakable sound of shattering glass.

Ducking low against the desk, she curls up against herself. A natural, protective reaction to whatever is about to unfold.

The shadow moves again, suddenly up behind the gentleman in question, darkness incarnate pressed up against the man's back, and a whisper rich with menace flows into his ear. "What are you doing?" asks the vampire, though preternatural reflexes are at the ready, prepared to move out of contact at the merest whiff of silver.

It is not silver that the vampire will have to worry about. Instead, the man is carrying a gun. A rather typical looking gun, but one that has been modified to hold special bullets. "A vampire," the man hisses. The gun is raised with shaking hands. "M-move again and I'll shoot."

Chloe, meanwhile, is staying in her crouched, ducked position. Crawling along the floor toward the broken glass to ensure that what broke the window will not damage the library.

Will meets the man's eye, and a calm smile spreads across his lips. "Why would you do such a thing?" he asks, voice gentle and laced with the threads of glamour. Just a little; he doesn't want to risk damaging this mind. "We should talk about this."

"You're a monster," the fanatic cries. The gun is waved again, this time shaking at the vampire's face. "Unnatural! No talk. You have to die!"

The glamour not working as well as it should because the fanaticism is winning out.

Help is on the way, sort of. Chloe can now be seen just beyond the man, quietly gripping the rock in her right hand, and a large piece of glass in her left. The glass slices into her skin, causing a slight wince but she holds to it tightly - her only defense against the interloper.

Slowly, Will shakes his head. "You poor, damaged boy," he whispers, before a blur of movement flashes in front of the man's eyes, and a strike beyond human strength and speed, backed up by over eight centuries of experience, drives upwards towards the gun, flowing sideways into what should prove an easy, controlling hold.

"I'm n-not d-damaged," the man stammers, eyes narrowing to points upon the vampire's face. His finger clinches in on the trigger, just as Will strikes at his wrist. There is a horrible yelping noise, which is shortly echoed from within the library. The gun falls to the ground, the man's wrist snapping as it does so.

Chloe squeezes her eyes shut, the right hand dropping the stone as she moves to press it against her left shoulder.

Swiftly moving sideways, Will grabs the forearm with the newly damaged wrist, and walks towards the library, dragging the man without giving him option to object and speaking in an ancient, foreign tongue. "Accede ad ignem hunc, jam calesces plus satis," says he. "You are a damaged boy, and for the additional damage I have caused you, I apologise. You gave me no choice."

"RELEASE ME, DEMON!" The man struggles, not making it easy for Will to drag him into the library. "You and your kind will die! His Holy Light will shine upon you, and you will be no more!"

A warmth pours over Chloe's hand, and she makes a face. "They're going to fire me for this…" Two occurrences happening while she's the only one on duty? Then she happens to glance over at her hand, spies the blood and pales. Bad enough her hand was already bleeding, but her shoulder is as well… and there is a vampire perhaps only twenty feet from her. This spells out N-O-T-G-O-O-D.

Slowly shaking his head, the vampire ploughs on, dragging without ceremony the poor man. "Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness' sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven," quoth he. Suddenly he moves again, this time slamming a hand over the mouth of the man, and coming further towards Chloe and the library. "You will not be fired for the-" There is a pause, as two involuntary sniffs at the air draw the depth of the vibrant blood into Will's lungs. "-simple-" He pauses again. "Can you find a quiet room for me to talk to this gentleman please?"

The poor man starts to bite down on the hand, then growls against it instead. Biting it would be a bad idea. The struggling continues, the man thrashing as wildly about as he can manage while in the arms of the demon.

Chloe grits her teeth against the pain, trying to take in a deep breath. "My… ow… office…" Her head jerks toward a bank of doors to the right of the room. "Sorry," she says, looking down at the blood. "I'll… find something to… ow… wrap up with…"

"Fear not for your lifeblood," says Will, "for I have pledged not to take it without permission." Quite who this is for is unclear for the moment. He drags further, apparently oblivious to the man's thrashing. After all, the strength disparity is quite terrifying. Towards the office. "I must speak with this man," says the vampire, calmly now. "His words may prove useful."

The man continues to struggle as he's dragged, going so far as to kick his feet and dig his heels into the floor.

"I'm not… worried… I just hate being a temptation." Chloe waits until they are closer to the office. Once they are, she drops the piece of glass and winces fully. Her thin blazer is shrugged off and she wraps it around her cut hand while at the same time attempting to pull a wooden bullet from her shoulder.

Suddenly, Will's eyes snap over to Chloe, as if noticing her wounds for the first time. "Temptation yes, but I am able to deal with it. You have been hurt," says he, not without feeling. "I can— there is something we shall talk about, in a moment. Are you able to function at this time?"

"Flesh wound," she grits at him. "I'll live. Not likely to bleed to death. First aid kit in the lounge. Just go about your business." Chloe makes a shooing motion with her head, since both hands are occupied with her wounds.

The man, of course, just continues to struggle. His thoughts becoming increasingly heated. The thoughts of a madman, who has friends that will come looking for him if he doesn't check in shortly.

"No," says Will, "I will assist you." He looks down at the man, and says a few words, the full force of eight hundred years glamour driving into the man's brain. "You are going to listen to me now, David. I will not hurt you. I will allow you to return to your friends. I just happened to be passing and was merciful to a fanatic. Tomorrow, you will turn yourself in to the police and admit the crime of damaging the library. Do you understand?"

Chloe is well aware that by 'assist' he means 'drink her blood'. It's not something she's very happy thinking about, so while he fusses with the man she makes her way to the first aid kit to bandage herself up.

"Mercy will not help the damned!" Though that is the last struggle the man makes, his eyes suddenly taking on a blank look. Several moments pass and the man simply nods.

"Begone, now," says Will, to young David. Then he stands, following Chloe where she has gone, though one careful ear stays for the man's movements. Quiet steps carry him as always, and he stands in the doorway, calm demeanour back and happy. "I have experience with wounds," he informs her, "and I can help you."

David makes his way back toward the broken window, touching the edge of the glass as he does so. Shortly, he's back in the vehicle and driving off somewhere.

Chloe fumbles with the first aid kit, and spins around to face him. Blood trails down her arm, and she shakes her head. "I'll… be fine. May be a few splinters in there, but if I wrap it…"

"Splinters?" queries Will, with on brow beginning to raise. "I understand. You will need either hospital, or- there is another option." He leans against the door frame, deliberately relaxed, though his eyes cannot fail but draw along the crimson line. "You may drink of me. It will heal the wounds. Now."

Chloe's face is pale, at both thoughts. "They're just… /splinters/! I'll… I'll live." Hospitals are not exactly her most favorite places, and the thought of drinking vampire blood…

"Thanks for saving me, but it just wouldn't be right."

"Splinters deep within flesh which you will never find alone," informs Will, level and calm, clinical even. "They will irritate, infect and abcess. The pain will be as a fiery sword saws at your very bone. Or a single gulp. I am told it tastes well. There are side effects, however."

"Please," Chloe says, closing her eyes as she tries to push past the pain and the subsequent thought of more pain due to his poetic words. "Take no offence by this, but the thought of tasting blood is not exactly something that's entirely pleasing. I won't even suck on my finger when I get a paper cut."

"People actually kill each other to obtain just a drop of what I freely offer, does it taste so exquisite," Will continues. "Fear not the taste. I will either carry you to hospital by force, or you will drink. I will not accept you damaging yourself needlessly."

"I didn't…" Chloe glares at him. "I'll have you know that had you not broke that man's wrist, I would've never been shot!" Anger causes the pain to flourish, and she bites her cheek to keep from making a noise.

"Allowing your shoulder to swell with vile pus and damning yourself to weeks in hospital for recovery is needless," Will remarks, offhandedly. He is motionless for the moment, his default stance apparently. Eyes occasionally flick to Chloe. "Unhappy circumstance. I am attempting to make amends."

"But I don't /want/ to," she laments, like a petulant child. Chloe starts to cross her arms over her chest, and yelps as she extends her wounded shoulder that far.

"Two options," Will says again. He locks his look onto her, face finally opening into a smile. "It'll only take a few seconds."

Chloe shakes her head vehemently. "N-no. It wouldn't b-" The young woman looks even paler than before, and starts to wobble on her feet. Her hand crashes down against a table in the lounge, leaving a bloody smear as she begins a rapid descent to the floor.

Will moves faster than any person has a right to, one arm falling underneath Chloe to support, an ironic flashback to their first touch. "You are falling rapidly unwell, and leave me no choice." He lifts his free wrist to his lips, fangs snapping forth, and digging in.

"No," she says weakly. Faint more from the thought of being locked in a hospital again than from a massive blood loss. Chloe struggles just a little to right herself, but it takes less than a second for her to lose footing and remain trapped in his arms.

"Please, just a small amount and you will be well," Will urges, his voice barely above a whisper. The crimson of his blood begins to trickle down his arm, and he offers it forward. "A short drink, no hospital, no locking away."

Chloe opens her mouth to further protest, but a few droplets of blood fall upon her lips. As she parts them to speak, the blood drips into her mouth. She swallows as a natural reflex, then her eyes snap open wide. She looks… terrified.

"Shhh." The gentle noise comes from Will, soft and pleasant as he looks down to her. "It does not taste so bad? A little more and you will be well."

Lids drift closed and she takes a few deep breaths. Chloe resists as much as she can, but with his wrist being held over her as it is, the blood continues to drip into her mouth. This time, she forces herself to swallow, giving him a rotten stink-eye for what he's forced her to do. Even though she /does/ begin to feel better, and the wounds begin to heal - neither all that horrific to begin with.

A gentle smile is sent down to her, a gleam coming into Will's eye now, not sent by him. A few more drops fall down, as the wound begins to heal. "More will heal, and the side effects will be with you now anyway," says he. "I am happy to reopen the wound."

"Side-effects?" Chloe just continues to give him the rotten stink-eye look. "Just… what have you done to me?" She's not going to turn into a vampire now, is she? Eyes pop wide at the thought, and she has a slightly panic-stricken look about her now.

"For a while, your senses will sharpen, you will feel faster and stronger and better than ever before," Will informs her. Slowly, he begins to lift her up to her feet. "In addition, there are some effects on my behalf, although you need not worry about them."

"What are they," she asks, voice even, ready to give him a great big shove if she doesn't like the answer. Chloe stares at him. "Tell me, or so help me, I'll wrap you in silver myself!" Still playing the petulant child.

"I am now able to sense you, your emotions at a distance," says Will, "and if you are in danger I will know. I may also contact you telepathically." Now lifted to her feet, he slowly begins to release her.

After hours at the Dallas Public library, far past closing time. The large, front window of the library lays in ruin. Shattered glass litters the floor. There is a small trail of blood leading toward the lounge room, where voices can be heard.

Chloe just outright shoves as soon as he releases her. "You… you…" Well for lack of a well-educated, well-thought-out insult, she just yelps, "JERK! How could you… what if I'm on a /date/? For crying out loud! I don't want you knowing how I'm feeling!" For added effort, she goes to pick up the first aid kit, so she can toss it at him.

The lithe figure of Will does not move at the shove, the blood dripping from his left wrist slowing to a full stop now. Instead, he allows the tirade with no real response, expressionless again. "It is done," says he, voice quiet and level. "It is unfortunate there was no opportunity to discuss the particulars beforehand."

Well, he had been pointed in the right direction, but… what is this? Hiro's even pace slows as he takes in the broken window. Smoothly, he reaches under his coat, drawing a short, triangular-bladed knife and holding it hidden along the line of his forearm as he drifts inside. Eyes, ears, nose all focused, he follows the sharp tones of voices and the scent of blood towards the lounge room.

"Unfortunate? UNFORTUNATE?" Chloe is seething with anger now. A tirade of very nasty words flits through her mind, words that no young woman should know let alone repeat in company of the opposite sex. "You didn't have to do it in the first place! I wasn't going to die! It was a graze of a wooden bullet! A small slice of glass! You took advantage of me!"

Suddenly, she's silent. Suddenly, she's still. "Aww crap. You brought company! There's another non-mind on it's way here… and my blood all over the place. Greaaaat."

"You were unaware of the full extent of the damage," says Will, still level. "The human body is fragile." He pauses, taking in her other words, then turning slowly towards the door, standing ready, the last couple of drops of glistening red falling from his fingertips as he does so. "I brought no company. I expect they are ready to announce themselves," he informs the library at large. Clear blue eyes stare out, his exterior calm and cool.

Hiro pauses again, hearing the last bit. How did… he dismisses the thought for the moment, making the knife vanish back into his coat before stepping through the doorway. He looks about as out of place as one could get — a dapper little Japanese businessman, about as threatening as ice cream. Making sure both his hands are in plain sight, he smiles winningly at Will, taking no notice of Chloe for the moment. "Mr. Grant, I presume?"

Chloe doesn't really care about not being noticed. She's got other issues to deal with, like opening the first aid kit and extracting the alcohol swabs to wipe over the blood that remains on her arm. Before the other vampire decides to snack on her. "The full extent of the damage? It didn't hit an artery, there would have been more blood. I don't like games, Mr. Grant. First you want to experiment, now this… what are you up to."

She turns to face the Japanese man, and simply states, "The library is closed."

"Chloe, it would behoove you to consider silence as a brief option," says Will, the clipped accent fully returned to the faint Southern drawl affected the majority of the time. His attention remains on Hiro, and his lips draw towards a smile. "That you know my name suggests I should learn yours in the near future," he suggests, dryly humoured. "I am William Grant. You're new to Dallas? I welcome you."

Hiro bows deeply, from the waist. "I am, yes. My name is Hiroshi Nishimura — you may call me Hiro, it trips off the tongue better." His English is unaccented, and calm. As he straightens up, he smoothly reaches into his coat, drawing out a business card and offering it to the other man. "My contact information. I find it easier to have them printed and hand them out when I come to visit." Hiro looks rueful. "Although I… did not expect this." It's clear he's referring to the mess.

Though eloquent in the manner he does it, telling her to shush just riles Chloe up again. She is about to continue her tirade against Will, when she catches what the Japanese man is saying. "Wait, what? Why did you trek all the way to the /library/ to give him a business card? That seems rather counter-productive to me."

"Then call me Will," responds the Sheriff, easily. He accepts the offered card, slipping it into a pocket after a cursory glance. "I'll deliver the probably unnecessary series of lectures by proxy; you understand I have to do so?" says he. A broad sweep of his arm takes in the mess. "Duty calls, as always- a group of misguided fanatics scenting the ground, so to speak. I would advise caution for the moment, though it is likely best to-" A glance thrown sideways, towards Chloe. "-discuss it later."

Hiro actually smiles. "As you wish, Will. You may call on me at your convenience." His dark eyes flick to Chloe as well, then back to Will. "Until again, sir. I look forward to staying in Dallas." He finally deigns to acknowledge Chloe's presence, offering her a short bow. "Ma'am." And then he slips away.

"Ohhh no! You made me drink your blood, and now you'll wind up knowing how I feel. You're no longer allowed to keep me in the dark, Mr. Grant!" Chloe glares at him, and then turns to the Japanese man, offering a brief but somewhat cordial nod.

"Soon, Hiro," Will replies, flashing a brief smile of his own. Allowing the other vampire to leave, he turns back onto Chloe, and his voice drops low, his presence suddenly larger, radiating a barely suppressed predatory sneer. "Then let your first lesson come now," he whispers, menace scoring through his tone. "Shalt thou never interrupt my discourse with another creature of the night." Suddenly the menace evaporates, he straightens up and relaxes against the door frame again. "I will deal with the cleaning and fixing of the window. A donation from a philanthropic friend of the library, perhaps."

Chloe just stares right at him, then snorts. "I'm my own person, and you're on my /turf/, bucko. Don't tell me what I can and can't do." Arms cross over her chest, now with no pain. She just glares. "Don't worry about it. I'll have them take it out of my pay. My responsibility after all."

"As my blood courses through you, you will gain confidence, as you are now," says Will, easily. "You are now tied irrevocably with vampire society, especially myself, and our enemies have already targeted you. You must learn how to act when other vampires are present, for your own safety."

"Forced to be. I didn't ask for it, Mr. Grant… and I can't know how to act when other non-brains are present if I don't know what it is you're discussing." Chloe frowns and then shakes her head. "I'm tired. I'm going to call the police and let them know about the damages, and start preparing to get the window covered so that I can get home and go to bed."

"No," says Will. "I will need to clear the blood first; I will not have the mortal authorities with access to my genetic material, nor should you. I will handle this. Will you accept that?" He pauses, allows for a sweeping glance across the library. "I will teach you more in the near future. I am unhappy that you feel forced to this, and were I able to let it be, I would. However, I now cannot."

Chloe hmphs. "Fine. You take care of it then. I'm going home to bed." She shakes her head a little bit, then sighs. "You may want to find that bullet I dropped too. Don't want anyone else reverse engineering it for every day use."

Will suddenly smiles, broadly. "A taxi cab. Do not walk the streets alone this evening. I will clear everything here." He steps away from the doorway he is standing in, leaving space for her to go. "I will be taking the round for study."

Reaching her hand into her pocket, she extracts her cell phone and begins to flip it open. "Taxi," she says, and then slips the phone to her ear as it automatically dials. As the phone rings, she nods. "Go ahead. I don't want it. Just don't be gross and lick my blood off of it or anything." She starts for the door, heading back toward the office to collect her belongings before going to wait for the cab.

Will simply lets her go, after merely commenting that "The blood would be tainted by the flavour of the powder." He begins to prowl the library, taking his own phone out to make a couple of calls only once Chloe has left. Once complete, the Sheriff of Area 9 makes a decision, and suddenly disappears as a dark shadow flitting across the cityscape, moving again about his business.

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