Taking Advantage of Insanity

White Rock Lake

A reservoir, White Rock Lake covers 1,254 acres and was once used for a portion of Dallas' drinking water supply. Now that it's use as a water source has been supplanted, the area has become one of the favored recreational locations in the city. The forested shoreline is dotted with numerous small cabins, fishing piers, and sailboat docks.
The lake is surrounded by White Rock Lake Park, which is home to the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden. Running through the park is a 9 mile trail designed for hiking, running or cycling.
Though swimming was banned here back in the '50's, it is still a popular location for area teens who generally enjoy the more deserted areas, using the beautiful backdrop as a makeout spot.

Faith Tyler, a local mental patient reported missing several days ago, has been found. By found, of course, the media means that she walked herself back to her unhappy little home. Granted, she didn't make the biggest story for the media so most didn't know about her disappearance to begin with, but her return was even less publicized. Oh how the media makes things worse at times. A trip back to the city nearly got her taken into custody several times. This being the case, Rose has opted for someplace different to go.
Even though it's currently winter, she's heard several nice things about the lake area. The current flurries add to the mixture of snow on the ground, blanketing everything in white. This only serves to confuse Rose as she attempts to walk around. After some time she stands near the water, completely lost. This is why she shouldn't be out alone, especially at night.

And… here's one good reason why. Hiro comes walking along the lake shore, wrapped in a long coat and a broad-brimmed hat crammed onto his head. It serves to make him look slightly taller and more intimidating, if he's inclined to be. Hands tucked into pockets, he frowns slightly at the confused-looking young woman standing out in the open up ahead. Slowing his pace slightly, as he looks at her — say, isn't that the woman he saw a couple nights ago?

It very well could be the very same woman! Or it could be her clone. She does have one, after all. Pesky twins always have a way of causing trouble. Then again, one of them flat out refuses to venture out at night. An unknown fact to anyone who hasn't investigated the pair.
Rose looks around in an attempt to possibly identify her location. Nope. None of it looks familiar to her. A heavy sigh causes puff of warm breath to hit the cold wind. Great idea, Rose. It's during her attempt to find her way that she notices a stranger approaching. Oh, how she would love to be afraid but she is not. The glamour of another has caused her to be far too calm for her own good. Instead she simply stares, unsure of what to do if he actually is out to hurt her.

Hiro lifts the brim of his hat fractionally, looking at the woman, his brow furrowing. "Are you lost, ma'am?" he inquires. Say, wasn't he the guy from the coffee shop? The little Japanese fellow? Of course he is! "It's getting very cold out here, you should be inside." Hell, /he/ should be inside — this weather is awful. Wasn't Texas supposed to be /warm/? He offers a small smile. "You look familiar; have we met? I am Hiro."

The recognition isn't immediate. Most of those she's met recently have left some sort of strong impression with her, and only one of them was negative. It isn't until he actually mentions it that she tilts her head and looks at him closer. "Oh, I think so. During the coffee shower?" That almost seems like forever ago with everything that's happened.
Rose looks around again and shrugs her shoulder. "I wanted to try and see some of my new friends again, but then I was chased and now I have no idea where I am." Even if he wasn't interested he's going to get the full story. "But I don't mind the cold so much. Are you on your way inside? I hear it isn't safe out at night."

Well, it might not be safe for humans. For Hiro it's as natural as falling down. "I wouldn't mind going inside, no," he admits. "Did you walk here?" He reaches out to lightly touch her elbow, guiding in a gentlemanly way. "Seems a strange place to meet friends, but I suppose whatever works. But then, why are you out at night if it's not safe?

It's not safe for anyone who has no way to defend themselves. She has more resources than she would like to believe. Thankfully Rose has no idea that her friends are of the variety that they are. She looks down at her arm as Hiro touches her. Honestly, only one person who isn't family has ever touched her, that she can remember, and it was during her near panic attack. And it was a female. Isn't she supposed to report people who touch her, or something?
"Well, I meet people in all the oddest of places. I didn't mean to get here but I don't know how to get back." His last question causes her to pause, though, and consider. "I have no reason to be afraid. I have friends that will protect me." Rose seems almost unsure of herself as she speaks that, as if she were repeating something she was told.

Hiro just rolls his eyes. "And yet you're out in the cold. Please… will you walk with me, back to someplace safer? Or at least warmer?" If she does have friends, he's going to lecture them at some length. "I'm not dangerous," he grins slightly. "Well, except to criminals."

He needs to stop making sense, as it makes no sense to her. Rose watches this strange man cautiously for a moment before nodding with a large smile. "Okay. We need to get you warm. You wouldn't want to catch your death, right?" It's an old saying, after all, and one her mother used to use. Irony.
"I'm not afraid. I have no reason to be. That's what he said last night." Poor Rose. She's likely the only person she knows to have been glamoured. Twice. Again she pauses. "Wait, are you the police? The police have been very mean to me all day."

Yup. Irony indeed. "Definitely. I think I feel icicles forming in my nose." Hiro winces at another gust, and encourages the girl to start walking — thankfully, he knows where he's going. "No, the police have far too many rules for me. I'm a private detective and bounty hunter. I set my own hours, make my own rules, and get more done in less time."

Walk she does, having no reason not to trust this man. Of course, she has no reason -to- trust him, but that doesn't seem to be an issue with her so far. Even as she walks, though, she tries to tilt her head and look up his nose. "I don't see any icicles." Perhaps he may wish to rethink walking anywhere with her.
"Oh, that sounds like so much fun!" It's certainly more useful than her contributions to society. "And I don't have to worry about you taking me back. Wait, is that why you're out here? Are you looking for someone?"

Hiro shakes his head. "I just needed to go for a walk. Clear my head. My car is up this way." He leads her up a low incline, slogging through the snow. "I thought Texas was supposed to be /warm/," he grumbles aloud. "Did you walk all the way here, or ride the bus? Easy…" He reaches out to catch her elbow again to steady her.

Such easy prey, this one. It wasn't always the way but sadly there's not much she can do at this point. Rose doesn't even fight him as he continues to guide her, to touch her. She appears to be completely comfortable around Hiro. "I walked. I tried to get on a bus but then the police were called. It was frustrating." Hope surely is getting the same issue, right? Terrorists.
Rose nearly slips but reaches out for him to catch herself. "Warm? You must not be from the south at all." This causes the woman to laugh softly. "It would snow back home, too, but not much. I don't know that I could live any further north than this, though. I hear that they have very bad winters."

Hiro almost accidentally settles his arm around her waist, the better to help her keep her balance. Down the hill, parked in a parallel-parking spot, is a car, hooray! Looks like a nice one too. "Finally," he says with some relief. "The police were called? I can't understand why, you don't look dangerous to me." He smiles at her gently, as the two begin to descend the hill slowly. "I've been out in L.A. for a couple years. A wretched hive of scum and villainy, as the movie says."

They may be out in the middle of the night during winter, but the pair wouldn't set off any alarms by any who might catch a glimpse of them. The reputation of the lake would only cause people to think things that are not true. Rose always thinks things that aren't true so she's used to it. She continues to keep somewhat of a hold on him as they walk, just in case. Snow boots may be a good investment.
"Well, I was considered a missing person a few days ago, just because I wanted to see the city. But I wasn't missing, I was just not found." Silly people. Rose shakes her head at the thought before blinking. "The movie? What movie?" She hasn't seen any movies in a while, honestly. "I've never been to the west coast. I'm a southern girl. I used to live in Louisiana. I don't know how I got to Dallas. I think it was aliens."

She thinks it was aliens. Oy. "Where do you live in Dallas, Rose?" Hiro asks, as he fishes out his fob and unlocks the car doors. Carefully opening the passenger side, and helping Rose in, before shutting the door and moving around to the driver's side and getting in. "Brrr," he mutters, turning the car on and the heater up a bit. "Feels like I'm solid ice."

Of course it was aliens. Her father is an alien. He's not the man that she remembers. "You don't want to know." An odd response from someone who speaks so openly about everything else. If she actually tells someone where she lives, then no one will talk to her anymore. "I can always go visit my clone."
Again Rose chuckles. Laughing is something that she doesn't to horribly often. The car is nice and comfortable and she apparently has no reason to be afraid. A hand gently reaches out to touch him. "Well, not solid, but you are cold. Don't worry. I bet it will warm up soon."

The touch doesn't help. He can feel the warmth there, the /life/, and it begins winding the spring behind his eyes. Hiro offers a small smile, concealing the tension within. "You're a nice lady, but you didn't answer my question. Is there anywhere I can take you to?" Yes, double entendres aside, he IS trying… but here in an enclosed space, he can feel the hunger starting to poke him insistently.

Oh, Rose. Get out. Just run away and get to a place where you can use your phone. There are too many people around that can help, but they won't help if you don't let them know. Yet this young woman has no idea what may or may not happen. She's just trying to be friendly. "You don't want to know where I'm going," she repeats. "But I can go to SMU. I believe that is where my doppelganger is." She doesn't go out after dark, after all. "I can walk, though. I think I'm warmer than you are."

Hiro nods. "SMU it is. But you shouldn't be wandering the streets by yourself. It's not safe." He smiles, gazing at her. "Just relax… I'll take you there." His voice is so reassuring and gentle, encouraging her to slowly slide into that trance, a walking dream where she is totally safe and secure. Far more skilled than the incompetent who glamoured her so clumsily, and left her this way.

Oh, wow! She's getting a ride in this really nice car. That really beats walking everywhere. Although she -can- walk everywhere. If only the first vampire she met weren't so incompetent maybe her mind wouldn't be swiss cheese. Then again, she seems to be holding up well for going through this for a third time. "It's very nice in here," Rose comments, her voice softening as she relaxes. "Better than walking home, alone."

Hiro is gentle about it, as he reaches out to touch her cheek with cool fingertips. "Nobody should be alone," he says softly. The touch of his mind on hers is feather-light, the drowsy, hypnotic state gradually robbing her of any resistance she might show. Carefully, he slides her a little closer to him, stroking her hair.

She's in so much trouble. If anyone finds out about this, they'll be very upset. If -she- finds out about this? She'll go off her rocker. Rose is so relaxed, in fact, that even she stops talking. A gentle smile is offered towards Hiro as she feels him closer than he had been. It's so comfortable here. Why would she ever want to walk back at this point? Besides, she can't remember the last time she got this warm feeling from anyone else.

Hiro reaches up carefully to unfasten the leather choker around her neck… making sure not to touch the star, as he sets it in her lap. Touching her chin, guiding her head back as he draws the collar of her turtleneck down to expose her throat. So very close now, but she's still safe in his car, so it's all right… right?

So long as he doesn't attempt to use his abilities to help her regain what was taken from her, he'll find that he'll be successful. It's hard to glamour someone in a way that they've already been glamoured. Rose is unfamiliar with the positives of her choice in clothing, something that her sister helped with. Apparently it isn't quite enough. So comfortable, so relaxed is the young woman that she even closes her eyes, showing no resistance to the man with the very nice car.

He leans close as her eyes drift shut, his lips touching her smooth throat. Drawing in her scent, the throb of her pulse under the skin as she relaxes in his arms. His fangs descend reflexively, and then they slide delicately into her flesh… drawing forth a tiny trickle of her life, as he suckles gently at her neck. One hand coming up to caress her cheek, as he holds her close.

No matter how much or little it actually hurts, she does move instinctively as his teeth sink into her throat. It isn't much, just enough to show that she really is there. It feels so good, having him so close to her. It's been years since Rose has been so relaxed, so comfortable, at least without medication. If anyone were to ask her later, she'd have no complaints about the experience.

A taste, that's what he wanted. Just to keep the edge off. But still, the way she relaxes, presses against him… it's enough to awaken thoughts of doing a little more. Forcing them down is hard, though, and he regretfully releases her neck… the marks barely visible thanks to his gentle touch. Licking the skin clean, nuzzling as he guides her into slumber now. She'll remember nothing but dozing off on the ride to SMU, and that's how he prefers it.

What a nice man, this Hiro. So gentle, so comforting. This must be why other people her age like to hang around guys. Does this mean she's just had a date? Poor Rose won't remember anything of it, though, other than meeting a friendly face and getting a ride. Her body slouches into his as she drifts into her own disturbed dreams. Hopefully they won't be the nightmares that she normally has.

Hiro caresses her gently, one last time, before replacing the choker and her turtleneck collar. Buckling her into the seat, before fastening his own belt and engaging the drive, carefully pulling out onto the road. It doesn't take long, under his careful touch, to arrive at SMU, and he comes to a stop before gently touching Rose's shoulder. "Miss? We're here… wake up now." His voice is soft.

One minute she's getting into this nice man's car, the next minute she's being woken up outside of her sister's school. Maybe all the recent excitement has gotten to her. "Huh?" The question comes softly, along with a few rousing mumbles. Rose opens her eyes, surprised to find herself where she is. "I, uh, I'm sorry. I didn't think I was that tired. I've been rude." Wait, he called her 'Miss'? "You can call me Rose."

Hiro nods. "Only if you call me Hiro. You looked pretty tired, Rose… you should probably get some rest." He reaches over to pat her shoulder. "Be careful out there, alright?" It's a shame he's a vampire; he's downright cordial and friendly and just breaks all the rules about how evil vampires should be. But then she doesn't know that, does she?

"Okay, Mister Hiro." As if that response wasn't seen coming from a mile away. Rose pulls her cell phone out of her pocket, dropping an identification card on the seat in the process. It's basically something she's been given in case she gets lost again. For some reason the institution believes that it will encourage her to not stay gone for days. Poor Hiro. If Rose ever realizes what he is, exactly, it could be deadly for him. Or for her, at the very least. "I'll call and let her know I'm coming. Thank you very much for the ride. It's much warmer in here than it is out there."

Hiro nods. "You're welcome, Rose. Stay warm." He doesn't notice the card falling onto his seat, and in fact won't find it until later. Ah, the things that fate does to us… After a moment when she's out of the car, he drives off into the snowy evening. Thankful nobody else saw his small slip in control — ah well, no one was hurt. So far as he knows.

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