Rescuing Rose

Like any other medical-style facility, the walls and floors are done in neutral colors. A reception area/nurses station is set directly opposite the entrance doors, so that people can check in before moving throughout the building.
In-patient rooms begin on the second floor, and go up several levels depending upon the severity of the mental disorder.

Green Oaks. It is a place for those with issues to turn to when they are ready for help. It is a place for those with nowhere else to go to stay and receive the help they never knew that they needed. It is also a place run by a bitch of a nurse who can make the sanest of her patients miserable when tested by family members.
After the altercation with Hope, Nurse Ratchett personally saw that Faith received only the best treatment ever. Faith, still preferring to go by the name Rose, has been subjected to almost constant therapy sessions where she's been told time and time again that her family has abandoned her. Her personal room was moved to the top floor amidst all of the completely insane and she's been given the same treatment.
Now that she's been brought back to her new room, Rose was forced to change into 'regulation' pajamas which consist of a white tank top and white cotton pants. She's been strapped down into her bed by the wrists and ankles in the straps designed for those who have been known to fight. After a brief period of heavy crying and crying out, a nurse came in to inject her with enough drugs to keep her quiet for a while. "Just remember," the nurse says on command from Ratchett. "This is because of your family." Another nurse waits in the hallway for this to finish, her heart nearly breaking at what she sees. Rose, in the meantime, lays almost still on the bed, her arms above her and tears streaking her face.

Yesterday, upon the stair, I saw a man who wasn't there… Hiro slipped into the facility with all the skill of a ghost, passing by normally watchful personnel and carefully avoiding the stare of videocameras. A key is casually picked up from one of the stations, but nobody notices. Now he flits down the hall, barely visible in the mind's eye, just another nurse wearing a white coat (stolen as well). Now, she was in room 334…

The only problem with Hiro's ability is that there are some who might very well know that he's around. One such a person does, and this is the nurse who has taken pity on the girl that's been treated so poorly. This is all because of her kind, after all. This unknown vampire takes a moment to stare into Hiro's direction, almost as if calling him out before she uses her head to indicate a door at the end of the hall.
Inside of her room, Rose has her head turned to the side as she rests there. It isn't as if she has anything else that she can do, so the wall becomes fascinating to her. Not that she's really completely with it at the moment.

Ironically, Hiro uses this as a gauge — after all, those who can see him are clearly 'not normal' and might be more trustworthy. He offers the other vampire a small smile and a bow, before drifting towards the door. Slotting the key into the lock, deftly opening the door and slipping inside before closing it again. Then he turns to look at Rose, and his expression turns to shock. How… could people /do/ such things to someone who is merely touched?

To go from such freedoms as those she had when she met him to this is beyond shocking to the fragile young woman. There's a click, she can hear it. The door begins to open and she actually starts shaking. Her shakes are her attempts to struggle at her bindings but she's been medicated and so cannot move as she would like. "Please," she whispers, fighting as hard as she can to resist the drugs. "No." Rose seems far from touched at the moment. This is very likely why that nurse pointed Hiro in this direction.

It's a soft voice that breaks through. "Rose," Hiro whispers, approaching swiftly. "Rose, it is Hiro." He places his hand in hers, even as cool as his touch is it might make the difference. He begins to unfasten the cuffs on her wrists. "I knew you were… touched, but to be restrained so?" His voice is gentle, no attempt at trance here — merely compassion.

At first she flinches at the touch, far from the woman she was those nights before. It's only when she hears his voice, places the name that Rose begins to calm. It isn't as if she's moving all that much but her breathing begins to slow, as does her pulse. "Frosty Mister Hiro," she comments, her words rather slow in comparison to normal. "I'm not crazy." Yet her voice is not as determined as it would normally be. Perhaps she now believes that she might be.

Hiro unfastens the cuffs on her ankles, before moving to gently draw her into his arms. "Shhh…" He strokes her hair, cradling her like a lost child as he sits on the edge of her bed. "What happened, Rose? Why have you been treated so roughly?" He's genuinely appalled — only the most violent and dangerous deserve this kind of treatment.

She may be medicated but her mind is actually fairly sharp just yet. It won't last long but this is the most interaction she's had in two days. How did Hiro know where to find her? The question is there but she just can't ask it. Instead Rose is content to allow him to keep her close. He may be a stranger but he's not going to hurt her. "Family," she says, her breathing speeding up once more. "They said it is what they want." It's hard to tell if Rose actually believes it or not, though. The tears start once more as she attempts to bury her head into him. "I didn't do anything."

Family. Always a thorny issue. Hiro honestly hasn't thought about his in a hundred years. He lets her cling to him, caressing her back tenderly. This close, she must be able to tell his skin is cool, his heart doesn't beat. But then again, it was the living who put her in this place, who consigned her to this. "You don't have to stay here. I got in; I can get you out. But it has to be your decision."

He is cool to the touch but at this moment it feels so good. She's warm, very warm. It's very likely due to the way she's been handled for the past two days. Her heart is beating well enough that she's not really able to tell if his is or not. "Hope wouldn't. Why would she? Maybe. Maybe it was too much." The tiniest mark on her neck and Hope went off. Maybe it is all Rose's fault after all. Rose does her best to pull back, to look squarely at Hiro. She's obviously medicated but is at least keeping her eyes open. "I think I was supposed to die. If I did, people would be happy."

Hiro firmly shakes his head. "But what do you want, Rose?" He reaches out to stroke her cheek. "Don't speak of death yet. You've barely started to live. And if they want you to die, well… you'll just have to disappoint them." Including this… Hope. Yeah, there's going to be a reckoning there.

"Tripp died. They say I was there." The worst of all horrors has happened. The nursing staff has forced Rose to try and remember what happened by telling her the details. "They said it was my fault. My fault. Yes. Should have been me." What is it that Rose wants most in the whole entire world? It is very simple. "I didn't mean to. Don't want to be locked up. I think they're killing me." She's referring to the medication. It isn't exactly healthy for her, after all.

Suddenly, Hiro blinks. Her name has been bothering him for days, a memory prodding at him until… wait. A boy named Tripp? A rogue he had chased down, and dragged back in chains for King's Justice… this was one of the two girls there. All that passes behind his eyes, until finally, he says softly, "It was never your fault. There was nothing you could do, Rose." Enough. Enough of this torment. He draws off the white coat, wrapping it around Rose — it's not much but hopefully she'll be warm till he can get her to his car. "Come with me, Rose. I think you've served enough time in Hell."

If he knows something, he may want to tell her at some point. Right now may not exactly be the best time, although she'll likely soon forget what all she was told. Such are the issues with what happened to her. Rose almost struggles at first, honestly almost done with people telling her where to go and what to do. It's hard to make sense of it all! In her current medicated state she's honestly almost more sane than she normally is. "You know," she comments softly. "You know I'm just a magnet, don't you?" That's her current theory, anyway. Eventually, though, she does as instructed. There's no point in struggling. She already feels as if she's died inside.

Hiro smiles slightly. "And I," he purrs, "solve problems. I guess that makes me a knife." Gently, he disentangles himself from her, moving to the door and opening it before coming over to help Rose up, lifting her easily in his arms. Beckoning to the nurse, he murmurs, "The fastest way out. Which way?"

"A knife?" That isn't a good thing, is it? "You're really cold, Mister Hiro." There is fear in her eyes, much like when they first met by the lake. This basically is her life, after all. At least she refuses to react to that fear. "Did he send you?" Her questions are cut short when she's lifted into the air. Knowing little else to do, Rose leans her head against Hiro and closes her eyes. This could make her sick.
The nurse is waiting on them. She quickly directs Hiro in the best route to take with his new cargo and explains that she'll occupy the other shift nurse as much as possible. A copy of Rose's medical chart is left with the girl before they take off just so they can see that her family had nothing to do with these events.

Hiro shakes his head at Rose. "You left an ID card in my car." He smiles at her gently. "You shouldn't be so careless." Swiftly, then, he's navigating the hospital, moving with preternatural stealth and speed now. His fading ability is strong, but he somehow doubts people will be so blase about a person carrying a patient out the doors. Still… he is quick, and quiet, and has a knack for slipping into shadows when people are approaching. There will be trouble, no doubt, but at least one girl will not spend her time suffering. That's enough for him.

That's not what she means and she shakes her head to indicate this. "No. He sent you. I belong to him." That's about all the sanity Rose can handle for the moment and she nearly drifts off to sleep as they move throughout the hospital. "You're still cold," she finally says, thankfully at a time when there's no one around to hear her. Where she's going to go? She has no idea. At least she'll be able to detox, hopefully.

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