Hope picks up her cellular phone and begins to dial.

<Phone> You hear the phone ringing at the other end.

<Phone> The phone is picked up at the far end.

<Phone> Wit says "Hello?"

(Directed into the phone) Hope sounds a bit panicked. "Umm… hi… is this Wit?"

<Phone> Wit pauses for a moment before answering, sounding vaguely groggy. "Yeah, Wit here. Rose… Hope? One of you two."

(Directed into the phone) Hope sighs. "It's Hope. She's missing. Stupid nurse wouldn't let my parents in, and they got the cops involved, it's a big mess. I was hoping you'd have a clue as to where she is? I mean, she's not with you, is she?"

<Phone> Wit sounds surprised now, a bit of panic rising in his voice as well. "No, I haven't seen her. I hadn't been out since… late last night, I guess. How can the nurses not let your bloody parents in? Cops?

(Directed into the phone) Hope starts to try and calm herself a bit. Slow, deep breaths. "Apparently they had her tied to her bed, drugged up. They weren't even letting my nurse-friend in to see her. She's not the only one they were treating that way either. I've got to find her… I can't lose her too." Another deep breath is taken. "Look, if you hear from her, or see her, or anything, can you call me? I don't know if she's just run off, or if she's been turned, and I'm /really/ worried for her."

<Phone> Wit pauses. "Turned? Fuck." There's another pause as Wit considers this, letting a sigh out into the phone. "Tied up and drugged? Sounds like you have a lawsuit on your hands, Hope. OF course I'll call you. I'll go out and start looking for her immediately. Bollocks."

(Directed into the phone) Hope whimpers a little, "I really, /really/ hope she's not been, but if she was tied up and drugged I really don't think she got out of there on her own… I'm heading out to get some help as well. If you find her before I do just keep her with you if she's not all crazy vampire…"

<Phone> Wit says "I'll try to keep her with me even if she IS a crazy vampire, no matter what that means. Why is it always the good ones? Alright, Hope. I'm going to hang up now. Be careful and call me again if you happen to find anything out or find her. Good luck."

<Phone> There is a click as the phone at the far end is hung up.

Hope clicks her cellular to disconnect the call and hangs up.

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