Missing - Update

A nearby phone begins to ring - it seems to be coming from Hope.

Hope removes her cellular, flipping it open to answer the call.

(Directed into the phone) Hope answers quickly. "Hello?"

<Phone> Wit says "Hope? Wit here. No sign of Rose… but let's just say I may need to lay low for a while. I've met a woman who seems to think she can be of some help."

(Directed into the phone) Hope seems pleased by this news, the tone evident in her voice. "Really? That's /great/. Every little bit is going to help. The police were just here questioning us. They said that the first forty-eight hours are the most important if we're going to get anywhere in finding her." Beat. "Lay low? What happened?"

<Phone> Wit coughs into the phone, sighing. "I was staking out a heavily 'infested' area, if you catch my drift. Thank god for my security system." Pause. "Yeah, I explained to the woman everything that's happened… she said there may be hope in recovering Rose's mind yet. Whatever the Hell that means."

(Directed into the phone) Infested can mean a lot of things, and for a moment Hope is completely silent. "I see…" A disapproving tone is in her voice, but she pushes past it. Faith is more important. "Just be careful, okay? I haven't been able to reach the other person I was looking to have help find her, but hopefully after a bit of phone tag tonight I can get a search party together."

<Phone> Wit says "That would be good. Really good. This woman should hopefully be calling me soon, if she finds anything out. I told her the whole story and she seemed displeased by it. It sounds like she has some higher connections or something though."

(Directed into the phone) Hope says "As soon as she calls with information, call me? It doesn't matter what time it is, okay? I took a few days off work, so if you need to call in the middle of the night it won't mess up my schedule or anything."

<Phone> Wit says "Alright, Hope. I'm going to hit up the Internet and see what's abuzz there. I won't bother telling you to have a good night, but… keep your head clear. For Rose's sake."

<Phone> There is a click as the phone at the far end is hung up.

Hope clicks her cellular to disconnect the call and hangs up.

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