Ivan's modest abode is about everything one can expect of a bachelor living in a major metropolitan city. Modernly furnished, decked out with electronics, everywhere, and…surprisingly clean. Actually, it's just as sloppy and gross as anyone would expect it to be, but through the power of ILLUSION!YES, it looks considerably more appealing. Rose has been given an old teeshirt and pair of sweatpants to change into, if she'd like, and Hope has been contacted, given the details as to where to find his Downtown apartment. And now?

Now, Ivan is sitting in his moderate-size kitchen, leaning against the island counter in the middle as he sighs and drinks from the long-necked bottle in his hand. His lips have been pursed into a fine line, put in place by the abnormal circumstances of the day. This is not what he had expected. This is not what he wanted.

And this makes for a grumpy Ivan.

He can be grumpy all he would like and he still has nothing on the major mood swings that his current houseguest is suffering. It all honestly hasn't slowed down anyway but at least she didn't try to fight against going to this strange man's place. She should have but she didn't have the energy at first.
The fresh change of clothes is appealing, honestly, and she takes Ivan up on the offer. Rose very much looks more comfortable. Somewhere she finds a rubber band and uses it to pull back her hair so it isn't so messy. The shirt does reveal the many marks left in her arms over the past two days from the medication forced into her. At least the bruising from how rough they were are fading.
To make a grumpy Ivan even grumpier, Rose isn't saying a thing to him. Instead she's just standing there, staring at him. Creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy.

The call came a little bit earlier, and Hope made a few more calls of her own. One to the hotel where her parents are staying, one to the police so that she could have backup on the off chance this guy is a little bit whacko and just trying to lure her there. So as she approaches the building, she has an armed escort.

Hope adjusts her pink headband, does up her pink coat, and checks her heels to ensure they're not dirty. She presses the button to be buzzed up to the apartment, giving the 'okay' symbol to the officer who's just outside the door.

"What? What is it?" Pause. "Cut it out!"

The doorbell ringing comes as a Godsend to poor Ivan, who had began to find himself decidedly unsettled by the psycho's unblinking stare. Grumbling under his breath, he proceeds to walk forward, taking one final swig of his alcohol before setting it down on the counter and moving for the door. "C'mon. Hopefully it's your family, come to pick you up. Hopefully, they're billionaires, super grateful to the charming young man who rescued you from…Actually, on second thought, stay here, yeah? Don't ah…move. I mean, you can move - just don't leave. Or break anything." These last he figures he must offer, seeing as she seems to respond well to being treated like a child.

And it is on that note that he heads to the buzzer, pressing the button. "Who is it?" Before unlocking the front door to the building remotely.

She doesn't react well to being treated like a child. There are just certain circumstances that she's not going to fight against him, such as when he covered her mouth. Rose barely blinks at all as he goes through the instructions, one eyebrow slowly rising as he continues. "You talk way too much," she finally says as she places both hands on her hips.
Yet he's at the door, most likely ignoring her, ready to turn her in to her family. They do want to hurt her so it fills her with that moment of panic. As Ivan has his back turned to her, Rose bolts for one of the windows and tries to open it. Luckily for everyone she's not really good at opening windows at the moment or else she'd be outside in a heartbeat.

"Hope Tyler," comes the voice through the intercom. At a signal from the officer, she nods once and fiddles with adjusting her coat again. "Uhm… before I come up, I'd like proof that you actually /do/ have my sister. A girl just can't be too safe these days, you understand?" She turns to grin at the little security camera, on the off chance he's got one of those video thingies hooked up to his intercom. She doesn't touch the unlocking door, however. Just waits to hear her sister's voice at the very least.

Rose is good. She is summarily ignored by Ivan, who is currently scowling at the intercom. "Are you fucking serious? Why wouldn't I have your sister, if I called you saying that I did? Listen, I don't have time for this. It's my day off and I'm wasting it away, dealing with this crack. Just come here and pick her up, so that I can get on with m- holy shit, she's trying to jump out the window!" Considering his apartment is on the third floor, this is a big deal.

That's the last Hope will hear from this political guru, though the door remains unlocked for her. Back in the apartment, Ivan is jogging in Rose's directly, eventually throwing his arms around her from behind in attempts to grab her in a bear hug and incapacitate him. "Are you insane! That could kill you - I said not to touch anything!" Okay, so no he didn't. But apparently, he should have.

There are still attempts to get to the window, to try and open it. She doesn't care if he's trying to hold her back. Bad things are going to happen and she has no desire to deal with any of them. "Let go!" Rose shouts loudly, enough that it surely can be heard from at least the hallway. There's also the fact that she's standing right in front of a window as she flails around.
"You're just doing this for money," she points out as she continues to struggle. "You'd sell me to death for a damn dollar!" Where are her friends that will keep her safe when she needs them? "Let me go. I can leave now and you won't have to deal with any of this."

"Language!" Yes, Hope just chastised a dead intercom. She motions for the officer to come with her, since she's pretty sure this guy is a whackjob. Another officer moves around to the side of the building, on the off chance that he wasn't lying when he said there was a girl about to jump.

Hope manages to catch the door before the irritating buzzing stops, and she slips into the building with her cop-buddy, going to the apartment number she was given. There is a loud rapping at the door, then a jiggle of the handle to test if it is locked or not.

"Stop it! Shh, shh - I said stop!" Ivan struggles, holding his grip on her and trying to wrestle her to the floor, so that he may subdue her. Needless to say, their positioning probably wont be ideal for onlookers, whenever they arrive. After this incident, he will learn to lock his doors, always. Oh, and to never, EVER help strangers again, EVER. "Listen to me! Don't you remember? I made you a promise, I - oof, stop wiggling - I made you a promise that you would be okay. I could have returned you to the clinic, but I didn't! I didn't, and I haven't done anything bad to you, so you've got to trust me! Just, trust me, god DAMN it."

It isn't as if she's completely unreasonable. The things he says do actually get across to Rose, eventually, but it isn't until they're already on the floor. Everything that is going on takes a moment to process giving him at least a temporary break in the insanity. Eventually Rose sniffles slightly. She's not crying at least! "Don't let her hurt me," she whispers before her eyes go straight to the door. "I won't touch the window, I swear I won't."

The door bursts open, to find the whackjob and her sister in a compromising position. "FAITH ROSE TYLER! Oh goodness, I'm really rather glad I left mom and dad at the hotel." Hope covers her face with her hands briefly, then rushes into the apartment to rescue her sister from the man. The police officer standing in the doorway with a complete WTF expression on his face.

When she reaches the pair she swats at Ivan. "Get off of her! Off! She's been through enough without you trying to cop a feel!"

Ivan is in the process of releasing the woman, of somberly sliding off of her when the door swings open, revealing the twin. "I'll try not to," he grumbles, chest rumbling with how low his tone of voice happens to be, "I'll do everything I can to make sure you- oh crap!" Ah yes. To top off a beautiful, wonderful morning, he is being physically assaulted by Hope. This will be one to remember, on to tell his grandchildren some day.

"Jesus Christ lady, relax!" The man scowls, ducking and quickly scrambling out of Hope's reach. "I wasn't doing anything! You - you people are so ungrateful, I swear!" But then, he catches sight of the police officer that accompanies her and he sobers up, making his way to his feet. "What's he doing here?"

The very mention of her name, the tone it is used in, it all causes Rose to freak out. She's not flailing or moving or anything like that, but instead it is quite the difference. The mentally ill twin freezes in her exact position, fully aware that her doppelganger is near.
Once he confronts Hope and begins his mini tantrum she spots her window of opportunity. Crawling on her hands and knees, Rose attempts to sneak away, back towards the door. Of course, she completely doesn't notice the police officer standing there. 'If I don't make a noise, they won't see me.' Only in her dreams. Eventually she does look up, due to Ivan's words, her eyes falling upon the police officer. It causes her to shriek and fall back on her bottom.

"To keep /me/ from getting kidnapped as well!" Hope does stop swatting at the poor man then, trying to look cool and composed. Hard to do, considering the situation. Then she blinks at her sister. "Faith! Thank goodness you're alive! I've been worried. I promise I won't bring you back to that place. I tried to get you out but the awful nurse wouldn't let me do anything until the strange lady and the terrorist came to talk to her."

After taking a deep breath, she smiles. "I even called your friend Wit. He's been looking for you too. He was out all night, trying to go to places you might have been." Then her sister is wandering toward the door. She shakes her head at the officer, trying to get him to stay there and not approach Faith. "It's okay. He's not going to hurt you either. I swore I wasn't going to let anyone hurt you again, and I'm not. You can come stay with me, or I found a place for you where you'll have more freedom. Your choice." Thankfully, any potential fresh bite marks are hidden under bruising and needle marks now.

"Kidnapped!" Ivan looks affronted - highly insulted. "I've never kidnapped anyone in my life! God, what a bitch - you're all completely psycho! Why would I call you, if I was kidnapping her? All that happened is I saw this chick freaking out, then called up her family in an attempt to help her out. But, you know, maybe she was right. Maybe her family are the ones she needs protecting from!" He pauses from his yelling and accusations, taking a moment to close his eyes and breath. And then, once they open once again, he is cool - calm. Collected.

"Rose. Rose, c'mere now, please. Did you hear that, did you hear what your sister said? What do you think about it, Rose?"

"No! Don't touch me!" It's completely random, considering how much progress the twin has made in her recovery. Both arms come up to shield her from her sister and she very nearly has another episode. Thankfully for everyone in the room she's had some time for her body to try and rid itself of the drugs. Eventually she lowers her arm, eyes wide, the panic very real on her face.
"She said that you made it happen!" This time her voice isn't filled with anger and fear, but just sadness. "I didn't I didn't think. I mean, you couldn't. You got me Tr" Oh, snap. Her hamster is back at the institute. Now the sadness is even worse. "But still the chains and death serum and lies and I just don't know."
Ivan's actually approaching the situation rather nice and calm, causing Rose to look at him. She blinks, her face getting the familiar blank expression. "Who are you?" He has absolutely no idea what he's gotten himself into. Hope and Ivan get her attention, one at a time, back and forth. "Hope do you have a new boyfriend?"

"You will pardon my assumption, but a strange phone call earlier this morning saying that you had my sister…" Hope shrugs. "The officer assigned to her kidnapping case was adamant I bring backup, so I did. /I/ would rather be safe than worry about insulting your good will. It may be daylight, but you could be working for one of /them/." Hope, still fairly new to the city, obviously has no idea who he even is. "So, I /do/ appreciate your calling, it's just that I prefer to be cautious. I apologize."

Hope listens, face looking a little grim. She gives Faith a sad look. "Oh, sweetie! You know I wouldn't. She is just a mean, bitter woman. The authorities are investigating her. She was hurting some of your friends in there too." Then the faint beginnings of a smile. "I have your hamster. I rescued him when they let us in there." Hope has no idea that the hamster is female. It's just a hamster to her.

The final question makes her laugh. "I do," she says nodding, remembering what the nice man at the nightclub told her she could do. "His name is Robert, and we're going to church together."

"One of - what?" Ivan explains, confused, staring at Hope with slight incredulity. "Like, part of a gang or something? Well, I'm not. And for further notice, I don't appreciate being treated like a common crook." With this grumped, he nods in the direction of the police officer. "You've seen I'm not some psycho killer. Now call off the cop. Please, I cannot risk having my name associated with the police."

And then, he sits back waiting for the sibling differences to be resolved before… "…Are you…are you serious?" This time, it's the other twin at the end of his stare. And he looks to Rose, green eyes wide, before… "I give up. Jesus Fucking Christ, this is /not/ what I need." He begins pacing around in his own apartment, looking around blindly until he catches sight of a pack of cigarettes on his counter that he barely uses - and so one is pulled out. This totally qualifies for an emergency smoke.

The grownups are having a fight. Yes, that's what's happening. There would be no other reason for them to be speaking to each other as they are. This is why she continues to watch from her seat on the ground. Sadly for Ivan, it may take a bit of effort to get her to vacate his floor. His life will get back to order soon. Eventually. Maybe.
"Church? You two are going to church?" Blink. "But he's been cussing up a storm!" Either way, Rose offers the sweetest smile that she can offer. "Nice to meet you, Robert." Pause. " but how did I get here?"
The smiles are coming back now, more by the minute. Hope doesn't want to hurt her -and- her female hamster is safe. "Tripp" Wait, Ivan's being all weird. "Your boyfriend is acting funny," she points out as she watches him pace. "This is why I don't date."

"A V-A-M-P-I-R-E," she spells out in a loud whisper, so as not to freak her sister out. Hope has already apologized, so the guy can just chill. She's working with a mentally incapacitated person, and these things take time!

"Oh, not him, silly. I met Robert when I got a flat tire. Maybe I can bring him to meet you some time." Pause. "This is… uhh… I believe he said his name was Fontane?" Something like that. She's a bit more concerned with her twin than his name though.

"So, did you want to come stay with me, Faith? Or we can get you your own place." One that is slightly monitored, and has medical staff, including psychologists on staff twenty-four-seven. "Wit can help you move. I'm sure he'd be really happy to hear that you're safe."

Ivan has had it. He doesn't even try to pay attention to the goings on in his own apartment until he has wrestled a lighter out from somewhere and has proceeded to puff away at the nicotine, looking for some sort of relief from the stress of the current situation. Only then does he bother reappearing beside the sane one of the two (and only MARGINALLY sane at that), looking considerably irritated. "Listen. I hate to break this little pow wow short, but d'you think you can hammer out the gruesome details somewhere that's not in the doorway of my apartment? I just want to get back to my life. I just want to take the day off, like I should have."

She can spell, she really can. Thankfully for all involved she isn't even going to try. Rose is just happy to not be scared anymore. "Rose, Hope. It's Rose." It isn't going to work but she may as well try to get her sister to call her by her middle name. It does sound better to her, after all. "But I can't live with you. You won't let me see my friends."
"Oh. Well, I should thank him." So now Rose decides that she can actually bring herself to stand. It's such a hard thing to do as the floor is so comfortable. It's then that Ivan comes back, his mood far from pleasant. So Rose stares at him and begins to tear up slightly. "FINE!" The disturbed twin decides to leave then and will push past the officer if she has to.


Hope /hates/ when people sneak up on her, and her first reaction is to slap. It's not a great defense, but it's a decent one. She stops herself just short of crashing her hand against his face. A deep breath, a hand waving the smoke away from her. "You are a really rude, angry little man, but I thank you for finding my sister."

Rushing to catch up with said sister, Hope shakes her head. "Come on, Rose. We can go look at that apartment, and if you like it, I will bring your hamster over and some of your other things, okay?" She nods to the officer, to get him to step aside and let them out. "Then we will call Wit so he doesn't have to worry any more."

Never again. NEVER AGAIN. "Yeah? Well, you're a racist, ungrateful bitch, and you're welcome." Ivan returns, rolling his eyes as he turns away, looking to usher the lot of them out. "And I hope you all have a wonderful life. And that we don't cross paths anymore. Goodbye now."

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