Momentary Break in the Insanity

Dallas Public Library

The library is a rather large building that extends two levels. Security gates at the entrance lead past a long rectangular circulation desk where patrons may check out or return books. Across from the circulation desk is large, archaic looking card catalogue beside which is a computer that is set up to locate books. Following the typical Dewey Decimal Classification System, the rows of shelves are laid out systematically, with large signs overhead so that patrons can find precisely what they are looking for. Study carols and tables line the walls, and one corner of the library is set aside for two separate lecture rooms that can booked for meetings.

It's early evening, the sun having not long set, the library is quiet, the cold keeping away all but those with intent, Michael seems to be one such person, he sits quietly at a table, alone and with a pile of books before him, the books range in language and nature, from history to fiction he reads the Divine Comedy, the speed the pages turn implying he's reading unusually quickly.

Having no computer or internet access, there are only a few places that one can go for information. Now living on her own, or as alone as it takes for her to believe as much, one particular young woman is in need of some information. Due to the news Rose has been receiving odd stares every time she steps outside, and tonight is no exception. The looks are ignored, however, as she's on a mission. She quickly gathers books on home care, improvement and hamsters. It isn't until she goes to sit down that she notices Michael. Rose approaches with hesitation, due to all the things that have happened, saying nothing as she wishes not to interrupt his reading. What reading, at that.

Michael looks up from his book as Rose approaches, he smiles to her slightly. The book folded around a finger there's just a hint of concern. "I heard there was some trouble at Green Oaks, nothing that affected you I hope?" He sounds slightly concerned. "I would have visted, but it seemed somewhat…. unwise all things considered."

She can feel the heat come to her cheeks as she blushes at the mere mention of it. "I wasn't allowed to do much after I got in trouble." Rose isn't going to go into details about it, of course. Then again, she only remembers a few of them. "But Mister Hiro found where I'm staying now. I can have guests, so you're more than welcome anytime you'd like." There she goes, inviting vampires into her home over and over again. "So things are much better now. How have you been, Just Michael?"

Looking at Rose for a moment Michael frowns. "I am well." He smiles slightly. "I thought I would catch up on my reading, some of these books I haven't read before, and some I just haven't read for a long time." He looks at Rose for a moment. "You should be careful around this Hiro, I've heard rumours that he's a dangerous man." He pauses a moment motioning to a seat across from him. "Next time you see him it may be wise to tell him that you're under my protection."

"You read very quickly. I'm jealous." The books are far better than those in her hands, causing her to blush again. Rose does do as indicated, though, and takes a seat across from Michael. Her books remain in a stack on the table. Most likely she'll take them out instead of read them in. "I think I might have." She did! But she was heavily medicated and didn't exactly explain herself well at the time. "I think he's dangerous, too. Not to me, but he said he arrested someone that I should know." Too bad she doesn't remember any of it, and doesn't realize that he killed that vampire. "I think I think he likes me. He was trying to flirt with me last night."

Laughing Michael nods slightly. "I'm something of a scholar, I always have been." He looks at the book in his hand, as he shifts the cover comes into view, the title in the original Italian. "I've had a hard time finding the Divine Comedy in the original Italian, I lost my copy." He sighs a little before waving that comment away. "Do you like Hiro?"

The woman is crazy. Clinically insane. This does not mean that she doesn't recognize certain things. Her eyes go down to the book in his hands as she squints to try and read it. "You can read it like that?" Yes, she does understand how heavy of an implication that can be. He's extremely intelligent and here he is, talking to a crazy person. The blush continues. "He saved me. He's very nice. Why wouldn't I like him?" Rose looks back up to Michael. "Just like I like you, and London, and Wit. You're all very nice."

Nodding Michael shrugs. "I know a number of languages, although to be fair most of them come from a Latin root, so it's not as difficult as people thing." He studies Rose for a moment, possibly wondering just how naive someone can be. "Nice? I've met few people who are nice… although most people can act nice when they wish." He looks to Rose for a moment. "You should always be aware of the difference."

"It's more than I can do." The young woman was well on her way to being quite the scholar before the events that made her crazy but sadly she's nowhere near where she was. Rose blinks at Michael before saddening slightly. "Why does everyone want me to not have friends?" It comes out faster than she expects and likely not phrased to the quality that it could be. "That's why I can't take care of myself, right? I'm too trusting?" She sighs. "Do you think he's only being nice to be mean in the end?"

Michaels leans back in his chair, his tone becomes heavy and he speaks slowly, almost hesitantly. "I'm not saying don't have friends, I'm not even saying don't trust people, but just be aware that there's a lot more to people than you see. People aren't good or evil, they aren't inherently nice or mean… they just act that way." He places his book down with a slight smile as he looks at the table. "It's the argument of nature… are humans naturally good, becoming evil because of their experiences, or are they simply animals who can do no more than strive against their base nature?"

Most people do not speak to her in such a way. They usually sugar coat and dumb down everything, as if speaking to a child. Rose appreciates his words and listens to them until the very end. "I did wonder why he's been acting the way he is. I'm not exactly someone to flirt with." She's not one to be held on to in such a way unless someone is looking for something. "I want to think that someone actually likes me. I mean, he did break me out of that evil place." She looks down at her hands and begins to play with them as she speaks her mind. "No smart person will like me like that. I'm not right. But he said that he went after the person who did this to me, too. It's like he's been doing nice things for me for a long time."

Shaking his head Michael sighs slightly. "You are one of the few truly good people I've met. You are…. fascinating." He frowns looking at Rose for a moment. "You have been locked away because you were harmed, scarred I suspect. But the irony is that you may have been made better for it in some ways." He smiles looking at Rose for a moment. "Your experiences have led you to become someone who I see no…. viciousness or hate in… even your fear of vampires seems to lead entirely to flight responses rather than fight." He smiles. "I would find it far stranger if someone smart didn't like you."

That's something she's not exactly heard before. "But what about Mister Fontane? I'm pretty sure that he hates my very existence." He did help her, at least, but he was so rude about it all. Rose grabs one of the books from her pile and begins to play with it, needing to do something at the moment. "But if I were a better person I wouldn't hate anyone, or anything. Isn't that correct?" Rose wouldn't even call her distaste for vampires hate, but rather fear. The two are so easily confused, though. "That doesn't change the fact that I'm sick." At least she can admit to it! "Although I don't know how Mister Hiro keeps finding me. Do you really think that I should be afraid of him?"

There's a frown as Michael studies Rose for a moment. "I'm not sure, I will speak with him, suggest that he keeps his distance. If you are worried you should tell him that he's no longer welcome." He smiles a little. "As for Mister Fontane, I can only guess that he's got terrible taste." He smiles as he studies Rose. "Do you wish Vampires destroyed? Do you seek to see them removed from the world regardless of the pain you may cause them? If not then you can't hate them that much." He nods as he considers the subject of her being sick. "Yes you are, but in time, with help we can hope that you will recover from that illness. You will come to accept that those things you struggle with will be cured, but that you will remember the goodness you've likely found."

"It's hard," she openly admits. "I want to be liked. I want to be normal. I want to be happy and like someone else." Those are basic desires, are they not? It isn't as if Rose is asking for something that is completely out of the question. She's still so young and has so much time left to live. It would be a shame to live it alone. "I still feel bad, Just Michael. I know that I know a vampire. I don't know who, but I have to." Her fingers move up to point at the faint marks on her neck. "I don't want to be afraid of anyone that I already know, and I really don't want to hate them. I just want to get better." Another deep sigh comes before Rose shakes her head. "But I shouldn't unload this on you. You've been so nice already. I like that you're actually talking to me like I'm not a child."

Nodding Michael looks at Rose. "I've seen enough of the world to believe one simple truth. Most people are children, they spend their lives burying their heads in the sand." He looks at Rose. "I outgrew that, I learnt that there are things in this world great and terrible. You decide which, same goes for morality. I discuss with you what I think you should know, and what I'm comfortable telling you. If you wish to talk with me about anything then I'm more than happy to listen." He looks at his pile of books reading the titles of each to himself before he speaks again. "Would it make a difference to you? Would you fear someone you trusted just because you learnt that they were a Vampire?" He grins slightly. "You've been bitten and are perfectly well. Would it really be so terrible if you were to learn who amongst your friends was a Vampire?"

This certainly sounds interesting to Rose. She tilts her head ever slightly as he explains it all and she nods. "Either way, it makes me happy. It's nice having someone to talk to and to explain things to me." Sometimes explaining things makes all the difference. Both of her hands go to her neck now. The young woman doesn't appear to be afraid but rather is lost in thought. "I guess," she finally replies. "I guess it would depend. I know I have issues with my memories. If it was someone that I let do it and I just forgot, then it would be different. You know, then if someone I trust took advantage of me." Pause. "I am easy to take advantage of." One of her hands lowers as she looks back to Michael. "I am afraid of someone I care about being a vampire, though, but maybe not for the reasons everyone thinks. If I am close with one, and Hope find out?" The statement is left just at that. It would be deadly for someone, there's just no telling who.

Nodding Michael sighs slightly. "It sounds as though this Hope has little love for Vampires? I can see where that would be a concern." He smiles very slightly. "Then maybe it's best that you don't try too hard to work out who could be a Vampire… or at least you keep such discoveries to yourself." He frowns. "Vampires can…. play with the human mind, they find it pliable and easily manipulated." He frowns. "They could make you forget. I fear that the Vampire in question did this to you, but and it's important to understand this, they probably meant no harm to you."

"Hope loves me, but she hates vampires more." That's an understatement and sadly it is the truth. "I think I understand, but I don't. I mean, I'm okay." Perhaps she's not perfect but she's alive, and that really is all that matters. His explanation of what a vampire can do does make her slightly uneasy although she's not new to this idea. "That's why I'm sick." Apparently she's been told a few things recently. "The nurse in Green Oaks told me, and said it was my fault." Rose looks to Michael, as if he can produce some sort of answer. "But that person who did it? Hiro said he took care of them." She's trying to put it all together. "I shouldn't worry, but I want to know if I am friends with any vampires. It sounds silly, but I need to apologize to them, at the very least."

Shrugging Michael smiles slightly. "Well, truth be told I'd doubt they'd much care." He smiles. "Even at my age I can tell you apologise mean little, you learn as you get older that it's not important is someone apologises, just so long as you see that they're different, that they've changed what they're sorry for, or at least tried." He frowns slightly. "I hope the person responsible is in a state to answer questions… they could have gone a long way in helping fill in some of those holes in your memory."

Well, now, that makes her sad. "Oh." There goes making a homemade card. "If you think so. Why would they not want me to know, though?" She has every right to at least wonder as much. "Am I dangerous or something? Or is it Hope?" Rose shakes her head as she tries to push past it. "It kind of feels like they don't trust me but I wouldn't trust me either." What's that? Oh, about the mean person. "Huh? Oh. I don't know. He said last night that he chased it down and brought it to justice. That means he arrested it, right?" Rose is only saying it because she was told just that. There's no indication if it was a male or a female.

Michael smiles slightly, he leans forward a little his expression becoming just a little severe. "And if I told you I was a Vampire? If I were to tell you that I was that which I knew you feared so greatly? How would you respond? Would you handle the statement without fear? Or would it taint whatever relationship we had?"

That is an interesting statement. Her eyes go wide as she listens to what he says, but Rose doesn't seem to break down like she did before. All she can do is watch him as she searches for an answer. "That would be different," she finally says. "You've been very nice to me, and you said that you would protect me. Why would I fear you?" Rose isn't the type to lie and even if she was it would be obvious now that she isn't. For some reason she's always seemed to open up to the older man. "I'm not afraid of you at all, even if you were a vampire." Blink. "Is that wrong?"

Smiling slightly Michael shakes his head. "Then you've come a long way." He seems to consider her a while longer. "Once the mere mention of the word Vampire terrified you." He leans back in his seat. "It's good to see that you're doing well. Why don't you tell me a little about your sister Hope? I believe you once referred to her as your 'clone' I'm guessing she's a twin?"

Yay! She passed the test, or something. This makes her smile. "Well, I've been through a lot lately." That part is an understatement. "And I already know that I have to know someone who is a vampire. I know what it's like to be different. I don't want to be mean to them. I just" Fingers brush over the bite mark once more. As much as she refuses to admit to it, she is worried. Besides, that bite mark started so many problems for her. But now they get to talk about Hope! "She is. I think she's here because of me. It's like she's guilty or something." What else is there to say about her? "Um ever since I got sick, she got really religious. She goes to church all the time because it feels the same way she does."

Nodding Michael shifts very slightly, fourteen hundred years have taught him how to hide his feelings, but even so there's just a hint of a dangerous edge to his voice, his expression becomes hard. "The Fellowship of the Sun?" He sighs slightly. "Then she is very different from you."

Oh, how Rose picks up on it. It's subtle, yes, but far different than how he's been around her before. She raises an eyebrow as she watches him, her hand falling from her neck. "You've heard of them?" Rose honestly knows little about it all. "It's like that with twins, you know. Parents do things to make us a part of each other from the start. Faith and Hope? That's something that never goes away." Potentially it's why Rose goes by her middle name now, aside from having forgotten her real name at first. "But twins aren't the same. I love my sister and I always will, but I think she hates me for what's happen to me. Then and now."

Michael nods slowly. "Hate, anger and fear all rolled into one self-rightous package." He sighs slightly. "They spread evil and corrupt the teachings of the bible." He shifts once again. "Again we come down to humanity and its base nature… Some people strive to rise above it, other simply strive to hide it behind pretty words."

"Evil?" Now that's something that Rose has never thought of before. She looks about, cautious, thankful that no one else happens to be listening in. "Is she in trouble? What's going on?" No one has ever spoken to her about this group that her sister loves so dearly. "She's a good person. Look at what she's done for me. I may brush it off a lot but I know." Yet she's not at all forgiving about some things. "So you're saying that if you were a vampire this would be a bad thing? Like you wouldn't associate with me because of it?"

Shaking his head Michael sighs. "You haven't done anything, your sister however has allowed herself to be taken in by a group that question the Vampires very right to exist, they believe that Vampires are ungodly and that it is wrong for them to so much as have rights." He smiles slightly. "They're like many groups before them, hopefully they'll blow over like the others. But they truly hate Vampires, and regardless of what they currently say they'll do everything in their power to wipe them from the earth."

This is all making Rose uncomfortable and it's beginning to show. Inside she's full of fear, for many different reasons, but she's doing her best not to show it externally. "That doesn't make sense," she eventually says. "Maybe I'm just confused. Man can't make a vampire, right? I mean, they exist. If they were against His will, why would they exist?" Again she shakes her head. Too much serious thought will give her some serious headaches. "So you're saying that this group will kill whomever it is that I know if they find out?" She's crazy, not completely out of her mind.

Shrugging slightly Michael seems to consider that. "Officially the Fellowship of the sun doesn't kill Vampires, and can't condone their members in doing so, but Vampires are ungodly works of the devil." He slowly begins to work through the titles of books in front of him, almost as if searching for something. "I doubt that myself, but the fact is that unoffically they'll gladly kill any vampire they think they can get away with, and likely push their members to do so."

The concern starts to show more as she listens. She pulls her knees up to her chest as she sits there, using the chair in a way that would hardly be considered proper. "So that's why they won't tell me who they are" It seems to make sense to Rose. "Killing is killing, unless it is accidental and in self defense. Even then it is still killing. But intent is everything." This really isn't good. "I told you that I can see the future, right?" Medications do all sorts of funny things. "Hope's going to not love me anymore, isn't she?"

"Your sister will always love you." Michael sighs slightly, his expression becoming much more mild. "And killing is a complicated matter… many times killing can be understood. Vampires killed, but was it wrong? After all before synthetic blood they required humans to live, so they killed them, feeding on them as humans feed on the flesh of other animals." He shrugs. "But killing because you hate something? Because you believe its entire kind doesn't deserve to exist? That seems to me to be wrong."

He's said so much to comfort her over the time that she's known him but this time it doesn't seem to work. She now fears what will happen with her sister. "I would do anything for her, but I can't not be friends with people because she wants to kill them." Rose needs a much better reason to not be friends with someone! "They talked about that in school, during one of the great wars. Killing people based on race, religion or anything like that is wrong. But I guess people don't look at it the same way." Pause. "People will think I'm crazy if I say that I don't agree." She is crazy. "It's so complicated."

Shaking his head Michael laughs. "Great people are often seen as crazy." He looks at Rose for a moment. "And in this case no, just because you don't hate Vampires doesn't make you crazy, your sister may not like it, she may wish nothing to do with you, but that would be her choice. Just as choosing not to hate the Vampires was yours." He smiles slightly. "You have a choice, you can follow the pretty words doing as you're told in exchange for being accepted, or you can decide to think for yourself, you may suffer for it, you may be hated and outcast, but you will at least be doing what you believe right."

That's normally something that someone will need to think on. It isn't as if it is a small order. Yet Rose has an immediate response. "I'm already an outcast." She doesn't even stop to think about what she's saying. "I suffer every day, every single day. I'm told it's because of a vampire and yes, that bothers me greatly." Rose lowers her legs proper and looks to Michael. "But is it fair to judge all vampires based on one? Good and evil can be found everywhere." This is how Rose was raised, long before vampires were made public knowledge. Were she to be her old self it is hard to tell if she would feel the same way. "In some ways, Hope is all I have left, Just Michael." At least of her old life. Certainly he can understand that. "Either way it's going to be hard for me. I know it. But are you so open about all of this because of your various studies?"

Nodding Michael smiles very slightly his expression showing an old sadness. "I had a family once, they meant everything to me, and I lost them. I suffered for many years more than I know how to explain more than I can possibly tell you, everyday was suffering I did things that I shouldn't have I wandered and had nothing, but eventually I found something new. I learnt to get over that loss." He smiles slightly. "In its way the knowledge that you can begin anew that you can go on after losing everything is the most freeing experience you'll ever have." He laugs. "In a way, it's hard not to be open when you've seen as much as me. I've found it best to accept the world until such a time as you can do something about it." He looks at her for a moment. "I've also found that good and evil don't exist beyond the mind, and even then everyone has a unique and sometimes drastically different point of view."

Such a wise man! Hopefully she'll be the same way when she's his age. There's so much to say to it all, yet none of it seems to make way to her tongue. Instead he'll be able to tell that she's visibly calming as he speaks. Of all people to claim to her, she lucked out in who did. Despite being calm, Rose does appear saddened. "Oh, Just Michael." How can one even try to say anything to that? "All I did was lose the memories of my family. I can't imagine" Although he does bring up a point. Even if assisted, she has pretty much started a new life. " no matter how many new people I meet. Haven't you ever thought of starting a new family?"

Shaking his head slightly Michael laughs a little at that. "No, I can't say I have, although I suppose it may be worth consideration one day." He frowns at Rose for a moment. "My dear that's much worse… I'm sorry to say so, but… the memories of my family are… distant now I have to think back on them, but even now I can take joy in the time we had, even if it was only very brief."

Why is he looking at her like that? The young woman shifts under the frown but does little else. "Having your memories forced from you is one of the worst things I can think of." At least she's being honest! "But I have some, even if they aren't accurate. I choose to believe them even though I know they're wrong. I can't survive if I don't." That at least explains why she's insistent that she has a brother. In an attempt to make him smile more, she nods. "Friends are wonderful, they are, but it's nice to have a family bond. It never replaces anything, but it's starting new."

Nodding again Michael smiles. "It's rare that I make good friends." He smiles slightly. "I'm prone to keeping people at arms length." He sighs ."And in truth I find a lot of people boring." He smiles slightly. "You're probably the best friend I have in this city." He looks a little embarassed once he's said this, apparently having not meant to said it.

"That sounds safe, but lonely. Don't you ever just want someone to talk to?" There's more to her comments but it all falls to the wayside when he slips up with that last bit. Rose literally has to stare at him, unable to think of anything to say to that. Slowly she smiles, though, and even chuckles. "And you wonder why I wouldn't mind if you were a vampire," she points out. "I can try to introduce you to people, if you'd like. Or I could make sure that I talk to you more. I don't want you to be lonely, Just Michael."

Smiling slightly Michael laughs a little. "No, thank you, but no. I have many associates… some I'd even consider friends, but I've long been comfortable keeping them somewhat distant, many of them I haven't seen for years, although I'm still in contact." He looks at her. "I haven't be lonely in a long time."

Now that is something that she can't quite comprehend. He'll be able to read it all over her features. "You're not lonely at all?" That's absolutely fascinating to her. Her mind tries to process it all but it just can't. "I'm lonely every day." It's hard to admit but Rose is always honest, especially with Michael. "Should I be more like you? Because if I don't try, I might annoy you." Clingy and all that.

Nodding Michael smiles slightly, his expression one of mild amusement. "I've found as I've got older that I need less company to keep me happy, I find it's enough to look back, that I have my own thoughts to entertain me, the ocassional book, and whatever else interests me from moment to moment." He sighs slightly as she talks of being more like him. "I thought we'd said, you should be yourself, you shouldn't let others force how you should be." He runs a hand through his hair. "I don't find you annoying, and I very much doubt I will. I enjoy your company." He smiles slightly. "Few people actually listen, most people are just waiting for the part of the conversation where they get to speak again."

She still looks sad even if he's complimented her. "You're an odd man," she finally concludes. "Um unique? I like it." He's an enigma to her, really, but the word wasn't coming to her at that moment. "You're full of good advice and you are really nice." He's nice to her, at least. "It still makes me sad, thinking of you all alone. But if you're happy with it then I can't really say anything, right?" Rose's eyes flit down to his pile of books then back to hers. "You do make me feel like I should read better books, though." That triggers something. "Is that how you know so much about vampires? I didn't know they had books on them."

Smiling slightly Michael nods. "I am very odd, but then I find most people are at heart." He smiles slightly, his expression becoming thoughtful. "Tell me what you know about me? Give me the details, you listen I suspect, you seem to take in what you hear, and what's said. I wonder what you might learn if you consider those things?"

"Odd people make me feel better." She is odd as well, after all. Rose scrunches her nose at the thought of being tested. She's always hated tests. "What I know about you? Your name is Michael Isonzo, and you've had a lot of experience over a lot of time." There's no pause here. She doesn't even realize that she could be implying that he's old. "You work during the night only and primarily use associates to do work for you. A long time ago you lost your family but you still have memories of them. It seems as if you know a lot of people. You're well traveled, from what I can understand, and well studied, including knowledge of vampires. And you have this way of just making me feel calm. Protected." She's likely leaving things out but is trying to remember as much as possible in a short period of time.

Nodding slightly Michael smiles very slowly, he seems to consider something. "The mind is a wonderful thing." He sighs slightly. "I don't know that you will remember this, it really does depend greatly on how your react." He pauses a moment. "But I am a vampire." He pauses a moment. "However I am not the vampire that bit you." He motions her neck. "I suspect that was your friend Hiro, although I can't be certain that he's even a vampire." He speaks in calm, almost casual tones, his eyes not leaving Roses as he attempts to judge her response.

There goes that stare again as her eyes become the size of saucers. That's quite a bit of information to take in all at once. For just a moment it appears that Rose may just break down. She let Hiro into her home and he bit her? The books on the table gain her attention as she tries to sort it all out in her mind, in her memories. "I, but, he" The memories just aren't there. "Do you think that's why he's flirting with me? Because he. But he saved me." Rose begins speaking her thoughts, giving him a bit of understanding as to what is going on in her mind. The part where he confessed hits her last, and when it does she sharply looks back up to him. There is a fear to her eyes but it isn't the same that he has already seen in her. "I'm so sorry." That's a funny response. To Rose, though, she's already spoken how she'd react if she found out he was a vampire.

Michael laughs lightly. "Why? Why be sorry? I have lived many, many times longer than I would have, I have survived to an age where I see what I would have considered magic every single day. I have watched as great men changed the face of this world time and again." He smiles slightly. "All in all it balances out." He runs a hand through his hair. "Maybe Hiro saved you because he cares for you." He smiles to her. "It's not impossible that you interest him, that he has feelings for you." He looks. "Tell him that you are mine and he should leave you be. If that is what you wish."

"I'm sorry because I've been unkind." Her fears are logical, this he has explained, but she can't help it. "I know that you said that my apology shouldn't matter but I have to say it." Rose is completely uncomfortable right now but it isn't for the reasons that even she would suspect. "Is there something about me that attracts vampires?" It's a random question but one that has to be asked. Obviously she's been around quite a few in her lifetime. Hiro is given some thought. It obviously weighs heavily on her. "He saved me. I can't be mean. I don't want to be mean." Her hands go back to her neck. "I just don't know. I'm not afraid, I just can't remember." Trying to remember hurts. "Am I one of those people?"

sighing slightly Michael looks at Rose for a moment. "I'll be honest, I first took an interest in you because… you were interesting, the fact that you had holes in your mind, I thought I could help you, I could fix your mind. I honestly never expected to meet anyone who seemed so…. trusting, I can tell you from a great deal of experience, it is rare."

That confirms that. "Because of my sickness." She considers this for a moment longer before Rose begins to chuckle. It isn't the laugh of insanity, but quite possibly a start of it. Hopefully it sounds only like the realization of irony. "That is ironic," she finally admits. "You would never even have taken an interest in me if it weren't for the other vampire." That proves to her that yes, there are vampires of all kinds. Eventually she shakes off the thought, and any of Hiro. Now's not the time for it. "Well, Just Michael, I know that I shouldn't be so trusting. Hope tells me that all the time. But I still trust you. I think I'd be sad if I didn't know you."

Nodding Michael smiles very slightly. "As do I, although you remember this. You be sure to tell any vampires, anyone you even suspect of being a Vampire that you are mine… they will not harm you if you do so." He smiles slightly. "Although I'm sure Hiro would make the same offer, if you'd rather?"

That brings up an extremely interesting question, in her mind at least. "I'm confused," Rose readily admits. "Yours as in your property?" It doesn't appear that she's upset or angry, but there are things that she needs to know. "I may be around vampires often, but I don't really know anything about them. What does it mean when I say something like that?"

Sighing slightly Michael seems to consider that. "After a fashion I suppose, it's an old tradition. You need to understand before the synthetic blood Vampires depended on humans for food, sometimes however a particular human would be of interest to a vampire, and so they'd claim them. In practice it simply means that no other vampire can…. interfere with you in any way." He shrugs. "It's difficult to explain." He shifts slightly. "But in the modern world it generally signals a more…. personal relationship, many vampires now like to keep willing humans around to feed on, personally I've never considered the habit of 'taking' a human in such a fashion."

Lookit! Answers! The history lesson really is appreciated. With having so few memories and an eagerness to fill her mind, Rose will take any and all knowledge that she can. "So basically, when you said you'd protect me it was because you claimed me?" There's no anger to her tone, but instead she's merely curious. "I don't know. You actually make me feel safe, if I'm going to be honest. Hiro saved me, he did, and I'm really thankful. But I don't know if I feel as protected around him." She goes as far as to shift in her seat. "He hugged me, stroked my cheek, things like that. All things a girl should want, right? It wasn't bad but I just don't know how to respond when he does that."

Nodding Michael seems amused by these truths. "No, I offered to claim you in order to protect you." He pauses a moment. "I can understand that. Hiro made it intimate… but intimate isn't always safe. Sometimes it feels safer to be with someone who offers protection without pushing for intimacy."

"That's what I" Oh. No, that isn't what she said. Rose nods with understanding. "That was very nice of you. I don't want you to feel like you have to." She knows just how much of a handful she can be. Her parents fight about her all the time without realizing what they're doing. The younger woman wraps her arms about herself, essentially in a hug. "It's just strange. We barely know each other, and I am well, you know. It isn't that I don't like it, but I just don't know what I want." Basically she hasn't developed that strong of a bond with Hiro.

Nodding Michael seems more relaxed than he had done, more confident. "It's not a hardship. I offered because I don't want to see you hurt." He studies her for a moment the smile he flashes a quick grin. "Sounds like he's young, rushing in and all passion." Michael chuckles perhaps remembering some of the things he did in his youth. "I've made something of a hobby out of watching humans, and I can tell you this much, if you aren't sure you want it, then you probably don't, at least not yet."

This really doesn't seem so bad. Sitting here, talking with Michael, she can't understand where all the fear comes from. "Well, I still thank you. It's nice to know that there's someone out there when I need them, you know?" Hope can't be counted on with some issues and Rose knows it. The young woman nibbles on her lip before nodding. "You're probably right. I blame myself, or would, but what you say makes sense. Well, it always does." Looks like she'll need to have a conversation with Hiro. In the meantime: "I promise I won't tell Hope what you've told me. I don't like not sharing, but you said that I have to be my own person."

Nodding his head Michael smiles. "Thank you, I appriciate it." He looks at her for a moment, his expression serious, his tone almost stern. "From what I have heard your sister could do with listening to you more. You lack only confidence, perhaps even your… sickness feeds on this fact, you have twisted events because you feel that you wouldn't be able to handle them otherwise, perhaps you sell yourself short?"

"Learn from me?" That makes Rose outright laugh, to the point she gets a stern look for the noise. Quieting herself she just shakes her head. "I don't know. I don't think anyone else would agree. Ever." Still, Michael makes a good point. Rose looks back down at her stack of books, all made to help her live better on her own. "Confidence has to be earned," she says. "I'm better than I was, but every time I get better I do something stupid to get hurt."

Michael offers another grin. "Well lets see if we can't change that. I can only help so much of course, but I will see what I can do." He frowns a little. "I really didn't expect you to handle this quite so well, you're stronger than anyone thought I suspect."

Slipping back into her almost childlike behavior, Rose stands and beats a fist against her chest. She's acting tough. "I'm Wonder Woman!" Again she gets a look, so she sits down and sighs. Still, she has a smile on her face. "No one expects anything from me. I'm crazy." Maybe, just maybe Michael will see that there are times where she plays to this advantage. Rose does look down at her watch, though, and sighs. "I need to go. If I don't get back soon, they'll know and call the police."

Nodding Michael rises from his seat. "Then hopefully I'll see you soon. Perhaps if you are allowed I shall visit you? I would be interested in meeting this Hiro." He bows his head slightly.

Getting Hiro and Michael together may be a bad idea, and she has no idea how she'd do it in the first place. Rose does dig around in her pockets for one of the little cards they give her with her address on it. They're meant for patients who forget but she isn't about to. The card is offered to Michael before she sets out. "I'd like it if you saw my place." Any comments about Hiro are kept to herself as she leaves the library. She has much to think about.

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