The non-date date has been fun, when all is said and done. Meetings have happened, drinks have been had and she is just silly enough to believe that her marks are gone forever. Playing with the mind of a sick person is such a terrible thing to do. It's so rare that Rose has the opportunity to feel pretty and to dress up, so she allows time to get away from her and drinks to come her way.

This is likely not a good idea.

She does, however, insist that she take herself home. Ivan driving her is a better plan and even she knows it. Sitting in his car it is all she can do to not make a nest and possibly catch some sleep. It isn't that Rose is sleepy, per say, but she is feeling extremely relaxed. The woman is no stranger to being buzzed, but this is the first time it has happened by means other than medication. "I hate having a curfew." It's so out of left field but it is true. She could be out being a target somewhere!

It is a comfortable car in a dark blue tint, and as Ivan makes a few adjustments here and there, igniting the powerful engine beneath him, Rose is allowed to do her thing in the passenger seat after he makes sure she has put on her seat belt. After all, he had a drink or two himself - so a little extra precaution cannot hurt. He is, slowly, backing out of the parking spot when he throws a glance over to Rose, paired up with a grin that has loosened perhaps a bit too much. "Oh yeah? Heh. I remember hating curfew too, back in the day. What would you do, if you didn't have to go in? In fact, what would they do to you if you just didn't…show up in time one night?" With this offered amiably, he eases the vehicle out into the road, modern rock playing softly over the car's stereo system.

He's almost calling her a child! How does Rose react? She giggles. Oh, yes. Someone's had far too much to drink. "I bet this is the earliest curfew that I've ever had." She can't say that it is for sure, since she can't remember, but she has a strong feeling about it. Even though wearing her seat belt, she turns in her seat so that she can look at him better. "I can't remember having this much fun. You know, going out and all. I just don't want it to stop so soon."

Deep thought is given to the last question. She knows what happened at Green Oaks: nothing. It's her firm belief that they wouldn't even have noticed, really, had it not been for Hope. Then again, when she did that at Green Oaks, she randomly showed back up with a new tattoo on her shoulder blade. "You know, I don't know. I mean, they could tell Hope, but I could always tell her that I lost my key card."

"Yeah?" Ivan is a bit distracted as he speaks, seeing as his attention is devoted to the road with more care then usual, in order to compensate for the alcohol he had imbibed. A left, then a right, and as the car creeps down the Dallas roads. "We should do it again sometime, then. Go out, I mean. And you know, it doesn't have to end so soon. There's still things to do - the night's young and all." Beat. "Unless that is, you're afraid?" This last is accompanied with a bit of a laugh, as well as a deliberate glance in her direction. "It's all up to you, Rose. I don't expect you're very much used to getting to decide what you do, are you?"

He's driving and all but still she shakes her head eagerly. This is done with a bit of a giggle. Yes, Rose is giggling. "No. But that's why I keep trying. I'm an adult, right?" Right! It's been a while since Rose stopped smiling. It may be due to the alcohol but she likes to think it is due to the company. Guess he really isn't Captain Angry Pants.

The idea of staying out later is so dangerous, yet so fun. It wakes Rose right up from her near tired stage. "You'd want to do something else?" Most people just talk to her for a few minutes then push her to the side. "I'd like that. I mean, I know you're busy, and you actually work and stuff. But I don't really want to be alone just yet." Besides! She'll just end up with a vampire knocking on her door anyway.

Ivan emits a short bark of laughter, and one hand releases the steering wheel to scratch at the nape of his neck. "Yeah. I'm one hundred percent serious. We did all the business things already, and you did a good job - a great job, even. Now, you deserve it. A chance to unwind and relax for a bit. To…" He pauses here, cutting off his own diplomatic rant in order to throw the woman a thoughtful look. Something she's said has struck him - the aversion to being alone.
"If you don't want to be alone," Ivan begins, his tone a little different then before, "then you don't have to be. I'm off work - so c'mon. Let's do something, yeah? We can go out - watch a movie, or play some mini golf or…I don't know, dancing? Or we could head back to my place. Play cards, or…"

It never even occurs to her that they've both been drinking. Drinking and driving is a bad thing but the woman just doesn't even stop to think. She's having way too much fun. The giggles continue as do the blushes. He seems to be complimenting her often this evening. "Yeah. That wasn't bad at all! I wouldn't have done it at all if you didn't want me to. But hopefully it helped you!" He did say it would be doing him a favor. Somehow. That part is still very odd to her, but why question?

Oh, no. He's sobering, isn't he? Rose's smile begins to fade slightly but she's determined not to let anything ruin her night. She already knows she says stupid things. "Well, we're already dressed up! It would be a shame for the night to end." Hope is going to kill her but some things just need to happen. "I don't really know what to do." Pause. "If you could do anything in the world right now, what would you do?"

"If I could do anything in the world right now, what would I do…" Ivan parrots back, adopting a rather thoughtful glean to his features. "I'd…I'd fly. But, that's impossible, since I'm no superhero. Or go swimming or something - something I haven't done since I was a kid. I guess I'm just in that kind of…" Slowly, green eyes flicker over in her direction before his lips curl in that trademark, fluid smile of his. "I don't think you'd like to go skinny dipping in the reservoir though. Let's play some mini golf. Does that sound okay to you?" For his part, he has virtually forgotten all this nonsense about Hope and curfews and such, seeing as he's been free of restrictions for so long. All he knows, all he really knows is that he wants to do something reckless. And since reckless is not the best of ideas, considering his company, mini-golf will do.

"Swimming?" That really catches her attention. "I can swim." Okay, most people can swim, she realizes this. For some reason she at least has enough wits to explain herself further. "I mean, I love it. I can remember. That's how I got my scholarship." Captain of the team, baby.

Rose tries her best to live reckless whenever she can. The bite marks on her neck prove that. Granted, her way of living recklessly is much different than others: staying out past sundown isn't exactly a big goal for most her age. "You can play mini golf right now?" It's been so many years since she's played and even then she can't even remember. "If that's what you want."

Out of nowhere the girl starts giggling again. "Oh, you can fly! Just not how you want." She's talking about medication and or alcohol. Sort of like she is. "I feel light already."

Ivan lets out a light snicker, maneuvering the car with expert dexterity to the nearest mini golf coarse he can find. Which, conveniently, doesn't happen to lie very far from their current location. "Yeah? Well, what a coincidence! I can swim too. Huh. A scholarship to where, Rose?" With the question posed, he begins to speed up. "Heh. I can fly, huh? What, are you offering to get me soaring there, princess?" He should know better. He really should know better than to deliberately flirt with the woman, and yet, he does it anyway, misreading her comment.

Luckily, they don't have very long to mull on that point, because before Ivan knows it, he's pulling to the parking lot of a small, animated mini-golf coarse, complete with animated dinosaurs and giant clown faces.

Her eyes are almost twinkling by this point. It's nice to see someone who she can share hobbies with! She falls into silence for a moment as she tries hard to remember exactly where she was going. "Alexandria." Well, that doesn't really specify much, now does it. "Um, Louisiana State. That's where I'm from." Uh-oh. Here comes the blushing again, so much that she nearly has to force herself to look away from him. Nearly. "Maybe," she replies softly. She -could- take him there, after all, but they likely are talking about two different things.

It very well might be a good thing that the mini-golf is so close. It's possibly keeping her out of trouble. Only now does Rose look away from and only because of the bright lights. She's thrilled just to not be going home and that is evident in her large smile. The alcohol could be to blame, too.

The situation, more likely then not, is less then optimal. With alcohol in their systems and this precarious language that don't seem to quite match up, a lot of mistakes can and will, be made. The ferocity of her blush isn't helping any either. Once the car is parked, once the engine is killed, Ivan can dedicate some time to turning his head to the side to really look at Rose, brows furrowed in slight confusion. He takes the opportunity to really see her fair complexion, blemished with the blood in her cheeks, the expression she holds. "…Maybe?" He echoes, brows arched and lips licked in succession. "What do you mean to…" Beat.

Clearing his throat once he's decided that the current train of thought is probably the dumbest of the night, he proceeds to open the door and step out of the car, beckoning for her to do the same. "Ah, I've never had the time to play here before! I love mini golf, because it really poses the difficult questions in life. Like…why am I sending balls into the mouths of giants and what color should I get, blue or red?"

He's looking at her, so she looks back. For a girl with a case of the giggles, she hits a suddenly shy streak. This is likely because guys just don't look at her without that sad expression full of pity for her. Or without being a vampire. It would be exceedingly awkward if he didn't step out of the car. Unfortunately for the two of them she just can't let it go. "What do you mean what do I mean?" This is said once she's out of the car. Hey! She's standing up straight all on her own! The way that she asks this is almost too innocent for anyone's good. "I could…"

Rose's explanation, or lack thereof, is interrupted by this joy at the sight of the game. She giggles again as she walks over to him. The alcohol really is getting to her, to the point that she stumbles as she walks. It isn't as if she's going to fall completely, but Rose does reach out to Ivan for some support. "I think," she says, once she knows she's not on the ground. "I think you should use a green ball. It would match your eyes." At least she was good and didn't say blue!

But…Ivan doesn't understand. He gave the out, the way to avoid the whole situation. But…since Rose insists on continuing down that particular avenue… "I mean I'm…confused, you know? What could…what would you do?" He tries, sounding equal parts helpless and frustrated. He is Ivan. Ivan doesn't get confused, and especially not by women. This is what he does.
But then, she's smiling and giggling once again…and she really does have a fantastic smile. Slowly, his lips curl in that curvy manner particular to only him, and it is with an endeared laugh that he shakes his head with his arms out to steady the girl easily. What follows is impulsive, and dangerous. What follows probably should not happen, but does. Without second thought, he slides his hand from her shoulders, where they were used to award her balence, down her arm and, eventually, into her hand. And with the warmth and the pressure of his fingers wrapped around hers, he proceeds to tug her to the front of the coarse. "Ha, green, huh? It works for me. What color are you going for?"

Rose is not a person to make anyone frustrated and helpless, at least not in this sense. She knows that she's upset Ivan before, but this is different. The conversation would be continued were it not for the fact that the subject has changed. At least temporarily.

It does show the level of trust that the woman has for him if she doesn't seem to shrug off his touches. Sure, she trusts many, but she's been cautious lately when it comes to touching. The last person that so much as gave her a hug turned out to be the one that bit her. Rose nearly falls when they first take off, the sudden movement almost too much for her current state, but she quickly recovers and keeps close to Ivan. "How about a blue ball?" There, she said it. It was inevitable. "Like the color of water." Unlike Hope, Faith isn't such a fan of the color pink.

It looks as if she's about to say something to Ivan, it does, but she doesn't actually speak. Rose hasn't forgotten that she's confused the poor man, she just doesn't know what to say about it.

Ivan doesn't even notice any hesitation on her part to the hand holding, although her unsteadiness certainly validates the necessity of keeping her close and his larger hand over hers. Sure. He's been given the task of protecting her, after all, that's all he's doing…

"A blue ball, huh?" He offers, darting a quick, almost furtive glance in her direction as his grin turns slyly bemused. "Figures. Let's, ahh just make sure that doesn't pluralize, alright? Awesome." Once they reach the rental booth, the transaction is made, and made quickly. After forking over the money, Ivan negotiates two putters and the balls in their respective shades. In fact, it's only while he turns to offer Rose her blue ball with a brilliant smile that he notices how she's looking at him, as though something is on her mind.

He falters slightly in face of it, thrown off his mental equilibrium by how things ping pong between playful and serious at the drop of a hat. "…What?" He offers, slightly defensive. "Are you alright? Did I…?" How's he going to finish that question? Even he doesn't know. Maybe she's not the only crazy one out there.

Ha! Insanity is contagious, yes?

The joke actually goes well over her head. It just isn't something that a girl like her would ever think of. Well, this isn't true. Faith Tyler would think of it. Rose isn't the same person. "Two would just be bad," she agrees. Rose is just thinking of trying to figure out which one is actually hers. The pall is taken with just as nice and brilliant of a smile. There's no reason why she shouldn't smile, after all. This is very nice.

"I'm completely fine." This is said with the same smile. Rose does lean in close to Ivan, close enough to whisper and still be heard clearly. "Stop asking so much. I like it, that you worry, but don't. It's okay." She pulls back somewhat so she doesn't get suddenly loud for him. "I was just thinking anyways." The answer comes with an attempt to poke him in the chest with a simple index finger. "I confuse you a lot. I'm sorry."

Ivan furrows his brows heavily, adopting the sort of pensive expression that the man usually associates with very deep thinking. But then she's leaning closer. And for the briefest moment, for a fleeting second, Ivan finds himself under the impression that maybe, just maybe, she's leaning in to kiss him. As a result, the man tenses slightly, waiting in anticipation of a whisper that rings in his ears. Needless to say, the blinking that follows is a result of him being taken aback. "I…err. Alright." Beat. "Sorry."

With this gruffed out, he can stare down at the finger pressing against his chest with the slightest of frowns. "You do," he admits, seeing no reason to lie. "I don't know how to behave around you. Whether I should treat you like a regular girl or…Whether I should treat you like a girl or a woman." He fixes his gaze on her for a moment longer, before casting it away to scope out the coarse and, eventually, tug her forward so they can reach the first hole. "Anyway! It's not a bad thing. I - it's kind of exciting. You're far from boring, that's for sure. Hey, Rose, y'want to go first, or would you like me to show you the proper technique, eh?"

If only she were that brave. It isn't how she operates. She isn't afraid to get that close to him, however, or to have him that close. She's frozen in her tracks at less from some other people. Even if she weren't buzzed she wouldn't understand what's going on in his mind. Her own is a horrible place to try and navigate. So she does begin to lose that smile when he looks so, well, like he does at the moment. She's gone and broke him and this saddens her.

"Don't apologize. Heck, I don't even know why I said anything. I normally wouldn't." It's almost as if the alcohol makes it so she doesn't stop talking. "But I like it, you know? Having someone care, and not under false pretenses." Oh, she still trusts the others but she knows that not everyone is going to be so nice to her without having something up their sleeves. Again the blush returns as she looks down, that smile creeping back slowly. "I'm sick, Ivan. No, I'm not sick. I'm just damaged. I'm still what I am, what I look like."

Thankfully he saves her from her own ramblings. Rose sticks very close to him as they walk at least partially for balance reasons. "I imagine you hit the ball with the stick." She breaks out in giggles after her own words before grinning wildly at him. "But please, show me how it's done."

Ivan isn't exactly used to playing this peculiar game. Usually, it's quite simple. Usually, he gets one set of signals to interpret - either they're into him, or they're not. With Rose, it's different. With Rose, it's like he's playing cricket instead of Hockey, and he doesn't know any of the rules. But, his musing are cut short by her rant - and in particular, one line that especially stands out to him. Slowly, deliberately, his mouth spreads into a wide, boyish grin. "So…you do trust me." He summarizes for her, a certain note of pride reflected in that tone. And just like that, he cuts the conversations short - that's all he needs to know. For now.

Besides, there's a hole in one for him to attempt. Releasing her hand, he takes the time to guide her to the side by placing his hand on her lower back before setting his ball down on the peg and getting into positioning. "These things are rigged," he complains with a wry grin. "They never have tall putters. Anyway, you bend your knees just so, straighten out you arms, wind up…" Cue the obligatory goofy ass-shake, "and go!" The ball is struck, and sent rolling down the hill to the open, very easy hole…where it passes right by it. "…Aaaand then you miss. Except, don't, you're trying to get it in the hole." Shuffling down, he taps it in before retrieving the ball and noting down his score.

If he thinks it's a game so far, he's only just begun. There's still time for him to run away. She'd only be mildly upset if he did now. Rose eyes him suspiciously, more to play with him, before she breaks out laughing. "Okay, okay. Maybe." That seems to be a popular answer for her. "Just don't tell anyone. It's a secret." This is said in whispered tones, of course. After all, it's a secret.

There are no complaints given as he leads her. It's actually kind of nice. Again she laughs as she shakes her head. "I don't have any issues." Then again, there's nearly half a foot of height difference between the two of them. The laughing only gets louder as he shakes his rear. It takes a moment for her to regain her composure but it does happen. "I don't think I can beat that, especially the bug wiggling. I'd just look silly." Yet the ball is dropped to the mat and she takes a moment to try and not be completely uncomfortable holding the putter properly. The first hole is always the easiest and it shows when she half attempts to hit the ball and it ends up in the hole. Rose doesn't even notice as she's just happy she hit the darn ball.

"I'm starting to think maybe doesn't exist for you," Ivan comments, a distinctly playful tone found in his comments. "I'm starting to think it all means yes. Which means…" His grin grows broader, smugger, and he crosses his arms over his broad chest while holding the supplies, falling silent so that she can take her shot in piece. And he's all prepared, ready to assure her that it's normal to miss when - plunk. Hole in one. He blinks not once but twice before breaking out into laughter of his own. "Jesus. I guess I was the one in need of pointers, huh?" He drawls out, marking out the little sheet and moving to collect then pocket her ball so he can proceed to collecting her.

"C'mon Rose," He encourages with a smile, holding his hand out for her invitingly. "We've got the next hole to go to. That was almost perfect. You just needed to shake your butt a bit more - this is all about looking silly. It's kind of the point of putt-putt."

Her cheeks begin to flame when he points out the exact importance of the word 'maybe'. Because of that she immediately believes the sudden laughter from him is his way of making fun of her. She's about to get upset at him when she realizes what exactly happened. Were it possible her entire body would be blushing at this point. "It was just luck, you know? Or maybe that liquid courage stuff." That part makes Rose smile more. "That was really good." The alcohol.

As soon as the hand is offered it is taken. Any reservations she might have about it are long gone due to her night of drinking. "If I keep talking to you, you're going to find out all my secrets." This is in response to her use of the word 'maybe'. "I just can't say yes to every hey." Rose grins. "You just want to see me wiggle my butt." She means that he wants her to look silly like he did.

This time, once the hand is tugged in his, Ivan has no qualms with what he does next. His fingers move over hers, looking to lock in between her digits to adopt a more intimate kind of hold. "Ha! So, you liked the martini, huh? I'm glad. We can go out for drinks sometime later, I think." He offers, sounding definitive and making the suggestion less of a suggestion. "And why can't I? I already told you mine - I deserve a couple of secrets in return, don't you think?" His lips curl upwards wryly, and after they get over a bridge separating them from the next hole, he offers her a rather cheeky look. "Maybe. Anyway, princess, winners go first. Lets see if it was just dumb luck!"

If only she could realize what is going on. She does to a point, or at least knows how she's feeling. People don't just take her hand like that. He must be very drunk, she concludes. He'll need good sleep tonight. "As long as you want to. It's honestly just nice doing something normal." At the mention of his secret she just nods. Technically she's shared quite a bit of information with him but she isn't seeing it like that. He obviously makes a good point. "Well, I'd tell you more but I don't really know what secrets I have."

His usage of the word 'maybe' causes her to laugh. At least she's able to follow the conversation a bit. Rose pulls away from him in order to take her next shot. Before she does so, however, she makes a point to bend and wiggle just so he can see it. The fact that she's wearing that little black dress is completely lost on her. The shot is taken and the ball ends up about two feet away from the hole. It was nothing but beginner's luck, and an easy course. "So you're going to show me how it's done?"

"Well…" Ivan begins, licking his lips in a faintly thoughtful manner. "Maybe we'll figure them out some day." Cue the sitting back, waiting for her to take her shot - only he's taken aback when she actually performs for him in that manner he had requested. He blinks, before finally erupting in a bright laugh. "Ha! That was brilliant!" He praises, broad, toothy smile in place as he stares after Rose, something akin to awe in his gaze.

"Err. Yeah, I mean, I'll try." And he prepares to line up his shot without all the flourishing of before.

Turns out, Ivan doesn't get much better. He's a mediocre player at best - his only saving grace being how lightly he takes the activity, actively looking for ways to goof off and for excuses to touch Rose. In the end, the scorepad is wrinkled and thrown away, deemed unimportant by the man. Instead, he finds himself very focused on the dark-haired individual walking beside him, hand in hand, as he strolls around one of the man-made ponds illuminated for nightly play. "So…did you have fun, Rose?" He inquires, looking quite contented himself.

It's amazing what he'll find happens if he just mentions it. She's far more outgoing than her sister, something that happened only through her so called sickness.

Being a former athlete it would be only too easy to fall into the competitive aspects of their chosen activity, yet the air about the situation makes it just a night of fun. As far as Rose is concerned there never was a score. It's merely about having a good time breaking curfew. And she'll even admit that it's rather nice spending time with someone that's actually alive.

"Mmmhmmm." Even with the fact that they're holding hands, Rose places her free one on his bicep. "As far as I know it's a first, and it's the best night I've had in a long time."

The additional touch prompts the young man to dart his eyes over to her once again in that semi-furtive manner, and he takes the time to lick his suddenly-too-dry lips before even attempting to respond. Ivan slows his stroll to a stop, lidding his eyes as he peers down at her, smile warm. "Yeah? Well…I'm glad. I…" There is a pregnant pause before he shakes his head and glances up to the proverbial stars. "You deserve some fun, you know. After all you've been through, and after you were so brave tonight. I'm glad I was here for it, Rose. I had fun too. Lots of it, actually. But I…ah…I guess it's time to bring you home, do you think?" He actually sounds remotely disappointed by this fact.

The sudden decision to cease their movements causes her to look up by reflex. So while he looks down at her he'll meet her eyes until he looks away. "You what? You really don't finish your thoughts very well." All the same, Rose looks up to the stars as well. They are very impressive, after all, and extremely pretty. "I kind of don't mind what I've been through, as strange as it may sound. As long as there are good days worth looking forward to"

At the mention of leaving she looks down to the ground, suddenly finding it far more interesting than a bunch of lousy stars. All they do is sit there and sparkle. Anyone can do that. "Yeah, I guess." Rose certainly doesn't sound too happy. "Maybe you can just drop me off outside so they don't see you? Since I'm late and all." And so she can avoid going home if she truly feels like it.

Ivan chuckles lowly, shaking his head in slow, measured strides. "Heh. Well, I figured I had to find /some/ way to…you know. Make sure I confuse you half as much as you confuse me. Revenge and all that jazz." It's spoken lightly as he returns his attention over to her, even going so far as to turn his entire body in her direction. "It's cool. We'll hang out sometime soon again. I'll give you my number, so you can call it whenever too, deal? And…I dunno, Rose. I don't like the idea of that. I'd rather walk you to your door, if you don't mind. Hell, we could…" Beat. "Ah, nevermind." At this point, Ivan closes his eyes and emits a low sigh, already drawing away from her with the intention of leading them back to the parking lot.

Oh, grump. He's a quick one. The first to actually be able to stop her from doing something dangerous. It's almost ironic, if she were to think about it. "It's not my fault I'm confusing. If it helps, I'm always confused." Rose begins to look at him when he mentions walking her to her door. "Well, if that's really what you want. If you do, you should at least come in for coffee maybe? It's getting late and all." And he's been drinking. It may take a tiny tug to get her walking again but she does start heading towards the car. "So I don't need to be meeting some scary man or in trouble with his kind or anything for you to pay attention to me?"

"If you… sure. Sure, I'll take coffee." Ivan allows, smiling warmly. With that said and done, he can guide her forward, and even swing the passenger's door open for her in the ultimate gentleman's gesture. "Huh? Is that what you thought? No way, man. Anytime you want, you can call. Well…provided it's not in the middle of the night. And if I'm not working or otherwise busy, I'll definitely give you attention. I promise, alright?" He hovers on the outside of the vehicle, staring at her with an unreadable expression on his face even as he begins to lean forward. Nothing comes from that movement though, as he catches himself before he manages to get anywhere, pursing his lips and drawing away to slide into the car himself and drive them off to her apartment complex.

That makes her night. Rose nods, insisting on the coffee. "Don't make me put my foot down." As the door is opened she nearly gets into the car immediately. It's what he says that keeps her from doing so. "Sorry, Ivan. Really. It's me, you know?" Ivan may be stopping himself from something, and so is Rose. She's not normally afraid to do what comes to her mind yet that hand that is meant to reach out to him instead aids her to get into the car. Rose is careful to ensure that her seatbelt is safely fastened before they take off. There's already been enough rules breaking for the evening.

"It's you…what? What's you?" Ivan looks to clarify, frowning as he settles back into the car. And though the woman happens to be sitting right next to him, a few feet away at most, he looks over to her as though she might be standing on the other side of the room. "What're you…you know? Talking about?" He looks a bit suspicious - he wants to make sure. Make sure that they're talking about the same thing for once, seeing as all he needs is confirmation that she is aware of what's possibly happening to proceed.

Regardless of her answer, he will be thoughtfully quiet during the commute to her home. It will be quick, curt, and before too long, they'll be parked right in front of her place.

No matter how much she's had to drink, or what hour of the night it is, Rose manages to sit up straight in her seat. Prim, proper and everything that no one expects from her. Her lower lip becomes the center of her attention as she debates finishing her thought. The woman takes a deep breath before she does speak, her eyes glued to the window before her. "You know, I'm me. People pity me, they aren't interested in me. Um, in being my friend." Nice recovery, only not. It doesn't matter since they're in front of her place soon enough after. Immediately Rose reaches for the handle of the door, only then pausing to look back at Ivan.

Reading Rose is near impossible. She bounces back and forth, switching from understanding to not so quickly that it almost gives Ivan whiplash. Presented with her explanation, the man proceeds to stare ahead, taking account of things silently in his mind. The engine is cut, the driver's door is open, and after a moment, he steps out, only to round the dar to meet her on her side, even if she has managed to open the door before he can.

"How d'you know," he offers finally, his hand out for her politely. "I mean, how often does that happen to you, you know? Heh. And I sincerely hope you're not implying that I just want to be your friend because I pity you. I…it doesn't work that way."

Never will anyone be able to read her, not without actually getting into her mind. That happens far too often for her own liking. He should know that she's good with trying to escape certain situations. Were it not for him she would have jumped out a window. This time she gets her car door open but only in time to find Ivan waiting for her. It catches her off guard for a moment but she quickly recovers. Tonight isn't a night about worrying so much. More confidence! At least, that's what Michael says that she needs.

The hand is taken without hesitation. "Well, I've really only had one person even consider visiting me, and, you know. But I think that he's just feeling guilty, you know, because of what he did." Acting on emotions more than she normally would, the woman springs forward at his last words. She aims to hug him, rather tightly, since he's being so sweet. "I believe you."

And suddenly, Ivan has a Rose clinging to his waist. He blinks, not once, but twice, but this time once the shock clears up he doesn't smile. Still confused, he lets out a low exhale, attempting to shake off the shell-shock that has fallen over him. After a moment, he finds himself wrapping his arms around her slight person. Holding back with a similar sort of strength. "Well, you should. Because I…oh, fuck this." He's had it. The individual has finally reached his breaking point. Ivan is not accustomed to denying himself anything he wants, and so this has been an exceptional exercise in control and self-discipline, but he's finally run short.

He's finally summoned the strength to bend down, lips pursed with determination to angle the briefest of kisses on her lips. The faintest of touches, really, slow, and tentative, and almost as uncertain as Rose's (and Ivan's) present sanity.

That's really what she's looking for. Well, there are many things that Rose is looking for. Her goal for the immediate moment is to get that warm and tingly feeling out of getting a hug. She has to take baby steps, after all, and isn't normally one to be pushy. But it's truly nice to have that attention returned. When he begins to speak she looks up at him, a momentary rush of concern hitting her as she hears his final declaration. Usually when she hears that it means that she's upset someone.

What he does next is unexpected for the woman. Were she completely sober she may possibly freeze or even try to run away. The very moment his lips touch hers it almost triggers something inside of her, a hidden memory, something that is trying to tear its way back to existence. It's actually quite painful but she does well not to show it, or so she says. Perhaps it is that memory she doesn't understand, or maybe the headache is causes, but something causes her to actually kiss Ivan back. So much for long term shock.

Brush after brush, Ivan is careful and gentle when it comes to affording Rose his attention in that particular manifestation. In between the swathes, his hot breath can be felt dancing against her skin, up until he finally pulls himself away seconds later. His eyes are still shut and they remain so even after he straightens himself up and loosens his hold on the woman. "I…sorry," he gruffs, voice thick. Blinking his eyes open, he licks his lips as if to take advantage of the brief contact. "I didn't mean to. Well…that's not true. But - whatever, yeah? Err…" Beat. "C'mon. I'll drop you off and leave, if you'd like. I shouldn't have done that."

The look on her face likely is not one that he'll be expecting. It is not fear, or anger. There's also no joy or warm feeling. She almost appears to be deep in thought, lost in those traces of her mind that will never be normal. It isn't until she hears him speak that Rose pulls herself back to the real world. A slow smile creeps to her features as Rose brings a finger to rest on his lips if he'll so allow. "Please. Don't apologize." They're both dressed up and have been drinking, plus he's now part of her life even if he doesn't wish to be. Despite that nagging in her mind, that pain that is coursing through her head, she's going to be stubborn about it. "You can still come in if you want, but I can understand why you wouldn't want to. Either way, I'm just glad we had the chance for fun tonight."

Ivan is easily shushed, although that contemplative quality appears on his features - brows heavily furrowed, lips pursed tight. "No…no, I should get going. Not because - you know. Just…it'll be best. For the both of us, I think. It's what…" She was right - he's incapable of finishing his thoughts tonight. Slowly, he slips his hand into hers in that familiar fashion, the one he's been employing all night before directing the pair of them over to Rose's doorstep, only pausing when the wooden door forces him to. "Well. Good night, Rose. I, ahh…I guess I'll be seeing you, huh?"

This is exactly what she means, in one sense. As far as she's concerned, this is as far as she'll ever get with anyone. These thoughts are in the back of her mind somewhere, but right now her body is trying to reinforce her good feelings. Rose does look somewhat sad when he says that he'll be leaving but she just nods. "Then you just need to come back for your coffee, or I can drop it off to you somewhere." The stars hold her attention for the briefest of moments before she finds herself standing at her doorstep. Were she braver she would try to steal a kiss before he leaves, but she's not. She does try to get one last hug out of him. "You'd better. I'm really glad I met you, Ivan."

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