Crash Cart

Dallas Public Library

The library is a rather large building that extends two levels. Security gates at the entrance lead past a long rectangular circulation desk where patrons may check out or return books. Across from the circulation desk is large, archaic looking card catalogue beside which is a computer that is set up to locate books. Following the typical Dewey Decimal Classification System, the rows of shelves are laid out systematically, with large signs overhead so that patrons can find precisely what they are looking for. Study carols and tables line the walls, and one corner of the library is set aside for two separate lecture rooms that can booked for meetings.

The noon hour has come and gone on this Thursday. The library isn't particularly busy but a few of the regulars linger about. Though he's one of the patrons, he's not one of the regulars. Wit aimlessly wanders the reference aisles with a pair of reading glasses perched on his nose. It's hard to say just how long he's been here, but he's easy to write off. He looks like a kid trying to find a book for a report, tattoos and all. His hand hovers over a few law books before he reaches for a book about true crime. It would seem he's having some inner conflict about what to read today, and which side of the law to be on. "Bollocks," is mouthed, but not spoken aloud. In frustration he grits his teeth.

As a person who loves her job, so much so that she would likely live at the library if she could, it is rare to see Chloe - librarian extraordinnaire - running even the tiniest of bit late. But here she is, rushing through the doors, running through the lobby, hopping over a stack of books and crashing into the lounge door. She is not only late, but by her watch, she's /extremely/ late. At least a good hour or so.

The speed is almost unhuman, as is the agility. Definitely faster than a regular person could hope to achieve. DAMN HIM!

Once she comes out of the lounge, she seems a lot more composed, and after a brief talking to by the head librarian, she makes her way to the aisles to start shelving a cart of books. Quiet day, but still enough minds in here to send her for a loop if she's not careful.

Noise in the library? That gets Wit's attention. For a moment it doesn't make a dent in his choice conundrum until that insatiable curiosity gets the best of him. He decides to look busy and takes one of each book while moving out of the reference section and very nearly right in front of Chloe. When he's confronted with a very cute librarian, he can't help but give her the full watt smile. Then he realizes that walking away without saying anything would be creepy. Fancy a shag? seems inappropriate. "Ah, hello there. You've got one of those reference systems on the website for your library, right?" Pause. "Would you mind showing me how to use it? I'm terrible with these sorts of things and I'm trying to do a report…" A report about either breaking and entering, or federal prosecution, judging from the books that he's taken.

Pushing the cart, and trying to block out the voices in her head, Chloe nearly rams right into him. She's able to get the cart to a rolling stop, no longer moving forward by the time the front wheels draw near his shoes. "We sure do," she says, an obvious Texan twang to her voice. She nods toward the bank of computers, and then twists the cart to the side to start wheeling it past him while leading the way. "It's simple to use. You got your card handy?" The cart is pulled to the side of the computers, the wheel brakes snapped down to on, and then she waits for him.

Eyes go from his shoes to Chloe's face. That could have been… painful. When the card is mentioned, he takes the little piece of plastic from his pocket after a moment of fumbling and presents it to her triumphantly. "I'm so relieved because sometimes the system confuses… damn that Dewey." It's a droll attempt at humor, though Wit hopes there are some signs of amusement on Chloe's face afterwards — even if they're at his expense. "Busy day?" His tone is gentle enough, voice kept low so as not to disturb the other patrons. "You weren't here when I came in. If you had been, I'd have asked for help sooner."

The card is taken, and slid along the outside of the monitor. Obviously some sort of log in system. Chloe looks down at the card, types in the last four digits, and then whirls the chair out for him. "It's not that difficult," she replies, a hint of a smile touching her lips. "Considering the books you're currently holding, I'd guess you want to look mid-three-hundreds, probably around the three-forty-five mark…" Walking library rears its head again.

Then he asks about her day. "Er… not really." She doesn't extrapolate on it too much, except to say, "Just running a little late." Chloe peers around the library, then offers his card back to him. "Couldn't ask anyone else?"

Alexander X. DeWit is what the card reads. It's one of those names that barely matches up with the person it's been bestowed upon, if at all. He can't help but grin at Chloe as she hits the nail on the head with the books he wants to look up. Check and mate. "Yeah, that sounds about right, I guess. As long as I've been coming here you'd think I know how to do all this…" Oh, the stupid act is being played. Yes it is. He takes his card and pockets it, sucking in a breath. "Thanks," is murmured before he grins once more, even looking a bit bashful. "Oh, I could've asked someone else, but none as pretty as you. You probably hear that all the time. I'm one of THOSE guys, aren't I?" Wit asks, leaning on the desk as he watches her with interest.

Oh, she hears it all the time, is right. Hence, why she goes out of her way to medicate herself to stop from hearing it - and what comes after that first thought. Chloe doesn't say anything for a few moments, opening up the browser on the system and typing in a website. 'Criminal Law Online'. "You'll probably have a bit of luck here as well," she says finally. "Likely won't be able to quote from it, most professors frown upon quotations from websites, but it's informative." There is another pause as she considers how to react to the flirtation. "You aren't as bad as some." At least he's not broadcasting the whole dirty librarian fantasy, starring her. So it could /really/ be worse.

A chuckle escapes his lips as he's reassured that he isn't as bad as some other pervs with a hot librarian fetish. He moves to sit down at the desk and start clicking through the website with relative ease. "Ah, lovely. Thanks. Is there like, a customer comment card I can fill out about you?" He asks, drawing a groan from a frumpy gal at a computer across the way from him. Wit seems oblivious to this, and puts his books aside for a moment in order to better navigate the terminal. "What's your name? Just in case I need more help sometime down the road. You can call me Wit. Or 'not as pervy as the rest library guy', if you prefer."

It potentially gets an internal groan from Chloe as well, though she's gotten good at trying to mask what she's thinking. "No, no comment card." Wouldn't do to have those, as she's really the most helpful one here, and they know it. It's why they forgive her certain eccentricities. "I don't think she," Chloe says, pointing to the frumpy girl, "is amused by your flirtation attempts." Wink. "It's Chloe Cornett. I'm here more often than not, and if I'm not around your best bet would be Becca." She considers. "My height, blonde, wears it up in a bun all the time. You'll recognize her pretty quick."

Blonde librarians named Becca seem to hold some mystique for Wit, as he considers silently for a long moment after this. He eventually turns back to the screen and takes his glasses off — with the computer in close proximity, he doesn't need to wear them. "Well, I'm sure a lot of people aren't amused by my antics, but that's the risk you run sometimes." He sniffs at the air for a breath moment as if clearing his nose, muttering an 'excuse me' afterwards. "Thanks for your help again. I should let you go back to work, shouldn't I?"

"I'm positive a lot of people aren't amused by a lot of things," Chloe offers, with a grin. That's something she's used to hearing, non-verbally, of course. People are generally never pleased with what they have, or with what others have. "Just need to reshelve some things." Pause. "Though I suppose I should let you get back to your research." For a brief moment, she lets her guard down. Trying to pry gently into his mind to find out if a report is what he's really up to, or if he was sent by someone.

HELLO PARANOIA. But she can't be too careful these days.

There is nothing out of the ordinary in Wit's mind — he's not here for any particular reason other than to study. His mind jumps back and forth even now between which… law and order or crime and punishment. Same difference. After a moment of debating as he looks up at the screen, he logs out of the computer and grabs his books, taking them to the front counter. His train of thought is so rapid and unending that's hard to place one thing above the other. He thinks of lunch, cute librarians, his next fix, a girl named Rose, and whether or not to do laundry in rapid succession. His thoughts aren't remotely threatening although they're quite scattered and impatient. His mental impatience is reflected in his body stance, fidgeting as he waits for the librarian to check him out. When she doesn't resurface so quickly behind the desk, he starts to make a move for the door.

The jumble of thoughts, all at once, nearly floor her. Chloe, so unused to her own abilities, suddenly slams a hand to her temple as though that will stop the voices. She knows it won't, but doing anything to get out of the mind she's currently dwelling in would be great. She waits until he's on his way out the door before she sits down at the computer he was using. She overrides the user interface with the administration one, and begins her own little search - on just who Alexander X. DeWit is. Something quick to do before spending the rest of the afternoon reshelving items.

Unfortunately for Wit, paper leaves a trail, and so does the use of electronics. It's something he tries to avoid but today it was the unavoidable. Chloe's search would turn up a few London-based news articles showing him with his family at business opening ceremonies, his father cutting the ribbons. There's not too much else though — only the indication that Wit is in fact not entirely what he seems.

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