The Warehouse

A dark womb of black, purple and orange encompass The Warehouse nightclub. The room is a fair sized club area that has been built out of an old warehouse. Most of the club has been well-lit with neon tubing, but the lighting around the booths and back wall are shadowed to provide some modicum of privacy.
Other than the dance floor, the floor is a deep purple linoleum with small orange stars scattered haphazardly over it. The ceiling in a large geodesic dome made of interlocking black pentagons lined with chrome which reflects the flashing neon. A ring of black light surrounds the ceiling, causing the lighter colors in both the club and on the patrons to fluoresce.
A catwalk spreads over the dance floor, the black iron rails holding state-of-the-art varilights and floods which reflect off of the large disco ball that dangles from the ceiling, splashing the LED dance floor with light. The dance floor itself flashes and pulses to the beat of the music, continually changing colors in a neonic frenzy. On tall black step-platforms set out randomly throughout the dance floor are black dance cages, roomy enough for two people to bump and grind to the music in them.
The bar matches the rest of the nightclub, tall and black with a strand of purple LED's running along the sides and the outer edges. The stools in front of it are orange and chrome, reflecting the purple light that washes over the bar area. Behind the bar is a high-tech, mirrored drink area with glass shelving. Various libations, ranging from alcoholic beverages to fruit juices and sodas line the shelves.
The music here is blisteringly loud, but startlingly clear. Heavy bass notes throb, speakers buzzing slightly when the volume reaches its peak.

A night off, and she's not hiding in the library. There's a very good reason for this! The majority of the vampire blood in her system seems to be waning. Her medicine seems to be working again, at least so much as she can numb out a great deal of the overheard thoughts. Which is why Chloe's come to the Warehouse. It's not a typical hangout for her, but Bobby should be on duty tonight. Maybe she can hang out just long enough to catch a ride back to her place instead of chancing the walk.

The music in the club is /loud/. Extremely loud. So much so that it's hard to hear anyone talking over it, even as she stops near the doors to see where exactly her brother is on duty. Chloe is screaming at the top of her lungs; a very non-typical state for her to be in; just to be heard. "B-O-B-B-Y! HE ON DUTY TONIGHT?"

Loud is the name of the game, baby. A rather large and intimidating man meets Chloe at the door. There are no smiles on his face, no joy to be working. That almost fades at the sight of the woman. He knows who she is. No words are said to her. A mere flick of his head, a barely visible move, indicates where she should be looking. The woman also does not get carded.

Robert is not working the front door at this exact moment. He was called over to deal with an issue and is now finding himself surrounded by a small group of women. A trap. Very clever, only not. The man appears cool, almost an ass. "I'm glad to hear that you've settled things without me," he says in a normal tone. They won't hear him speak, but they don't really care to. "Now if you'll excuse me." The lack of interest doesn't go over well but he dismisses himself all the same, turning to face the rest of the club as he does so.

It has been an exceptionally stressful couple of days for Ivan. Between running errands for the mayor, being called a molester and a prostitute, it's felt as though the man could hardly take a moment to catch his break. But thankfully, wonderfully, tonight's schedule is cleared of any late night vampire visitations. So what does the ambitious young mind decide to do with his free time?

Pop on over to Warehouse, of course. There's nothing like the heavy thump of trance to clear your mind of its worries, nothing like the fatigue of a long night of dancing to send him off to sweet, dreamless sleep. Dressed in a well-fitting teeshirt and jeans, he's dressed as casually as he is comporting himself, giving him an appearance that is far removed from the usual professionalism the man carries when he's on the clock. At the moment, he is laughing with a couple of his male friends, spying upon the women that happen to be passing by and rating them to one another as they finish their first beers of the night. Seeing as their inspection is Srs Bizniz, they've perched themselves right by the entrance, allowing themselves a glimpse of the talent just as they're entering.

Aha! Stuck in a crowd of women, as usual. Chloe rolls her eyes a bit, thanks the bouncer at the door, and slips on in to see if she needs to put on her rescue hat. Bobby seems to extract himself well enough without her help, so she makes her way through the crowd toward him. As she moves through the crowd, her eyes fall on the man from the sushi place.

Christ, she hopes he's not here with the Senator's daughter. That would most definitely not go over well. She slips by him, hoping to go unnoticed, trying to ignore the thoughts broadcast through the room. "BOBBY," she yells, over the music. "HEY, BOBBY!"

Were it not for some sort of warning he would quite possibly never know that his sister were about. It takes a moment or two before everything is pieced together. His attention first goes to the group standing by the door. That is exactly how men should not act, he can't help but think.

The thought doesn't last long as Chloe is spotted. For the first time all evening Robert actually smiles as he makes his way over to her. Deciding to show the men who dare judge his sister a thing or two, he turns things up a notch or two. Instead of just saying hi, Bobby immediate picks her up and gives her a large hug. It's nothing more than a brotherly greeting but hopefully it will get them to realize she is not like the others in the club. "Just play along," he whispers into her ear.

Chloe is noticed by one of Ivan's cohorts before he gets a chance to put his eyes on her, therefore he is prodded in the stomach until he checks her out. And once the recognition falls on his features, his lips part with a slow, sweet deliberately. Heh heh. "Yeah, she's fable dude. She's super fable - but I met her already. A bit of a jealous thing going, I think. Doesn't like it when anyone else gets attention." Oh, he so bragging to his buddies, acting the obnoxious fool. Why not, right? He's just here to have a good time, so there's no reason for him to lower his voice or mind where his thoughts are leading. Even when Chloe is taken in her brothers arms such.

Not that his voice can be heard so much over the noise in the club. Thoughts, however, are slightly different. Try as she might, blocking out three guys that are extremely close to where she is, that are /all/ thinking similar thoughts is a bit loud.

So Chloe is quite glad for the hug. It centers her a bit, and as such she squeezes her brother tightly. "Okay," she whispers back, trying to block out the voices. "What am I playing along to?"

A well trained ear may be able to hear what they're talking about, but he's not able to as he's focusing on his sister. This doesn't mean that he can't read the lips of those who are talking. "The men there," Robert continues, having no issue ratting them out. "The type that bother me. I think that they're checking you out."

Brown eyes flicker to one of the other bouncers but nothing comes from it. Nothing at all. In fact, the extremely large man turns his back to the entire situation. This is Bobby's turf and he is now in charge. "I think one knows you, Sister." Chloe is placed back on the ground and her hair is ruffled. With this done he speaks loudly as well. "What's a pretty thing like you doing in a place like this anyway?"

Ivan is just playing around, generally. And this becomes quite evident when his attention swivels away from the sibling pair with complete disinterest, not even caring enough to go along with the charade. Why should he? Chloe's made her feeling abundantly clear, and he's at a nightclub, surrounded by friends and possible friends. There's no need to linger on the negatives - since that's what the pair happens to be, a giant ball of negativity.

Eventually, one of the women he happens to be checking out seems to return the favor. And after a brief whispered conversation he is led off with her leading him by the hand, taking him closer to Bobby and Chloe.

"Bobby! You're going to mess up my hair!" Chloe swats at his hand, and then shrugs. "I thought I'd see when you were off. Beats walking back to the apartment." Not that the library is extremely close to here either, but the apartment was further away than the club and she's in one of those odd moods where she wants company and not silence. "I don't want you to leave early though. I can just go hang out at the bar."

Eyes scan toward Ivan, and she makes a face. "I accosted him the other day at the sushi place." Her right hand taps at her temple. "He broadcasts. Got irritated by what he was thinking of and went to put him in his place." Pausing a beat, she says, "That's Ivan Fontane. He works for the mayor." How does she know? She recognized him on microfiche at the library.

There goes that charming grin that just speaks of the trouble he's up to. Siblings will be siblings. "You will not go to the bar." He's not a fussy sibling but he will stand his ground on this issue. "Men like that are all over this place. You know I can leave when I'd like." He's only staying around to see where this all plays out.

"Works for the mayor?" Bobby shakes his head at this. Real men should not be acting like he is. Trouble can be had here, easily so, but he makes no attempt to stop the woman from leading him off. "Real men know that only hussies can be found in the clubs. Looks like I know what he wants tonight." Again Bobby shakes his head before leading Chloe out, if she'll go, back towards the direction Ivan is in. "You have the oddest friends."

There is the briefest moment as Ivan and the chick intersect with Robert and Chloe. Unfortunately, the locale is quite crowded, leading him to accidentally brush against the red-haired female. "Sorry, sweetheart," He offers jovially, a grin apparent on his face. "Just make sure he isn't the Senator's son. You know how that might turn out."

She's lead around like a child. It's not something she fusses over too much, being as it's Bobby doing the leading. Chloe isn't big on places like this /anyhow/, rarely coming into them unless it's to see him anyhow. "I just don't want you to have to leave early on account of me!"

She spares a moment to blink at Ivan, then makes a face. "He is /not/ a friend. Not even an acquaintance. Just some man I accosted when the cuckoo juice started flowing freely. Must've forgotten to take my meds or something that day." Only, she knows for a fact that it was vampire blood that caused the meds to not work on her.

The Ivan speaks, and Chloe just gives him a look. "This," she says evenly, "is my brother. Unlike the hussy on your arm that was sent over by that group over…" She feels for the thoughts, then points in the direction of a man in a baby blue business suit with three other women just like the one that's dragging Ivan around. "… there… to see how easy a politician would be to score. I bet they'll send a bill after." Grin.

"You know how I feel about this place." That's all he will say on the matter. The prime objective at this point is to get his sister home without anyone getting accosted. Only it seems as if that isn't about to happen. "Stop talking like that, Chloe. You're not crazy. I bet that place did something to you, just like with Faith Tyler." That's a story for a different night.

For now there seems to be an altercation between the two blossoming lovebirds. Bobby just glares at Ivan, putting only the smallest bit of effort into appearing the older and much stronger brother. "Take it from someone who works here every night." He doesn't specify what Ivan should be taking from him, nor does he plan to. "A club is no place to meet someone."

Normally, Ivan would snark. He would laugh, and mock, and point out that they had been hugging awfully intimately a couple of seconds ago, and that taking home a bouncer is one of the trashiest moves around. But, this is too much of a coincidence. He adopts a somber sort of look, turning quite clinical and inspecting while he releases the girl's hand and, as a result, snubs he enough to shoo her away. Then he leans into the pair of them so they can hear him.

"How did you know that. You're…you can read minds, can't you?" He accuses, staring at the woman with all the severity he can muster. This is the second time she's had incredible insight on people - plus, being of a magical nature himself, it's not that difficult for him to jump to supernatural explanations.

"Faith Tyler?" Chloe looks confused. "New girlfriend or something?" Before she can further tease him, he's talking to the pervy guy from the sushi place. Then, the pervy guy is accusing her of reading minds. "Nope. I'm bonafide crazy. I have my Green Oaks membership card to prove it!" Not that anyone can really hear her but the duo of men right by her, but she can't be too careful. Admitting something like that out loud could get back to Will, and then he'll be all over her like white on rice, to perform for him like some dancing monkey.

A simple step places him between Ivan and Chloe. What sort of bouncer and brother would he be if he didn't? "Hardly a girlfriend. I've not even met her. I just know that Green Oaks was bad for her." More on that situation later. Bobby continues to watch Ivan as his distrust mounts. "Hey. -Hey-. Watch it, man." No, he's not saying all that much but he will not stand for any bad mouthing of his sister.

Faith Tyler. There's another name that he recognizes and knows intimately. This only solidifies it - she must have plucked the name out of his head. She's reading his mind. She must be. "Whoa - whoa there, what about Faith? You are! You're reading my freakin' mind - aren't you? Aren't you, admit it!" When Bobby starts doing his HeMan deal, Ivan scowls, eyeing the larger man before attempting to duck around him. "Watch what? I'm trying to ask the girl a goddamn question - excuse me." Not that he was even badmouthing the girl.

"I don't know anything about anyone named Faith." Chloe jerks a thumb in her brother's direction. "He brought her up. Said she went to Green Oaks like me. So there you go, more proof that I'm certifiably insane." Even so, she's trying to behave. She'd hate Bobby to get in trouble because of her, either due to work, or due to having to save her ass. "So wait, her /sister/? You're into this girl's sister? What, did you bond over the crazies in your families or something?" She can't help but giggle at that.

As if he'll simply allow this other man to step around him and bother Chloe. Bobby shuffles as Ivan does, showing his ability to do his job. "If you make this a scene, you're going outside." He may be short of foaming at the mouth due to who is involved in this altercation but he's not at least sounding like it. The man is simply doing his job before a different bouncer gets involved. The point is about to be accented when Chloe makes her 'observation'. "Wait, what?" Bobby looks at her, confused. "That's not funny. At all. And leave Hope out of this. We can talk about that later."

No. No, he's not wrong, not this time. And he's not going to take this like this. Ivan allows his eyes to shut for a moment, before flashing them open with conviction. Suddenly, Chloe and Robert alike should be aware of the incoming darkness. Blackness. Everywhere. They can still hear all the chatter, but it seems distant, faint in light of Ivan's louder voice. "Talk to me." There is no direction, sounds like. His voice is just everywhere. "All I want is to talk. That's all. No need to get uncomfortable, I just want to talk to the girl. Come with me, both of you. Please?"

"Bobby, he's about to do someth-"

Then he does something. Everything is dark, but close as she is to her brother she reaches for him. Making a spectacle in a busy nightclub seems a foolish thing to Chloe. Instead, she answers resoundly, "No." Then she elaborates. "You, whatever this is that you've done, think you can force me to talk? Tell us not to get uncomfortable? /Hello/, it's pretty darned uncomfortable." She'll have to worry about teasing her brother once they get out of this mess.

He'll stand perfectly still, like a rock, no matter what is happening. It is comforting to him that Chloe does reach out for him. All of this is very new to Bobby, no matter what assumptions may be made. He didn't fully believe his sister could read minds, either. So he just stands there, unsure of what to do. "What the?" This has to be a dream. "If you think for one minute that this is going to make me let you get any closer to her, you obviously don't get it." Chloe's words don't fall upon deaf ears. It just doesn't make sense.

"What? I'm not doing anything," Ivan counters, and he sounds convincing, at least. Chloe would know, however, that it's a lie. "Are you guys okay? Listen, I just want to talk. What're you - wh-what're you doing? Why're you waving your arms like that?" He's standing a bit away from them, so that Robert wont accidentally clock him one when he lashes out. "Let's get out of the club - do you guys want help getting out?"

"LIAR!" Chloe doesn't move, but she knows he's making a spectacle of some sort. "When Will finds out what you're doing, he's going to be most displeased with you. He /owes/ me." She does say 'owes' and not 'owns', for the very simple reason that she's nearly 75% certain that Ivan is Human. "Bobby, stay calm. It's some sort of Jedi mind trick or something."

Then, she does the unthinkable. She pushes through the muddling of medication and turns so that she's facing Ivan despite the darkness. "Why on earth would you bring this Faith Tyler to see Will?" Chloe knows that she'll be explaining this half the night to her brother, and get a lecture for it, but she also doesn't want her brother to get fired for wildly swinging at a - well, whatever Ivan is.

One of those women must have slipped something into his water at some point. This must be what tripping is like. Bobby flares with anger but keeps it internal. The last thing that anyone needs is for him to lose his cool, especially since he has no idea where he is or what's going on. All he can do is follow the voices and listen intently. "Point me at him and I'll end it." By nature, Robert is not a violent person but he is on shift right now, and his sister is involved.

When it comes to the part about the Tylers, all he can do is listen. This is all information that will be used as soon as he can speak with Hope. Too bad he has no idea who Will is.

Ivan has all the confirmation he needs, really. Chloe has performed admirably - just like the young man had hoped she would. "I knew it! I knew it, you can read my mind! You're a f- you've got powers! Like m…" He trails off here, unsure of what exactly he should say. What he doesn't expect, however, is her to turn the tables, and attack him. Verbally as well as physically. "What? Because Mr. Grant's investigating the abuses at - I don't need to tell you a goddamn thing, get out of my mind! Get - agh!" The illusion flickers as one of her wild flailing hits, and she ends up smacking him…right in the cheek.
Not the first time he's been slapped. Probably wont be the last. But, pissy about it, he starts backing away. "Fuck this," and dispelling the illusion from them entirely so he can make his grand escape.

"Oh for the love of…" Chloe brings a hand to her temple and glares at Ivan. "I cannot read minds! I've already told /him/ that too. I hear voices. Just like any other crazy person does. They don't lock sane people up in Green Oaks in straight-jackets, y'know." Really, she's not ashamed of being sent there. They helped her a lot. She's got a life now, and all she asks is that she gets to keep it.

"I don't know what you are, or what you just did, Mr. Fontane, but if you ever put me in that situation again, you're not going to like the results." Whether she's talking about her brother beating on him, or if she means she'll discuss it with his (for lack of a better word) employer.

"Bobby? Take me home. We can discuss everything on the way. Please? I just need to go home now." Before she falls down on the dirty floor and gets trampled.

Lucy. You got some s'plainin' to do. It will come, too, but right now what is important is disposing this threat. "You need to stop." Oh, sure. He's stuck in the middle of a hell like experience and has no clue how to get out, but he won't back down. "Leave my sister, and Hope alone."

When the illusion drops, the bouncer in Robert takes over. He immediately follows after Ivan, doing his best to cause a scene. There's no intention to actually hurt Ivan but detaining him for some much needed answers is what is on his mind. Sadly a group of people get between Bobby and his prey, preventing him from actually acting as he would like to.
It's for the best, though, as his sister is in need. Bobby moves to her side to act as a crutch. His eyes stay mostly on the crowd, looking for the soon to be black listed Ivan. "We'll get you comfortable then you can tell me. We have time."

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