Questions Answered Part 2

Hours pass, pages are read, the book is placed back into its boxes and the metal container is placed on the floor beside the chair. There was quite a bit of joy at having been privy to such a historic treasure, but eventually sleep overcame her. Chloe meant to go home, she even had her phone out to call the taxi, but she fell asleep before she could get the digits dialed.

The door opens silently, the steps that carry Will in equally noiseless, for just such an occurence. He travels across to the couch slowly, taking a moment to drink in the look and the scent of the girl on it. For longer than he intended, he simply stands and watches her, nostrils savouring the scent that has him intrigued. Only once he realises what he is doing, what he risks, does he travel back across to the door to open and close it somewhat more noisily; an attempt to awaken her.

There is no spider-sense telling her that something bad could potentially happen. Chloe, for the most part, is sleeping peacefully, until the door is noisily closed and it jars her awake. "I'M AWAKE!"

Groggy, she peers around. Realizing she's not in her own home, she looks rather embarrassed. "I meant to go," she says hastily, wiping the sleep from her eyes. "I had my phone dial-" The phone is looked at, half the numbers entered and she sighs. "Sorry."

Will travels across the room, allowing a brief smile to touch his lips; now dressed in his usual dark trousers and tee, unruffled and unrumpled despite being in them most of the night. "Do not fret," says he. "There are guest rooms upstairs should a similar situation strike in the future."

He is much easier to speak with now that he's not so undressed as before. Chloe nods her head, glancing toward the stairs. She doesn't figure that the situation will arise again. "Now, to answer your question…" She pauses, looking down at her lap. "What causes me to believe your intentions are sinister, is that when it comes to my strangeness, those who seem to be the most interested in it generally mean me harm." There it is. That's all it is. It has nothing to do with him being a vampire, despite her brother's thoughts on he matter. It has nothing to do with anything he's done to her.

"Thank you for sharing that part of history with me. I'm touched that you trusted me enough with it."

Will slides onto the couch opposite Chloe, leaning back in his usual languid stretch, arms stretching to each side. Subtly, of course, he glances over the box. It is a prized artifact, after all. "You realise, of course, that my name is not what it originally was. Has the book moved to alleviate your fears in any sense?"

Oh, a most prized artifact. One Chloe would honestly love to keep her hands on, and bring to the public eye. However, as it involves a erm.. living? person, it would be wrong of her to even voice the matter. "I had figured, Mr. Grant. Though I'm curious now why you chose the name you currently have." A subtle nod is offered, and she looks across at him. "This," she says pointing to the box, "is a chronicle of your life before you became what you are now. You seem to still maintain the same honor, despite." Thus, it alleviates her fears a little even though there are still many unanswered questions.

"The surname was the name of a man who was with me when I came to the Americas," Will explains, "Whereas William is simply a common name I felt suited at the time. After a time, it simply became habit." Standing, he begins to walk over to the kitchen, to collect a couple of bottles of synthetic. "You are correct. Excess is hazardous even in mortals; the danger of a vampire being seduced by such is proportionally greater and there are times over the centuries where the allure is exceptionally strong. Each handles this in a different way; for me, it is my faith and my dedication to the greater good."

"Then I'll allow that the chronicle, with your honor-bound word, alleviate my fears greatly." Chloe watches as he moves, but does not deem to follow. He will return when he's ready to, and she's already imposed herself on his home far too much. "Was there ever a time that you allowed the allure to overcome you?"

Two bottles are claimed from one of the mighty refridgerators, one cracked open with a twist of a wrist. Walking back towards his perch on the couch, he settles down again, his impassive facade affected slightly, a faint flutter of something unknown across his features. "Yes. Not for over three hundred and fifty years. Since then, my actions have all been conscious, measure decisions." Not that he hasn't done terrible things. Just hasn't done them for fun. "I thank you for your consideration."

As he settles, his expression changes. Chloe says nothing, allowing him to speak his mind. She does not move to the couch on which he sits, just sort of curls up a little on the one she occupies. Then she tilts her head. "I may be stepping out of bounds, what what was it that tempted you all those years ago?"

"The love of a beautiful woman," Will replies, simply, the mask falling back into place. "What else could tempt a holy warrior of Christ?"

"I don't know. When one lives such a long life, it could theoretically be anything from finding the true Holy Grail, to finding some new form of debauchery as the centuries pass." Chloe is being truthful with how she thinks. Though she does quietly add, "You must have loved her very much to stray."

"The limits of debauchery have been tested and pushed over the centuries," says Will, "but the modern age has brought such drugs and activities to freeze the blood of the oldest immortal." A light shrug touches his shoulders, his eyes drawing a little harder. "I loved her very much, right up until the moment I killed her for her hideous crimes." Somewhere in his eyes is a dark mote, a crimson flush settling at the bottom of his lids. "Apologies, you should not have to hear these things."

The harshness in his voice seems to both startle and move her. "When you are ready, perhaps you will tell me your story. Allow me to write it for you to keep with the other." Chloe is shocked by her own words, but offers a small smile. She's not going to feel pity for him. She does unfurl herself from her seat and move to sit on the arm of the couch he occupies, in order to place a comforting hand upon his shoulder. "I heard many things I never wanted to, never apologize for wanting to talk of your life."

Slowly, the vampire shakes his head, eyes hardening again and face becoming impassive. A couple of blinks remove the threat of tears. "You understand, modern morality cannot be applied. It was a more brutal time, before modern creations such as law outside of a noble's word. Perhaps one day I will tell you my story, though I fear it is not as interesting as you might believe." One hand moves, touches onto hers, though he doesn't even try to break through her natural barriers with his power. "Your empathy is appreciated. You should go home."

"Interesting or not, Mr. Grant, it should be recorded for posterity. You have witnessed much history, and it would be a shame that the more personal aspects of those periods be forgotten." Chloe glances down at his hand, then back to his face. She's perhaps uncertain whether she should be concerned, or blush at her forwardness of touching him - from all she's been told, vampires don't really like to be touched. "I will call for a taxi then." Her phone is flipped open, and she hits the send button, making the quiet request for a taxicab to come to this address and bring her home.

Suddenly, the vampire breaks into a chuckle, not bothering to release her hand from under his, though applying no pressure. "You have the poise of a vampire in moving away from emotions into business and seeking what you truly want." A quick, amused look flicks up to her. "I approve. You may stay upstairs if you wish, of course."

"No, I'll go." This time, though she still doubts that she'll ever stay in this house. Chloe offers a smile at his approval. "For sharing this with me, I offer you one night, Mr. Grant." Beat. She's not offering herself to him! "One night to teach me what you wish to see if I'm able to learn."

"Perform well enough," says he, "and I shall consider showing you my own rooms." There's a dry amusement to his tone. "In the meantime, I would advise that you do not get strongly involved with Green Oaks. There is a possibility, however small, that it will become dangerous. There are unknown factors."

"All I ask," Chloe says, finally beginning to slide her hand from his shoulder, "is that you try to get my file. If you want to protect me, that's the best way right now." She gives him a slightly grim look. "I just don't want that Fontane guy to get it." She looks at him then, and nods. "You have my word I'm not going to get involved with it." At least not with the facility. With the other patient? That's another matter entirely.

"If you do find yourself in danger, please do make it during the hours of nightfall," Will says, easily, still humoured. "At least then I will be able to attend, since I will likely sense it. I will attempt to obtain the file; dependant on difficulty it may cost you. Nothing you cannot afford, of course, and nothing you flatly refuse to do."

"Thank you, Mr. Grant. For allowing me to see who you really are, and for doing me this favor." Chloe has no qualms with owing him something for getting the file. She figured it would be necessary, after all.

"I am glad you have chosen to appreciate it. Please share nothing of it." Steadily coming to his feet, the vampire allows his fingers to drift slowly, ever so slowly, along Chloe's hand. A delicate caress. "I will see you soon."

At the delicate touch, eyes immediately shift back toward the hands. Chloe /does/ blush at that, as it is both strangely alluring and gentle. "Enjoy the remainder of your evening, Mr. Grant." With that, she allows herself to move toward the door and let herself out of the estate.

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