Let the Buyer Beware

Winter is still hitting Dallas, and it's hitting pretty hard. Still, this Monday decided to give at least, a bit of sun to the local population, so people can be seen walking around, enjoying as much as they can. Mid afternoon, businesses are working quite a bit today and Shawn is out to buy some things for his apartment. The V8 engine of his Dodge Charger purrs softly as he is not going fast, he is looking for something, a specific store. Upon finding the New Age store, he parks almost in front of it and kills the engine. He steps outside and looks around for a brief moment; after deciding everything is ok, he pushes the door open and peeks inside before actually stepping in.

A bell chimes as the door is pushed open, revealing a store filled with merchandise normally associated with these New Age stores: books, herbs, handcrafted jewelry, candles and various odds-and-ends, even a whole shelf of "potions" behind the sales counter. The place is darkened somewhat on purpose, almost certainly for ambience, with several boxes and crates still stacked up along the walls, looking like the shop isn't quite set up properly yet.

"Hey." A female voice comes from the rear, one with a bit of an accent. "I'll be right with you." It announces. Soon enough, Lillian emerges from behind a curtain, wiping her hands with a towel while wearing a most welcoming smile. "Welcome to the Ogham."

"Thank you" offers Shawn offering a smile of his own, he now steps fully inside and closes the door behind him. His attention returns immediately to you but before saying anything, he looks around a bit more, digging in what he has in front of him. "Just moving in?" asks the man, still carrying that smile. Finally he nods in acceptance and adds "I do believe you have quite a nice place in here and…" he spots the candles "…and see that you might have what I'm looking for, which is awesome to be honest with you." Moving his hands into his pockets he takes a deep breath and presses his lips together before saying "Aromatherapy candles…just got a place and I had a few of those in my last one, so I was looking to get new ones"

Lillian nods to Shawn's observations and turns a glance around the unfinished shop. "Aye, just about settled in. Another week or so, and I should be all ready." Yep, definitely an accent there. Returning her gaze at you, the young woman studies you for a moment, head tilted, before following your eyes towards the candles. "You're in luck!" She exclaims like the salesperson she is, moving over to the shelf where the candles are placed. "I daresay I have the most effective aromatherapy candles in this town." She boasts, before picking up a single while candle wrapped in plastic, offering it to you. "I have a selection of specific properties too."

Shawn takes the offered candle and gives it a look for a moment "It certainly has a decent weight, if that has any saying in the quality…" he shows a bright smile after saying this and looks down at the tag "Do they now? What specific properties would those be?" Now he looks up at you, still wearing a calm, confident smile. "And…if you don't mind me asking, where are you from? You certainly don't sound from these parts. I know I don't, I'm originally from Minnesota so I've had a couple people looking at me funny already" He does of course, take some time to examine you as well, and then, his gaze moves back to the candle. He lifts it up to nose level and smells the scent.

The candle smells of jasmine, vanilla and… something else, something unidentifiable. Lillian has already picked up a second candle, a violet-colored one, while waiting for you to examine the first one. "Oh, I was living in Boston." Not that her accent is Bostonian, but fortunately she elaborates. "But I am originally from Wales. The locals have been remarkably accommodating though, despite what I heard about Texans." She flashes a quick, playful wink, before nodding to the candle in your hand. "That one there ensures you get a good night's sleep, and you will assuredly wake up refreshed. This one…" She holds up the violet one now. "…well, this one I would recommend for a romantic evening with your lady friend."

"Wales…" repeats Shawn "I've heard that it's amazing, I never visited myself but someday, I hope I'll be able to" He chuckles softly at the mention of Texans being accommodating and offers "Some, yes, I agree…not all tho" he does return that playful wink and then he takes the second candle. He smells it and closes his eyes, letting his mind be pulled into…whatever it is he has on his mind. Finally, he opens his eyes again and looks at both before looking back at you "You are certainly good at selling I must say, now I wish to buy both but then again, I also wish to see what other candles you have and what their 'special' abilities are" Charm is certainly something he carries naturally so it's not like he is acting up.

"Get both." Lillian suggests helpfully. Ha! "They are $9.99 each, but I am having an opening sales: buy two and get a third one free." The second candle smells very different from the first, of roses, lilacs and… if there is such a thing as an oyster smell, it would be in there. "Like I said, I have a variety of candles. Why don't you tell me what you are looking for, and I'll see if I have something for you, hmm?" The way she smiles at you, it's almost inappropriately flirty, rather than just trying to make a sale.

Shawn looks at the candles and laughs softly, amused by the situation. He nods to himself and says "And a third one for free huh?" He smiles to this and after taking a deep breath, he says "Ok, aside from these which, I will buy. I'm looking for something that would, give the house, every room, a fresh scent" He looks at you and catches that smile, and hence, he returns one of his own "I'm not really looking to use those crappy sprays to help that out, I like candles more." The young man looks you over once again and walks to the shelves "So what would a girl like you, like to smell in the apartment of a bachelor?"

Lillian waves a hand dismissively. "A refreshing scent is the simplest one in the book." She reaches down and picks out a translucent candle. "This one gives you the fresh scent of the Welsh countryside. Lligwy trees, if you know what they are. This is a slow-burning candle too, so it lasts extra-long." At your next question, well, Lillian quirks a brow, and her smile just grows a tad more crooked, more playful. "Now, that's not necessarily what I would like to smell in a bachelor's apartment. Personally? I rather enjoy that… musky smell mixed in with aftershave."

Shawn runs his fingers over his shadow beard, it's kept really really short like any shadow bard, and quite clean. "So I see, then again you are right with what you said, different smells suit different people" He arches one eyebrow and smiles "Then again, it could be said that you are describing the smell of the bachelor, instead of the smell of his apartment" He taps over the shelves as if attacking a set of drums and then nods "I'll take them, gotta start somewhere, right?" Now he moves his hands into his pockets, the upper portion of his jeans fitting rather tightly around his thighs, loosening up a little when below his knees. "So what other things you have here that your saleswoman persona consider I should get? This is a golden opportunity here" He winks once again looking at you, he is rather enjoying this.

"All natural." Lillian quips to the comment on a bachelor's scent, then lifts the third candle towards you. "These three then." She asks, more of a statement than a question, as she strolls towards the sales counter and puts the candle on it. Folding her hands on the counter, Lillian takes a quick glance around the shop - let's see what else she can pawn off on you now! Instead, as if unable to make up her mind, she tilts her head and looks at you again. "Tell me a bit more about yourself. What you do for a living, what your hobbies are. I might come up with some suggestions."

Shawn laughs softly at her last question and he nods "This is going to be interesting." He runs his fingers over his shadow beard, thinking how to elaborate since there are things he can't really say. "Alright, I'm currently unemployed, so I guess I have a lot of time in my hands. I'm into cars and motorcycles.." He points outside the shop at the Dodge Charger "That one's mine" He clears his throat and considers what else to say "I like, extreme sports, I guess I enjoy the so called Adrenaline rushes" He looks at her while he considers for more things to say, but for the moment, he lets her talk.

Lillian steals a glance at the Charger parked along the sidewalk. "Need for speed. Why am I not surprised?" A hand reaches up, her index finger pressed to her lips thoughtfully. "How about something that could amplify that adrenaline rush? Make things more intense? Hmm?" Grinning, she turns around and starts scanning the potion shelf behind her. "Ah, there it is." It's one up near the top, so Lillian strains a little to get it, carefully without trashing the whole shelf.

"I do like speed, what can I see, it's been in my blood since I was born. My father owned a garage you see, so I was always close to fast cars." he smiles while he says this and when he notices that you are struggling trying to reach that potion, he makes his way to where you are and stands to your side, but close "Need a hand?" asks the man with his smile stamped on his face. The man lifts his arm up to the top shelf but doesn't take one, he doesn't know which one to pick. Now, he could have placed his arms on her hips and lifted her up but that, well, nobody knows how that would have ended.

One would never tell; it could very well be 'Bachelor-to-Toad'! Lillian turns to face you when you come around to stand beside her, her eyes on your for a moment before lifting to where your hand is. "Why, thank you. Can you get that raspberry-colored bottle, please?" No, she doesn't move away. "This is something that can really get your heart pumping and your blood flowing, if it's excitement you crave. I don't usually recommend this because it can be dangerous if used improperly, but…" She lets her gaze sweep you from head to toe once. "…you look like you're healthy and virile enough to handle it."

"Why thank you" offers the man with a charming smile, he does look at you up and down, if she pushes, he pushes it's all a game! "You look quite healthy yourself, if I may say so" He chuckles softly at this and looks at the potion. The man takes it and looks at the label for a moment "Now, I understand the candles in a New Age store but, potions?" He looks into her eyes and adds "Call me a non believer if you want but, do these really work? What's in them?" Yep, he is curious about this one and since he does like to stay fit, he keeps a strict diet.

"Herbal concoctions." Lillian corrects, lifting a finger meaningfully. "As for what's in them - sorry, these are family recipes and trade secrets." Of course, that feline, lopsided grin on her lips continues to cast doubts on whether any of this actually works. The label isn't in English, so it's pretty useless unless someone reads… what is that writing, anyway? "They work well enough… most times. There is always a slight chance you end up with an allergic reaction, but that's very, very rare. For $24.99…" She pauses, reaching out to lightly grasp the bottle from your hand, eyes on yours, almost challengingly. "…I can understand you might be afraid to try it."

"Some type of hidden reverse psychology, very good, very very good." offers the man with a soft laugh. He leans against the shelves, but lightly, making sure that he won't break anything. He looks at you now, studying you just a tad more "24.99 sounds like a good enough price, if this, potion does what you say it does." Now he nods "I'll take it, along with the candles, and rest assured that you will know about it's effects, I'll make sure to tell you" Challenges, he likes challenges, quite a bit. He claps his hands and rubs them together "Ok, unless your saleswoman soul finds something else to sell me, I think I'm good with that?" He throws challenges too, see?

"A very wise choice." Lillian quips, turning on her heels to bundle the potion together with the candles on the sales counter. Sure, she's turned away from you now, but otherwise she hasn't stepped any distance away. Working quickly and efficiently, she slips everything into a paperbag printed with the shop's name. "Don't worry; I know you will come back for more, after you have tasted the effects of my goods." Lillian adds, turning her head to shoot a backward grin at you over her shoulder. "If something doesn't work, bring it back and I'll give you some type of refund." Some type of refund? "So, credit card?"

"Oh I can see myself coming back for more" As for the goods? No comment, at least at the time being! Shawn laughs softly at the mention of credit card "Without a job? Nah, no bank would hand me a credit card." He seeks for his wallet and takes it out "Cash is fine, how much do I owe you then?" Nope, he won't really mention that he is a street racer, he doesn't want cops to get him. Needles to say that, while she is not facing him, he does make sure to examine what he haven't seen so far. "Well, it's always good to know when items have warranty, I'll make sure to keep that in mind"

Lillian snaps her fingers showily. "No credit card. That means I have to ask you what your name is, then. How awkward." Still grinning, she rolls a shoulder facetiously. Smoothly she takes one of her own business cards on the counter, and slips it inside the paper bag, before turning and holding up the package to you. "$24.99 for the bottle, two candles for $9.99 each, and the third one for free. That's…" She starts tapping on the keyboard on her counter. "$44.97 plus tax. Comes out to be $48.23. And my card is in here."

"Yes, how awkward" says the man with a smile. He takes out a fifty dollar bill and offers it to you. "My name is Shawn Fuller, do I need to look at your card or can I ask for yours now?" The young man takes the bag with the bought items and waits for you to give out some sort of information regarding your name. "You are going to need a contact number as well, am I right?" The man opens the bag and smells inside "Ah, I can tell that this is the best smelling purchase I've made since stepping on Dallas"

Lillian takes the bill with a smile and turns back to the electronic cashier. The change is quickly collected, and offered back to you, along with a hand held up for a shake. "Lillian Haul, proprietor of the Ogham. And since you are paying in cash, I don't theoretically need a phone number. I wouldn't terribly mind if you are willing to share it, though." There's a playful quirk of her brows at that.

Shawn gently takes the offered hand and leans forward to place a gentle kiss over it "A pleasure to meet you" He slowly moves back to a straight standing position but does keeps his eyes locked onto yours. "It is only fair that you have my number correct? Probably yours is on the card…" he smiles and nods "…the store phone of course. Mine is <insert number here>" Now the man saves his wallet in his pocket again and he looks at you "So tell me, do I get discounts if I become a regular customer?"

Lillian picks up a pen with her left hand and scribbles down the number easily. Even as she writes, she breaks into a light chuckle when she hears your question. "One thing at a time, Mr. Fuller." Looking at you again, she peers up into your eyes underneath those long, dark bangs. "It's just like dating, yes? Don't ask to see a girl's apartment until your third date. Trust me on this."

Shawn laughs softly and nods "You also give advices, I'll make sure to have that in mind." He winks softly at that and when he is ready to leave, he bows his head softly and offers "Well Ms. Haul, it has certainly been a pleasure to talk with you today. I'll test these candles and this, potion, and I'll let you know" The man smiles at this and takes a few steps back to leave, not hitting anything on the way. This is done to let you say something if you wish, before he turns around to leave.

Inclining her head as you back away, Lillian's bemused expression takes on a cocky overtone. "Oh, just one more thing," She raises a finger to stress her point. "Try not to use the violet candle and the herbal tea at the same time. It /could/ be a bit much for even a daredevil like yourself. But do come back and let me know!" With a wiggle of her fingers, Lillian gestures her farewell.

The young man nods and says "Oh I'm sure a daredevil knows his limits" He winks at that and adds "I will, I'm sure nothing in this bag will kill me. And of course I'm always interested in your goods" Having said this, he nods again and turns around. The man opens the door and before leaving, he says "Have a good day Ms. Haul" and now he is out. Shawn gets inside his car, fires up the engine and drives off with a loud roar of the V8.

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