Insanity Captured

McCree Cemetery

For the most part, the cemetery seems to be a quiet and serene spot for both the souls that rest below and those that come to pay respect to their loved ones. A packed dirt pathway continues through the grounds boxing off expanses of green lawns that have gravestones of different shapes and ages.
Off in the southeast corner is an area of the grounds that seems to have gone forgotten. Overgrown with weeds, vines and various other plants, a cluster of old and broken gravemarkers clutter the area. Even on the sunniest of days, this section has an extreme sense of foreboding to it.

She's been very good lately with the rules. Curfew hasn't been broken save for that one time, and it was important to her. In an effort to be able to have more freedom she's done nearly everything right. In fact, she's not really been out at night much at all to show this. Faith Rose Tyler has been a very good girl, indeed.
Tonight is different, though. She's run out of something and needs to run to the store. She has an actual date tomorrow night and so has to be ready with snacks and drinks, after all. Unfortunately for Rose she's missed the bus that she's looking for. Now on foot, the young woman does her best to get where she's going as quickly as possible but suffers the misfortune of getting lost. One thing leads to another to another and next thing she knows she's in the cemetery. While she's here, though, she decides to try to find a certain gravestone. If it's not here he obviously isn't dead, right.

Tonight is the night. Truly, they were only lurking long enough to find /anyone/ that was stupid enough to cut through the cemetery after dark. That it's a figure in the public eye of late is even better. A group of three men and a woman spot the interloper. The woman grins a little, whispering something to her companions. Adjusting her ponytail, she steps forward to distract the woman.
"Hey there," she says, strong southern drawl apparent in her voice. "How y'all doin' tonight?" The woman smiles brightly. "Lookin' for somethin'? Y'know this place is usually closed at this time of night."
As the distraction continues, the largest of the three men skirts around behind some gravestones, lurking until the time is right. The other two move just out of Rose's sight, hiding in the darkness behind the only two large trees in the area.

As is normal for the troubled young woman, Rose is completely clueless. That's how so many people sneak up on her. During her search for that which does not exist, Rose finds herself face to face with a new stranger to trust completely. That is the major downfall of the woman; she trusts people way too much.
"Huh?" People always seem to distract her from her thoughts. "Oh, nothing. It's silly, really." Rose looks down from the women then, embarrassed for being out here in the first place. "I really should have gone to the store. I didn't realize this is closed. Thanks for the advice." A small wave is given to the strange woman as Rose turns on her heels to walk away. There's no point in being out here if she isn't going to be out here alone.

Shadows move in on Rose, and the woman nods, falling into step beside her. "What's silly?" The only thing that gives the woman away at all is the statement, "I didn't know you were allowed out on your own."
Which is when the two from the side move in to make a grab for Rose. Each tall, lanky man going to take an arm.
"Let us give you an escort to safety."

The shadows are still not seen. Even if they are, for all she knows they are just more vampires that are hanging around her. She is safe, after all, so she doesn't really think about being concerned. "What I was looking for. Really, it's okay." Rose doesn't get creeped out until she hears the woman mention the fact that she didn't know that she could be out on her own. She blinks in response and begins to try and walk away from the woman. "Yeah, well, not everything is made public."
Then it happens. She's suddenly feeling herself in the possession of two rather large men, at least in comparison to her. "What? Hey!" Immediately Rose begins to struggle against their holds, for some reason believing that it will be enough. "I'm safe enough on my own, thanks. I'll just be going."

"No," the woman says with a grin, a very evil grin, "We'll help you." She begins to march ahead of Rose, waiting for her cronies to fall into line behind her. Turning to face Rose, she says, "Don't worry! We'll keep you safe. Very, very safe!"
Very safe until the large man springs up from behind Rose, and goes to "bite" her, by stabbing a specially crafted instrument into her neck. A pin prick is all she'll be likely to feel, but the mark it will leave looks mysteriously like a vampire bite.

The evil grin is noted but sometimes people just react differently than others. "No." This is said with quite a bit of boldness, something that she doesn't really do often. "Let me go." Rose struggles more in the restraints of her captors, somehow convinced that she'll be able to do something. "Let. Go."
Right before yet another man is introduced, she decides to add something to her flailing. "Just Michael is around to protect me. He'll keep me safe. He will." This is almost said in desperation right before Rose is 'bitten'. The young woman cries out in pain as this happens yet momentarily forgets that she's being held. That really hurts. People who enjoy such things really need to get their heads examined. Granted, it's just mild, what she feels, but Rose isn't accustomed to feeling anything like that.

"I don't think we'll be lettin' go any time soon, sug'," the woman says. The two lanky men release Rose's arms momentarily only to make grabs for them again before she's able to get away.
"Eeek," the woman shrieks, "You're bleeding. Quick, you should drink this. It'll help stop the bleeding!" A small bottle of water, with a sticky red substance at the bottom is offered out to Rose as the woman shakes it.
The "vampire" growls, "No one can protect you now. I'm going to turn you into my vampire bride!"

This is not right, not at all. She's been through this drill before, even if she's not exactly had this situation come up. Rose begins to struggle once more despite what's being said and what's going on. "Let me go! I don't know what you're trying to do, but you're not fooling me."
When the 'vampire' begins to speak, Rose shakes her head. "You can't! You know you can't!" And for a fleeting moment Rose believes that he isn't really a vampire. A real vampire would know that he can't do this. "It's against the rules!" By this point she's shouting. The poor woman has already been confined horribly once in her life, she's not ready to go back.
But the strange lady keeps trying to coax her into drinking something. "No! Let me go!" Rose has been bitten before and she didn't have to drink anything. That she can remember.

"Hold her," the woman shouts. She tried being nice, being nice didn't work. Now, she's going to get done what she was told to get done. She advances on Rose, the men tighten their grip as the she struggles. There is a smirk, a fleeting smirk upon her lips. "You be a good girl now, and take this. Then maybe you can go."
The "vampire" laughs, deep and throaty sounding. "Child, do you think I follow the rules? I like them young and mentally incapacitated. They're much more fun to play with." As he speaks, he goes to wrap his arms about her stomach to keep her still.
Once she is certain that Rose is nice and secure, the woman moves even closer. Then she reaches out to pinch Rose's nose and force her mouth to open.

For all that she's nice, for all that she's a lady, Rose does something that they might not expect: She spits in the face of the woman. If there's one thing that she's learned it's that there's nothing wrong with fighting to survive, so that's exactly what she's going to do.
"But the Sheriff, he'll kill you." Certainly this vampire will react to that. If he knows that she's under Will's protection then he'll have to stop. He will. If he doesn't then she'll know that he's obviously not a vampire. At least she's thinking somewhat rationally, for now, but it's getting harder the longer she's being held like this.
The additional support of the 'vampire' makes her want to scream, but she tries to keep her mouth closed. This of course doesn't last long since she's struggling and her nose is being held shut. Eventually she is forced to take a nice, deep breath.

The very second the mouth opens to allow Rose the nice deep breath, the bottle is upended into her mouth, and the mouth held shut until Rose swallows. Only then does the woman wipe the spit from her face and sneer, "You're going to pay for that."
The "vampire" laughs once more. "He might," he says, "if I don't kill him first. Your Sheriff is but a child, and he'll bend to my will!"
The water mixed with vampire blood should now be coursing through Rose's system, with the hope of making her even more delirious than she's purported to being.

Even in taking the breath, even in that need, Rose still struggles. She's not as strong as she used to be, back when she was an athlete, but she's not exactly weak. Still she's no match for three men holding her back. The bottle is easily forced into her mouth and is place, and before too long she takes a nice, deep drink of it.
The very instant that she does she begins to cough. Her struggling stops momentarily as the coughing continues, the drink foul tasting and obviously something she doesn't want in the first place.
The blood within the drink does not take long before it begins to react with her body. Rose may not be a witch but she has been touched by a vampire in the past. Each single bit of a memory that was in any way associated with the glamouring comes out fully to her mind before going completely black. It's almost a memory short circuit as it happens, causing her to scream out in severe pain. Rose nearly falls to her knees, and will do so if she's not given support, as everything begins to go black.

The support necessary to keep Rose on her feet is provided. When she starts to fall, the larger man hoists her upward and over his shoulder.
"To the van," the woman says, "Be quick about it. I'm losing my damned patience with this one." The woman glares at the men. "Next time, be quicker. I'll stake the next one that spits on me."
If there is no further struggling from the girl, they'll carry her toward the van and then bind her before taking off to the safehouse, to let the "leader" have some fun.

Oh, but there will be some struggling from the girl. She can't help it. She's been praised so many times recently for being strong; there's no way that she can just let it end like this. So despite being flung over some random man's shoulder, she digs her nails into him as best as she can. This also has partially to do with the fact that Rose has absolutely no control over what's going on in her mind at the moment.
If they react to it, then she'll take it. If not she'll continue to do so until she makes it into the van. If only she could get her hands on that woman! She'd really show her how much she needs to be staked.

The "vampire's" reaction is to club Rose on the head. "I like tasty little morsels that struggle," he growls. "Makes me hungrier for their blood." Which, for some reason gets the rest of the group to laugh. Other than this, they drag her to the van and tie her down. Nice and tight. Using hospital grade restraints.

He's not a vampire. He's not a vampire. Yet he's speaking like one, and she's having difficulties making sense of anything at the moment. Rose's hands go limp as she passes out from the blow to the head. The struggle is over. She has been captured.

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