Naked In The Park

White Rock Lake

A reservoir, White Rock Lake covers 1,254 acres and was once used for a portion of Dallas' drinking water supply. Now that it's use as a water source has been supplanted, the area has become one of the favored recreational locations in the city. The forested shoreline is dotted with numerous small cabins, fishing piers, and sailboat docks.
The lake is surrounded by White Rock Lake Park, which is home to the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden. Running through the park is a 9 mile trail designed for hiking, running or cycling.
Though swimming was banned here back in the '50's, it is still a popular location for area teens who generally enjoy the more deserted areas, using the beautiful backdrop as a makeout spot.

It's just passed mid-day, the sun's up the winds not too strong, there are people out on the path and in the forest proper. There are of course still locations of quiet seclusion, for those attempting to seek it.

It's only fitting that Ivan takes Rose to the Lake, all things considering. She has expressed a liking for water. They wanted to go for a walk - and this recreational park combines the two beautifully. The tall man happens to be leading her forward with a bright smile, his hands tucked into the pockets of his slacks as he moves. "I always feel like I should have a dog when I decide to drop by here. There should be pet rental centers or something, so I can rent out the love of man's best friend whenever I feel like I need the companionship, huh?" It's light conversation, meant to be more pleasant then anything, to keep her happy. "Just so I could have someone to play frisbee with on the weekends I'm not working.

It is quite fitting. It would be even more fitting if the lake wasn't frozen over, but it's still the thought that counts. At this point, Rose is lit up like a Christmas tree as they walk, the joy in her apparent. "You could always just buy a dog, you know. It's not that hard to have a pet." She has hamsters, she should know. "And if you're too busy, you can have someone take care of it for you." Even as she talks, her eyes are on the lake. "Then you won't have to worry about being alone."

Dan had been planning on heading home, he'd left a little window open so he could fly change, and head back out, but instead he's quickly trying to pull the clothes he'd dumped here a couple of days back in case of emergencies, he sighs as he notices they've got a little damp, but they're better than hoping he gets another chance to change before someone sees him running naked through the trees. He's currently swearing to himself as he continues to get himself dressed.

"I don't think I'm a pet person, really. Honestly? I don't think I'm responsible enough." Ivan admits, glancing over to Rose out of the corners of his eyes as he licks his lips. "Ah, they take too much care. I think I'd end up forgetting or…yeah. I don't have anyone to take care of 'em, anyway. My family's in Baltimore, freezing their ass off, right about now." He doesn't have much time to go on, however. Why would he, when Rose is so enraptured by the frozen lake. This gives him an idea. "Hey…you ever been ice skating? I think you might li-"

It's only natural that he's trailed off. Why? Because there is a half naked man in the bushes to the side of them, and Ivan is too busy staring with something between bemusement and confusion. "…Err."

Oh, but this will be a point that she tries to persuade him on. That's the way that she is. "Well, I've been told that I'm like having a pet. You haven't forgotten me yet." She chuckles at the point, feeling proud for some strange reason. "I think you would be fine. The dog would likely be someone or something that you could actually have a bond with, no matter what. I could help, too." Yes, because having a crazy take care of a dog is a good idea. Then the subject is changed and she turns to look at him, ready to listen intently. Only she doesn't get that far.

The sight of Dan is one that causes her to full out stare. It proves why she's not good in a crisis situation, since she doesn't realize that this could be some pervert out to hurt them. "He looks cold," Rose comments as takes a step towards him.

Dan sighs slightly, no matter how many times you get caught half-naked in the middle of the woods it's always embarassing as such he's blushing bright red. Fortunately one thing you learn early on when such things happen on ocassion is to dress from the bottom up, this means he'd just finished pulling on his jeans. Doing them up quickly he looks up. "Uh great… people." He nods looking increasingly annoyed as he pulls his shirt on. When he speaks his usually well hidden english accent hints through. "Yes, I was naked… yes this is a park." He sighs taking a breath to put a lid on his frustration and come up with a cover story. "That's what happens when you get drunk and pass out around bloody bad friends who are almost as drunk."

"You're not like having a pet. You can take care of yourself, mostly. Like…I don't have to feed you. I just like doing so. Besides…you're hard to forget, Rose." That's about as far as Ivan can get before he is left blinking at Dan's half-naked form. But then she's moving forward. The movement generates another, and before long he's tugged his hand out of his pocket, reaching over to grab her arm with haste. "Whoa - whoa, there. Don't…what're you doing?" He clarifies, looking to the girl as he automatically steps into a protective mode. "C'mere, Rose."

A harmless drunk. That's what Dan seems to be. But still, Ivan is careful. He is watching Dan with slight wariness, but now that he's taken the darkhaired woman out of the 'danger zone', he can snort in amusement. "Yeah? Ha. Sounds like you had either a really good night, or a really bad one."

There are many more comments to be made about her current status and of puppies. Maybe she'll just buy him a dog at some point. For now, however, there is a formerly naked man getting angry with them. Rose continues to watch him with fascination and worry. If one didn't know her better they may think that she's staring -because- he's a half naked man. Luckily Ivan should know better. "But he looks cold. Shouldn't we help him?" It's so innocent, really, the way that her mind thinks. For now. She's about to move more towards him but suddenly finds herself being stopped and an Ivan stepping in front of her.

From her position behind him, Rose touches Ivan's arm. She peeks out around the side of him, watching Dan with interest. "He seems angry," she comments, barely controlling the volume of her voice. Still, she allows Ivan to handle the situation.

Laughing slightly Dan shrugs. "A good one, what I can remember of it. A friends housewarming party." He rubs his head actually looking tired enough to pass for hungover. He looks at Rose shaking his head slightly. "Not as angry as I probably should be. And certainly not with you." He looks around hoping there's no one else around to have seen this. "Heh, sorry about all this. I've ruined your walk."

Ivan laughs faintly, smiling to Rose in that indulgent manner. "Help him? How? He's just hung over - what're we going to do? Dress him?" The idea of that amuses him. "I think he's got it under control, Rose." Just in case, however, the man is not above using his current closeness to the girl to his advantage. He lifts an arm, looking to wrap it around her shoulder to pull her into a side hug, partially in a gesture of affection, but mostly to keep her from approaching the stranger. "Mhmm? Ah, man. No worries. You haven't ruined anything, and to be completely fair, I should probably warn you that you're going to be the brunt of many a joke for the day. You alright though? You might want to get your hands on some water." Not that Ivan will offer to fetch him some or anything like that.

"Well, it's a possibility. I've had it happen to me before." She's trying to indicate where Ivan offered her some of his clothes but it just doesn't come out all that well. Rose doesn't fight against the hug at all, in fact she is quite content to be at his side. These could be the scary things that she's warned about even though it isn't after sunset.

"Why are you so angry?" It doesn't make sense to the mentally ill woman. He likely can tell that something is not quite right with her but she's not trying to hide it. "And how did your clothes fall off?" Being drunk is not something that she's really all that aware of.

Shrugging Dan once again blushes, actually striking up a conversation with people that found him in the forset naked's new. He takes a few breaths, aware that it's going to be a special day. "Well I got so drunk that I passed out, while passed out my friends brought me out here and took my clothes." He reaches into a bag at his feet that the clothes had been in and takes out a bottle of water which he opens and drinks for a moment. "They did this because… well they were drunk as well, they thought it would be funny, and I suspect they are really all idiots." He smiles slightly. "Still I should probably… uh go somewhere else so that you can make fun of the weird naked guy, and I can die of shame."

Ivan is unimpressed by the drunken story - after all, the man is no stranger to alcohol, partying, and anything remotely considered 'fun', so he knows it all - but he remains quiet to allow Dan to explain it to Rose. With a shake of his head, his lips curl into a smirk. "It is really funny, so long as you're not the poor smuck standing in your undies." Ivan clarifies, a tone of wisdom found behind his words. Oh, yes. He knows.

"Yeah. Yeah, you probably should," Ivan agrees calmly. But to hammer in the point, in one of those ridiculous displays of male possessiveness, Ivan dips his head lower to kiss the top of Rose's. Kind of like marking his territory. "C'mon, princess. No need to make him feel more self-conscious then he already is…"

He may as well be talking to a wall, all things considered. Rose's eyes almost glaze over at the explanation given and by the end it is clear that she still doesn't get it. "Getting drunk makes you take clothes off of people?" This is said as she looks up to Ivan, of course. Then she looks back at Dan with even more questions than she had before. "But they left you clothes, and water? Or do you have a magic bag of holding stuff?"

In response to Dan's last words, and considering Rose's current medical condition, she does what she feels is right. "Okay! Have fun with that!" Not once does she stop to consider what he actually said. After she's kissed on the head she looks back up to Ivan. "Do you have people take off your clothes when you're drunk?"

Nodding Dan chuckles slightly to Rose, "That generally depends on how well the night's gone." He smiles slightly as he slips on his shoes, picks up his bag and makes his way out of the park, looking more relaxed with each step.

Ivan cannot help it. She isn't even trying, and she's mad him snigger emphatically thanks to her general cluelessness. "Man. You know, you're freakin' adorable." With this offered, he gives her an affectionate squeeze as he tries to bite back his humor. "Mhmm? Well…people don't have to. Being drunk makes it more likely that you will take of your clothes, however. It lowers your inhibitions…gives you the courage to do things you might've been too ashamed to try sober. Plus, you usually end up feeling hot, with the liquor. Why? Have you never been drunk?" Beat. "Whoa. Rose…were you a goody-two-shoes, before the whole…yeah?"

He's making fun of her, she can feel it. Her cheeks go red again as she's called adorable. She'd comment on the whole thing, and most likely offer an apology, but then he's explaining things. "You would normally want to strip your friend naked and leave him in a park?" That's the part that seems to confuse her. "So if I got drunk, I'd want to take my clothes off?" It doesn't seem logical to her but Rose shrugs. Supposedly it's possible. To his comment and question of her past she almost looks lost. "I don't know? I don't remember getting drunk. Maybe I should try it sometime."

Rose might have to get used to this feeling. Ivan makes fun of everyone - of everything, himself included. The only difference is that when he makes fun of people he cares about, a category that she has recently been filed into, he doesn't do it with bad intentions, and it is good-natured ribbing at his best. "Yeah," Ivan admits, laughing brightly. "I think it's hilarious, man! That's what you do with your buddies, it's just a prank. I've had that done to me once or twice," he admits, clearly harboring no ill will about it. "It's one of those things, yeah? Bad at the time, but a funny memory when you look back. As for you…" He looks her over, licking his lips slightly. "I don't know if you'd want to take your clothes off. Maybe…if you were with me." It's a joke. Except, not really.

"You don't know, eh? Well, that's okay. You're still young and beautiful - you have plenty of time to go wild, if you want. And…yeah? You'd want to?" Beat. "Well, I could help you do that, I guess. I could take care of you, make sure you don't end up doing anything you'd regret in the morning."

Teasing is something that she can get used to, but it's different if she believes that someone is outright making fun of her. At least he's showing no ill will with it, which helps. Besides, he's holding her close enough and in a gentle enough way that she can't possibly be upset with him. "I don't think I'd be able to laugh about being left naked in a park." She's already had so many things happen to her. "Although I do understand having fun with friends. So I guess I understand." There. Her curiosity has been satisfied. That wasn't so hard. "But who you're with makes a difference on if you want to take your clothes off?" Interesting.

Wild? She doesn't exactly consider this wild but then again she makes a habit of hanging out around vampires. "Well, how can I know if I like it or not if I don't try it?" That's Rose's motto these days with most things. Her sister hates it. "But if you're there it's better, so sure. I'll do it."

"I don't think anyone would leave you naked in a park, Rose." Ivan assures, giving the woman a warm squeeze. "It's…it's different, how guys treat each other. It's funny if you do that to a guy. It's…dangerous to do that to a woman. There are…bad people out there, who'd take advantage of that." With this level of benevolent sexism offered, he can glance to the woman speculatively, quirking his head to the side. "Well, yeah. Who you're with makes a difference about everything. Who you're around changes entire situational dynamics. For example…I'd be much more likely to strip down if I was around someone I genuinely liked, like you, then if I was around Mister Naked back there. Because I'd feel more comfortable around you…and I'd want to be more intimate and sharing with you, then I would him."

Ahem. "Heh. That's a good policy to hold, Rose." Ivan approves brightly. "Sometimes people are too afraid to try things they don't know. See. You are brave."

That really makes sense to her and it shows the way that she nods to him. "I can't really see too many people taking advantage of a naked man." It -can- happen but she's never heard of it, after all. Thankfully she's never been bothered in such a way so she can't even shudder the possibilities of what might happen to her. It might give her nightmares. "I don't think I'd like the idea of you stripping down naked in front of that man. I still think walking up to a strange man in a park who is playing with his pants is creepy." Something he says causes her to blush deeply and look away. "Intimate, eh?"

Rose kicks at the ground when he mentions that. "I'm not brave; I'm just trying to relearn what I knew, that's all." Okay, moving on. "So just let me know when you want to babysit me. We can go out, or you can come over."

Ivan doesn't have the time to really expand upon the idea of men being taken advantage of. Partially because there's not much else to add, but mostly, it's because she distracts him so thoroughly with her later words. "Ha. That makes two of us - I don't like the idea of me stripping down naked in front of that man either. And, it is. Which is why, in the future - don't approach half-naked men in the park, yeah? Don't…" Beat. But wait, she's blushing again, that redness that Ivan has become quite familiar with. And instead of teasing her about it or ignoring her, the man grows a bit solemn, his steps slowing to a gradual halt.

"Yeah. Intimate." Ivan repeats, also allowing his eyes to trail away from her, though they return with a new conviction. "Hey. Hey Rose, I'm…I don't want to offend you or anything, okay? So if I ever say something like that that might make you uncomfortable or something just…let me know. I'm just not used to this, you know? And I'm trying to be at my best, I really am." Ahem. He will take her change of topic quite gratefully. "Babysitting? Heh. It's not. But ah…maybe me going over - that might be nice. Maybe I can, ahh…bring over a movie to watch or something? Soon? Maybe…tomorrow?"

"Then we're agreed. No stripping down in front of him unless I'm around." It sounds fair enough, yet she has no idea what she's just agreed to. Uh-oh. Now she's getting lectured. "But he looked cold and upset, and you were here, and" Oh, wait. He's not lecturing her anymore. Instead they've stopped moving and he's looked away. Great. Rose is mentally kicking herself.

At least she's looking at him now, even if she's blushing madly. "I'm not offended, Ivan. I'm not. Really. I'm just nervous because it seems nice and I just don't want to be getting my hopes up." She's at least being brave enough to find her voice in this issue. "Just don't treat me differently because of who I am. I want to see you as you are." This gets her hopes up, the next thing that he says. "Really? Yes! I can go to the store and stock my apartment with everything that I can get." Alcohol is not something she can actually buy.

Ivan looks a bit uncomfortable in light of this discussion, and it's easy to see why. The arm around her loosens up, and by swiveling around on one foot, he plants himself directly before her, reaching with the hopes of holding both her hands in his larger mitts. "Really?" Ivan inquires, sounding relieved. "It…it would be nice." He continues to say, his lips curving into the slightest, shyest smile he can muster as he leans closer to her. "It'd be sweet and romantic…and I'd take care of you." But when she asks for the same treatment he awards everyone, there is the slightest pause. Gulp. Finally, he nods his head gently, eyes flicking down then up his form. "Alright…I won't then. And, that works. Or, I can bring it all, if you'd like. Just tell me what you need."

The only immediate reaction his actions cause are a slight fear within her as she's afraid that she's scared him off. Once she finds Ivan standing directly in front of her she feels better. There's no attempt to pull away from him at all and so he will find himself hand in hand with the woman. "You really want to take care of me?" There's a moment of disbelief in Rose's tone before she begins to chuckle. "And you said I'm not like a puppy?" As serious as the moment may be she just can't resist the comment. Rose is obviously not a romantic. The hesitation is noticed which sets off a red flag in her mind. "Is that a bad thing?" There's a pause of her own as she considers what is needed. "Just bring whatever you want. I can have the rest there. People seem to make sure my place is well stocked."

It's endearing, that little comment. She wouldn't be herself if she didn't voice it. And so, with an undeniably broad smile, Ivan joins into the faint laughter. "I guess you showed me, huh? Well…in that case, I don't need to buy one. I already have you." He leans forward, with every intention of stealing another kiss from the younger woman, but the process is cut off by her sudden concerned inquiry. Which leaves him leaning forward almost awkwardly. In an attempt to save face, the kiss is transfered, and he angles it upwards, transforming it into a sugary peck on her nose.

"Is it a bad thing? Ahh…no. Maybe? I don't know." He admits, brows arched as one of his hands break free from hers so that he may rub at the nape of his neck sheepishly. "I…I usually go for different girls, Rose. I've never really…you know. Pursued someone like you. And, I don't mean like you as in crazy, I mean like you as in…" A virgin? Now, how to put that in a less awkward manner… "Innocent. I don't know if I can treat you the same way I do them…I don't want to scare you off."

Oh, good. He's laughing at her comment. There's worry that he will get sick of the way that her mind just wanders at times. Hopefully it will get better as she finds a way to get off of her medication but that remains to be seen. Just as she's getting over her general blushing at other comments he goes and replies to her jest, making her cheeks flush one more. "So that means you'll want me to play Frisbee on the weekends?" Even if he says that he isn't treating her differently, she can tell that he is, just based on the way that he kisses her.

What he says does make her think about all the possibilities. Considering the way he was described to her it isn't hard to guess what he's talking about. The actual extent of what he means may not register but she's at least on the same page. "I think that if you let me live in an illusion instead of how things are going to be then I may be scared off." That's amazingly adult of her, all things told. "But you do what you feel comfortable with. I know it's different but I just want you to do what you feel like you want to do."

"That's really insightful of you, Rose." Ivan offers her with the wryest of smiles on his face, and though uncertainty is still found on his features, the man ends up taking in a deep breath before exhaling it all out peacefully. "You're…right, I suppose. And - hey, it's not even a big deal anyway, right? We'll just do whatever. Whatever feels right, I think - no need to overanalyze the situation. So…you want to get out of here or something, before I decide to teach you how to fetch or I'm forced to strip down naked in front of a stranger?" This is his attempt to lighten the atmosphere, as evidenced by the broad grin on his face.

She's being insightful! Still, he doesn't seem so comfortable around it. A soft smile is offered to him before Rose moves, aiming to wrap her arms around him in a nice hug. She's not exactly the most forward of people but isn't exactly one to hold back when she really wants to do something. "The more you think about it the harder it will be. As long as you don't for some reason try to suck my blood, I'm sure we'll be fine." She's intending to put humor into the situation and failing miserably. Still Rose nods, into his chest if she's that close. "I've never really been good at fetch," she comments with a chuckle. "And I don't want to run into any more naked men."

Ivan is attacked. And by attacked, he means hugged. With something indescribable in his eyes, he breaks into an undeniably gentle smile, lifting his arms to hug her slight form to him tightly. There's nary an inch in between them now. "Mhmm. No, I think I'm good on the whole not sucking blood scenario." He murmurs, soft enough for just her to hear. "Besides…I don't bite unless you want me to." He inhales deeply, taking the opportunity to really enjoy the crisp, cool air, the smell of wildlife and flora…and, of course, one particular flower he happens to have in his embrace. "C'mon, Rose…I'll take you home."

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