Vampiric Insanity

Time passes, though it's very difficult to tell exactly how much time has passed. For the most part, Rose has been kept in a locked coffin. Even if she tried fighting it, or breaking free, she'd find she can't get out. Buried alive! Though, hopefully the tranquilizer she was pumped with upon being placed in the coffin has lasted until darkness. It's definitely been well over twenty-four hours, so the captive may be beginning to wake up.

The only one available in the room at the moment is the large man from the other evening. He's settled back on a blood-red couch in front of the coffin, waiting for it to open. On a table in front of him are two warmed bottles of TruBlood.

Between her own medication and that she's been injected with, the poor girl has been out light a light. Sleeping in such an enclosed space is not so good for the body, causing her joints to become almost stiff. This is what wakes her up more than anything. Waking up in darkness isn't exactly something that is new to her, but with the recent jolt to her issues it freaks her out. Faith begins flailing around in her confines, having no idea where she is. Her fists pound against the lid of the coffin as she nearly has a panic attack. She can feel movement, as if she's making a difference, so the struggle continues until the lid actually slides off.

Clattering to the floor with a loud crash, the lid comes off. Just like that, the man grabs a bottle of the TruBlood, and makes his way over to the object in the darkly lit room. "My beautiful bride," he murmurs, "A gift for you to quench your hunger." The bottle is held out to her as he reaches in to take her hand and help her into a seated position. "I trust your rest went well."

As soon as she can see something other than darkness she immediately tries to sit up. When the large man approaches she instantly screams and falls back. It's not a long sound but it is loud and full of terror. His hand is slapped away as Rose shakes her head. "No." Her voice indicates fear, sadness, not anger. "No. You didn't." Looks like she's convinced that he really is a vampire at this point.

"Oh, but I did," he says with a smirk. "Here, my beauty. Drink up. You'll need your strength so we can go out into the night and I can teach you the ways of our kind." Reaching for her shoulder, he goes to draw her upward again. Trying to force the bottle to her mouth. She may, now that she's moving around and speaking, realize that her mouth feels a little different. Her canine teeth will be a tad sharper and longer.

Out of nervous habit she goes to bit her lower lip; that's when she notices the change in her teeth. It doesn't help matters any, at least not for her. Rose nearly breaks out in tears but finds that she's being pressed for more pain and suffering. Her head shakes before she's moved upward. The sedatives and length of time in the coffin give her no strength to really resist. "No" Yet that protest is all it takes for her to ingest the TruBlood.

Once she begins to ingest the TruBlood, the man grins. "Finish it up. Drink all of it. Leave no drop, you'll need your strength." In fact, there may just be a drop or two of vampire blood mixed into the bottle to make her feel better and stronger, and cause the injury on her neck to heal. "When you are done with this bottle, I have another for you, my dear. I want my bride to feel wonderful tonight, as the transformation completes. When you feel strong enough, I have another surprise for you."

This is just wrong. She doesn't feel like a vampire, as in she doesn't feel the need to ingest any blood. The thought of it all, in fact, nearly makes her throw up. At the same time her stomach is feeling off due to being without food or drink for so long. Rose will drink what's been forced to her but she won't look happy about it. Once it's gone she'll shake her head. "No." She doesn't want this, never wanted this. "No more. Please."

The "vampire" seems to have a gleam in his eye. "Very well, my dear. You can have your surprise now. Some of us do not like that bottled blasphemy. Perhaps you will enjoy the real thing much better." He moves in to scoop her up and out of the coffin, carrying her toward the couch and seating her there in a proper position. He allows her a moment to adjust herself, then offers out a black parcel with a blood red bow. "A more suitable outfit for my vampire bride," he states.

No, no she won't. Yet what she drank did make her feel better, stronger. Maybe he's actually telling the truth. To the blood comments she says nothing, not exactly sure what to say. Rose makes a small, almost pathetic sound when he lifts her out of the coffin. What a big, strong vampire she is. Despite her distaste for what is going on, Rose can't exactly remember anything else at this point. She sits where she is and takes the parcel in hand. Now, Faith knows that vampires don't wear all black, or at least she suspects as much. Rose doesn't stop to think of that at the moment. What she thinks about is how skimpy of an outfit he's just handed her. It adds a great deal of color to her face but she doesn't stop to think about that part, either.

The "vampire" in front of her is dressed all in black, except for the blood red necktie. Perhaps they really do dress this way, and Rose has just not seen a real vampire before. "You will still retain your human modesty for a few days," he remarks. "Therefore, you may go behind the screen and change." Meanwhile, he lifts up the second bottle of "TruBlood" and drinks from it. Corn syrup, red food coloring, and water. Enough to make it look like the bloody beverage without any of the awful taste.

This is not something that she wants to do. There is absolutely no desire here. Still, since she's been turned, what else can she do? She can't exactly go back to Hope; she'll be killed if she does so. Rose gulps as she assesses the situation. Finding nothing else to do, no other options, she just stands. She has absolutely nothing to say to any of this, of course. It takes some time, and some complaint, but eventually the young woman gets changed and reappears for this vampire. For a mental patient she does have a pretty good figure but this isn't something she even realizes. Still nothing is said as she waits for more instructions. As she does so her stomach makes a loud noise. It has been a long time since she's eaten, after all.

Reaching into a hidden fridge in the table, he pulls out a cold bottle of TruBlood, and offers it out to her. "Your stomach says you thirst, my dear. Drink up." He maneuvers her toward a mirror, so that she can get a look at herself in the dim lighting. "You are almost ready. I do not know why you look so glum. You were trapped in a mortal shell. Now you will live forever, and have any freedom you have ever desired."

The bottle is taken but she just can't bring herself to do anything with it just yet. All she can do is stare at him, then at herself in the mirror. A finger moves to touch her newest addition, being her teeth, and she begins to inspect herself. Rose scrunches her face at the sight. Honestly, it isn't a look that she normally goes for. His words of freedom are encouraging. Hope would never give her this much freedom. "You broke the rules," she finally says as she turns to face him. "You will be killed."

"As I told you the night you came to me, not if I take care of him first." A good dose of silver chains, and a few stakes should clear the issue right up. Though this is not said to her at all. "Now drink your blood like a good little child. I will not have my spawn becoming weak due to refusal to eat when hungry."

Her eyes narrow as he treats her like a child. Always being treated like a child, she is. "Do not tell me what to do in such a way." Apparently the new lifestyle has given her a new voice. If she's already undead, why not? Even if she is upset with what he's doing, Rose still opens the bottle and drinks of it. She is so hungry. "And you are quite confident in yourself. I'd still be careful if I were you." This Will has to be something to fear if people do actually fear him. As defiant as she is being, Rose still looks somewhat lost as she watches him. "Now what?"

"Ah, my beautiful bride, it is my duty to tell you what to do. To train you so that you know the limits of your power." He reaches out to intimately stroke her cheek, and then licks his lips. He's somewhat disgusted with himself, but he's being paid well to do what he's doing so he keeps up the charade. "Now, I will take you to the place where you will spend your daylight hours, then I will teach you how to hunt."

She can't help it; it really is a reaction. A hand comes up to brush away his as Rose has no desire to have it there. Its instinct due to her feelings for another that she just can't fully recall at the moment. The memories are still there, but they're hidden. Besides, Ivan won't want to be with her now. "Then tell me so we can get on with this." Rose speaks such brave words but even her voice carries her uncertainty. She runs her tongue over her new teeth, still disbelieving what she's feeling. "Do as you need to."

At the brush off, the "vampire" raises his arm to backhand her. Just before he does so, he draws back with a bone-chilling chuckle. He grabs for her arm, forcibly looping it through his own. "Come, then." Whether she wants to follow or not, he begins to drag her toward a large iron door. After ripping it open, he pushes her through in front of him, into the darkness. "Through here, and left at the next corridor. You'll see your way." As he says this, a dim light pops on giving her something of a low-light vision, so that she can see and it looks nearly natural to her.

She does turn away slightly at his reaction, honestly not wanting to be hit in the face. That hurts. There's a high level of surprise when he doesn't follow through, but instead grabs her and begins to drag her off. He will literally be dragging her at first, all until she can get her footing. This happens right before Rose is shoved through a door. She turns back to look at the 'vampire', obviously confused. "And I suppose I'm on my own." It's not even a question. Rose is just convinced that this is the story of her life. She does her best not to actually act on the sudden anger she's feeling and to instead walk in the direction indicated. Seeing in the dark is a neat ability to suddenly have.

The chuckle rings loud and clear again. "Of course not, my dear. Unlike the one that claims to protect you, I will show you our ways." Good thing Rose is in front of him at this point, he's actually making a disgusted face. "Once you leave here, you will be unable to return. I am merely getting you to the mausoleum without taking you above ground, in case you are overcome by your hunger." He follows along behind her, guiding her by the elbow when they reach the corridor he had indicated.

He must be so proud of himself for messing with a mental patient. That makes him one big badass. Unfortunately for him, Rose has gotten a great look at him. She may not know what to do with that information, or that she even needs to at all, but there are others that will. Certainly. "How was he to know that I would be jumped by four people?" Oh, yes. She at least knows how many people were around. "I didn't realize that vampires hunted in packs." Rose isn't too happy about being led around in the way that she is but she doesn't comment on that for now. When he mentions where they're going she gulps again then falls silent.

"Packs? We are not animals my dear." The man scoffs at this, and then grins. "My nest-mates just like having a little fun. You are lucky I arrived when I did or they would have done far worse things than turning you. We have left them now, and I promise you that you will not see them again." Down the corridor, then up a set of stairs they traverse. Once up them, he pushes on a heavy grate in the ceiling, offering to help her up through it. Should she attempt to return this way later, the grate will be welded shut with silver.

She already has the knowledge to know that things aren't right. Too bad Faith just can't make her mind work well enough to piece it all together. The recent addition of fangs have been rather convincing, after all. "They seem like animals to me, by your own description." Having spoken her mind, Rose falls back to silence. She -is- taking in her surroundings as best as she can. She will need to know these things for her new life, after all.

Once he helps her up into the mausoleum, he hoists himself up as well. Inside, it doesn't look like death and decay. Rather, it's been transformed. A stone coffin has a comfortable looking futon mattress in it, covered with black silk sheets, with red silk pillows. He points to it, "That, my darling bride, is where you will sleep come sun up. If you do not return by then, you will die." Though of course, she will be monitored by the others, and video taped, and brought back to the mausoleum by drugging or force if necessary.

"Here," he says pointing to the door, "is the exit to your new life. When you are ready, we shall step outside and you will begin your hunt."

Transformed or not, it's still a horrible place to live. Other vampires don't live in cemeteries. At least, she doesn't think that they do. Her little apartment is suddenly looking better and better. Rose won't return there, at least not away, since Hope is likely there. Hope is everywhere. "I know." Man, it's like he thinks she knows nothing about vampires. Rose refuses to look at him at this point. The door holds her focus.
Oh, she'll go outside. She's starving. If starving means feeding on someone, then she'll find an easy enough target. Rose licks her lips as she continues to stare at what separates her from her freedom. "Very well."

He moves forward, opening the door for her. He waits until she steps through, then closes the large mausoleum door behind them. Almost by chance, there is someone not too far away. Kneeling over a nearby grave. "It seems to be your lucky day, my pet. You do not have to go far to hunt." What it actually is, is a medical school dummy, though it is the type that looks and feels quite human, and has a faux circulatory system. "Go enjoy your first real meal," he offers to her. "You will enjoy it."

Should she go and clamp her new teeth onto the neck, she'll instantly be rewarded with a very odd mixture. Several more drops of vampire blood, mixed with TruBlood, corn syrup, food coloring, and a bit of water to make it all flow like regular arterial blood. The corn syrup should give it a sweet taste, and the sugar in it actually stifle her real hunger for a little while.

Her tongue goes over her teeth again as she watches what is set before her. There's something wrong with the thought of feeding off of someone. This is a conversation she's had with Hiro when he explained it all to her. A single tear falls down her cheek as she takes one slight step forward. That hunger is killing her. This can't be the only way, it can't!
The hesitation is evident but she's not going to look to him for anything. He's a creep, she feels, and he's going to die. Instead Rose moves forward and falls into their little plot. It's awkward for her, it really is, but she does bite the neck of her so called victim. As she 'feeds', she continues to cry. This just feels wrong.

"Shh, don't cry," he offers, placing his hand upon her shoulder. "Keep feeding. Drain them dry. Careful," he says, almost maliciously, "You wouldn't want to tear his neck out." Oh, he's playing a creep, but really he's a nice man with a very skewed view of the world. Will he die for it? Likely. Will it be worth it to expose vampires as the monsters they are? Most definitely.

"Once they are dead, you will be full. I will remain by you throughout your first night, and then tomorrow you may be free to do as you wish. So long as you avoid silver chains, a stake through the heart, and daylight." There he pauses, trying do drum up some additional mythology. "You will not need regular food anymore, and you will be given four bottles of TruBlood each night. Avoid garlic at all costs, do not touch any crosses."

He doesn't seem overly empathetic to her, not one bit. He's not who she wants around right now. Then again, she can't be around that person anymore. All this happened to prepare for a date with him, too. So innocent, Rose is, and so nave. It's almost sad how her thought patterns are going. It is a good thing she's keeping them to herself, however. This new vampire might not like her past, and that would upset her very much.
She's already doing a good job of draining her poor victim dry whenever this man has to speak up. Tripp. She's not stupid; she remembers what she was told happened. There was that brief flash of it in her mind right before everything went black. She's one of those who killed him. This only causes her to cry more. Rose pulls back, refusing to go any further with the feeding. She's done a pretty good job anyway, but is feeling sick to her stomach. Still she says nothing. She's not a very good wife.

That she stopped feeding seems to make him angry. He glares at her, then rushes forward to grab the poor "victim" by the throat, twisting it until there is a sickening pop. The remainder of the "blood" comes out through the bite wounds, spraying over the both of them. "Next time," he states, somewhat gruffly, "you will finish your dinner. You need to become strong, and all these tears are a sign of weakness. It is time for you to grow up and realize that your old life is over. You can never go back to it now, or they will kill you." Whoever they are.

That's about enough of that. Rose flinches at first and falls back, very scared of what's happening. Yet he's not acting out against her, but rather this innocent person she was so cruelly feeding on. Finally she looks up at her capture and the anger is clear. She growls deeply to show her distaste in what he's done. "You're better off staking me," she admits. Even though she's speaking so negatively about her situation, Rose licks her own skin in order to taste the blood.

The body is tossed to the grave, and the man advances on poor Rose. His fingers grasp for her chin to draw it upward. He peers at her, then smirks. "Perhaps I am, but I will not have you speaking like that. It would pain me if you were to die, my bride, and so it will not be by my hand that it happens." He releases her face, then sighs. "Shall we get you some more of the beverage, the less traditional way?" The bottles she will be receiving filled with the same mixture as was in the faux human.

It's very uncharacteristic for her, but while he has a hold of her she simply glares back at him. It looks like Rose has finally grown a spine, but that could likely be due to the fact that she's now a vampire. At least she isn't spitting on him. Her teeth are shown to him once he lets go, not as a dog would but just in the way she's breathing. "No." The horrors are starting to build up in Rose. Not only has she just fed on someone, but she's feeling like she's betraying Hope. Hope will stake her if she finds out. Her eyes lower slightly from it all before she shakes her head. "I want to sleep now." Besides, if she sleeps then she won't have to worry about this creep any longer.

"As you wish," he says, turning back toward the mausoleum. "You will be most comfortable here, and when you awake there will be warm bottles as promised." He waits for her to fall into step, then moves to allow her to hop into the coffin. Just before she settles in, he grabs for her arm, jostling her a little. While he does this, he injects her with the tranquilizer once again so that she'll sleep without panicking at being buried alive, and will (hopefully!) not awaken again until sundown. "No," he says looking at her. "In time you will come to trust me. I will not force you." Then he releases her arm to allow her to get comfortable.

He makes these promises and yet she does not seem amused. No. Her mind is already turning about how she can get herself out of this. A message will get to Will, it will. Somehow. Certainly Michael will be around soon to see what exactly has happened. He'll rescue her, even if she is condemned to this horrid unlife. If not, she'll stake herself. After she eats. Certainly she'll be so hungry tomorrow night.
Why the bloody hell does he keep hurting her? Rose glares at him still. "You're not my type," she finally says as the sedation begins to take hold. It won't take long until she's fast asleep, even if she is extremely hungry. It's going to take at least another night of insane dreams for her to even become close to compliant.

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