Message Delivery

White Rock Lake

You don't expect to find people on the trail at night, in the cold, but that's where Hiro is. The habits of a past life die hard, and he's dressed in a jacket, watch cap, sweat trousers, and sneakers, jogging along the trail. Nothing to see here, perfectly normal — well, aside from never missing a step even in near darkness. Or his lack of steam coming from his breath. He pauses at the top of one rise, checking his watch and stretching a bit.

It is a long walk around the lake, and the ceremony ended an hour ago which provides Isobel her actual reason for being in the area. Thankfully she need not bother staying for the reception, as watching the clients eat is rather disgusting and she prefers to avoid it. Though it brings her to the trail, coming along the other side of it. At the sound of another, eyes immediately shoot upward, movements still.

Through the darkness she peers at the interloper to her solitude, a sly little grin appearing upon her lips. How lovely of one of them to just appear for her so she doesn't need to waste time scouting for them.

Hiro isn't being terribly stealthy — no point here. But still, every once in a while someone tries to mug the monster, and it usually ends badly for the mugger. So Hiro's dark eyes sweep easily over the trail before him as he starts to descend the slope, footfalls easy and sure. Sneakers digging into the cold earth as he reflexively breathes, drawing in the cold winter air.

"Hiro Nishimura," comes the cool voice, barely louder than a whisper. "A word, if you will?" Isobel steps off the path, indicating a small bench not too far off. She moves no further than that, however, well prepared should he choose a fight over a civilized discussion. She may not be well trained in the art of war, but she can hold her own.

Hiro slows, quirking an eyebrow at the slim young woman that addresses him. His dark eyes glint, as he murmurs, "You have the advantage of me, miss…?" He glides after her, footfalls even quieter now, as he approaches the bench. Stopping precisely ten feet from Isobel, tucking his hands in the pockets of his jacket as he regards her curiously.

"Symon," she offers, not indicating whether it is a singular name, a first name, or a surname. Isobel allows him to come within range, then tips her head forward in a curt nod - the greeting of vampires everywhere. "You have made my mission all the more easy. I bear a message from the Sheriff." Other than the tip of her head, she doesn't move. No fidget, no blink of the eyes, nothing.

Hiro lifts an eyebrow. "Go ahead." He doesn't see the point in the suspense, and he calmly takes his hands out of his pockets again, absently rubbing them together as if he were still alive. Some habits die hard, indeed.

Before she goes on with the message, Isobel remarks, "You fidget too much." Hardly an insult, merely an observation, made aloud rather than kept to herself. "He wishes to convey his judgment of the current situation between yourself, Mr. Isonzo, and Miss Tyler." She could continue, but she may just be drawing it out to make him squirm a little. Suspense or not, gauging his reaction is part of this particular job.

Hiro smiles. "Am I? Or maybe I'm practicing my part… you never know when you might need to blend in." At the mention of Isonzo and Tyler, he stops, which is probably not a good sign. "Very well," he says coolly, his genial expression having fallen off his face.

As though repeating something absolutely verbatim, Isobel allows her eyes to narrow in on his expression, committing it to memory as well. "The girl, Rose Tyler, does not currently posses the mental faculties to determine consentuality of any vampiric claim. Thus the Sheriff considers her to be unclaimed." Truthfully, Isobel knows exactly nothing of the situation being only the messenger, so again she waits a brief moment to gauge reaction.

Hiro's expression unfreezes… just a bit. "I see. Is there any more to this message?" He's as still as Isobel now, matching her stare for stare. He's also obviously considering what message to send back with her.

A smirk. A slow, dry smirk curves her lips. "Oh yes," Isobel replies, "there is quite a bit more." She waits just a moment, to put him on edge. Not so much an evil response as toying with him some. When she finally speaks again, it's as though there was no pause. No other discussion. "Despite the lack of claim, it is evident that she has been fed upon at least once. That she has been glamoured at least once. It is evident that feeding upon such an obvious and public figure who is without the faculty to be subtle is monumentally stupid." A pause, to allow that all to sink in. "It is evident that glamouring a mind already broken by one of our kind's clumsy touch is not conducive to the regeneration, and reintegration of said mind into society."

Hiro simply takes the verbal slap, without even trying to argue. It's almost depressing — he doesn't fidget, doesn't argue, just nods in turn.

He's listening, which is a good sign - whether he likes what he hears or not is really none of her concern. Once the message has been delivered, she can wash her hands of it, and wait for the next request to filter down to her. Isobel watches, eyes cool and calculating now. "Should any of these "activities" regarding Miss Tyler reaches the ears of our enemies, or the media at large, the Sheriff will be extremely unimpressed with the lot of you. He would greatly prefer it if the girl was to be left alone, but should she be approached she should be approached without such activities in mind." There is an implied "or else" in there somewhere.

Hiro continues to stay quiet, which is a plus; his expression doesn't change from the blank look, though, and he remains as still as a stone. Continuing to sop up the reprimand like a sponge, really.

"The Sheriff would like to see Miss Tyler healthy in both mind and body. He further says that should anyone disagree with his judgment, he will happily meet with both parties to organize their audience with the Magister or the King." Isobel watches, her voice becoming just a tad more stern at this juncture. "Dallas is Mr. Grant's city, his territory, and anyone who endangers the vampires of the area will answer to him, or the two aforementioned parties. The choice is yours." The implication being here that should someone wish to push Will, he will happily push back, harder.

Hiro takes a deep breath, letting the cool air roll down his throat. Clearing away any mental detritus, he nods. "I see. Would you convey a message in return to Sheriff Grant for me?" He pauses, then begins, "I deeply apologize for this situation, and for the disharmony and distraction it has saddled our Sheriff with. I bear at least some of the blame for it, and I will make amends at his discretion should he wish it." He places his hands together, bowing to Isobel.

"As he is expecting a reply of acquiescence or disagreement, I shall be more than happy to return to him with the conveyance of your message." Isobel quietly listens, still unmoving. She replays the return message over in her mind, and nods. "I am certain that the Sheriff will be most pleased with the offer of amends, and will get back to you with his thoughts on the matter as soon as he has time to deliberate on the situation further."

Hiro nods. "Of course. He may reach me through normal channels, as always; he has my card." Meaning Isobel won't have to try and track him down again if she has a phone number. See, he can be considerate. "Is there anything else, Miss Symon?"

"Due to the nature of this situation, the Sheriff deemed it necessary for an intermediary messenger to deliver his judgment. Telephones can be all too easily monitored, and he did not wish the situation to go any further." Actually, Isobel has no clue if that was really Will's thought, but she will back him up on doing things the old way - via messenger. "That is all at this time, should further communication be necessary, please expect a call from Erica."

Messengers? Oy. Oh well, he's not paid to critique. "Very well. Thank you for the message, Miss Symon." Hiro bows to her, again, before turning slightly. "By your leave…" he concludes, preparing to walk away.

True, had Isobel wished to reach the offending parties speedily, she could have set up meetings via telephone and still delivered the message in person. However, tracking them down has the plus side of allowing her to learn the city better, as she's planning on staying here until she is no longer wanted in the area. "Of course." No "thank you for listening" or "enjoy your evening". She perhaps just doesn't care at all.

Ah, but she's not supposed to care — she's just the messenger. Hiro understands this, as he's been in the same situation. And… in all honesty, this is what he wanted. As he starts to walk off, though, he pauses. "Miss Symon, one last thing… have you informed Mr. Isonzo of this yet?"

Preparing to head on her way herself, Hiro is quite lucky he caught her before she sped off. "Not as of yet, no." Though he shall be told posthaste. "Should you be thinking of relaying the message yourself, I will have to ask that you do not. The Sheriff does not want further altercation over this situation."

Hiro bows. "On the contrary, I will not interfere with your duty. Merely curiousity." With that, he begins to head off again, long legs eating up the distance as he picks up speed. Soon he's accelerating and gone.

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