Spies 'R Us

Not at his utmost speed, for his burden would be unlikely able to draw breath, but still fast, Will Grant moves them through the city, keeping away from well-travelled areas, and more than once travelling high over the rooftops, the steady legs and steadier arms of the old vampire carry them towards the apartment of one Mandy Sloane.

The gleaming windows of the upscale apartments show little light; a couple of windows glow with late night television, a couple with the low lights of love. Will comes to a stop not far away, in a shadowy area under a tree. "You should take a moment to catch your breath," says he. "We are going into the apartment through the front door. I will deal with the lock."

High speeds are not something Chloe enjoys even via the normal means of transportation. As he's yet to release her, she allows herself the time to catch her breath. Several deep intakes of air later, and she's lowering herself from his grasp. "I suppose buzzing on the intercom is out?"

"And who would you claim to be?" asks Will, as he allows her to gain her feet. "She is unlikely to allow a strange man into her apartment, but a girl? Perhaps you should try."

"Pizza delivery?" Chloe shrugs her shoulders. Espionage is most definitely not her thing. "Were it not so late, I'd claim to be from a church, though…" She shakes her head. No, it wouldn't matter how she changed her appearance, she couldn't pass for a reporter. "We'll do it your way."

"There may be cameras, and possibly mortal authorities. We will have only minutes," Will explains, as he pulls the scarf around his neck upwards, to cover his face enough to disguise identity. "Do not touch anything. Come." He is again a dark blur, stopping outside the entrance and leaning over to do something with the door. It opens.

Gloves would likely have been a good idea. Chloe fixes the balaclava over her head, then nods at him. She chases after him, though her speed can hardly match his. Even with the added abilities from the fresh intake of blood. She won't even bother to speak unless he requests it of her.

It's not long before the vampire is moving ahead, ensuring a lack of interference in their movement through the building. He moves towards stairs, moving up them one at a time, though he does not look backwards towards Chloe his senses allow him to move slowly enough for her to keep up.

Soon, he stands outside a door. « I will talk to you like this, » he projects, into Chloe's mind. « Once we are in, you should likely stay silent unless it is important. » Leaning over again, he does something to the door. It opens with a soft 'click'.

A laugh bubbles up, but Chloe stifles it as much as possible. « I would say, » she sends in return, « that you were reading my mind, but I know better. » She watches the door as it opens, then steps forward. Though she doesn't cross the threshold until after he does.

« I feared this, » Will sends, with wry twist to his mental tone. « You must enter first. You will need to use this. » He draws forth what looks like a pen - it is, in fact, an epi-pen. Full of something that will make the girl a little more easily controlled. « Place the point against her arm and press the lid. Wake her after thirty seconds. She will be pliable enough for you to bring her to me. »

Chloe glances at the pen, but for a moment doesn't take it. Pulling the removed scarf out of her pocket, she wraps it around her hand then takes the pen. No fingerprints that way. Without a word, she creeps into the apartment. Quietly as she can be, she peers around trying to locate the girl in question. Spotting her relaxing on the couch, the masked-librarian rushes in and jabs at the woman's arm with the pen.

Then she waits. Ten seconds pass, nothing. Twenty, still nothing. At the thirty second mark, the girl awakens again and Chloe helps her to her feet. She still says nothing, but just gently helps the girl along toward the door.

The vampire awaits, with a gentle smile on his lips, his eyes awash with a pleasant gleam. "Hello, Mandy. Aren't you going to invite me in?" A subtle glamour, persuasive and finessed.

Mandy makes a groggy noise, trying to focus on the darkly clad man at her door. The glamour hits her, and she blinks a few times. "Ohhi! C'mon in!"

Chloe nods to Will, then backs out of the doorway to allow him entry.

The vampire sweeps in, the door closes swiftly and almost silently behind him. "Now, Mandy, we're going to have a quick and brief talk, okay?" No glamour this time, but the vampire suddenly moves, aiming one hand to muffle the girl's mouth, the other to restrain her. His power awaits, ready to drive into her full force.

A stifled shriek comes from the girl, realizing she's just admitted two unknown people into her home. The shriek is further stifled by the hand at her mouth.

Chloe turns away, not wanting to watch the struggle. She takes a deep breath, just attempting to work her magic as requested.

« You may step away, » Will allows Chloe, his arms deftly twisting and moving to lock the girl in place, his lips close to her ear. "Now," says he, his eyes lifting up into his head, "let's talk about the cemetery and events leading up to it."

Nodding, Chloe does just that. Stepping away from the girl. She remains near to where they are though, keeping an eye on the door on the off chance someone appears.

Looking frightened, poor Mandy whimpers. She starts to talk though finds his hand in the way. So her response comes quick and muffled. "Mmphatthecemetery… videmmphandbite…"

"Keep talking," whispers the vampire, directly into her ear. "Further back, why were you there, what caused it? Speak truth, and I will know, and you will not be harmed." He maintains the hard lock, relaxes the hand grip enough for her mouth to move. "Make a loud noise and you will die, instantly."

"Parents don't like me, we go places like that for the thrill." Mandy lets out a cry. "He picked the place. He said to meet him there. He said… he said it was important to be thereohgodpleasedontkillme!"

At the plea, Chloe nearly speaks. She turns just enough to see Will, and place a hand onto his shoulder.

The vampire's attention turns to Chloe, and single word passes from his mind. « Innocent? »

Chloe is silent for a long, long moment. She allows her eyes to close, and she nods. « She believes she is, and I'm not getting anything nefarious from her. »

"Ohgodohgodidontwannadie!" Mandy isn't screaming, more or less just whimpering and sniffling. Scared for her life, and not at all sure why the people are here.

The voice that now slips from Will's lips is soothing and gentle. "Mandy, my sweet," he says, starting to thread the glamour as he switches position, "it's okay. Everything is fine." His own blue eyes go to catch the terrified girl's. "You've had a terrible dream that you're going to wake up from tomorrow, and it'll fade away even before you have breakfast. I was never here. It was all a terrible dream. You're feeling tired again, aren't you?" His mind voice is threaded with bitterness. « We are leaving. »

"Feeling tired. You guys need to go. I gotta get my beauty sleep," Mandy says, dropping back onto the couch.

The bitterness is felt, and Chloe makes a little noise of displeasure. She nods, making her way to the door so that she can get out of there before the girl remembers her.

Will watches the girl collapse onto the couch, his eyes hard now with something not particularly human. He turns to leave, closing the door behind him. His speech once he is outside with Chloe is quiet, measured and barely audible for the human ear. "We are leaving, now. It seems my judgement was incorrect. Any vitriolic outburst will be insufficient to match the regret I currently feel. Come."

Chloe shrugs her shoulders, simply nodding at him until they are out of range of the apartment. In a quiet whisper, she offers, "I think it was the boyfriend. Why else wouldn't he want to be on the news?" No outburst, no regret. At least they found something useful.

"I know his name," says Will, "and his visage. I am going to find this particular gentleman and obtain answers. Thank you for the assistance."

Considering the hour, and how they're across the city from the library, Chloe gives him a look. Then she grins. "Will you need my help, or can you bring me back to the library? I should probably close up properly, and then get home to get some sleep."

"You are not able to keep up when I move at speed," says Will, "though I will ensure that you travel to the library." Reaching the front door, he steps out with a practiced sweep of a look left and right. "I am displeased with whoever has done this. Come." He turns, opening up his arms for her to come to him.

A look is given to the open arms, and with a sigh, Chloe steps into them. "Thank you, Will. For the file, and for the transport back to the library." She settles against him for just a moment, then looks up at him. "I'm sorry you couldn't get the info you wanted from her."

Lifting Chloe up into his arms again, the Sheriff of Dallas stares briefly up at the apartment building. "Impotence is not a common feeling for me," he comments, "nor is being incorrect. I will remedy both." Then the vampire moves, the dark shadow of his passing barely noticable for human eyes.

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