I Need a Hiro

The night is no longer young, as the inexorable approach of dawn threatens to send the creatures of the night to eternal oblivion. There's still a few hours, but one can never be too careful. Lounging across a couch, William Grant holds a telephone delicately in one freshly-showered hand, pressing the final key to place his call. Wearing nothing but a chunky bathrobe, of all things. Somewhere, a telephone begins to make its presence known.

Across town in a loft apartment, Hiro is doing forms. Partially because it keeps him practiced, and partially to keep his mind clear, the physical energy expended more than worth it as it leaves him focused. So when the phone rings, he smoothly straightens up from his crouch, before gliding over to pick up the cell. "This is Hiro," he murmurs into the handset.

"William Grant," comes the response, accent faintly Southern as usual, tone neutral. "I am glad I could reach you."

Ah, this was expected. Although he's kind of hoping for something that doesn't involve yubitsume. Hiro casually sits down in a chair, putting his feet up. "How may I assist you, Sheriff?" Well, he's fairly certain he's not being called to participate in fantasy football, that's for sure.

"Considering the water that has recently passed under a bridge, I have something that I feel you may be eminently suitable to investigate," says Will, reclining fully into the couch, and reaching for a bottle of synthetic blood by his side. "It is not going to be easy, and I shall not force it upon you should you wish to decline. There will be reward for success."

Hiro makes a dismissive sound. "You have been more than patient with this whole sorry affair, Sheriff. I feel a certain obligation to repay this generosity of yours. How can I help?" He is genuinely honest, judging from his tone of voice.

"The affair is behind us now, and its ugly head should not rear unless something unforeseen occurs," Will replies, allowing a smile to enter his voice. "There is a group, who I feel will soon announce themselves. They call themselves the Voluntary Vampire Extinction Movement. It is vital for our safety that we know as much about them as possible, and are ready to remove them should the need occur. I am too well known."

Hiro says, "The Voluntary… Vampire Extinction Movement. Interesting name." Hiro sounds faintly bemused. "But… something I believe I can help you with. How much freedom do you wish me to have in finding information about them?""

"I believe they have Rose Tyler in their possession as we speak; I am uncertain as to their resources or strength. Therefore, you will have access to a reasonable amount of the resources at my disposal, for which you may liase with my assistant Erica. It is important that you do not allow us to be implicated, but otherwise…" Will trails off, briefly, and dark humour threads into his voice. "Don't get caught."

Hiro hmms. "I have personal gear at my disposal, but I will contact your assistant if I need something unusual." He tsks. "I shall be a ghost, Sheriff. I will not be caught." There's calm confidence there. "Is there anything else? I will need to begin as soon as dusk tomorrow."

"I have some minor information for you to start with," says Will. "Associates of Jared Roberts, who himself is no longer important. I also have a cellphone number, that if you can trace would prove useful." He rattles it off. "The card it is on denotes only VVEMT. I have confidence in you."

Hiro snatches up a pad and pencil, writing swiftly. "…Hmm. A good start. A name, and a phone number. I shall begin digging at once — quietly." He sets the pencil down. "I will contact you when I have collected additional information, Sheriff."

"One final point. Mandy Sloane, whom Jared Roberts was courting, does not have knowledge of the organisation." Said a little more firmly, as though she is to be left alone. "Good hunting, Hiro. I look forward to your call. Feel free to visit my estates in the meantime." Beep. Tossing the phone towards another couch, Will drains the bottle of synthetic blood in a single draught. A glance to one side proves it the fourth of the last half an hour.

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