Fixing a Hole

Permission has been given for her to stay at the estate, and to come and go as needed. This is not something that she's going to abuse by any means but there is someone who she needs to speak with. Faith Rose Tyler does enjoy the thought of being kept somewhere safe but she just can't bring herself to actually stay at the estate. She's caused far too many problems already to be a further burden. At least she'll be able to work with people to help catch those responsible for so many deaths, and for her capture. Hopefully.
Today she has once again broke free from her so called protector, which is actually much easier to do than people may give her credit for. Having been told not to go see her sister by multiple people, Rose decides that a visit to Chloe is necessary. She's lonely and concerned for the other woman. So here she is, seeking her out.

Generally, it's rare for Chloe to actually be at the Sheriff's estate. The reason that she's here is actually a simple one. She's healing. While it's happening much faster than it would normally thanks to Will's blood (even though she curses it quite frequently), it didn't help that she was nearly drained dry the other night so that the Sheriff could heal properly and not die.

Since it's daylight, not much is going on at the estate. There are guards outside the doors, and there is Erica moving around somewhere, but these people tend to keep their thoughts quiet. Which is giving Chloe plenty of time to curl up on a couch and get caught up on her reading - amusingly enough, a book about Templar Secrets.

The quiet is going to be disrupted, yes indeed. There's nothing quiet about the mind of this particular mental patient. She's not screaming and shouting and near tears, but her mind is heavily conflicted. Logically she knows that she is not a vampire but she can't help but believe it. A mind is such a horrible thing to waste. Chloe will likely feel her coming long before she actually arrives.
But arrive she does! Rose is looking much better than she had been. A long sleeved shirt and pants hide the random cuts and bruises from the attack; a man in armor falling on her isn't exactly something she can walk away from unharmed. A brace is worn on her right wrist at the moment to stabilize it from the break. She will seek proper medical attention eventually, but now is not the time. "Chloe?" There's a touch of concern to Rose's voice. "Are you alright?"


The book falls to her lap, closing over her finger. Chloe has her eyes shut before Rose even pokes her head into the estate, and waits for the door to open. When it does, she nods. "Bit of a headache," she says, simply. Her right eye peeks open, and she actually gives the other woman a look. "Rose, you need a doctor. I can ask Erica if she can get the one that came to fix me, if you'd like?"

She has no idea what she's doing wrong. It never once strikes her that she could be causing pain to the other woman. Concern is evident in her mind, in her tone and on her face. "You should be laying down. Do you want me to get you anything?" So many people are hurting right now, and it's all her fault. Yes, this is a thought that she'll never be free of. The offer for a doctor is waved off, again. "It's okay. I'll go to one when it's okay. I can wait." Poor, sweet Rose. She's confident that things will resolve quickly.

"I'm fine, Rose. I saw the doctor after the attack…" Not by choice. Chloe was sort of forced into it, and by that point she was just willing to comply so she could get some sleep and her body could replenish its blood supply. Someone mentioned she should drink a bottle of TruBlood, but the thought grossed her out more than nomming on Will's wrist. "We'll call the doctor before you leave," she says adamantly. "Set up a safe appointment for you." She nods to the couch. "He's okay," she says randomly. "He survived." In case she's here looking for Will.

There's absolutely no knowledge as to what happened between Chloe and Will. If there was, she likely would react differently. Rose has some fairly vicious thoughts since this whole thing started, and is becoming more conflicted by the day. "I'm glad. That you saw the doctor, I mean. I was worried." At least some of Rose's frantic thoughts seem to slow since she's getting some questions answered. Despite the nod to the couch she remains standing right where she is. It wouldn't be the first time she's been in a situation where she's needed to flee.
"No doctor. I don't like doctors." Rose, of all people, has a very good excuse for this. "I'll be fine. Besides, he'll want to give me medicine and I really don't want any." Her foot kicks at the ground as she says this, but she is all attentive when Will's status is brought up. "He wouldn't have been hurt if it wasn't for me." There. She said it. "If he would have died, I don't know what I'd do."

The slowed thoughts cause the headache to lessen a little. Chloe exhales a sigh though. "You don't have to run off. They won't be awake for hours. It's just you, me and Erica alive and breathing in here, and if worse comes to worst, I can probably take Erica." It's said as a joke, to try and put Rose at ease.

"Could always pretend to be your sister. They wouldn't give your medication to your sister, and they could put your wrist in a proper cast so that it doesn't get a broken bone infection." She's not at all sure that this is a possible outcome of a broken bone, it's just something she heard on a medical show. "I wouldn't have let him die, and he wasn't hurt because of you." Her free hand rubs at her temple and she sighs again. "It was my fault, Rose. I told him to get you, but I didn't know about the silver until it was too late."

Boy, aren't they an emo-pair.

The emo-twins. They may not be twins but they may as well be. Especially since Faith can't actually see her sister just yet.
"I hate being forced to be anywhere." It's a true fact, and one she's earned. Rose continues to stand by the door but her thoughts of running also decrease. The mentally ill emo gal actually grins. "I bet I could take her. Well, you know, if I hadn't tried to stab armor." The wrist is shown off at this moment.
Still Faith shakes her head. "It's okay. I'll make sure that I take good care of it." She's a big girl now, after all! "He'll just want to look at all my injuries and he'll know it's me." Rose has a tattoo, after all, and there's no way that Hope will ever get one. "I'll just stay hidden for a little bit. Then I can go see Hope and everything will be okay."
With a sigh, she closes the door and steps fully into the room. She sits down and just looks at Chloe. "What if they followed me there? They've been following me, you know. I killed one of them." The vampire, that is, that she took down in the park.

"Pretty sure that whole thing was planned long before they got to you." Chloe may not have the full story of what's going on, but she gleaned enough from those on stage before they died, that she knows that it was in the works… and she's also aware Faith was with them for some reason.

"Alright, no doctors. Maybe if you want, we can call my brother Bobby, and he can take you to Austin to a doctor. They wouldn't know you there, if you wanted to get it checked." Then she drops the matter altogether. She can't really /force/ Rose to see a doctor, she just doesn't want that wrist to be screwed up forever due to her not getting it taken care of right away.

Well, now, that makes her think. Rose lowers her head into her hands as she considers it all. "But then why me?" As if she really need to ask that. She is mental, after all. "It's not like I am important, and I wouldn't help them or anything." As evident by the fact that she killed someone.
The mention of Bobby pulls her from her thoughts. "But he's dating my sister." Are they dating? There's no telling, but Hope -did- say that he was her boyfriend. "Mister Grant said I probably shouldn't see her, so I don't know if that's a good idea." She's not trying to resist Chloe on this one, at all. In fact she seems conflicted. It's difficult not to see family. "I can try to find someone to look at my wrist. People have already done so much for me." Like trying to get her teeth fixed.

Chloe hasn't remarked on the teeth, but that's likely because it's just an outside appearance, and not who the girl really is. "Why you? I really wish I knew. Probably because you were an easy target? Maybe just to mess with others that are close to you? If they have a file on your sister, what do you think would hurt her the most?"

There is a hand that reaches out to Rose, a comforting hand. Just to pat the back of her hand, really. But also to attempt a gentle pry into Rose's mind to see if anything new has been remembered.

That is a very good point and one that actually causes Rose to groan. "But why Hope? I make more sense than that." Still, she's worried for her sister. "I really need to let her know that I'm okay, and not a vampire. But I can't talk to her." There's nothing said about the easy target comment; Rose knows that this is true. "I'm glad I spit in that lady's face, then. -And- for scratching the one guy." Stupid, evil people.
Poor Chloe. She has no idea what Rose has been through and could be opening herself up for the headache of a lifetime. There was a split second when the lights went on in Rose's mind, but it's all dark now. The dark segments of her past, that is. Even the spots that were fuzzy are all now solid black. Rose is plagued but what happened during her capture and the blood that she was forced to drink. It's made her glamouring so strong that she doesn't even remember that she was bitten at all.

"Some people don't like the really churchy types," Chloe says by way of answer. She doesn't have anything better than that, and any speculation she might make could really upset Rose. "I can let her know, or I can at least let Bobby know you're okay?"

There is a wince, and then Chloe yelps, "Christ!" Okay, blaspheming here may be a bad idea, but it's the first word that she can spit out. "Your mind is not working right at all. What did they do to you?"

A firm nod is all that's given. She doesn't really like Hope's church, either, so she can understand that much. "Could you?" The question is soft as she looks around. "I mean, just get word to her that I'm okay. That I'm just caught in something and that I'm not a vampire?" She'll love Hope no matter what happens and just wants her to not worry about her. "And that I'll see her soon?"
Chloe's reaction nearly knocks Rose over. It does cause her to jump and then glare at the woman. She'd be angry if it wasn't for the fact that someone she's caused her pain. "What? What did I do?" Rose looks over herself before looking back to her emo twin. "I mean, I know I'm messed up. That's what I was trying to tell him. Nothing makes sense right now." Faith sighs deeply. She doesn't like talking about it and the one time she tried got her nowhere. "They made me drink something. Then everything went all painful, then dark."

"I promise I'll get the message to her somehow. Don't worry about it any more okay?" Chloe closes her eyes, taking the hand off of Rose's. "You didn't do anything. They did something to you. They…" The eyes open, and narrow. "Do you remember what they made you drink? Can you remember anything, Rose? I want to help you, but I need to know what's blocking you up."

She'd still worry about it but her mind is on other things now. Rose scrunches her face in thought of that night, and the ones following it. She appears massively uncomfortable thinking about it all and basically folds up into herself. In fact, she does pull her knees up to her chest. "It's blurry," she admits, and that likely was the intention of it all. "I can see some faces, and some moments. All I can remember is the water they made me drink." Did the woman call it water? "It was the water that made all of this happen, but it didn't taste like water. I couldn't see it, but it wasn't just water. And then my mind exploded."

Taking this all in, Chloe frowns. Water wouldn't do this to anyone. "Did they put a drug in the water maybe? Something that's not medicine, but a real drug?" Beat. "Would you like me to try and help you remember? Like I did at the mall? I can't promise that it'll work, but I want to help you remember, so that they can find the people that hurt you."

That's a good question and one that causes Rose to just hold on to her legs even tighter. "I've never had something do this to me before. It was a little thicker than water and tasted very bad." She can't help but make a face at that memory. Yet Chloe is trying to be nice and she's offering to help. Faith nods slowly. "I want to help. I might be able to, since I was around them. I just want to remember." In generally, really, but she'll take anything that he can get.

"Did it taste like copper?" Would Rose even know what copper tastes like? Chloe has a suspicion but she doesn't want to raise it until she actually knows. "I'll try to help you, Rose. I don't like people messing with my friends, and I'd like to think that we're going to be good friends some day." As such, she reaches for Rose's hand, trying to place it in both of hers, as the contact will make thoughts stronger.

It isn't as if she goes around chewing on pennies. "Um, I don't know. I guess there was some sort of metallic taste to it. In the water, I mean." Faith is completely clueless as to what it might be. She's heard of bonding with vampires but not the 'benefits' of drinking vampire blood. The amount in her system could explain why she's not as worried about her injuries as she ought to be.
The hand is taken easily enough and Rose just stares at Chloe. She's actually pretty scared right now but she isn't going to say anything. When Chloe goes looking, she'll see things from the beginning. How Rose was walking when she was jumped, how many people there were and why it was so easily for them to trick her into believing that she had been turned. She'll notice several bottles of blood-laced water and the fake synthetic that they had her drink. She'll see the entire experience so long as she keeps looking.

It would be really nice if her telepathy had a playback button, so she could show it to someone else. Will may be able to read it from Rose as well though, so Chloe isn't all that stressed over it. What she is is Angry. With a capital A. "That is just not right," she says quietly. "Not right at all. Oh, Rose! I'm so sorry they did that to you." The vampire blood explains the complete and utter blockage, but that might fade away in time. "Do you want me to keep trying to fix you, or do you want to wait until you're feeling better?"

If she could go hide in a hole right now she would. And never, ever come out. She's not taking well to the whole experience, not with the mind reading but with the kidnapping. The memories just make her uncomfortable. "If I wasn't broken this wouldn't happen to me." It takes a while for Rose to answer and she's apparently quite emo in her response. "But that's why I was fighting back! I just stabbed someone who wasn't there when I was looking." She's referring to how she caught Will's chainmail in her attempts.
Slowly she looks over to Chloe as she tries her best to keep her emotions in check. It's hard, but the recent events have taught her a little bit of patience. "I don't want to be broken." At least she's not calling herself sick anymore. "I'm tired of being a victim." Hey, Chloe asked.

Chloe did ask, and she did offer. "I don't know how to do this," she admits. "I don't know if I /can/ do this." It's best to be upfront about this. She lifts a hand to pinch at the bridge of her nose, and nods. "I get it. That you were fighting back. I would have done the same thing if I were in your shoes." Not happy about Will taking the brunt of the silver damage, but he survived and he saved someone.

"Ready for this? To try and break down the barriers?"

She can't apologize enough for what happened to Will. It -is- her fault, no matter what anyone says. But that is a conversation for another time and another place. Eventually Rose calms herself enough to be a composed young woman as she faces Chloe. "You're willing to try, and that means so much. My mind's already, well, you've seen what it's like." It'd be difficult to explain it so she'll go with what she knows. "So it doesn't matter if it doesn't get fixed, right? It's worth a shot."
There is that small twinge of fear but still Rose nods. "I-I'm ready."

Rose isn't the only one experiencing a small twinge of fear. Chloe is afraid of her telepathy - hence the medication. She's afraid of doing more damage than good. And she's afraid that Will is going to be upset when he finds out - especially if she destroys her own mind in the process. "Okay…"

Taking a deep breath, Chloe begins to try and pull things from Rose's mind. "I guess… I need you to try to remember everything you don't think you can. Start with the most recent thing…"

Now this is difficult. It's hard to remember something that you don't, because how do you know that it's a memory at all? Rose thinks as hard as she can about everything that's happened to her lately, including any and all conversations with her sister. Suddenly she recalls something that she'd forgotten: being bitten. It was a night that she was out on her own, and she was being given a ride home by Hiro. That's when he glamoured her and nibbled on her. Granted, she doesn't remember anything about being bitten but she does know that something happened to her that night.
"Just Michael told me he bit me," Rose begins, as if to explain what she's trying to think about. "Mister Hiro, that is. I don't actually remember it happening, but it made my sister upset."

Okay, this is something that Chloe already knew - pried out of Rose's mind last time she peeked into it. She nods a little, offering Rose an encouraging smile. "That's right. I remember you telling me that before. Think of the lost memories, and go a bit further back. Just a little. The next little blank in your mind."

"Further back." Okay, now this requires some thought. Rose rewinds to just before waking up at Green Oaks. "I was at Green Oaks for a long time," she explains as she guides her thoughts. "I woke up there one day and it took me a long time to figure everything out." Going back more, the memory right before it is the day of Tripp's party, early in the morning. Nothing in-between. "I know I was driven in one of those insane people busses from home to Texas." It's still black there, in that segment of her mind, but she's recalling what she's heard from people. "I didn't like it at all and they had to keep me drugged so I didn't try to scratch people. At least, that's that the nazi said."

So getting her to remember on her own isn't going to work. Chloe fidgets a little, then quietly says, "I'm going to try and get you to remember. You might not like it. I might not like it either. But I want to help you, so we'll see if this works."

Chloe works to remember everything she's been told about that day. "You were at the party, and after the party, do you remember what happened? Once everyone left? You were there, your friend was there. Was your sister there?"

Oh. They're going straight for that night. Rose looks mildly upset with this but she immediately pushes past it. It's not as if she actually remembers what happened. Her mind is all black on the moment at first. "I don't think so." At least, that's not what she was told.
Faith takes a moment to remember what she was told happened. "They told me about it at Green Oaks, to try and upset me. Tripp and I were out there, for some reason, alone." Slowly, as she begins talking, the fuzz returns. Her memories are there, just so hard to reach into. "And that's when that scary lady came up to us." The descriptive word is chosen by Faith. No one has ever mentioned what exactly happened. "But Tripp died."

"Is that a memory, or is that what they told you?" Chloe is only getting fuzz, but she really doesn't want to push too far. "Okay, so you and Tripp were alone, and Tripp died. How did he die? Was it the scary lady? What did she do?" The questions are to try and direct the thoughts to that incident, to try and get her to run it through her mind so that Chloe can grab onto it and pry it open.

"They told me he died, but I don't remember." There's very little that she does, but she's trying! Again Rose runs through what she was told, and what she can even begin to try and remember. "Um, Tripp and I were outside, and the scary lady came up to us." The clearest image that Chloe will likely get is one of the face of the female vampire. She was hungry and they were easy targets, hence the fact that she's remembered as being scary.
"She touched me but Tripp didn't like that." The fuzz in her mind will show Rose standing perfectly still as Tripp is fed on by the vampire, and how it was interrupted and he died. Rose was staring right at it, was so close that she ended up wearing his blood. "I think, I think that he tried to save me. And then I woke up crazy."

Watching the imagery, or catching the glimpses of it in her own mind, Chloe gasps. She forces herself to keep clasping Rose's hand, trying to clear it up for her. Her own mind is tired, and the memory seems to be replaying it over and over. "Do you remember now? You don't have to be afraid to remember, Rose. I know it'll hurt, and I know it's a lot to process, but if you remember you won't need the medicine any more." If she remembers and doesn't lose her mind again.

The image does replay, over and over again, as Rose tries to decipher what she knows and what was told to her. She's out there, with Tripp, and they're talking about something. Then this scary lady comes up to her and she can't move. She can hear Hope's scream, and then looks down. It's when she looks down that she notices that she's covered in blood, in Tripp's blood. That's when she sees him. Faith actually sees him, in her mind, the way that Hope saw him. Her eyes go wide at the memory, at the image of that bitch that had the nerve to do that to them. The only sound that Rose makes to indicate anything to Chloe is a whimper. What she'd like to do at the moment is throw up but she keeps things down for now. "Hope was there," she finally says. "Eventually."

A hand slams up to her own throat as though she's feeling what's being shown to her. Chloe whimpers a little, and then makes a choked noise. "It's okay, it's okay… go." She points to the bar, there's surely to be a bucket there. "Do what you have to do, Rose. Something at the bar…" Hell, Chloe feels like she's going to be a little ill herself, and her head is killing her. She needs Rose to get away from her for now before either one of them winds up broken.

No, she doesn't want to. She wants to sit and wallow in self pity. Still, once instructed, Faith makes a mad dash for the bar. She does what needs to be done with as much dignity as she can, but there really isn't any dignity in being sick. When she's finished she sits on the floor, her back against something, anything that is near and she just stares off into space. No wonder why they've been keeping her medicated. From that image, though, and that moment she begins to form more memories. Finally, after all of these years, she remembers what she wanted to tell Hope. "I… I should go."

The acrid smell of vomit is in the air, and it's really doing /nothing/ to keep Chloe from being sick as well. She leans forward, putting her head between her knees. "No," she says quietly. "No, you should stay, Rose. At least until I know you're okay." She can't look at the girl to see if she's shaking or anything. Right now she's got to get herself under control. Someone else's memories are invading her mind, and the flood of it all, even from across the room, may just cause her head to implode.

There may never be a day where she's considered to be 'okay'. In fact, Rose is far from okay. She is shaking at the thought of everything, and she's sweating rather badly. Her knees are brought up to her chest again and she sits there, rocking herself back and forth. The more she tries to focus on a new memory, the more other new memories seem to appear. "I'm alright." The voice is weak and soft, but it is at least there. "I should go. It won't stop." As sick as she is at the moment, Rose can tell that Chloe isn't doing so well either. She's hurting yet someone else.

Chloe has been there with the shaking, and the rocking, and the ability to not stop at all. She knows that Rose won't be okay on her own. "You want a drink?" It seems strange for her to be saying it, but it might help. "Something strong might settle the nerves, even if it won't block the memories…" After a beat, she quietly says, "It's okay, Rose. You can tell the facility everything you remember and maybe they'll let you out now." Yet the pain is still there even though she's trying to comfort someone else.

"No. No, I should go. I'm not doing good here." That's her way of saying that she knows she's hurt Chloe. Faith slowly stands, using the bar as a guide. She dang near falls over in the attempt but thankfully has a hold on said bar. "My sister doesn't like me drinking." If Rose really wanted to, she would, but she should get back to her secret hideout. Her injured hand is pressed to her head before she attempts to take a step. "Thank you, friend." To not thank her would be so rude. "I'm going to make it worse for you. I should leave."

"Call a cab." Chloe doesn't want to order Rose around, but she also doesn't want her to stumble somewhere and further injure herself. "There's money in my purse…" She reaches for it, still not moving from her hunched over position. Digging through it, she pulls up a few bills an offers them out to Rose. "I'm sorry," she says quietly. "I'm sorry for making you remember, and I'm sorry for causing you pain."

This woman is more stubborn that her sister. Rose looks cross for a moment but does eventually take the cash. "I'll pay you back." Granted, she doesn't have a job or anything, but the state of Texas -will- pay Chloe back. "Please, no." She reaches for Chloe to comfort her but thinks better of it. That's for a different time, a saner time. "Don't be sorry. Thank you. I asked for this." So Rose will leave with a smile, no matter what she's feeling. "Thank you."

Chloe waits until Rose is gone before looking up. Then she rushes to the bar to find the bucket Rose used and promptly up heaves the contents of her stomach into it. Then, despite feeling like she wants to pass out and never wake up, she crawls with it toward the teensy broom closet of a bathroom so she can dump it and clean it. Only barely thinking to tell Will that he'll need a new ice bucket for guests.

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