For The Love of a Tyler

Bean Scene Cafe

Bean Scene is a small coffee shop and cafe that caters primarily to a younger crowd. The cafe has always been at least a year late in joining any given fad, and in the past it's been done in western-style, set up as a beatnik hangout, a go-go disco, a fern bar, and once even attempted to cash in on breakdancing. A plaque has recently been placed above the door, and says, "No fad is dead until it appears to Bean Scene".
Case in point, the cafe has a grungy feel to it.A grey brick facade has been placed over the walls, the flooring looking more like a worn down metal grid, complete with old sewer grates every few feet. Tables and chairs set about the cafe are quite casual in appearance, made of metal meant to look rusty and splattered with multi-colored paints. Metal street signs hang from the wall amid images of garage bands. Behind the counter is a black chalkboard displaying the available items and costs.

The political world is in near chaos. The parade was a disaster, the mayor is in the hospital, and Ivan? Well, he's left to pick up the mess and tasked with spinning it as a positive - or at least as not such a glaring mistake. This requires two things: extensive thought and planning, and coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. So really, is it any surprise that Ivan can be found sitting in a lone booth in the back of the Bean Scene?

"Yeah? Yeah, I'm calling to confirm the scheduled interview tomorrow." Ivan draws into the earpiece that wirelessly transmits his voice. "Yeah. I'm quite aware that the mayor is still resting - I'm the one who told him to regain his strength, but what the people of Dallas need now is an official statement to rally behind. Yes, I'm certain. Good afternoon to you too." With a sigh, the man slumps down in the stool, turning off and eventually tugging off the Blutooth before moving to massage his temples.

What is it with people and trying to be away during the morning hours? That is when people start going to sleep. This time, the afternoon, is reserved for waking up. This whole new lifestyle change just to comfort one incredible awesome female in need is starting to make him second guess his priorities. Class brings a break for the man who has completely changed his life for Hope Tyler, and an opportunity to refuel. He certainly has looked better but even for the change in schedule he could look a hell of a lot worse.

Robert enters the Bean Scene with only one thing on his mind: coffee. It isn't long before he's given what he so badly longs for and is about to be on his way. He pauses to glance at his watch. Hope will be preoccupied for a while longer now, leaving him some time to himself. So Bobby looks around for a booth and it is only then that he notices Ivan. His stride is casual, his expression unimpressed as he comes to stand next to the table that houses Ivan. Nothing is said as he's busy with his liquid heaven.

Ivan does not notice Robert at first. He's too busy trying to bite back the headache threatening to appear, and then imbibing his preferred fuel of choice to notice the tall, stoic form of another. It's only once he realizes that there is a fairly solid mass blocking his sight and it's not moving that he bothers to peer to the other man.

Now, Ivan knows a thing or two about sacrificing in the name of a Tyler. Really, they have more in common then even they would believe. But ignorance and the memory of a past encounter breeds slight irritation and clear distrust, leaving Ivan pursing his lips. "If you're here to lecture me about your sister, save it. If you're here to lecture me about bars and women in general, save it. Actually, I'd prefer it if you saved whatever it is, regardless of the topic. Preferably for never."

"Wow. You really are living up to your reputation, aren't you?" This is said casually with almost a smirk of an attitude. There are no women he cares about to keep him from being a smartass at the moment. There would be more coming towards Ivan at the moment, but the coffee is far more important. A nice, long sip is taken before anything else is considered. No, Bobby isn't moving. Ivan may not be intimidated by him, but he's also not intimidated by the witch.

"Look: I don't care who you are. I don't care what you are." This is all said extremely calmly and with a bit of information. Chloe apparently has filled him in on quite a bit. "And I don't give a rats ass how self-important you feel. If you want to take home someone easy, be my guest. But I'm not leaving until I hear this story for myself." A story he says. Seems he has something good in mind. "But hey, maybe Hope is right."

Ivan quirks an eyebrow skywards, unflapped by his opponent's dryness. "My reputation?" He parrots back, bemusement found in his tone. "If my reputation is harboring little patience for condescending bouncers, then yeah, I am. What can I say. I'm just that kind of guy." Ahem. He likewise reaches for the coffee - after all, it seems like the appropriate place for a dignified sip. He's still drinking as Robert manages surprise him with just a bit of name dropping and a lot of vagueness. Suddenly, he's staring at the man with paranoia. Oh, Christ. Hope. Ivan has yet to have a pleasant interaction include her.

"What do you mean, story? And how do you…" Beat. "Right. Nevermind, you're her boyfriend. I forgot living in Dallas was like being on an episode of Days of our Fucking Lives." After fuming about how everyone seems interrelated, he can continue. "Why should I bother talking, period? You're bound to listen to her in the end. She's bound to reject all reason and logic, ergo, by extension, you'll reject reason and logic A.K.A me."

No quip, no retort is offered to the comment about Ivan's reputation. The look of paranoia is more than enough for Robert to grin. Yes, he has this man by the balls, figuratively speaking. "Friend. I think making a move on her right now would be a bit of a dick move, even for someone like you." It may be a low blow but all he has to go on is the words of Chloe and Hope. Neither one of them seems to be overly fond of Ivan, which means that Robert isn't either. Ironically, however, he is willing to hear the man out.

"You know, you're the one who apparently talks to her sister, who last I checked was pretty much crazy. I really would be more careful what you say." Bobby's eyes are focused on Ivan, almost daring him to act out against him. "And last I checked, Hope said something about you telling her that that sister is alive. Now that tells me you know something that we don't, and unlike the rest of the people out there, I want to hear your side of it, because I can't get a straight answer from her." See, he isn't a -bad- guy, he's just not good at being nice all the time. "She was talking about getting a restraining order against you if you know where Faith is. I'm trying to prevent that."

"Making a move on who?" Ivan inquires, not even feigning his confusion at this point. He just genuinely did not follow - which means that he's less then equipped for snarking right back. Regardless, making personal attacks on each other is hardly the point of said conversation. There is another, much more prominent issue at hand. He stares at Robert for a moment, eyes searching the other's visage to get a measure of who he is as a person. And though, ultimately, Ivan remains skeptic…

"A restraining order?" Ivan scoffs, rolling his eyes in an expressive manner. "For what? Is she afraid that I'll plan on retribution after she knifes her sister? And it's Rose, not Faith. Rose." He's one of a select few allowed to call her Faith. Robert isn't in the club.

Wow, he follows the conversation well. "Hope. The one you called my girlfriend. I'm just some guy who helped her when her car broke down." How he was labeled her boyfriend he has no idea, but then again Bobby isn't going to complain. He will, however, have to ask his twin about this. "But that's not important, and I highly suspect you could care less."

Robert really is a nice guy when he's had the proper amount of sleep. A lack of drama would be nice, too. "Yes, a restraining order. She's under the impression that you're the one who took her sis…" His words stop dead when he processes exactly what Ivan says. "So I'm guessing she told you her plan. She thinks it would be better that way than to have Fai… Rose go some other way, but now she's saying she was killed in that attack." The whole situation is making Bobby's head spin and he's obviously caught off guard. "Faith, Rose, whatever. I've never met her. I just have the sinking suspicion that there's more going on here than anyone knows." A slight pause. "Especially since my sister called me not too long ago to say that she's alive and well."

"Huh." Ivan offers in a complete deadpan, complete with pursed lips, his eyes fixed on her person with intensity. "So I'm guessing she told you the plan. So. As a presumably sane person - tell me. Even if I did know what happened to Rose, why, in the name of Jesus Almighty, should I tell her anything, nevermind tell you? Why should I assist murder. The murder of a twin nevertheless." This is all he will start with. The rest can follow afterwards.

This guy just isn't getting it. "They don't make enough coffee for this." His mutterings come right before he almost drains the cup in his hand. Bobby needs this in order to continue the conversation. "She didn't tell me much of anything that was coherent, not Hope. She's honestly out of her mind with the thought that her sister was turned into a vampire and then killed the other night on a stage full of people. What she -did- say was that she was going to end things for Rose in a way she'd want, which is part of what I'm looking to -avoid-." What is it with people? Does everyone think that killing things is the best solution? Again Robert shakes his head. "I'm not looking for her location. I don't even think you're going to give me any in-depth answers. I just want to find out what is actually going on with her before anyone goes to jail for murder."

Ivan looks generally disinterested, although for all intents and purposes, Robert seems to want to avoid killing Faith. This is a good sign…right? This means he ought to be able to risk some information. Because he'll know exactly who to arrest if Rose gets in trouble for it. "Last I heard, which is fairly recently," he adds, to make it at least sound like he's not in direct contact with the Tyler, "She's alive. And I mean actually alive, not the vampiric kind. It was a mind fuck. They gave her something, a drug of some sort, and convinced her that she was a vampire. The video was fake. I'm not sure who did it, and I'm not sure why, though I intend to find out. Though…I suppose it certainly painted vampires badly, didn't it? Making it look like they turned a mental patient and set her off to attack during the night…"

"Yeah. My group is not so amused, especially since we're being blamed for the attack, too." Oh, yes. He's one of those. Bobby continues to appear disinterested but he is filing away all the information that he can. "I know that she's alive. Alive, alive. My sister told me that much." So perhaps Robert has had some inside information himself but he's looking for different answers. "I just wanted to hear it from you. If you can look at me right now and say you don't have her hidden away in your home, I'll take that to Hope. Believe it or not, some of us actually want some sort of peaceful resolution to all of this." The empty coffee cup is placed down on the table. "Do you have any siblings, Mister Fontane? I do. Two of them. If either of them went through this I could never wish them dead but I would want to find the mother fucker who did this to them. And Hope is Rose's twin. If Rose is in danger, Hope may be, and that's where I'm going to get involved."

"I have three." Ivan responds solemnly, his jaw clenched tightly and his gaze unrelenting. "I have a baby sister, a little brother, and I have a twin sister. So believe me, I can imagine the pain she must feel. However, I'd sooner die then hurt any of them. I would never even entertain the thought of 'ending their lives early', and I don't believe their relation ought to be twisted to make murder acceptable."

Ivan is silent, put in deep thought. Should he lie to this man? It's no longer a question of ethics - those are out the window now, but a question of what's the wisest plan of action. If Hope knows, she might kill Rose. But, with Roberts help, this can be curtailed…she'll try to keep Rose out of Ivan's grasp, but he can get around that easily enough.

If he lies, and Hope doesn't know? Well…she might just leave him alone. Or, more likely, she wont believe him. She'll call the cops on him, and they'll investigate him and find Rose, and possibly arrest him. His political and social life will be ruined. All that in shambles… "I have her."

If he weren't such a nice guy and so taken with Hope he'd just walk away from all of this. People just don't pay attention. "When did I say that murder was acceptable? I didn't. I'm trying to stop this just as much as you are. If I can honestly go to her and say that Rose isn't a vampire, then I can get her to stop wanting to take matters in her own hand. I can't change who she is, Mister Fontane, but I can change what she does."

There. Does he see now that this prick of a bouncer doesn't actually want to hurt his girlfriend? Robert runs his hand through his hair to try and calm himself and reassess the situation. "Whatever Hope saw years ago has changed her. I'm not making excuses but I can recognize that I've never seen anyone's throat torn out."

Oh, there's more. A big old lecture building up in this poor, sleep deprived man. It all falls to the wayside with those three words. Robert just stares at Ivan, then looks around. "You do realize how much trouble you could be in for that, don't you? Damn, man, I would not want to be you." Is this a threat? Oh, no. "I won't tell Hope, not yet. I don't know what's going on and maybe I never will. All I need to do is know that she's safe and I'll try to keep Hope away."

Ivan quirks his brows upwards. "All the trouble I could be in for rescuing a kidnapped woman? Hm." He furrows his brows in deep thought, looking almost passive about it as his fingers lace together before him. "She's safe. She's as safe as she can be, at least. She's getting help, and…well. She's getting better. Stronger. More…sane." He takes a time out to appreciate the rare attitude Rose held not that long ago. "I'm protecting her, since no one else is capable. I suggest you do the same for her sister. That ones psycho too."

"You know…" Oh, here it comes. "My sister actually was a resident of Green Oaks. I think I'm equipped to handle things that are thrown at me. Are you?" Bobby's seen Chloe through some of the worst, yet nothing they've been through is like this. "Why can't Rose just see her sister? I'll be there, I can make sure no one gets stabbed. But it would help save everyone a lot of headaches." Ivan just isn't getting it and it's all Robert can do to keep trying to explain it rationally. "Your girlfriend is listed as missing, and armed and dangerous. Now you might know what's going on, and I might know what's going on, but her family and the police do not. How do you honestly think it would make you look if she was caught at your apartment? I'm not threatening, man. I'm just warning you. I'll keep it on the down low but you've got to be careful."

Ivan rolls his eyes faintly, annoyed. "Who said I was keeping Rose from seeing her sister? Obviously they're going to reunite sometime soon. Obviously I'm going to contact Hope and let her know what I know - otherwise why the fuck would I have told you, knowing your connection to her? I understand that she does not think kindly of me, and while I'd love to call her names and play these little games, I don't have the time for them. So, kindly refrain from judging me. You don't know me, man. Don't act like you do." Beat. Coffee - more coffee is needed. After a sip is taken, he takes the opportunity to run his hands - both of them, through his hair in a gesture of clear agitation and major stress.

"Of course I don't know you, and I don't want to. The more I know the more trouble I'm in." Bobby actually takes a step back and shakes his head at Ivan. "I'm talking right now. If you just had Rose go see her sister then you wouldn't have to worry about her calling the cops." That's not entirely true, but Robert doesn't know this. "And you can can the damn attitude. I went from completely clueless to thrown right in the middle of this damn mess and all I'm trying to do is get it to end without people getting hurt." No, he will never care for a vampire but this isn't about vampires. This is about relatives. "But if you think I'm out to get you, I -can- go tell Hope everything you just told me."

"I found her last night. She's hurt, and seriously mentally unstable, and you want me to throw her at Hope like this? If you know Hope half as much as you claim to, then you know she's not entirely mentally healthy at the moment. The last thing anyone needed was to lump two psychos together, both of whom still assumed Rose was a vampire. Hope would have killed her, and Rose would have taken it, like she deserved to be punished for being kidnapped. They will be put together in due time - I just need time. That's all." Ivan breathes in deeply, trying to buy some more for himself. "…Listen. I don't think you're a bad guy. Now, I'm asking you, please afford me the same benefit of the doubt."

That, literally, is all he needed to hear. "That's all you needed to say." Bobby's not there to get on his case, or to rough him up. He really is just looking for answers. Bobby's just a dick. "No offense, man, but I really don't care about you. I care about Hope, and Rose because of Hope. You explained yourself and that's all I was looking for." Despite being nice, he's still presenting himself as a bit of a prick. "I'll tell Hope that my sister called, and that's it. Just take care of her and I'll buy you some time."

Massaging his temples gingerly, Ivan sighs and offers Robert a stiff nod. "Thank you," he croaks out, staring at the mostly empty coffee mug. Clearly, he needs another batch. And so with a grunt, he gets to his feet. "Now, if you'll excuse me. I've a lot of work to do, and not much time to do it in…"

If only he could stop time. That would be perfect.

The empty cup of coffee is reclaimed from the table as Ivan stands. "Not to pressure you or anything." For the first time during the encounter the man actually shows some bit of emotion: worry. This is a bad situation and even he can see it. "Just try not to get caught." Robert nods briefly in that way that men have of saying so much with very little movement at all. Then he glances at his watch and walks away. For a moment he's actually regretting getting this involved. The things a man does for the love of a Tyler.

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