Hello Missus Officer

No sirens, no pretty leather jacket. Today it's all business, and no secret meetings with other supernaturals. A cop car speeds through the city, toward the apartment of one Mister Ivan Fontane.

The car screeches to a halt, sliding into the nearest parking spot. Then Officer Rossum is out of the vehicle, bounding up the stairs of the building, one hand on her holster, the other gripping onto a search warrant. When she comes to the door of the apartment, she knocks once, twice, then, "OPEN UP, IT'S THE POLICE!" It's all routine, so she's not bothered to bring any backup. Besides which, unless he fires through the door with silver bullets, she'll be fine.

The building Ivan lives in is rather large, a brick box sort of type. She would have had to have taken the elevator of the stares up. Regardless of the fact, now that she's in, it doesn't take very long for Ivan to open the door. With his brows arched and in a pair of casual stay at home sweats, he looks every bit the 'I just got home from work and am in the process of relaxing' type. Upon catching sight of the officer, his confusion only seems to strengthen. "Uhh…Officer?" He begins a tad bit dubiously. "What's the matter?" Beat. "Uh, please, come in."

Officer Rossum wastes no time in shoving the warrant in his face. "Mister Fontane, this here is a warrant to search these premises for any sign that Faith Tyler was staying here." A look is given to him that just /screams/ for him to try and resist. Leigh's not a bad person, she just takes her job incredibly seriously. "We've been told by various sources that you are or were harboring her, and due to her criminal activities coupled with the fact that she's not mentally stable, she's wanted for questioning and return to her facility."

Ivan makes no attempts to resist arrest, although the curtness and she greets him with takes him aback slightly. With a frown, he takes the warrant gingerly and looks it over. Or at least, that's what he looks to be doing. In reality, he's going over his options. Now, he could trail after her, using his abilities to hide any and all traces of Faith's stay here, but…if she returns, and it comes out that he was lying, he'd lose everything. Everything he's ever worked and hoped to dream for…

So much for Robert buying him time, the prick.

"What criminal activities?" He offers, sounding politely concerned. "She's here. Or…well, she was here. She's not here now. I didn't know that it was against the law. What did she do, and what're you going to do to her?"

His honesty seems to take Officer Rossum back a little. She's already moved into the apartment and has begun a quick glance-by search of the place. Nothing too serious yet, though that will come in time. She's in the midst of putting on a pair of rubber gloves when he admits to having her. "I like that you're cooperating," she says as she moves toward the couch. "What I'm curious about, Mister Fontane, is what you're hiding." Thus, the search is going to continue.

"Terrorizing innocent citizens, attempting to bite them, and she's wanted for questioning in regards to your little event, as she was in the midst of it."

Placing the warrant off the side, Ivan frowns tightly, instinctively following after Leigh as she inspects his messy home. Nothing would be out of the ordinary - it very much looks like an everyday bachelor pad, if on the clean side of things. "What I'm what? Hiding?" The confusion is transparent in his tone, and he even brings himself to scratching the back of his head uncomfortably. "I'm not hiding anything! I'm letting you in here and…" Beat. "There's no way for me to win, is there? If I cooperate, I'm hiding something. If I don't, I'm hiding something. I don't understand the legal system. And she didn't do anything! She was being manipulated, you can't arrest someone who's mentally unstable!"

Officer Rossum sniffs once, then spins to look at him. "Continue in that vein, and I'll arrest you for accosting an officer of the law," she says in a plain, neutral voice. "My suggestion to you, Mister Fontane, is that you take a seat right there," she says, pointing at the couch, "And remain silent while I search the premises. You are not yet under arrest but anything you say can and will be held against you should it pertain to Miss Tyler." She makes a zipper motion over her lips, and shakes her head. "Who said anything about arresting the woman? I believe what I said is we would like to /question/ her. She is a person of /interest/. Now, I can search your apartment, get the information I require, or I can haul your ass down to the station and detain you for the next twenty-four hours. I'm sure that would look just peachy to your employer."

Ivan sobers considerably at this change of events, all his attempts to remain cordial and helpful having flown out of the window at this stage. No longer does he look passively bewildered, but rather solemn and unimpressed. Eventually, he makes his way to couch, sitting upon it. "I do hope the precinct has a good lawyer working for them," he begins to drawl, crossing his arms over his chest dispassionately. "For if my harassment complaint goes by unaddressed by your superior, I intend to make it a legal issue. There was no need to make this unpleasant. None whatsoever." Oh, she will pay. And if she doesn't, the entire police force will. After all, he does indirectly control their budget.

"I would choose your words very carefully, Mister Fontane. I have every right to be here, searching these premises. I have the court order to do so. You are hindering an on-going investigation, and that /is/ a legal offence. Do not presume to threaten me, or I /will/ bring you down to the station, and I /will/ allow my Captain to tell you the same thing. /I/ am not the one who has made this an unpleasant ordeal, you have by accusing me of attempting to arrest someone who is a person of interest in an on-going investigation. /I/, Mister Fontane, am merely here doing my job. So continue to make your petty threats against an /Officer of the Law/." She takes a deep breath, not once stopping her investigation as she speaks to him. "I do believe that section three-fifteen of the Criminal Act states that should a person do anything intending in any way to hinder the apprehension of a person wanted for a criminal offence is liable to imprisonment for up to seven years. So why don't you leave it up to /me/ to see if you are or are not hiding anything, and to deal with Miss Tyler, with her legal representation present." Really, he should be glad that she didn't just cuff him for aiding and abetting a kidnapping upon coming in the door, as was her intent due to the information provided to her by the family.

"Do not twist events to fit your circumstance, ma'am." Ivan offers in a deadpan, although he does not even bother to look in her direction. "I have not in any way shape or form hindered your investigation. In fact, I had been nothing but cordial to you through the entirety of our exchange. I did not accuse you of attempting to arrest someone, you said you were looking for her, I made the logical assumption that you were going to arrest her. It's not my fault there was a failure of communication. And even then, to arrest me on those grounds will not stand up in court. You and I both know that were you to arrest me, I'd leave on bail and have the offense, minor as it is, acquitted within court. And that's all I'm going to offer without my own form of legal representation to curb this nonsense."

Officer Rossum smirks a little. "You should," she says curtly, "be happy that I'm not here to arrest you on the charge of kidnapping, as the woman's family desires you to be. For the moment, you are not a person of interest in that case." Should circumstances change, or new evidence brought to light, she will gladly arrest him. "There are many grounds on which I /could/ arrest you, Mister Fontane, and the more you speak, the more you're giving me for reasons. You are /still/ threatening on Officer of the Law. This is your final warning on the matter. It may be a minor offence, you may be able to get out on bail for it, but it /will/ wind up giving you a record, and in your line of work I don't think that's what you want." She drifts through the apartment, searching through everything, but not leaving a single item out of place. When she is done, she comes back to the living room and stares at him.

"Now. Please tell me how you wound up with Miss Tyler again."

There is nothing Ivan would enjoy more then getting Leigh fired at the moment. He would love to snap back, and put her in her place. But, the man is intelligent and calculating enough to know that now is not the time, this is not the circumstance to speak. She'll pay soon enough.

Instead, he maintains a stony silence, completely unhinged by her claims and threats. "There is no again seeing as I had not told you in the first place. I was at home after having spent the day of the parade chasing down the mayor, who by the way, managed to get kidnapped even under the supervision of your police force. I received a call from an untraceable source, and it was her. I got in my car, and met up with her outside of a large home. She had apparently been taken by a Mr. Grant to ensure that she would not be kidnapped again? I'm not certain of the details. Regardless, I met with her, and then offered her a place to stay for the night, as she was in no condition, physically or mentally, to deal with the authorities of her life." Beat. "It was supposed to be a respite. A break. I did not kidnap her. I did not grab her against her will, or the will of anyone else. I was not holding her here. I mean, obviously, right? If she's not even here right now."

It may be harder to get Leigh fired than he thinks. Should he try, and he's found out, there will be hell to pay, oh yes. Retribution like he can't even imagine. Someone might like hunting just a little /too/ much, and he'd make such wonderful prey.

"Actually, according to the files, this would be the second time a missing Miss Tyler has wound up at your apartment, Mister Fontane. Pardon me for the use of the word /again/. I was unaware that you would find it so offensive." Officer Rossum actually rolls her eyes to the ceiling at that one. Until she hears the name. That actually causes eyes to become thin slits, though she's careful not to snarl at the name. "I never said you did kidnap her, Mister Fontane. Merely that the family wished to press charges to that fact." The gloves are pulled off her hands with a SNAP! and she asks, "This would be Mister Will Grant?" Though she does have to wonder what the vampire Sheriff is doing mired in the issues of humans.

"Again," Ivan emphasizes the word, as if to teach her the proper usage of it, "I never accused you of saying that I kidnapped her. I was just defending my name from the accusations that have been thrown out there as slander. Which I also intend to take legal action against." Enough is enough, the situation has escalated out control at this point. "And, I believe so, yes. Is there anything else you'd like from me? Frankly, I'd like to return to my life if you wouldn't mind."

"Keep up with the threats, Fontane," Officer Rossum says, now dropping the Mister. "Harassment of an Officer is a criminal offence. Section sixty of the Crimes Act." It is said in more of a finger-waggling way than an actual threat. "An accusation cannot be slander if there is reason enough to believe it. At the time the charges were laid, there was enough information indicating that you had Miss Tyler in your home. As I can clearly see that Miss Tyler is not in your home, the charges will be dropped." The girl was here though, that much she knows based on the things she's found in the apartment. But simply being in a location is not enough to prosecute such a serious charge without further proof. "Should you speak to Miss Tyler," she says, pulling out a card, "Kindly have her contact me. I would like to clear this incident up as swiftly as possible."

Ivan doesn't even bother responding to her admonishment, refusing to react in the face of her condescending remark. Instead, the man makes his way to his feet to snatch the card out of her hand and eventually head over to the door, having enough class to open it while kicking her out. "Fine. I will. Good day to you." After all, you must keep up with the pleasantries at all times.

"Thank you for your time." Officer Rossum is about to leave, when she stops and turns to face him. "I'm sorry for what happened at the event. I know that can't have been easy for you, or the Mayor. We have a few leads on the terrorists, but it's not my case." She never gets the good cases. She gets the supernaturals with attitudes apparently. Good thing that Ivan /smells/ human, otherwise she might start getting a complex.

Ivan looks to Leigh speculatively before offering her a nod. "Thank you. They need to be brought to justice. Unfortunately, this is what happens, isn't it. A couple of bad apples spoil the bunch for everyone." Is it really surprising that this is all he's willing to afford the brash police officer? Especially after the way she had been treating him?

"I agree, though considering who they ar—" Officer Rossum clams up. "If I were you, Mister Fontane, I would seriously consider leaving this one up to the proper authorities." Especially since they'll have to bring in a special VIU to take care of some of the participants. Dallas just isn't equipped with one yet. No matter how hard she's trying to get one implemented. "You may want to contact Detective Myers down at the station. He's working with the F.B.I on this one. I'm sure he'd love to discuss the event with you."

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