Facing the Past

The sooner she gets this over with, the better. Not only date wise, but time wise as well. It isn't exactly first thing in the morning but it is still quite early, just past the time that most first shift employees are arriving to work. This is the perfect moment for that strange young woman on the news to just stroll right into her living area. It's amazing how Faith does well not to even appear to be nervous, or even indicate that anything is wrong at all. She'll just keep walking until someone decides to stop her, fangs, broken wrist and all.

Hope had to do something that probably wasn't the best idea in the world. The police that were watching the facility for the reappearance of one Faith Rose Tyler have been sent to the only location that Hope could really say Faith had ever been. A distraction so that her sister can walk into the place and let them know what's going on.

After the call was placed, she raced to the facility. However, she's detained at the entrance for a little while. Seems some special guests are waiting in Rose's rooms, along with two doctors, two orderlies and a tray full of drugs.

Being clueless is actually a good thing, at times. It's likely the only thing keeping her from outright leaving the city. Faith continues walking, surprised that she's not really being prevented from doing anything. Logic tells her that they're waiting for her; she did call her sister to tell her the plan, after all.
Is she angry with Hope? That depends on what happens. She won't hate her, though, not ever.
Knowing that something unpleasant is likely in store for her, Faith opens the door to her own 'home'. Even with the door being open she doesn't walk right in. Let them come get her, she figures. The way the woman walks and stands is not at all what they might recall from Rose. No, she's more like the girl she used to be, which isn't exactly coated in sugar.

What she's greeted with upon opening the door is her parents, sitting on her couch, hands folded upon their laps, looking rather irate. The two orderlies rush forward to grab Rose and attempt to sedate her. One of the doctors places a call, trying to get a stretcher into Rose's room as soon as possible.

"Faith, how /COULD/ you. Do you know what this has done to your mother? To your sister? Even mentally unstable, you're as selfish as you ever were."

Ah-ha. Good luck to them. This is not saying that they won't be able to, but this one's a scrapper. In fact, if one of them gets close enough, Faith will outright bite them. Looks like having fangs can come in handy. "Back the hell off!" The warning is not very Rose like at all. At all. Yet no one will believe that she's better.
No matter how the fight with the orderlies goes, Faith will actually make a point to outright glare at her parents. "Damn terrorists." Oh, someone has a colorful vocabulary. "Like you give two shits what Hope's going through, or heaven forbid you actually wonder what -I- have had to go through."

There's a lot of noise outside the little apartment, and suddenly Hope bursts through the door. She echoes her twin's words, "Back off!" Then she goes to take down an orderly. Which, looks really funny, considering she's wearing a pretty pink sweater set, and matching skirt. Yeah, she probably should've woken Bobby up and let him know that she was going out, but she knows that since he started trying to keep her safe, he's not getting much sleep. She /did/ leave a note, so he'll know where she is if he wakes up.

The orderlies start jabbing needles, and with the tackle the one orderly jabs the other with a tranquilizer.

"I didn't know, Faith. I swear I didn't. I got the cops out of here, but I didn't know they'd come." Brushing herself off, she gets to her feet and looks at her parents. "Mom, Dad." Head nod.

"How could you have done that, Hope? Don't you know your sister needs psychological help?"

The doctor motions for the twins to sit down on the provided chairs. He frowns a little. "First thing's first, that wrist will need to be cared for before we proceed."

Oh, this is classic. The prim and proper Tyler is actually joining in on a fight? Never did she imagine she would see such a sight but there's no way in hell that Faith is arguing right now. "I'll warn you two right now," she says through clenched teeth. This is easier to do now that her sister has accidentally turned the two orderlies to sedating each other. "If you so much as try to have a needle touch me you'll be in court right beside Green Oaks."
In fact, she's so angry at what happened that Faith gears up to flat out deck one of the orderlies. She's not the best fighter or anything like that, but she's not afraid to throw a punch. That punch would likely shatter what's left of her wrist so it's a good thing that she's interrupted.
"No offense, Doc, but I'm kind of done with doctors right now. I'll say this once: I'm not crazy. In fact, you can test my memory. But if even try to medicate me I will see that everyone goes down in flames."
A glance is given to her sister and Faith just shakes her head. "It was never about being angry at you. They've taken care of that enough for the entire world." Her head indicates her parents. Yes, Faith actually can recall the way they've been treating their children.

Spotting the wrist, Hope frowns. "Faith, you need to have that set or you'll not be able to use your hand. It'll heal that way." She's the caretaker of the two, it can't be helped really. She looks at the doctor, "Can you do the setting here? With no pain medication?"

"That's ridiculous, she'll scream and pass out!"

"If you want to do it, it's the only way you /can/ do it right now," Hope counters.

One orderly down, the other backs off but stands near the door to jab either of the two twins if one tries to escape.

"Now you listen here, young lady!" Mr. Tyler looks extremely irate. "You are going to do as the doctor says, or we will get an injunction and a notice that says you're mentally incapable of making decisions for yourself."

"I don't need it. I'm healing just fine." How she's doing that, she's not going to say. No one has even bothered to ask so why on earth should so go out of her way to supply them with answers? "Then again, the fact that I'm alive should be a freaking miracle." Someone is insanely bitter, apparently.
Faith turns and all but hisses at her father. "Oh, like any other way you dealt with me? You lost the right to tell me what to do when you stopped being a father so get bent." As she says this, yes, she does bare her fangs. It can't exactly be helped, after all. She came here expecting a fight, eager for a fight, and that's exactly what she's giving.
"And before you even begin to counter that, should I point out now that the whole situation at Green Oaks was -your- fault? Because it was." Now -that- felt good. "I'll talk to that guy," she mentions as she points to the doctor. "But you can't force me to stay here and listen to you. Not after the way you treated the one daughter of yours that was perfectly sane."

"How's it healing just fine?" Hope is concerned! She's asking. She's terrified of the answer, but she's asking. "Faith, don't be so hard on them, they're doing the best they know how to." Their best is probably not the best they could be doing, it's just the best that they know how to. "That might have been my fault," she says a little meekly. "I just wanted to know why they weren't taking better care of you, and why they were letting you get bitten by a vampire and the nurse went all psycho-crazy." Fidget.

"Sit down," the doctor says, "and we will talk."

Mr. Tyler frowns at his daughter and then gets up. "You have no right to speak to me in such a way. You are a mentally unwell child, and until that is proven otherwise, your medical care is still up to me. You /will/ sit down, and you /will/ do as I say, or you will quickly be finding yourself on your way back to Alexandria. I've had enough of this petulance."

So now she speaks up. Faith turns and just looks at Hope. "Funny, when Nurse Ratchett was talking she didn't mention you at all. She mentioned how much my parents hated me. Since, you know, they're never here." Slowly she turns back to look at her parents, then everyone all at once. It's starting to feel as if she's a rat in a cage and she cannot handle this. She just can't.
"I came back on my own, which is a lot considering the way I left. Oh, what's that? That's right: you haven't asked about my kidnapping." This is said while looking directly at her mother.
But wait: there's more! She turns to the doctor and just watches him. "Thanks to said kidnapping, I was forced to drink some things that I'd really rather I didn't. As a result, I'll be fine without your help. Thanks." Ironically, her tone when addressing the doctor is more civil than when she is speaking to her parents.
Her father may be standing but she is not losing ground on this. "Then test me, right now. No medication and no sedation. Because even when I was broken I told everyone that the medication was bad for me. And you know what? It was. It wasn't solving the problem." If her wrist weren't already injured she would be taking a swing at him, but she's trying to force herself to calm. "No. I will not stop until I get to say what I've wanted to say for two years. And I hate to break it to you, Pops, but I'm not a child anymore."

"Oh," Hope says quietly. Thank goodness for small wonders. She was certain that awful nurse would have told Faith who was really at fault, but apparently she's free and clear - even if she /does/ feel guilty for it.

Babs is just sitting there, close to the breaking point. These are her girls, these girls who used to be so close to her. And she's been ignoring them for nearly two years. When she's given the pointed look, she starts to sob.

The doctor frowns, but nods. Considering what he's seen on the television of late, he can make a good supposition as to what it was. "At least let us look at it before you leave to make sure you didn't do irreparable damage to a nerve or vein."

Mr. Tyler just up and swings a hand out to slap Rose across the face.

Let her cry. Let them both realize what they've done to their family. If she has to be the bad guy here then she will be, but she will be heard.
"Later. After they leave. I do nothing with them here." Perhaps she shouldn't be making demands of the doctor but she feels as if she has every right. She fears for her safety around her parents and she'll do everything her power to prove that. They'll make her bat shit crazy again and then they'll have her right where they want her.
Oh, there's more, but she is suddenly and very sharply slapped across the face. The teeth are bared again as she almost lunges at her father. "Classy," she says instead. She will not be forced to sit down so easily. "Do it again and I'll press charges. It makes it even worse if you don't believe me, because that means that you've just attacked a medically challenged person. Does it make you feel good to be like Nurse Ratchett?"
Faith turns to look at the exit, at the people blocking said exit, before she sighs gruffly. "I came here, on my own, just to show that I'm alright. You want a statement, I'll give it to you. I didn't leave on my own but now I'm in a little too much danger to be medicated out of my gourd again."

Hope places a hand on Faith's shoulder. "Sweetie, I understand you're angry, but maybe this isn't really helping your cause all that much…" It's just a gentle prod in trying to get her sister to calm down. "Maybe if you sat down and just told everyone what's been happening?"

The doctor nods to Rose, then motions for the one remaining orderly. "Please show the Tyler's out to the waiting area in the main building. Give them time to calm down."

Orderly-still-awake moves away from the door, motioning for the Tyler's, all of them, to follow him out the door.

If anyone else in the room were to touch her, she -would- try to hurt them. She's almost dripping anger, all of which she believes is justified, but even she can understand logic when it is presented to her. "Get them out and I'll calm down." Despite what she just said, she takes a much calmer tone with her twin. It's clear where her anger lies.
The doctor seems a little too nice, but she's not exactly had the best experiences as of late. Faith watches him carefully, even as people begin to shuffle outside. Her things are in this apartment so she's going to stay until she can collect them. "Sorry if I appear to be a bit stand-offish," she explains to him while keeping her distance. "Past experience has gotten me to not trust medical staff."
While she doesn't want to see her sister go, Rose focuses on the father figure as he leaves. Her injured limb moves to rub her face where he struck her.

In truth, Hope doesn't really want to go either. But her sister needs to calm down, and if the only way to get her to do so is to go with her parents, then so be it. "I'll be waiting just outside, Faith. If you need me for anything, just holler." She's not going to wait in the lobby. She told her twin she'd be here, and so she will.

The parents look rather unhappy about this, but they do follow him out the door. After all, the doctor can drug the girl just as well as a room full of people. Babs just keeps crying and sobbing. Like she can't handle any of this at all. She sniffles once, mumbling something about precious teeth, then can be heard wailing all the way to the waiting area.

"Now," the doctor says, "If you don't mind, I'm going to record this conversation." He pulls out a mini-recorder and sets it on the table. "Tell me exactly what has transpired."

This causes her to roll her eyes. Yes, her precious teeth. As if she doesn't have to worry about this fact. "If I scream, call the police." It's surprising how serious that Faith is. "I may be wanted, but I have my rights." She's certainly far from a mental patient at this point.
Still, she watches that recorder for a while before looking to the doctor. She doesn't trust him enough to let him get close to her. "Starting from when?" It's actually an innocent question. "My childhood, what happened to get me here, what happened at the last loony bin or what happened when I was taken?"
No, no. No sitting. She's quite comfortable standing for the moment.

"Starting from the night you left the facility and never returned," he says, leaning back in the chair he's occupying. He's not making any move toward her, nor is the second doctor at his side. The one that's been quiet the entire time, but has a notepad out with a pen and is trying to right down an assessment. "It will help us to better understand where you're at psychologically at the moment."

A deep breath is taken as she is forced to retell the tale. "It's really kind of sad, honestly. And not in the teary eyed way. In the pathetic way." No, no. Faith is not a softy. "I was getting ready for the first real date I ever had, or could remember anyway. I wanted some things from the store so I went to get some. It was still hours until curfew and I wasn't planning on breaking it. I just never made it to the store."
The formerly mental patient shifts as she discusses the memories. They bother her no matter how much she tries to hide them. "A strange woman was talking to me, following me, so I tried to walk away from her. Two men jumped me and held my arms out like this." Yes, she has to demonstrate. It's an important fact. "That way someone could come behind me and pretend to bite me. They all claimed that he was a vampire but I really don't think he was. It just went against everything I know about them." The hand that is so close to the metal brace runs through her hair at that moment. "That's when the crazy lady forced me to drink this stuff, claiming it would keep me from turning into a vampire."

The demonstration is noted, the information noted - both written down, and recorded on the little tape. The doctor just nods, as though that corroborates assumptions or thoughts on the matter. "And this group of people, they forced you to attack humans? To drain that man?"

"That wasn't a man." Her brows furrow at this fact. "Look, I'm not -proud- of anything I did. But being locked up in that coffin, on that blood mixture and with sedatives? I was out of my mind." This isn't helping her case any so Faith just sighs in defeat. "He wasn't a person. He didn't have a pulse, he wasn't moving around. It was all done for me to think that I needed to feed off of people. Last I knew, blood wasn't made of sugar." Listening to herself she almost is willing to say that she's crazy, if it wasn't for the fact that she knows that she's not.

"I see," says the doctor. He leans forward in the chair, adjusts the recorder a little and frowns. "So what makes you believe that you are now well enough to have charge of your own well-being?"

He doesn't believe her. She just stares at him but it isn't with hateful eyes. She's just trying her best to not lose it, emotionally. "Correct me if I'm wrong, but I was first institutionalized because of that attack two years ago. Something about snapping out of a daze wearing the insides of my best friend set me off into a cycle of denial and childish behavior." Doctor Faith, apparently. "Up until this week, I couldn't remember any of it, and not just the attack. My childhood, my memories, they were all gone. But they're back now."
As if that's enough to prove that she's sane. "It's not just that, though." Here it goes. They, like everyone else, will refuse to believe her. They always do. "What happened to me back then, what the vampire did? That's something that they can do, I guess. They can mess with a person's mind. My problems were largely caused by that, not some chemical imbalance. So when I was on my medication I just couldn't think clearly." It's what other people believe, at least. "I tried to tell people but no one would listen to me. I wasn't trying to avoid medication, I just wanted to get better."

"Mmhmm," the doctor says, listening. He doesn't believe her, but he offers her an alternative that she may agree with. "I would like to keep you here, Miss Tyler. One night under constant observation, with someone to speak with at all times. A nurse, a doctor, someone. We can redo the psychological examination once you've had some time to actually rest, and should your thoughts still be this lucid come morning you will be allowed to leave." He watches the girl for her reaction. "Then, we would like you to come in once a week to meet with the psychologist to ensure that you are still in a lucid frame of mind."

A finger waggles at the doctor at his suggestion. "No medication, no sedation. I think my body has been overloaded on those during the last month." She's not sounding paranoid, honest. Faith is just a woman that knows what she wants. "And I only stay if my sister can, and you keep my parents away. I'm well rested, but I don't have a problem proving this to you. I just know that their idea of being good parents is ignoring what's best for me."

A nod. "Your sister," he says, "And either myself or a nurse. To monitor you and ensure that you are as fine as you say you are. Leave your parents to me." He motions to the doctor at his side, and the cell phone is flipped out again, requesting the presence of the other Miss Tyler.

This side of Faith is much more calm and reasonable than the one that is around her parents. "It can be like a slumber party for all I care. I wouldn't be here if I wasn't willing to show you that I'm different." She does pause, though, looking around at her stuff. "Aren't you going to get into trouble by keeping me here, since I'm wanted and all that? Don't get me wrong, I'll turn myself in if I have to do that, too. I'm just tired of people getting hurt because of me."

The doctor arches his brow. "No, we'll simply call the investigating officer to come and have a word with you." He pauses with a slight grin. "Once you're deemed physically fit and mentally stable. After all, speaking to the police when you're not in your right mind isn't going to be conducive to answering their questions."

The other doctor finally speaks up. "Miss Tyler and Nurse Bruin are on their way."

If he had said Nurse Ratchett, he'd have gotten a nice fat lip. As it stands, Faith shows no fear. In fact, she shows no real emotion at all. She's very much the person that she used to be.
"If I remember correctly, the law frowns on certain treatment of the mentally unstable." Too bad that no one will believe that she says. She really is better. Faith looks around again, at the happy little home that she had built. "And then if I'm proven to be mentally sound? I go to jail." Yet she doesn't seem to be fighting against it. "Hey, Doc. How tight's the security here? No, not because I'm planning anything." Hey, she needs to get that part in there! "So this group that planned the explosions Friday night? They may be after me. Is this really a safe place?"

"Have we mistreated you, Miss Tyler?" The doctor keeps watching her. "We simply request that you remain in our custody, until the veracity of your lucidity can be proven." The question causes a blink. "Until you, Miss Tyler, I would have considered this building to be extremely secure. We can post guards outside your door in case something happens?"

How many people try to break back into a mental health facility and ask for them to keep a good watch on them. "Hey, I'm here. You asked for a night and I'll give it to you. After what happened at Green Oaks, y'all were the best thing that happened to me." Yes, Faith can admit to that. That doesn't mean that she wants to stay here. "I know it sounds odd, but I did sort of get caught in that explosion. Just be careful, is all I'm saying. I don't want anyone else to get hurt. These people have already proven that they'll kill anything."

"A night is all we /can/ ask for, Miss Tyler. If you've regained your mental faculties, beyond your parents obtaining Power of Attorney over you, there is no reason for us to keep you here." After all, the facility is for the mentally unwell and unstable.

There is a knock at the door, and it slowly opens to reveal Hope and Nurse Bruin.

"Your guests are here. I will be back in a few hours to check on things. You can speak with the psychologist in the morning."

Staying the night was not part of the plan, but she's ready for this. She was actually ready to be sedated, kidnapped and flown far, far away. "Well, it's not like I would press charges against you guys anyway. I mean, I was out there for a while."
The knock at the door spares her from any other awkward conversation with the doctor. Faith does actually smile at Hope when she sees her, even if it is rather muted. "Whatever you say, Doctor. I can deal with this mutual respect thing." They don't stab her, she doesn't stab them. The other woman is watched for a moment before Faith shrugs it off. "Feel free to leave whenever you want," she speaks to Hope. "You've got a boyfriend to go make kissy face with."

Hope, ready to do whatever her sister wishes, makes a squeak noise. "Okay! He's not my boyfriend, but he /is/ going to be waking up soon, and I /will/ have to let him know where I am." He's supposed to be protecting her, after all, and she already knows he's going to be upset. "I'm going to call him right now." So she scoots in the door, gives Faith a quick hug, then bolts for the back bedroom. Just in case there's some arguing going on.

The two doctors get up to take their leave. "First thing in the morning, Miss Tyler. Early." Then they make their way out the door as Nurse Bruin enters, preparing to spend the night babysitting.

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