Rushed Call

Things seem to be settled for the moment with Faith, and so Hope's taking a moment to make a call. One that she's sure is not going to go over well at all. Dialing Bobby's number, she sits on the bed and bites her lip. She's not even sure what to tell him, really.

Oh, he's waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Notes do not go over well with him, really. Bobby's more of a one-on-one guy. This is especially true when the person he's supposed to be protecting decides to up and leave without him. Still, when his phone rings he allows it to nearly go to voicemail before he answers. "'Ello." It's almost as if he doesn't notice she's gone, see?

"Bobby?" It's meek, and worried, and scared that he's going to be angry. "I'm so, /so/ sorry. I'm with my parents and Faith at the facility. I know you haven't been sleeping, and I just wanted you to get some rest without feeling guilty and… I'm sorry."

He is ever the gentlemen and he allows her to finish her thought before he even mulls the possibility of responding. At least he knows where she is. "So you've found her then." It's not what she might expect Robert to say. "So did he convince her to go, or did you?" Bobby doesn't believe that it was done on her own, after all.

"Well she found me, I guess?" Hope isn't at all certain, and his answer is less than happy. She's really worried she screwed things up. "They were waiting here for her, and I couldn't let her face it on her own, in case they tried to drug her or something. Bobby… she /remembers/. She… she /knows/. And I know that doesn't mean much to you, but she seems like she's back to normal and I couldn't let them do that and… you're upset. I understand that."

He's not groaning, he's not. He actually isn't, but he should be. That much is clear by the long pause before he speaks. "Let me say this right now," he begins, less than formal. "If Chloe were in this situation? I'd be exactly where you are. I can't be mad at you for being a sister, Hope. And you're someplace safe which actually makes it better." Ha! See, Robert isn't all that bad. "But you really should have told me. You do realize that you've left me alone in your apartment, right?"

Hope grins a bit at that. "Well /yeah/ I know I did, but I trust you, Bobby. After all you've done for me, how could I not?" Plus if she winds up minus a television, it's still worth it. "But you're right, I really should have woken you up. You just looked so comfortable and peaceful, it felt wrong to wake you."

But it's a girl's apartment. It isn't a man's apartment. "I don't do well with pets." It's a solid answer as Robert finds himself staring at the hamster cage. "And I don't think anyone in their right mind would call me peaceful." He sighs loudly as he leans his head back, considering the options. "So how long are you going to stay there? Better yet, is -she- going to stay there? She seems to be good at running away."

"I think she'll be here for tonight. She wants me to stay, but she keeps assuming you're my boyfriend, and is trying to push me out." Hope exhales a little sigh. "I would have taken a picture to show you, if it wasn't a stalkerish thing to do. Can you maybe come get me? I'll stay until you get here and then you can meet her or something?"

Someone else? He apparently is seeing more action than he knows. "Her, too?" So it isn't the first time that Robert has heard this. Stopping to consider everything he finally responds. "I know you want to be with your sister, and I'm not going to interrupt that. If you want a ride, or some company, you know I'll be there for you. But don't feel obligated just because I may be looking in your underwear drawer." That's supposed to be a joke.

Hope laughs. "Oh, well at least Faith has a reason for thinking it? I told her you were so that she'd behave and take her medication one day. She was worried I'd wind up alone." There's a pause, an awkward one. "Truth is, Bobby, if she's feeling like her old self, I'd maybe, well… would you like to go out sometime?" Okay, after saying it she nearly hangs up the phone. She feels wrong asking it from her sister's facility, over the phone, to a guy that's potentially looking through her lacy things.

Hello, awkward. He very nearly admits that he spoke with Ivan when Hope continues on with what she does. The association is not there for Robert, but he's also never been one to judge her. "Please tell me it would be for something better than pizza." Perhaps that's not the response she's expecting, but it's -Bobby-. "I mean, I as awesome as I know that I am, you especially deserve more than that." She may be embarrassed, but he's secretly thanking Faith.

Totally embarrassed. Hope is very, very silent. Extremely silent. All that's left is her breathing. "Ihadntreallygotbeyondasking," Hope says quickly when she does speak. "I've never even /done/ the asking before." Pause. "So was that a yes?"

"I wouldn't doubt that. You probably get asked out all the time." He's just expressing his feelings at this point. Robert chuckles at her, yes -at- her, but he's not going to actually make fun of her. "Hope, calm down. It's a date, not a wedding proposal. I said yes, now let me pick someplace nice for you to look your best at." A pause. "Not that you don't always look good."

"Not in a few years," she says quietly. Though that's entirely her own fault for holding people at bay, and building walls. Hope exhales, then takes a calming breath. "I'm calm, just embarrassed and nervous and, I'd love that." Then she tries a horrid joke of her own. "I mean, since you're staying at my place it only makes sense to go out on a date…" Lame, lame joke.

Oh-ho. Now she's opening herself up, since she's attempting to joke. "Well, one would figure that a proper follow up to seeing a woman's panties is to take her out on a date, yes." To take it a bit further, Bobby allows some of his ego to shine through. "Ask not what you can do for your Bobby, but ask what he can do for you. Seriously, Hope. I know you're with Faith right now but when you're done with her I'll make sure that you keep smiling."

"Isn't it typically date first, panties later?" Hope laughs, and actually starts to feel better. "You really /are/ the sweetest guy, Robert. I adore that about you." Gasp! She adores him! "If she stays as she is, we can both get our lives back. I'd really like that."

That's what he's good at: entertaining others. Sometimes it is hard to tell where the joking stops and the seriousness begins, but Ivan will be able to tell. "Tell my sister that. I don't think she'd believe you." The thought of normal lives brings pause to Robert. "Seriously, Hope. I can't think of two people that deserve normalcy more than you two. Normal or not, you're stuck with me."

Were this conversation in person, he'd find that her cheeks are a bright pink and she seems to lose her voice. At least he'll realize the latter when she doesn't speak for a few seconds. There's a subtle little throat clearing, and she says, "I wouldn't want to be stuck with anyone else." Hey, after everything he's done for her, can anyone blame her for feeling that way?

Were this any other female he normally speaks with, they'd be talking sexy to him, not being bashful. This is what makes Hope Tyler so fascinating. She's a sweet person with good moral standing. "Well, good. I'll take full advantage of that." Hey, Bobby's a guy. He has to be honest. "But really, I'm keeping you from your sister."

"You are, but…" Hope is feeling much, much better than before she made the call. She considers asking him to come by, then realizes she's being clingy. "I should be okay here tonight, the place is pretty secure, and I'm sure you want to go home and be in your own space. I'll call you tomorrow afternoon?"

His bed versus a couch. It's a tough decision, it really is, but her logic wins out in the end. "I'll feed the gerbils before I go." Bobby really isn't much of a pet person. "Hope, keep in touch. Text periodically if you want to, call if you get bored. I just want to make sure that you're okay. I can come pick you up whenever you'd like."

"Hamsters. They're Faith's." Only, Hope has a sinking suspicion that she's going to be stuck with them long term. Ivan would probably eat them for breakfast. "You miiiiiiiiiiiss me," she teases in a cutesy sing-song voice. "I'll text and call, I promise. I don't want you worrying."

"Same difference. Rodents of usual size." Then she's teasing him about missing her and he just chuckles. "Well, when you start living with a woman, you do start to miss her when she's gone. From time to time." He's already packing his stuff up, feeling awkward being alone in her place. "Just humor me, Hope? I'll let you get back to Faith."

"Consider yourself humored," she says. But she hangs up after that. Immediately texting him with 'im ok'. Just to tease him a little further.

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