The Good, The Bad, & The Candid

Due to running out of bagged blood last evening, Isobel was determined to go out and get some more. Alas, she was distracted by a little dinner that came to pay a call on her. Unfortunately, the little dinner did not wish to be snacked upon, and hungry as she was she simply went to Bloody Mary's to find someone to feed on.

Thus, she's awoken again tonight with no blood in the fridge but for the synthetic Will happens to keep on hand. Turning her nose up at it, she's makes her way back through the living room, toward the stairs to see if she can send Erica out to procure some more. Chances are though, if Will is out his Girl Friday is out with him.

Going out at night is far from an intelligent thing to do at this point, it really is, but after all she's seen a certain young woman is rebuilding her confidence. Vampires can't touch her, right? Well, the good ones anyone. It's complicated to figure out but she's going to try! That's part of the reason why she's even ventured out at all, and it allows her to accomplish a different task.
Several binders are held in her arms as Faith enters the estate. She's a face that is well known and is allowed to enter, but her fame may not be a good thing. She is responsible for the injury to the Sheriff, after all. Looking almost lost, the young woman begins sticking her neck around corners and hoping that she'll just see him instead of having to look for long. "Mister Grant?"

Oh, lookie. Another walking Happy Meal. Isobel pauses partially up the stairs, grins slyly, then breezes back down them so swiftly that in less than half a second, she's stopped in front of Rose. Really, she will have to ask that people stop dropping in like this, or at least call ahead. Either that or Valentine should get himself a butler to announce guests.

"Good evening," she says smoothly. "I am afraid that I am not Mr. Grant."

Were this even a few weeks ago, she'd be jumping out of her skin. Something has changed within the woman that causes her to barely react at all, and her only real reaction is the acknowledgement that someone is standing in front of her. Rather suddenly. Faith adjusts the binders in her arms as she examines Isobel. This is someone new.
"Obviously," she comments with a smirk. It doesn't come out smart, but rather playful if anything. She's showing that she's not afraid. Yet. "Either that or he got better looking." She must be hanging out with Ivan far too often. The joking aside, Rose gets serious. "Is he home? If not I can leave a message somewhere, or return another time. I hate to bother you."

"Unavailable," Isobel answers, reaching out to grab the binders before the woman drops them all over the floor. In truth, she has no idea where Will is, but has no doubt that he is out attempting to locate those that injured him.

"Ah. You must not be the little psychic he was spending so much time with the other evening." Which means this could very well be fair game for her. Then again, she could be another of his employees. It might be prudent for her to get a list one of these days.

There's a somewhat annoyed expression given as the woman reaches out for her binders. They're her binders! Plus it makes her feel as if she's ill again, and that's not something she likes at all. Still, she does remember where she's at and chooses not to comment. "I shouldn't have just shown up. That's okay. I can write him a letter at some point."
Now, later, it doesn't matter to her. Faith doesn't even put a time restriction on when she'll write said letter. Yet Chloe is mentioned and that catches Rose's attention. "Are you talking about Chloe?" How many psychics are there in Dallas? "No, I'm not her. Though I should see how she is doing ever since she made the mistake of going into my mind." It isn't exactly a nice place to be.

The binders are placed on a table, and Isobel nods to the couches as though she belongs here, or is extremely comfortable here. "Chloe," she repeats, as though it is the first time she has heard the name. "I presume she is no longer available." Perching on the arm of the couch, she watches Rose for a long moment.

"You are most welcome to leave a message for him now, though I would generally suggest calling before wandering up to a residence in which unknown vampires may be staying. Not everyone is as nice as…" Pausing a beat to remind herself of his currently chosen name, she finishes, "… Mr. Grant." Calling him Valentine would not at all help this woman, after all.

It wouldn't really make a difference if she used a made-up name that Rose has never heard before. It all points to the same person. She's seen so many surprises in the past few weeks that it would be the least of her concerns. Her binders, her information, are placed aside and she sighs. There's nothing bad in them but she doesn't want anyone going through her stuff. It's all college material.
"I wouldn't want to bother you, since as far as I can tell you're not his personal secretary." Isobel's suggestion is taken with a nod, but it doesn't seem to bother her. "I'd be more afraid of Mister Grant deciding that he is mad about what happened than I would be about who is or is not here." As far as she knows, she's safe. But he -did- take away her protection so it is hard to say. The mention of how nice Will is causes Faith to shift, but she quickly stands tall. Yes, she'll follow Isobel but she'll remain standing. "I know what dangers are out there, or in here. I just hope that he's recovered from his injuries."

It would appear that Isobel is completely and wholly uninterested in the binders other than making sure the human was relieved of her burden. "No, I am not Erica." She is blonde, yes. She is very similar in size to Erica, but she is most definitely not a human companion.

"Were he mad at you, he would have qualms about telling you so. The fact that you are still alive means that he either has great patience or that he does not blame you." So this is the little human he was protecting? Isobel's eyes narrow sharply, but then she returns to her cool neutral expression. "I highly doubt that you are aware of /all/ the dangers out there."

Ah-ha! This is hilarious. She's finally of clear enough mind to start linking things. "So that's Erica?" Her mind goes back to the night that she met Will and how he pestered Ivan about the woman. A slow grin appears on her face before she lets the topic slide. That's one for another day, another place and another person.
Besides, she's basically being called a child again, so she has to concentrate on not getting angry. "Obviously he doesn't want me dead, but then again it could just be that he's waiting for a time when my mind can give him answers." She's been all over the news and she's ruined the lives of many; surely her insanity has been mentioned. "Either way, I still have to make my peace. I owe him a lot." No, she will not comment on knowing things. Again, this is not the time.

To be fair, Isobel treats anyone under the age of five hundred a child, since to her that is precisely what they are. "Yes, that would be Erica." Her Maker, it would seem, has a penchant for blondes. Not that she will ever relay that to anyone who is not Will.

"Unlike some of us, Mr. Grant does not enjoy toying with people." She's gone into her non-movement state, being statue still as she speaks. "If you owe him, he is not liable to forget that."

Something is very amusing about this Erica person. Perhaps she should let the other person in the room in on the humor, but as far as she knows Ivan has never met this vampire. "I'll remember that. Thanks for pointing that out." What she says is just so odd, but again, Faith is almost starting fresh after two years.
The non-movement state doesn't bother Faith at all. In fact, she stands stone still as well, careful to keep her posture just perfect. Her parents may be terrorists but they did raise her well. "He'll be added to the long list of people that I owe favors, although he'll be moved towards the top." The way Faith speaks does not hint at actual feelings for Will - she's just stating a fact. "I'll just leave him a note explaining what I now remember and hopefully that will help him." If he's going after the people that hurt him, that is.

"I would suggest that you do so swiftly, less you have intentions of becoming an aperitif." Isobel motions toward the woman's binders, eyes shifting in that direction. "If you leave your letter there, he will be able to see it once he becomes available again." Being as he may just be busy elsewhere in the manse. After that is said, Isobel rests her hands upon her knee, watching the woman quietly.

Different people react in different ways. There are those who are deathly afraid of vampires and would crumble at what they hear. There are those who are obsessed and would plead to be fed from. Rose just watches Isobel for a moment, not reacting in the least bit. "I've already been through that before, and I run that risk any and every time I'm around my friends. I'm sorry, Miss, but it doesn't really scare me."
After all, if she doesn't lose her throat she's ahead of Tripp. Besides, the image of what happened to him makes her at least appreciate being around vampires that seem to know what they're doing. Either way, she does move to her binders to retrieve a piece of paper and a pen. Her letter is scribed as quickly as she can but there's a level of awkwardness that makes it difficult.

There is a laugh, a slow, melodious laugh. Isobel just locks her eyes onto the girl, and once the laugh wears thin says, with a slight smirk, "Most of your friends can stave off their hunger with that disgusting synthetic." The first sign that Isobel is even human is when she wrinkles her nose up at the thought of it.

"Yeah, I'm not much of a fan of it, myself." Even in writing her letter she can tell Isoblel's distaste. It would be unwise of her to actually stop paying attention to her surroundings. This vampire is at least being honest about her being in potential danger. "And no, not all of them can. I have been bitten, remember?" Did she say that? Maybe she didn't. Faith shrugs it off and finishes her letter. "That's why I'm going to work hard and learn to defend myself. I normally have nothing against you, or your kind, but I do when my life is in danger."

"Just because you were bitten, little one, does not mean that the vampire is unable to drink that awful concoction." Isobel pauses, before she forces herself back to a seated position. "Many just prefer to eat off the hoof for the warmth of the blood, and the exhilaration of feeling another creature's life force being drained from them." Her tongue glides over her upper lip, and she flashes her fangs at Rose. "Amusing how you stick around when your life is in danger at the moment." To prove it, Isobel suddenly lunges off the couch toward Rose. "Be happy that you are here for him, or you would quickly be finding out just how dangerous a situation you have happened upon."

Well, now, that's an interesting tidbit of information she's got there. This one actually can't drink the synthetic. "So go bite someone." This is said almost dismissively. "I'm sure that there are more than enough willing people, especially men." Faith has been told all about fangbangers, of course, so yes she's going to bring it up. It isn't meant to be mean, it's just casual conversation.
With the letter finished, Rose turns to ask Isobel where she should place it. Only instead of being on the couch, this new vampire is -right there-. The twin blinks, eyes going wide just at the shock of seeing something before her that was not previously there. Fear isn't actually present. No, not here. "The situation isn't dangerous because I -am- here for him, so I'm sorry if I haven't learned my lesson today." Again, this is all stated matter-of-factly, almost as if trying to use logic to explain her actions. "But if you wanted me to leave, you could have told me to get out. I get the point, though." No pun intended.

Oh little mouse, how fun you will be to play with. Isobel reaches out to run her cool fingers over the side of Rose's neck in a near-intimate manner. "Many willing, perhaps, but not so many that are actually appetizing." Her body shifts, just enough so that she can deeply inhale the scent of the woman, just to creep her out a little. There she lingers briefly, murmuring, "Many of those that are willing have unclean blood." Should she wish to imbibe, she would.

"There will come a time, little one, when you are not around merely to see him. So learn your lesson or not, there will not be a second course to…" She waits a beat, and then draws back, her tongue flicking over her extended teeth. "… raise your grade."

Oh-kay. This is weird. Has this woman hit her head or something? Isobel isn't scary, not one bit. She just seems a little off her rocker. Faith remains perfectly still while she's around, careful not to further this little show. "Point made." Her voice is slightly shaky for a moment as she does her best to remain composed. Being tough is hard! At least she's trying.
When Isobel finally steps back, Faith turns to look at her straight on. "So that's your goal, then? To frighten me?" She shakes her head and begins to gather her binders. "You're right when you say that I don't know you, and don't know what I'm getting myself into." Yes, she's talking like she's not all that bothered, but her heart is racing at this moment. Being bitten isn't exactly something she cares to go through again, after all, no matter what she says. "I'm only here under peaceful circumstances. You can do as you please, and I'm no one to tell you not to, but I'd still like to be civil towards you." Friends is a goal that she's not out for anymore.

There is something to be said about fear. Super-sensitive hearing picks up on the heartbeat. Super-sensitive sense of smell can catch a waft of the blood as it races through the young woman's body. It all causes Isobel to smirk. "You put on a very good act, but it is not enough to fool me, little one." Will may just kill her later for toying with the humans in his employ, but it is hardly her fault when he keeps inviting dinner to his home. "If I trusted you remotely, I would believe you are here under peaceful circumstances. I shall keep my eye upon you, and should you do anything untoward in regards to Mr. Grant, I will see that you pay in full for it."

She should have seen this one coming. All Faith can do is raise a brow and quirk a head, as if not quite sure what's going on. Eventually she just drops the whole thing. "You're being creepy on purpose." That part of her that is a mental patient just can't help but speak out. "So yes, I'm going to react to it, and no I'm not going to want to. I've been a victim too long, but apparently I still need work." It looks as if Rose doesn't even fault Isobel for what's going on. She's an odd character.
The fact that she doesn't trust Rose, however, nearly smacks the woman in the face. "Wow. You know, I'm really not used to that." Hey! It's time for honesty. "I mean, everyone expects the mental patient to only tell the truth. I'll take that as you considering me somewhat human." Again, she's not really mad at Isobel. This is how the woman has vampires for friends: she just doesn't know when to say enough is enough. "But fair enough. In fact, I'd be rather disappointed in you if you didn't."

"Mayhaps I am. Then again, I /am/ hungry, and you /would/ make for a very scrumptious aperitif." Isobel has no reason to lie to the woman, mental patient or no. Wort case, she glamours the woman and sends her on her merry way.

There is no emotion apparent on Isobel's face other than the icy neutrality. Her eyes stare blankly at Rose. "That is only due to the fact that many of our kind do not like to speak so candidly to humans." There is a sly little grin. "Besides which, a mental patient rarely tells the truth on anything. If they were able to function in such a capacity, they would not be sent to the sanitariums."

Maybe her heart is still racing. Maybe. She's still not going to run off. That's what this woman would like. "Maybe I would." Glamouring isn't even needed, honestly. Rose wouldn't say a word to anyone anyway. If she made it known she could end up back in the mental facility. "And maybe if you weren't so creepy I wouldn't mind that so much."
If Isobel is going to be candid, Faith is going to be as well. "I've seen the good and bad of your kind, and now I've met the candid. I should consider myself fortunate." The binders are shuffled around again but this time she keeps a firm hold on them so as not to lose them. Rose just watches Isobel, trying hard not to stare an icy hole into the other woman's head. "Yeah, like you would know. I was nothing but honest when I was without my memories. Either way, you'll see that I mean no harm here." Eventually.

"Sanitariums were very good places to hide for our kind. Have you not read Dracula?" Although, Dracula was never really /in/ the sanitarium, his servant was. He did, however, live close enough to it for the point to still remain valid. "If you believe me to be creepy, little one, then you have yet to meet any of our kind that could even remotely be called the bad."

The stare is just laughable at best. Isobel seems entirely unphased by the look. "Whether you do or do not remains to be seen." Like she stated, she does not trust this one at all. "If you are finished here, I shall offer to walk you out. I hunger, and I shall need to eat soon, lest I decide to take you as my meal with or without the permission of your patron."

"Forgive me if I don't believe Dracula to be the be all end all of vampire kind." It is a novel, after all, and there's no way for her to know how accurate it really is. "Maybe you're comfortable being treated like a mental patient, but I'm not. Too many drugs and doctors for my liking."
She can't win everyone over, nor has that ever been her goal. She simply has been able to make friends out of luck. "Very well." The bit of fear that she has is pushed behind her as well as it can be so she can try to retain at least a little dignity. "Well, then, to save issues with Mister Grant and Ivan, I should be on my way." Barely a second passes before she adds on to her statement. "Alone. I can show myself out. I would hate to delay your meal any longer." Even if she would -love- to give this woman attitude, her tone comes out completely neutral. Obviously they're both here for a reason. "I won't be back uninvited, ma'am." Oh, snap. Yes, she said ma'am.

Isobel has been called worse things in her time on this earth, so the words meant to be an insult go completely and utterly ignored. Instead, Isobel grins and makes her way toward the door, holding it open for this unknown woman. "Mm. You know the little dinner? Do tell him that I would /love/ to see him again soon." A lot more is implied in her words than actually exists between her and the man in question. "Be on your way, little one. I shall give you a five minute head start."

Will is going to be more than upset, but sometimes it's just worth it to make the humans squirm, and be perfectly honest with them while doing it. It's not as though she's hurt Rose at all, and perhaps… just perhaps, the woman will heed her words upon taking her leave of this place.

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