Hockeytime, Go!

There's not enough free time in the world for this particular Fontane. It's an elusive beast, much like a unicorn or a gryphon. But somehow Ivan has managed to wrangle up some for himself. As a result, he's intent on taking full advantage of the anomaly. The man is currently sitting upon his couch in a white tee-shirt and his striped boxer shorts, looking uncharacteristically unkempt and ruffled. Reclined upon the surface of his couch, he reaches, every once in a while, for a bowl filed with popcorn that he has set up beside him. The lights are dimmed, the temperature is comfortable and, most importantly, the television is on, showcasing a particularly intense hockey game.

Oh yeah. It's time to vegetate.

It must be wonderful to find the time to relax. Even though she doesn't have a job, or any real obligations, Faith Rose Tyler has been constantly busy the past week. Its dark out and she's still not home, which could be taken as a bad sign but she's at least not called yet. So things should be fine, right?

Oh, yeah. Totally. Still rather creeped out by her run-in with the vampire Isobel, Faith slips into the apartment. Hey, hockey! It's a great distraction and hopefully will keep Ivan from noticing anything. Once her armful of binders are sat down in a decent place, she shrugs out of her jacket. All of this is done without really saying anything to Ivan; he's very intent on his relaxation and she's not about to bother him.

Her theory will be proven correct: Ivan doesn't even blink as the door is open, apparently mesmerized by the television. He could be being mugged right now, and he wouldn't even notice. Hockey is the one sport, the one (non-sexual) pasttime that seems to shut Ivan's poor brain off. It's probably because he was something of a Hockey star back in the days of his infancy. It appeals to his inner kid.

Surprisingly though, Faith isn't completely ignored - he does offer her a muffled grunt of, presumably, greeting in the midst of reaching for his beer can and swallowing it.

Well, hey, this works out great for her! It also helps show her that Isobel really was just looking to make her as uncomfortable as (un)humanly possible. Once she's placed her jacket and snows out of the way, Faith turns back to her binders. It's going to be difficult to continue with the lights how they are so she just moves her binders into the bedroom.

No, Faith isn't locking herself away from him. She's just cleaning up after herself. Before long she's standing behind the couch, hand attempting to move through his hair. There's something to be said, there really is, but hockey is on! She can wait.

It's as though Ivan's gone through some horrific zombification process. But hey - Rose wanted normal, and here it is. In fact, she might as well get used to it, because whenever the ice game is on, this is exactly how he's going to react. Her appearance and disappearance and subsequent reappearance don't receive so much as a blink, but when that hand runs through his hair, he is pretty much forced to recognize her presence. The effect she has on him is calming, for now. He actually leans back into her touch, eased back into the material of the sofa.

"Nggnerf." Wait, Ivan, that's not a word. "Hey, baby. How's you?" He's clearly distracted by the game, but he's trying his best to appear as attentive and happy for her arrival as possible. "C'mere, sit down with me, yeah? The Red Wings are on! They're winning!" And though he has yet to remove his eyes from the flashing television screen, his hand is lifted so that he can gesture for her animately to join him.

There really are other things that she can be doing, but she does need ot save something to keep occupied while he's at work. So, with a heavy sigh, the hand is removed. Faith finds herself a seat, and in such a way that she doesn't have to block his view of the precious television. Is she upset? Absolutely not. Perhaps she'll have a chance now to fall asleep on the couch, and maybe tonight she'll stay asleep.

"I can see that," Faith comments with a grin. Hockey isn't her game, really, but she can understand the appeal. Actually, once given the opportunity to sit down she almost melts. Relaxing is a good thing. That's it, though. That is her interaction with the man she's currently living with. Everyone needs their quiet time, after all.

There are better things that Ivan ought to be doing too, but it doesn't stop him! She should look at it this way. Her presence is making Ivan much, much happier. That worth it, isn't it? The moment she settles down beside him, the giant man-child that he is beams happily. He even musters up enough energy to tear his eyes away from the screen and flash her a brief, if fleeting, smile and he leans in her direction to brush his lips against her cheek, even proceeding to place his hand upon her thigh. "Yeah - sorry. Just…like it and…" He trails off. Back to the game.

However soon enough, the commercials arrive. And thusly, the spell that has been cast upon Ivan is dispelled, if only for the next ten minutes or so. With a low whistle, he takes his time, allowing himself to finally blink before turning to face his roommate/girlfriend? "Okay! So, we've got like, time. Why don't you tell me how your day's been, okay?" He offers with a broad grin. "Or, d'you want something to eat, baby?"

Some people may be annoyed with the way that she's being treated, but she honestly isn't. Hockey really isn't the focus of her attention; in fact, she's not paying attention to anything. This is a great time to just reflect on the day and almost begin to drift off. She is smiling, she is, especially at the way that he's attempting to pay attention to her.

"Seriously, it's okay," she says, waiting until the commercial break to do so. "I might just go to sleep." But then he's trying to be all attentive so Faith chuckles. "I lost my appetite," she responds almost immediately. Faith does her best to keep her warm smile as she speaks with this man who has opened his home to her. She would say boyfriend but heck if she's one to know when such statuses are applied. "The day was long and boring, but I got some information on possible colleges." Boring, yes. Her hand falls to where his is located on her thigh and squeezes. "How about you?"

"Sleep?" Ivan echoes, blinking curiously. "You're tired, huh?" He ends up reaching over with his free hand, looking to tuck her hair behind her ear in a gesture of kindness. "Ah, alright. Sorry for keeping you up so late, Faith." He can't help it, even referencing it as abstractly as that prompts a broad grin to appear on his lips. "You ought to sleep in more. You're always up early in the morning - it's no wonder you're tired now. Anyway, what d'you mean, colleges?" Silence follows as he allows his shoulders to rise, then fall in a casual shrug. "Ah…well, business as usual, huh? Oh. I called your sister." It's tacked on as an afterthought, even though it's anything but one.

That small gesture, as sweet and innocent as it is, is almost enough to cause the woman to fall asleep on the spot. "You don't keep me up," she finally responds. "I do it to myself. I just don't like sleeping so much right now." If she starts talking about her nightmares, they'll think she's crazy and needs medication and more doctors. This is why she keeps quiet about the night fears. It likely can't be hidden forever but she'll take it as long as she can.

The word college pretty much explains itself, so she chuckles. "I'm looking to get my credits transferred and possibly change my major. I'm undecided, but I have plenty of time. I just can't do nothing all day long. That would get boring after a while." Sounds like a good idea to her, at least. Faith just nods at his comment about his day. He never really seems to have all that much to say about it, but she doesn't pry. He's a very important person, after all, even if people don't realize it fully just yet.

As comfortable as she is, Faith nearly springs forward, coming to sit up rather quickly. "You called Hope? Do you have a death wish?" This is said entirely as a joke. "So that's a good thing, right? A step towards less hostility?"

Ivan's eyes are fixed upon Faith with the same near religious fervor that he had afforded the television a couple of seconds ago. "Yeah? How come? I like sleeping loads." Apparently, the man is completely oblivious to her nightmares. This is probably due to the fact that he's always out like a light whenever she's asleep, and he's never awake during her fits. Therefore, that question is purely curious, light-hearted. Now, he can, indeed, comment on her decision to return to school around here. He could congratulate her, and encourage her, and support her, but he doesn't.

There is one thing standing in the way of him gushing about her school choices. That thing wears pink, and lots of it. With a deliberate, tired sort of sigh, Ivan looks away from Faith and in the process ends up shifting away from her in favor of leaning back comfortably on the couch. "Maybe we should move the TV into the bedroom." Beat. "Aha, apparently, huh? And…I'm not sure. I mean, I tried, you know? I called her to invite her over, and tell her that it'd be cool with me if she wanted to drop by and see you whenever. Not that I expect her to like me or anything, but to just put our differences aside, you know?" Pause. "Yeah. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned or something, I guess. And I guess by being there for you I was scorning her personally?"

"I know you do." This is said with a broad, teasing smile. With as little as she's been sleeping, Rose has been able to see just how he sleeps. "But you know, I'll probably be asleep before the end of this game. Long day and everything." The woman honestly is tired after all. Who knows? Maybe he'll get his first experience with one of her fits this very night. Medication would be helpful but can anyone really blame her for wanting to avoid it?

So the college discussion is gone. That's fine by her. She'll bring it back up later, when she's actually looking through the information that she's gathered. The fact that he's moving away from her leaves her with a bad feeling and apparently it is for good reason. "I think the bedroom is just fine without a tv." There are many reasons for this but she doesn't really have time to list them. Faith leans back herself and closes her eyes. "She's changed her entire life, just for me. She's prone to taking things personally." Looks like Faith will need to speak with her sister. Hopefully Ivan's not disclosed just how close they've been lately. "I really appreciate the fact that you tried, though. It means a lot to me."

Then she will have seen what an obnoxious sleeper Ivan can be. It's not his fault, he's just used to being in bed alone, which results in sprawling limbs everywhere, the occasional big-bellied, comfortable snore. It's like watching a panda bear sleep, really. "Yeah? Well…you know, if you want to go to bed, you can. I don't want to keep you up, baby. I'll be fine alone." He offers her, brows arched slightly as runs his hand through his hair.

But then, back to the twins. Before that, though, to the second most important thing in his life - his flatscreen. "What? Why not?" He inquires, genuine curiosity found in his tone as he blinks in her direction. "Yeah? Hey, Faith, it's no problem. It really isn't, alright? I'm just sorry it's still awkward and all, but some things can't be helped. Just wanted to put in the effort, and be open with your entire family about that, so they can't claim that I'm keeping you hostage against your will, or that I've been deliberately lying or misleading them as to your whereabouts."

Everyone has their own habits when sleeping. She's been through two years of strong medication and at times restraints, so Faith pretty much keeps to herself while she sleeps. With the way that Ivan does, however, he may never realize this about her. "Well, I don't want to interrupt the game. I mean, come on. It's hockey." See? Rose is even being supportive of his habits. So she stands free from the couch and stretches. Sleep will be nice.

Despite being tired she finds herself laughing loudly before bending down to give him quite the kiss. "It is your call in the end, after all. This is your place. I just think that there are other forms of entertainment in the bedroom." Oh, yes. She's going there. Ivan has created a monster! She reaches out again for his curls, showing her joy as opposed to any stress that she may be feeling. "That's all you can do. They're my family and they never listen to me. You probably have a better chance at any sense of rationality." Sane or insane she is basically ignored. At least she can recognize this. "In the end I can see what's going on."

Ivan ends up grinning broadly with bemusement, his entire demeanor lighting up, if only for a moment. "Yeah, yeah. No makin' of me," he grumps with feigned grumpiness, although one look at the individual will prove that he is entertained if anything. He watches her carefully as she makes her way to her feet, eyeing the catlike grace with which she stretches, and he doesn't even realize that the game has slipped back on in the flashing LCD screen. Faith has accomplished the impossible. "Alright. Want me to go tuck you in?" He offers in a light-hearted tease.

He had other things to add, but then she's put his lips to an alternate use. In the end, he cannot help the way he moans in appreciation, the sentiment turning into a groan as she pulls away. "Mhmm…Oh." Wait for it…wait for it… "Oh! Heh heh. Yeah, That's a good point," he concedes happily, his lips split into a broad smile, only to have it sober up as the topic of conversation veers towards serious once more. And as he sits there, leaning into the hand that's lost in his curls, he purses his lips slightly. "Yeah…about that." Beat. "I wanted to apologize, Faith. I really do. I was so…so fucking stupid and self-righteous. Acting like I was any better then your family was, you know? Like I knew better, and preaching to them about listening to you. In the end, I did the same damn thing they did - I should have believed you when you told me about them. Your family, I mean."

Victory! If only she intended to do such a thing. Instead she remains hovering just in front of him, blocking the tv for now. It won't last long. "I want you to stay out here and relax. I think you've more than earned it." Look at how understanding she is! Yet people don't trust her. Pffft. "Besides, I'm sure that there will be something else more entertaining tomorrow. Perhaps something I can also enjoy?" Oh, yes. She is very much trying to suggest naughty things to him.

Faith's eyes widen at what he says and for a moment she just watches him. Eventually she does move, however, to kiss him on the forehead. "I never expected anyone to listen to me. I was the crazy one, right?" No matter how much her words might sting, she gives him nothing but the most honest of smiles. "In the end you've been here for me, allowed me to do what I want and you make me feel comfortable and happy. I just hope that I can return the favor."

Ivan ends up smiling broadly, practically radiating with the sentiment as he accepts the kiss on the forehead. "Yeah…yeah, okay. I just wanted to throw that out there, you know?" With a deep contented sigh, he ends up leaning back in his seat, his eyes finally returning to the television screen. "Heh. Oh, don't you worry about a thing. I'm sure you'll find some way to pay me back, somehow. Now, go get some shut eye, babe. You could use the break." And with a playful swat to her butt, he's back to lounging and generally vegetating on the couch.

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