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Bean Scene Cafe

Bean Scene is a small coffee shop and cafe that caters primarily to a younger crowd. The cafe has always been at least a year late in joining any given fad, and in the past it's been done in western-style, set up as a beatnik hangout, a go-go disco, a fern bar, and once even attempted to cash in on breakdancing. A plaque has recently been placed above the door, and says, "No fad is dead until it appears to Bean Scene".
Case in point, the cafe has a grungy feel to it.A grey brick facade has been placed over the walls, the flooring looking more like a worn down metal grid, complete with old sewer grates every few feet. Tables and chairs set about the cafe are quite casual in appearance, made of metal meant to look rusty and splattered with multi-colored paints. Metal street signs hang from the wall amid images of garage bands. Behind the counter is a black chalkboard displaying the available items and costs.

Neve is looks oblivious to the rest of the evening crowd as she sits at a table by herself - just under a poster for a now obsolete band. The coffee cup sitting beside her right hand is still steaming and the book in her hand appears to be a science fiction novel of some sort.

It's nearly the time where she needs to be hitting the stage, or the local bar scene, but there is one important stop that needs to be made: the local coffee shop. Some performers get their energy from the fans, from drinking or from drugs. While drinking is involved, the one thing that energizes the singer is a hot cup of java. Luckily for Tala she doesn't have to avoid any fans tonight, as there doesn't seem to be any around. With coffee in hand, she attempts to find a table for a quick bit, only to notice something unusual. By unusual, of course, she means someone reading a science fiction book and sitting by herself. So of course she has to walk that way and investigate.

Neve imay have been pretty engrossed in her book, but that does not stop her from looking and searching the room for something. Her nostrils flare a little as if she were attempting to smell whatever it is. The book is closed and set aside - without any indication that she's marked the page she was reading. Her gaze travels to the entering musician.

That takes all the fun out of it, what with her noticing and all. Oh, well. There will be a different tactic of approach there. "Hey there, pretty thing." It would seem that Tala is on the prowl, especially with the way she licks her lips just before speaking. "Interesting place to catch up on some reading." A quick glance is given to the area that she's now standing in out of habit. One must always know their surroundings.

Neve motions toward the book, which appears to be something by Isaac Asimov. "There is usually enough white noise to drown out the kiddies." Of course, Neve seems just a couple years out of being a kiddie herself. Other than the motion, her attention is fixed completely on Tala. "You seem rather… familiar. In more ways than one."

The way she mentions kids brings an almost evil smirk to surface. Tala could point out that she is still a child to her, but why get technical? "I prefer headphones, myself." A sip of her liquid heaven is taken before she even dares respond to the other part. "Nicole Carter." The name may or may not mean anything, and it isn't her stage name. It is a way of filtering out the fans, somewhat. Tala sniffs at the air slightly before regarding Neve once more. "Perhaps you saw me in your dreams?"

Neve's expression suggests that she likely draws a blank with the name. Still, she incline her head to offer back. "Neve Bishop, Miss." Her own nostrils flare just a little, though she does attempt to be trying to keep the search subtle enough. A slight blush colors her cheeks. "I suppose that could be. I've not met a lot of people in this area of Dallas yet."

To most it would be subtle, but her opponent is even years her senior. There are some things that shifters can just recognize. All the same, Tala doesn't make a big deal of concern about it; quite the contrary, actually. Using the blush as a cue, she slides into a seat across from Neve and smiles. It is the practiced smile which comes with her profession, but she is quite good at it. "It could be? Don't tease me now, Neve." Yes, Neve is just interesting enough to keep her attention. "So you're new to the area? What brings you this way?"

Neve shrugs a little. "I've been around Dallas for a couple of years now, but only moved into the city proper a couple of weeks ago." She looks over the older shifter before lowering her eyes - perhaps in a show of defference. "I should probably be a little more familiar than I am with the regulars around here."

Not exactly fresh meat but close enough, especially if she happens to have any valuable information. Another sip of the coffee is taken as an excuse for Tala to lick her lips again. "You should take the time to see the sights. Surely there is someone who is willing to show you." An odd influx on the word show might make it suggest something completely different. The lowering of the eyes could be what caused this but it is hard to say. "Well, there are a few regulars you should know, but it will come. You just have to encounter them."

"Before they encounter me." Neve adds playfully before picking up her coffee. The steam has just begun to fade away and she takes a sip. " She pauses for a moment and glances away, as if trying to find a snappy comeback for the implication. It actually takes her more than a moment before she responds. "I wouldn't mind someone showing me the way of things around Dallas."

Zing. It is a snappy comeback, the first part at least. This receives another smirk. It would appear that her time has not been wasted. Tala's obviously taking delight in this conversation even if it is putting her into a bit of an uncomfortable position. This one can't be treated like all others, not immediately at the very least. "Then it's settled. I'll show you everything you need to know. Everything." That last word, again, is toned to imply a little something more.

Neve seems rather intrigued by the other woman, showing her the same focused attention previously given to the book. The color comes back to her cheeks again and she takes another sip of coffee before clearing her throat. "With your charm, I imagine you know a lot of people."

The stop at the coffee shop was certainly a wise decision. "Intimately." Both elbows are pressed against the table and her head comes to rest in her hands. This is all done while Tala never once takes her eyes off of Neve. "I do have to work tonight, but I can be free some other time if you would like a personal tour."

Neve's eyebrows raise at the mention of intimately and she fails to hide the smirk that crosses her lips. "It sounds like you're a good woman to know." She replies after a moment before growing more serious. "Sure thing. I can give you my…" She stumbles over the words while looking around her for a pen. "Number."

"Knowing me comes with some benefits." The innuendo really should be cut out of the conversation but she can't resist hitting on a pretty lady, of course. From one of her pockets she removes two cards which could be considered of the business variety. The backs of them are white but the front contains a full picture of the band Havenlore, with her contact information listed under the name 'Tala'. "How about this," she responds a she turns them both face down on the table. "You give me your number and I'll give you my personal line. Do you have a pen?" If not she knows exactly where to find one.

Neve's eyes widen a little and she says "Havenlore. Wow. I'm a bit f-" the words are cut off and she grimaces "Sure you hear enough of that." With the mention of a pen, she pokes around again before grabbing one off of a nearby table. Hopefully the college kid sitting there won't notice it missing. As she jots down the information, she offers up. "And I work from home, so my hours are pretty flexible. I imagine you are busier."

Normally she'd blow off the whole thing with a wave of the hand, but she's not going to deny any attention she receives from Neve; not yet, anyway. "It never gets old, you know. People like you are the reason why we are where we are." No matter how natural sounding she makes it, that line has been given to her by her PR agent. When the number is offered, Tala reaches over to gently take the pen and do the same. "I'm far more flexible than people give me credit for." She pauses just long enough for that to settle, not wishing to linger too much on the cheap lines. "In all seriousness, I'll make myself available for someone so cute. Someone has to, right?"

"You're sweet." Neve replies as that blush returns. When she has the number in hand, she reaches into her pockets to pull out a wallet. "I'd have been listening a lot sooner if I knew that you guys were-" she pauses for the appropriate description to use is mixed company "-like you."

This brings a chuckle to the elder woman. Clearly Neve has no idea but it is best left that way. "Only in certain company. I have a reputation to uphold." Another sweep of the area is made before Tala shakes her head. "Only me. They're quite boring, I assure you. Although I'm sure you understand why I've not exactly made myself public." Vampires may be able to, but she values her life.

Neve laughs a little "Oh, I understand. I just thought maybe my parents or someone would have told me. " After a thoughtful moment, she shrugs. "You gonna be in Dallas for awhile or going on tour?"

"I'm not even sure that my father knows what I do for a living. I like to keep low key, no matter what you may hear about me." There's likely a good deal to be said about Tala, especially with all of the one night stands she has built up. "I'm rather taken with this city, even more so now that I know there is someone around like you." Someone she can take under her wing, so to speak. "I think we'll be holding off any tours for a while, unless you're that eager to have me gone." This is said with another smirk, a playful one.

Neve actually looks a a bit surprised - enough so that she doesn't disguise it very well at all. After a few seconds, she offers up. "You do have a way with words. I'll try to make it worth your while to stick around." As an afterthought, she adds "And don't worry… I won't be telling rabid fans where you go to get your coffee."

That expression is such a wonderful one and it causes Tala to chuckle yet again. "If I'm coming on too strong, due tell me. It's not every night I find myself speaking to an equal." She reaches out attempting to find Neve's hand, just to pat it. She's not going to be too much more forward just yet. "I'd appreciate that. The longer you keep to that, the longer you're eligible for free tickets." Oh, yes. She's offering to get the younger one into clubs. "I tell you what; call me sometime. I'll introduce you to the band."

"Ahh, don't worry about it. " Neve says with a wave of her hand. "At least you're not weird like the guys at the Star Trek convention… you know the one that was in town last week?-" The thought trails off at the mention of - "Free tickets?" Neve seems rather happy about that and even opens her wallet again to look at the card. "That would be awesome. I haven't been clubbing in ages."

Star Trek? She does well to hide her expression due to a well placed laugh. "You have to understand, Neve dear, that they've likely never seen someone so pretty so close up. It must be difficult for them." They are geeks after all. "You haven't?" Now this is interesting for Tala, made obvious by the return of the smirk. "I can show you a few that are worth visiting. I can get you in, even if some of the bouncers really need to remove the stick, if you know what I mean."

Neve laughs a little. "I am sure a few of them have never seen a real live girl so close up. You and I are strange creatures to the guys who are used to staring at pixels." She smiles broadly for a moment. "That would be pretty cool. And you don't have to worry about me getting booted. I'm twenty-three." Yeah. Someone with senses like Tala's can likely tell that is a lie.

She does understand so bonus points for her. "Now the trick is finding someone else like you at one of those conventions. Now that could produce some fun times." In the hotel room, at least. "You can't really fault the guys, I suppose, but you should never humor them. You're better than that." It's almost gravely serious time when she mentions that last part but her smirk returns in no time flat. "Okay then, Misses Twenty Three." This is said as Tala looks to the clock on the wall and sighs. "Don't let me down. I'll cry if you don't call me."

Neve laughs. "Oh, I never lead them on. It's like a lost puppy… if you feed it, it will follow you home. And so far I haven't met anyone at those things who didn't smell like unwashed sixteen year-old." She winks a little and then waves the wallet where she placed the card. "I won't. And you can call me, too. I promise I won't try to drag you to Blizzcon or anything crazy like that."

"Blizzcon?" Never in her life did Tala believe that she would ever be out of her element, but now is the time. "I don't know what this Blizzcon is but life is an experience." She'd likely be too busy fending off smelly men to actually have fun, but there may be some hot women there too. Hopefully? A heavy sigh comes from the time before she pulls herself out of her seat. "Maybe I will just call you. I'm not against house calls." Far from, honestly. Tala licks her lips again before grabbing her coffee. "Have fun, Neve Bishop. But not too much unless you call me first."

"Like a Star Trek Convention," Neve explains. "Only the unwashed boys are dressed like orcs instead of klingons." As Tala rises, she does too as a matter of courtesy. "Take it easy, Nicole. And I'll try to stay out of trouble… today anyway."

The last part again brings a laugh. "Now that's what I like to hear. I'll be in touch, cutie." There's something to be said about this Blizzcon but it is kept internal, or at least until she can get to her car and properly react to it. A slight wave is given before Tala exits the building, wonderful coffee in hand and plans in the making.

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