One Of You

Bloody Mary's Bar

Given to irony, Bloody Mary's Bar is decorated primarily in black and varying shades of red. From the black bench seats and chairs, black tables, black walls with chilling red blood flowing down them in a continuous manner, it's quite obvious why this bar has the name it does. Deep red mahogany makes up the floor and bar. Dangling red star lights illuminate the bar, lending to it's somewhat creepy look.

It's nighttime and business is good for the bar tonight, despite all that has occurred from the parade day. Fangbangers are here in evidence looking for their prey… which are the local vampires that still show up. One particular vampire sits in a back table, which is conspiciously empty as some fangbangers eye him with not a little fear. This vampire is Dietrich and the fact that he's drinking a bottle of synth and eyeing the local fangbangers with disgust.

Due to recent history, Ivan's dealings with vampires have been considerably more cautious then before. Undercover, if you will. And so, under the guise of grabbing a drink, Ivan can be found with a couple of the pale, stoic creatures of the night and a glass of scotch in hand. "Yes? Well, it's been a pleasure. Please, let me know if you find any additional information." He grumbles over to them, offering the two of them a brisk, professional kind of hand shake. It is only once they have disappeared that he ends up collapsing into his seat - clearly exhausted by the ordeal. "Eh. Another round for me, please."

Dietrich perks up as soon as Ivan passes by… that subtle aura… could it be. The vampire gets up and walks over to Ivan and quietly asks, over the atmosphere of the bar, "Looks like you're having a bad night." The vampire takes a empty seat nearby, a half-drained bottle of synth in his hands as he says, "So what brings someone like you into a vamp haven like this at this time of night?"

With a new glass in hand, Ivan proceeds to swirl the alcohol in a slow, methodical manner, eventually breaking the habit in order to enjoy a quick swig of the alcohol. The foreign voice invading his ears prompts the man to freeze up in slight surprise. Slowly, he glances to Dietrich. "Hey, man. No offense to you or your people or anything, but I'm not interested. I'm just going to finish my drink, then leave." Hey. It's safer to assume that he's being propositioned then to assume the opposite.

Dietrich raises a eyebrow at Ivan and then begins to chuckle. "Wow, has society really progressed to the point where if a vampire is talking to someone, he must want to feed from them? No no, first off, synth in hand usually means I'm good for the night." He shakes the present bottle to emphasis it.

Dietrich raises a eyebrow at Ivan and then begins to chuckle. "Wow, has society really progressed to the point where if a vampire is talking to someone, he must want to feed from them? No no, first off, synth in hand usually means I'm good for the night." He shakes the present bottle to emphasis it. "And secondly, I only do women, both for blood and bed… so you're safe, ok?" The vampire raises his voice to embarass the hell out of Ivan as people around them are chuckling before he waves to make them go back to their business. The vampire lowers his voice and says, "No, you see, it's not so often that someone with magical powers comes into a vampire establishment on purpose. My business is simply to determine why."

"Considering our current environment, it's not inappropriate for me to make that assumption." Ivan drawls back with a faint roll of his eyes, unconcerned with the laughter. Why should he care, after all? Fangbangers are usually glorified white trash. "But, fair enough. I appologize." Not that his 'sorry' is anything short of automatic. When the vampire proceeds to hiss to him about his own magical abilities, the man purses his lips, brows furrowed contemplatively. Another swig of scotch is taken before he turns to stare at Dietrich. "I had business to attend to, not that it is at all any of your business."

Dietrich shrugs and says, "Fair enough." In exactly the same tone that Ivan said to him. He then frowns and says, "-What- you came in here to do matters little to me. That you are here however, does." He takes a glance around the room to the present vampires and that thankfully none of them have their attention on this conversation and he looks back to Ivan. He takes a swig from his bottle of synthetic as he stares back and then asks, "Oh, do forgive me, I've been rude. I am Dietrich Eberle." He extends a hand to Ivan, a more friendly demeanor on his features."

Ivan frowns darkly, turning to peer at Dietrich with clear paranoia written on his features. "Forgive me, but isn't that the problem? You wanted to know what I was doing here. I told you exactly what I'm here for. Now…are we good here? Would you like me to leave? I'd hate to be encroaching in your 'territory' or whatever." And with a wry smile, he ends up shaking his head slightly. Ah, but he wants a name! "…Ivan. Ivan Fontane." Cautiously, Ivan accepts the hand.

Dietrich chuckles, taking the returned handshake warmly and says, "I don't have territory… nor do I really recognize others. I go where I want, when I want, and to be damned who thinks their top. This is America after all." He shakes his head and says, "No, I just keep a eye out for those of your type and try and keep them safe. Too few of you in the world without worrying about vampires trying to make you into us, eh? And nice to meet you Mr. Fontane."

Ivan shakes his head faintly, looking solemn and unimpressed. "I'm afraid, Mr. Eberle, that this is not colonial America. Freedom only exists to an extent. And we're damn lucky for that - I've seen anarchy. It isn't pretty." He speaks as though he has personal experience…even though he really doesn't. "You just keep an eye out for…my type?" Ah, Ivan's a politician. It'd be silly to assume that he'd take it without suspicion. "Why? Of what interest do we hold for you? What's your motivation?"

Dietrich fixes Ivan with a look that prietty much says You-have-no-idea-what-anarchy-is. He chuckles, "I've lived through the Colonial age and prietty much every war that's touched American soil since then except the Great War and those thereafer." And to answer the question offered? "Because I was and still am one. I was before I became what I am now. Believe me when I say it's not fun when a vampire turns you because of that very gift you have. Thats why keep an eye out for those like you and I. To protect them from what I had to go through."

Ivan blinks, not once but twice. "That's impressive…" He begins, though there is something doubtful about his tone. Indeed, what he wants to say is 'but what does that have to do with anything', but common sense keeps him from doing so. Besides, there are more interesting things to cover presently. "What? You are…" Fascination quickly riddles the young witch, and his brows furrow as he looks over Dietrich. "What can you do?" He inquires, low and curious in tone. The drink is nearly forgotten.

Dietrich smiles and says, "Elementalism. And with three hundred years to practice, I've just gotten better." He leans back, taking a drink of synth and says, "It rather evens the playing field when you run across vampires a few centuries older than you. Hence I don't have too much to fear from those with power. And besides, I play nice until someone screws with me, which rarely happens." He then raises a eyebrow, "So what about you? What do you do?"

"Elementalism…" Ivan breaths out, recognition sounding in his voice. "That's…fascinating." Suddenly, the look in Ivan's eye is different. Perhaps Dietrich could help his cause. "With any? Any element, I mean? Me? I ah…I can project duplicates of people." It's not a lie. It's just not the full extent of his abilities, is all. After all, a man's got to keep some secret to himself.

Dietrich nods to Ivan and says, "Fire happens to be the best to work with in my case… there is a drawback to be sure… I burn through blood, pardon the pun, faster than a normal vampire… hence why you'll find me to be drinking this stuff at all times." He shakes the synth and says, "Duplicates of people… just illusions?" He tilts his head and frowns, tapping his lips in contemplation.

Ivan arches his brows, his lips being licked with confusion. "What? So, fire doesn't burn you, like it would any other vampire? That's…" Beat. Warily, he glances around, eyeing the other inhabitants of the bar. "Should…that be something you admit out here? In the open like that? Oh. And…yeah. I'm like a…a projector, you know? Make holograms and shit of people."

Dietrich shakes his head, "Normal fire will still hurt me, I'm not immune to it. But fire created by me, that's harmless so long as it's in my power." Don't worry, don't hurry, Ivan. Dietrich has been keeping an eye on the other vamps and if any were more than interested in the conversation, he would have steered it away from this topic. He leans back and says, "So what do you do in the city for a living, Mr. Fontane? I think I remember you from somewhere else…"

"Actually, I might be in need of your…skills, Dietrich. I work for the mayor. Mayor McNaab, you've heard of him? Yes, well, he was kidnapped recently, during the night of the parade. I'm not sure what you do, sir, but if you want to protect those with abilities such as ours, then he will need protection to. If there's any way possible I could interest you in a…a bodyguard position, then hit me up." But Ivan looks a bit hassled, harried. "Which reminds me. I really must be off. It's been a pleasure, Mr. Eberle. Please, stay in contact." And then he's gone!

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