Puppy Love

Abandoned Lot

Once a rather grand establishment for this neighborhood, the lot between and slightly behind both the Grisly Bar and Bunker's Garage has long since been abandoned. Freshly turned dirt, grass, bits of cement and various detritus from the removal of the old building, all that remains now is a hole. An old, rusted vehicle has settled into the dirt near the back of the bar, and graffiti runs rife on both the buildings and whatever else can be found here.

Deep into the night, a figure stumbles out from the Grisly Bar. Carrying the back door open is an extremely loud, very appropriate Billy Idol song.

o/` In the midnight hour, she cried, "More, more, more."
With a rebel yell, she cried, "More, more, more."
In the midnight hour, babe, "More, more, more."
With a rebel yell, she cried, "More, more, more. More, more more!" o/`

The blonde hugs to the building, sliding her back down the door until she rests in a seated position. The one thing that sucks the worst about being on V is the come down from it. A cellular phone is fumbled out of her pocket, and she starts scrolling through the numbers to find her dealer.

"Yo! Yo, Coop, why you so quiet girl? Is it 'cause of what that guy said back there, huh? Yeah, maybe? Why aren't you talking to me?" The night's relative silence is cut short as two figures stroll down the concrete - one waifish blonde and a younger recent high school graduate of the male variety. 'Coop' as she was so referred to does not respond. She's busy casting around the darkness, feeling around with her mind. "Yo…y'want something to drink? I got my brother's ID, we could go in there," and the man points to the Grisly bar brightly.

"Yeah, Coop?"
"Shut up."
"Oh! Oh…sorry."

There goes the silence. Hailee, washed with the yellow light that glows at the back door, elicits a disgruntled noise. Pushing herself back up the door, she watches as her phone clatters to the ground.


Shaky hands appear to be the least of her worries. She's about to get trapped back in the lot, considering the walled and fenced yard.

Scuzz continues to stalk behind Cooper, throwing the blonde longing looks out of the corner of his eyes whenever he feels that the woman is not paying him any attention. And in truth, she's not. She doesn't seem to care at all for the 19 year old boy as she continues to amble down the street, boredom written on her features. It's not that she's in a bad mood - she's just not in the mood to spend one of her rare free days in yet another bar. Instead, she hones in almost automatically on Hailee's presence. Blue eyes fly in her direction.

Slowly, wryly, Cooper ends up smiling. "Hey! Hey, you. Are you alright?" Something about the other blonde is attracting Cooper - she smells a victim in the air. Another sucker, perhaps.

Victim, sucker, client? The potential for at least one, if not all three is there. Hailee lets out a string of unladylike cursing, and grabs for her phone. Fingers clench tightly around it, the knuckles of her right hand turning white as she does to. Time to dazzle. Tooth-pingingly bright smile is turned on the duo blocking her escape route. "Just dropped my phone," she offers in a sickeningly sweet voice. "What's it to you?" The prevalent thought in her mind is 'if you don't have any V get the fuck away from me'.

Oh, how fortunate can life be sometimes! "Hey, hey Coop? What're you doing?" Young Scuzz inquires, peering over his companions shoulder to the unfamiliar blonde.

"Business, little buddy. Just sit back for a while and keep an eye out. You know what to do." Cooper is grinning at this point, brows arched with sheer amicable pleasure. With a hand running through her hair, she takes a second to examine Hailee, head to toe. "Nothing, really! I was just walking by, y'know. Chilling with a friend. But…I know what you've been doing." It's almost sing song. "What's happening to you…I recognize it." Beat. "And I can help."

Amusingly enough, Hailee preens at the look. Her body, despite her little addiction, is still pretty freaking great looking. Even more so when enhanced by the V. She's not yet at the point of begging for the V though, she just grins at the other woman, shrugging a bit. "Just stumbled out of a bar, guess it doesn't take a genius to know what I've been up to." Again she asks, "What's it to you?"

"I told you, dear. Try and keep up, would you?" Cooper offers with a cheeky grin, quirking her head to the left as her eyes shine with bemusement. "You've been using V. Now, isn't that a bit dangerous for someone like you? Anyway…I know where you can get vials of the stuff. Relatively cheap, too. I mean, if you want. Say, what's your name, girl?" Behind her, Scuzz is acting as a valiant look-out, making sure no authority figures show up to get the pair in trouble.

"Hah!" Someone who doesn't know who she is? Hailee is actually amused by that. Rather than offer her real name, she offers a partial. This woman could be a dealer, or affiliated with one, and so far as she's concerned the less the woman knows about her the better. "Rose." A look is shifted to the male companion, and then back to the one called Coop. "Cheap isn't always good. Pure V or crap?"

"You're lying," Cooper accuses, though she doesn't even seem upset about it, more like amused. "But, okay. I'll bite. 'Rose', s'that like, the name you wished you had when you were a kid? Your favorite flower, maybe?" She quirks her weight to her left leg with a sigh. "Does it look like I'd peddle shit? No, thanks. Of course it's pure V. Do you have money?"

"That's like, my name." Partial name. Middle name. Not a lie, but not the entire trught. Hailee smirks. "But sure. Let's call it my favorite flower." Drifting her right hand toward her small handbag, she drops the phone in it. "Might. First, how much you got, how much you charging, and who's the kid?" She jerks her head in the male's direction.

"He's my puppy," Cooper offers with express amusement, speaking softly enough that Scuzz cannot hear her. Oh yes, she is quite aware of the teens idolization of her, and though she's careful to never directly encourage his feelings, she also never discourages it. It might be cruel to string him along, but the devotion is nice and fun. Besides, she cares for him and takes care of him, just as a little brother. "I charge four hundred a vial. Premium shit, barely a day old. What do you say, Rose?"

Jittery. Hailee considers, but the jitters are starting to make her feel a little insane. "You'd do better to keep him on a leash." She reaches back to pull her hair up, twisting it around while she locks it in place with a bobby pin. "Three-fifty," she counters. "Don't know you, don't know if I can trust it's fresh."

"I don't need a leash, I've got something better then that. Hotness." Cooper offers with a smirk, quirking his lips upwards in amusement. "And…Three-seventy-five or nil. If you don't want it, though, I'm sure there are plenty of others who'd really appreciate it. Anyway, it's your call." She shrugs her shoulders at this point, glancing down to her hoodie and reaching into it, plucking something out of a hidden pocket in the article of clothing - a small vial of red.

Hailee smirks, taking the comment to heart. "Thanks for the compliment, but I only ride that way when necessary." Wink. As the winked eye opens up, it locks onto the vial. Her lips are licked, her hair given a slight tug. "Three-seventy-five then." The hand dips back into the purse, and yanks out a wad of uncounted bills. Fingers drift over the money momentarily, and all but two bills are shoved at this Coop woman. "If this stuff is ass, I will track you down."

"You will, huh?" Cooper inquires curiously, looking with open greed to the money that is flashed before her. A toothy grin is offered in Hailee's direct, and she offers the vial over in the process of snatching the money out of Hailee's grasp. "That's unlikely. It's a good thing it's V and clearly not ass, though. But, don't worry. I was trippin' on the stuff a bit earlier and it was fine." The money is felt, examined, and counted reverentially before being tucked into the pockets of her jeans with a sigh of satisfaction. "Okay. It's been a pleasure, hun. I hope we can do business once again."

"Mm. I will." The vial of V is looked at with open greed as well. Should last her a few weeks if she uses it sparsely. Hailee licks her lips again, then snorts. "I'll be the judge of that, Coop." Her palm closes gently around the vial, and she can feel the jittering stopping even though she's not taken any of it yet. "If it's not ass, we just might be able to. I'll let you know."

Cooper shoves her hands into her pockets, blue eyes examining the petite individual with open interest. "I'll be around here, you know. Whenever you're looking for more. Or just ask for me - I work at Bloody Mary's most nights. Although, I hope you know, letting people know of my…business wouldn't be very smart of you. I'd be really upset." It's subtle, but still a threat. With a shake of her head, she begins to stride off. "Anyway! I'll see you around, Hailee. C'mon Scuzz!" Indeed, she knows Hailee's name. And she'll be off happily.

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