Children and Pizza

Una Bella Pizza Parlor

Una Bella is a very large, open and sparkling place. Corrugated metal decorates the walls, the rounded edges jutting out about an inch or so to make it look as though one is standing inside a large package of boxed food. The floor is likewise made up of metal tiles, furthering the atmosphere. A few small chrome tables are set about the pizzeria with a tall counter and stools lining the walls.
A large counter spans the length of one wall, behind the glass one can find a variety of different luncheon meats, as well as vegetables, salads and hot foods for easy boxed lunches. A large pizza oven and a grill can also be found here, to create pizzas and grilled sandwiches.
A full menu is listed on a sign above the counter.

Friday night and the pizza place has a good amount of people inside and ones coming and going to get dinner for familes at home. Andra is sitting at a booth near the back that she was lucky to get seeing how she's on her own. Upon the table is a cheese pizza that still looks hot while Andy attempts to eat a piece while looking at someting on a laptop that she has open before her. Under the table can be found a large mostly white dog, upon him can be found his service dog harnes that allows him to be with her without a problem.

Friday nights are the worst night ever if one is trying to be mellow, but the best night for those in her career. And those looking for an easy target for the night. There's a show to play and she's blowing it off for now, choosing to arrive late to keep people wondering. After all; to give the fans everything is to take away the mystery. Tala, lead singer of a Dallas band, slips into the pizza parlor for some food before actually going to do her job. Thankfully it's busy and full of those who might not immediately recognize her so she figures that everything will be right on time. The counter is her destination and everyone else is temporarily ignored.

Austin's Grandparents went out for the evening. Even old folks need time out without kids hanging on them all the time. But, instead of ordering in, and doing his own thing at home, Austin decided to go out. Granted, he Grandmother would be a bit flustered if she knew he was out at night in 'this' city, but hey, it's friday and Austin wants to be out too. He stolls into the place and after he orders a huge stromboli and a root beer happens to find a seat, one of the stools along one wall.

Andra peers over her computer slightly catching the sound of said door opening, she tilts her head to see who may be coming in, though as she knows neither she goes back to what she is typing while chewing on a bite of hot pizza. Zorro, the dog, merely watches people from his spot, looking reather relaxed in his space, a yawn escapes him and is about the only movement he makes.

The person taking her order knows who she is well enough and decides that she's going to get VIP treatment. Tala, of course, does nothing to discourage this. "You should slip out and come to the show tonight," she all but whispers to the woman behind the counter. "Trust me, you'll not be disappointed." Her attempts to hit on the woman are ruined by new customers and an angry manager so she shrugs it off. Only now does she look around, and now she sees the laptop. That's odd.

Austin between bites of his strombolli, or a chug of his soda the boy looks around the resteraunt, to see if there is anyone he knows. A couple team members in similar matching jackets to the one Austin wears. They grin and call across the room to each other. Till the other boy's parents grumble at him for ruining 'family time'. Austin just rolls his eyes. Then there are a pair of females in the room that catch his attention, the one with the laptop and dog, then another getting the VIP treatment. Though he recognizes her he of course says nothing. Where his friend, the bolder one is making gestures to Austin. Austin grins, but says nothing or reciprocate beyond the grin.

Andra doesn't think using a laptop in her is an odd thing, at least she uses it all the time when she's out on her own so why not in a pizza place? She goes about taking another bite of pizza while her gaze on the screen. Zorro lifts his head, ears perking forward while he seems to watch Asutin curiously. The dog shifts and sits up onto his haunches, tail thumping against the ground. This gets Andy's attention and she peers curiously at the dog before glancing around wondering what has got his attention it seems.

Children. This place is filled with children. Great. That pretty much kills the mood that she's in, at least until she arrives at the gig. The other boy, this friend of Austin, is given a glare that could free over Hades. That is the way that Tala is. With this minor mission completed she goes to the next thing that attracts her attention: the dog. For some reason she actually looks upon it with a kinder expression than she's shown since she entered. Sure, she could approach it, the owner, something, but that's not the way she operates.

Austin sees the dog and smiles, "Hey boy." he says. But seeing as he's a guide dog, he doesn't offer to approach. Not wanting to undo what the dog was trained to do. At least he'd being polite and not beching with the rootbeer and strombolli in him. Like many of his friends might. He offers both females a polite nod, and a "Nice dog you got there." to Andra, but beyond that, he says nothing to them. He's not all that good with females after all.

Zorro lifts his head while sniffing out at the air more, while eyeing Austin as if looking for something it seems. Andra hums, pondering what the dog is so interested in. She glances to Austin and offers a smile back and nods. "Thanks.. Ya his a good boy." This said with a happy tone, anything dealing with her dog makes her more talktive that's for sure. She looks to Tala an offers a friendly smile and nod to her as well.

Children. Yes, back to children. They're trying to be friendly to her. This is a PR agent's nightmare but she just -can't- bring herself to return the favor. "Yeah, nice dog." It's a little late to throw in, and they might not even pay attention to her, but Tala doesn't mind. While she waits on her to go order she moves her attention back to the dog. That would be an easy form to take and it suddenly gives her an evil idea.

Austin thinks he gets it, "Oh Gram's pug is in heat, probably what he smells. Put on clean clothes before I went out, but she had to make sure she got pettings before I left the house. Washed my hands, but well ya know." He doesn't seem to mind that Tala ignores him, if he were one of his other team mates, he might mess with her, or blow her cover, but he's not.

Andra actaully doesn't know who Tala is, yes there is someone out there that doesn't but then with everything she's been through over the past few months that isn't a surprize. A faint ah escapes her as Austin speaks on. "Ya, I suppose that might be the problem." She smirks while peering at Zorro a moment before offering him a piece of pizza crust, which he happly takes and now has his attention off Austin at least. "Thanks." Is offered to Tala.

At this she shakes her head. "That's not always what motivates a dog." It's as if she knows the ins and outs of a dog. There's a lecture somewhere but her food is offered to her. Tala leans across the counter and actually kisses the woman who is treating her so well. Yes, that's exactly what she's doing. With her food in hand she finally nods to the -children-. "I see I'm interfering with puppy love." Pah dum tish. "I'll leave you to that." Her band could use a singer, after all.

Austin blinks at Tala, he's blushing, but well his complexion makes it a little difficult to tell. Thankfully. "I… I'm not.." but he just shuts up. Especially now that his buddy is watching again. One of the seniors on the team. "I just happen to like dogs and he seemed interested. ." He says finally, and returns his attention back to his food.

Andra glances towards Tala an lifts a brow slightly at her comment and actions. "I know that very well.. Thanks." She offers with a friendly tone. Her head tilts as she peers at Tala at the comment on puppy love, she blinks and peers back towards Austin a faint heh escasping before she glances to Tala once more as she goes to leave.

It's just the wrong crowd for her, but that's okay. "Be safe you two," Tala decides to leave with them before finally leaving. "You don't want any pups just yet." The grin given doesn't fade as she turns to walk away. She's likely going to not be well liked but moments like these are worth it.

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