Surprise Date

It is quite hard to come up with a first date so awesome, so amazing that it will take the breath away from the person that one's trying to impress. This is made extra hard when one is already temporary living with this person. Staying in to watch a movie or making dinner would be the best thing, especially for the lazy and sleep deprived, but that's not where Robert is headed with this whole first date scenario. Hope does deserve a good night, after all, so he's out to give her just that.
A limo is a bit clich and out of his budget, at least for now. His vehicle will do. A fancy restaurant is so done do death. Dinner is difficult because it is during nighttime hours. So what is a man to do? Make the best of it. So he shows up to Hope's apartment with a single pink rose, pun intended, and wearing a rather nice outfit. It doesn't matter what she's wearing; he knows that she's beautiful. It seems a little silly showing back up to a place that he's staying to pick her up, but he's had arrangements to make!

The knock at the door surprises her. Hope peers through the little peep hole and spots a pink rose. She blinks, then opens the door. "Bobby?" Head-tilt. "What on earth are you doing? Don't you have to be heading to work?" That she's gotten to know his schedule almost as well as her own scares her a little. She gnaws on her lip, but then throws the door open wide so he can come in if he wants to.

She's not dressed to the nines or anything, since she was expecting to have the apartment to herself for a bit. But she's wearing a pink silk tank and a pair of black jeans. Her hair is currently pulled back into a ponytail, probably making her look a little young.

Even if she doesn't understand what exactly he's doing, that charming smile is tosses her way. "Hey." Oh, what a master of words he is. Bobby does enter, pausing not too far inside. The rose is offered out to her. If she just brushes all of this off than his planning has been for nothing. Still, he isn't going to force her.
"I seem to remember," he begins, watching her closely. "A certain beautiful woman suggesting that we go out sometime." If he weren't so charismatic he'd probably look like he's stumbling at this moment. "I happen to be here to take her up on that offer. If she'd allow me."

The rose is taken. Of course it's taken. It's lifted up, and she inhales deeply. Then she rushes to find a bud vase to fill with water, listening while he talks. Hope is quiet, her back to him as she fiddles in the tiny apartment kitchen. Once the pretty flower is in the vase, she settles it onto the bistro table and then finally takes a deep breath and looks at him. "She will," she says, cheeks matching the color of the rose. "Though you will have to at least give me time to grab a sweater."

Everything she does, every minor action is watched with great detail. This night is about her, and not about being her bodyguard. It's been some time but he's starting to believe that both of them can afford to just be normal for at least one night. "Your chariot will not leave without you," Bobby jests. "Although, sadly, it is not pink. I think a paint job would be an overkill."

Grabbing her sweater from the chair (don't worry, it's actually black, not pink), Hope laughs. "I love the color, Bobby, but that doesn't mean you need to erm… pimp your ride… just for me." Yes, she feels silly saying it, but she's due to just be silly for now. Faith seems to be alright, despite her associations with a crazy, skeevy, politico.

"Yeah, I just can't bring myself to be that dude who drives around in a pink ride. Sorry, Hope." Of course this is said with a grin. However, with her sweater retrieved he will lead her to his yellow Xterra. The door will be held open for her revealing a pink seat cover. Ah-ha! So he did pimp his ride. He's feeling a little nervous and uncomfortable but he's trying very hard.

Considering that he did it just /for/ her? Hope takes a moment and admires the seat cover. "Ohmygawd! It's perfect!" Of course, now she'll need one for her cutesy little pink car. She carefully steps up into the vehicle, nestling in against the pink seat. "Thanks, Bobby." The date isn't even officially underway, but she's still impressed by it! He seems to have gone all out.

Oddly enough, she's not at all nervous - at least she doesn't appear to be.

This is where he gets cheesy. "It is now." With this said he closes the door gently and climbs into his beast of a vehicle. They don't drive long and the radio is purposely kept off. Normally it is rather loud and he doesn't want to deafen her. "Thank you for coming out tonight," Bobby says to break the silence. They don't have far to go but he has to say something. "I know what it's like, leaving the house and all." And soon he pulls up to their destination. It's an abandoned lot, honestly, but one that has been transformed by a neighborhood committee. The lot is now a garden, and even though it is winter carries that beauty that only snow can have. In the garden is a tiny table, already set for dinner and overtop it is an awning to keep whatever snow may fall at bay. Leading to the table is a path that has been sprinkled with fresh rose petals. When they arrive he will, as he had before, get the door for her.

The cheesy is just eaten right up. Hope loves it. It's been a long time since she was the center of someone's attention, and not having to worry about her sister. "I feel safe with you," she admits. Way to put the pressure on him!

As she spies where they're going, she blinks a few times. Not realizing at all until they've pulled up that he's got something particularly special planned. "Oh… oh, Bobby! You really didn't have to go to all this much trouble!"

"Well, that is my job after all." He actually winks after he says this, being just as lame and cheesy as possible. His sister will kill him if she finds out about this. Once the scene is viewed he extends an arm to her, looking to lead her down the path. "Nonsense. I wanted to put something into this. A random movie, dinner out somewhere, those are things that happen anytime." There's a pause as he looks down at the saner of the two twins. "I wanted this to be special. You deserve special."

Were she not trying to be cheerful and normal, Hope would probably be crying. As it is, her eyes are a bit watery as she loops her arm through his. She very near teases him about what he's got planned for Valentine's day, but instead just soaks this all up. "You're /way/ too good to me. It's perfect." And it is. Much different than she was ever expecting out of a date.

It's the Bobby way. Well, he doesn't really have a way but he figures that he may as well establish one. "I'm not exactly the best cook or anything, but I'm hoping that you enjoy dinner." He'll lead her to the table, releasing her arm only to pull out her chair for her. Once she sits he'll begin serving dinner, along with a light wine. "You're worth it," he explains as he does so. "Although I admit, I'll run out of ideas fairly quickly."

Despite her lack of fancy clothing, Hope treats the table as if it were in the most upscale restaurant she'd ever been to. Such is the way she was brought up. As she seats herself, she looks for a napkin to spread delicately over her lap, hands folded upon it, waiting for him to seat himself as well. The wine is given a look, then she grins. "I somehow doubt /that/. Besides," she teases, "You'll likely have to rescue me again soon enough."

It's not a strong wine and he is driving. There's also a pitcher of water in case anyone needs it. "Things have gotten so quiet," Bobby points out. "I think it's okay, and I think it's best for you." With the food served and the drinks poured he finally takes a seat. "What do you think about things? You haven't come across anything have you?"

"You mean in regards to my crazy sister thinking that there's a group of people out for her?" Hope lifts her shoulders in a teensy shrug. "Nothing. Not even anyone questioning me at work, or any strange people at the mall." Now the nerves hit her. Eating in front of a date… on a first date. Chances are she's going to klutz up and spill something, so she focuses on the food for a moment and carefully lifts the fork. "Have you run into anything odd?"

That's not exactly what he means but at least she's talking. The conversation is what he's looking for. "That Ivan guy seemed to have the same concerns. I'm sure that there's something behind it, but I don't think that there's any reason to worry." Bobby keeps his smile soft and reassuring, a way of being that he only uses around Chloe. "The only thing odd that I've seen is my sister talking about a guy. Life has been quiet… so this is my attempt to stir things up."

"Give her something other to talk about than her own love life?" Hope laughs a little, then focuses on the food again, eating it quietly for a moment. "It's good," she says, pointing to the plate with her fork. "I /did/ have a bit of an incident at work the other day. I was trying to get down to the parking lot, but ran into these two women who seemed to have some sort of tension. I also dumped my soda all over one and ruined her outfit." She wrinkles her nose a little. "She's a singer of some sort. Martinez? I don't know if she's ever been to the Warehouse, but if she's ever got a gig there can you take me?"

That isn't what he was attempting! "She's already teasing me about you, you realize. This isn't normal for me, or so she says. I think. Sometimes sisters can be so hard to understand." Of course he's smiling through all of this. This is Bobby's way of just kicking back. He listens to the story about the run-in at the mall and actually laughs. "Remind me not to be around you when you're walking around with soda." Yes, he has to tease her. The name is run through his mind as Bobby considers the bands that play there. "We get bands and singers but she doesn't' sound familiar. If I can find out where she plays I can take you, even if it isn't where I work."

"Some bar in West Dallas." Because Hope, more worried about staining the woman's clothing, didn't actually remember the name of the bar. "Oh, was she talking to Faith, by chance? I told Faith that we were dating, so that she'd be okay with you going to see her at the facility." Cheeks colored, she stares down at the plate. "Soo…" Awkward silence. "Oh, I have a product I need to come up with for one of my courses. I was thinking of modifying a pepper spray to spray silver. I bet that would be marketable…"

He does his best to run down names before throwing something out. "The Grisly?" It's the first thing that comes to mind, honestly. There it is. Bobby watches her, taken back just slightly but doing his best to mask it. Eventually he laughs. "If you want to be my girlfriend, Hope, all you have to do is ask. I mean, we're already living together." The way he says it is joking, not in that creepy sense. Again he becomes thoughtful, considering the idea. "It would give humans an added benefit and feeling of protection. I'm sure that it would sell, probably even to the church."

"Grisly! Yes, that's what she said. The other woman implied that it was close to her body shop." Hope's fork clatters to the plate, and she looks extremely flustered. Which is why she grabs for the wine. Can't talk when you're sipping delicately at the wine - or downing half a glass at once. When she's done, her cheeks are heated, partially from embarrassment, partially from the wine. "I-I wouldn't… presume that is… I mean…" *kafkaf*

Oh, a safe topic. Hallelujah! "It's not like I could market it, but it's a mock-market product. Still, I'd like to try to get a patent on it even though that takes a whole lot of money." It's not like silver-mace would actually kill a vampire either, but it would probably slow them down enough that a person could get away.

As more details come out, he actually knows exactly where these women are involved. It seems like useless information to him, really, but it will be filed away for later. "I can always take you there. It isn't the best place so I'd really prefer if you didn't go alone, but I'm not going to stop you if you ever get sick of me." He'd be a very upset Bobby if she went there alone, but she's also an adult. The way she goes for her wine makes him laugh but it also concerns him slightly. A hand slides across the table looking for hers. "Hey now. Ease up a bit. You don't need to choke or anything." As concerned as he is, however, he pauses just long enough to give her a slight break from the teasing. "It's okay. I'll ask then." Wait, what? "Hope Tyler, will you be my girlfriend?"
The vampire-be-gone pepper spray could easily be commented on, and it will be; eventually. Right now he's focusing on her to see what exactly she has to say about his question.

It's cute. It's sort of high school, but it's cute. Only it sort of causes the Tyler twin to freeze right up. Were his hand not atop hers, she'd likely grab for the wine glass again to bolster herself with a bit of liquid courage. Under normal circumstances, this likely wouldn't be so hard for her to answer. She's dated before - a lot. Though, considering the last guy she had a thing for had his throat torn out by a vampire…

Hope inhales deeply, then raises her head to watch him quietly before she exhales. "Are you sure? I mean, I'd bring a whole lot of crazy baggage to things…"

As he's already gone down the road of cheesy high school actions, he may as well continue. This is what this night is about, after all. Robert removes his hand and shakes his head before standing. Slowly he moves over beside her then drops to his knee. It may look more serious than he's intending but it will at least get the point across. Hopefully. "Considering the fact that I've been sleeping on your couch the past few weeks to ensure your safety, I think I'm fairly confident that I know what I'm getting myself into." Bobby has yet to meet Tripp, of course, but until then he will be confident. Unless she moves, or stops him, a hand will fall to her cheek; a sign of compassion, at least in his eyes. "But if you're not interested, don't be afraid to say so. No matter what happens I'll still look out for you."

There's the truth of it, right? He /has/ been looking out for her already, and they /are/ sort of living together even if not really. Hope is very silent, watching the serious little knee drop, and keeping her eyes locked onto his face as he touches her cheek. Probably not a great reaction, at least so far as he's concerned. Especially since he's giving her a no-strings-attached out.

"Oh, just shut up," she says, a smile brightening the look upon her face. Then, she's doing something her mother would likely chastise her for. She's flinging herself out of the chair in a fairly decent tackle which will likely bring the poor man down to the snow. What? If he's going to get all cheesy high school, so can she. "Though I swear if you try to 'pin' me, or give me your letterman jacket, I may just have to change my mind," she teases.

Her reaction is less than encouraging but he isn't being forceful. Hope has been given the out she will need if she wants to take it, so he's comfortable in whatever she decides. After all, they've been friends this lo oof! The usually quick on his feet Robert soon finds himself on his back, in the snow. To be fair, he wasn't on his feet so he didn't have the proper time to react. In retaliation he wraps his arms around her, keeping her exactly where she is. "I still have my letterman's jacket, actually, though you don't have to worry about that. However" Bobby decides to roll over then, hopefully pinning her - literally. "Pinning you does seem rather fair."

"GACK!" Okay, sweater in the snow? Not exactly the warmest! Hope laughs, then shoves at his shoulders. "I didn't mean that type of pin! I swear I didn't!" After a second or two, she shivers. "Might need to borrow that jacket anyhow. Snow is cold." Very astute of her to point out, isn't it? "But I guess I deserve that for making you think otherwise…"

The grin has to be given before he rolls off of her. It is never his intention to harm her, but rather to just be playful. "It's just a little bit of snow, Hope." He was just in it, after all! Robert once more kneels to Hope, this time to her form much lower on the ground. A hand is extended to help her up. "I can get you something warm." He's not trying to -sound- creepy. "There's always extra clothes in my truck. Are you alright, though? I wasn't too rough, was I?"

"You generally carry women's clothing in your truck?" Hope is pure teasing at this point. She does know that he's got sisters, so it's entirely possible. "I'm fine," she says, taking his hand. Though as she pulls herself up, she tries to push him back down into the snow. Been a long while since she's just taken time to have fun or roughhouse playfully with anyone. "Geeze, Bobby, you don't weigh /that/ much. I hope you don't think I'm so delicate as all that."

There are many opportunities in this conversation to speak dirty, or at least tease, but he doesn't take her up on any of those. "I could make it a habit starting now." Bobby; taking the high road. "For now all I have are mine, but you'd be cute in them." There's more to say, but Bobby finds himself right back down to the ground. Oh, sure, he could easily have not gone down. The man -is- a bouncer. But this is light hearted and he'll take it any day. "I'll make a note that you're not fragile." This being said, he grabs a pile of snow and tosses it at her.

Blinking at him a few times, she flushes. "I'd prefer to take my clothes off somewhere warmer." He may have taken the high road, but she went /there/. Hey, he's the one that offered to make a habit of having women's clothing in the vehicle. "That's right I'm n- eeek!" The snow hits her in the chest and she screws up her face at him. "Oh you are /so/ going to pay for that one, mister!" Hope scoots back to the table, trying to brush the snow off of her sweater. Then she waits, oh-so-patiently for him to get back to his feet. One hand behind her back, the other still brushing snow off as she watches him. Smiling oh-so-innocently.

It is his turn to blink. "That's not what I meant! Though you could use my car. I could warm it up for you." Open foot, insert mouth. Giving up, he eventually brings himself to stand. Now, again, considering his job he knows better than to continue on with the situation. Given that this is probably the most he's seen her open up? Like hell he's going to just back away. "Pay? I pay for a lot of things. Since when have you heard me ever complain about it?" Making his move, Bobby approaches her. He's got plans for her, yes indeed. Too bad she likely has different plans for him.

As soon as he's close enough, the Tyler twin reaches for his shirt to hold it open so she can dump a handful of snow down it. Then she shrieks and runs to the other side of the table, stopping directly behind his chair. "Why, /Bobby/! What would your sister say if she knew you were propositioning me to get naked in your Xterra?"

Everything just stops as soon as that snow touches his skin. Everything. He would scream out like a woman if it wouldn't lose him points in her book, so he just takes it. Then he's completely blindsided by what she says. "She, uh," Bobby begins while doing his best to get the snow out of his shirt. "Would probably say that it's taken me long enough." The response comes with a grin as he slowly begins to give chase to Hope. Oh, no, she's not getting away so easily. She can run but he won't give up. At least he doesn't appear to have any snow in his hands.

Liquid courage is a wonderful thing, and it tends to go right to Hope's head. It's why she generally avoids the alcohol. It does, however, make her loosen up and actually not be so uptightly prim and proper. "Really?" His response actually gives her pause. Then she laughs. He's teasing her, he's got to be. Only, before she can say anything, he's on the move. Which makes her bolt around the table, trying to keep away from the punishment for dropping snow down his shirt.

The sad part is that he's not exactly to what level that he is teasing her. It was said in jest, however, and that's all that matters. His grin becomes more determined as Bobby gives chase to Hope, eventually able to catch up with her. It takes him longer than normal but he does wish to see her in a good mood. Eventually he does give her exactly what is coming to her. Robert reaches out for her but does not shove any snow anywhere, nor does he tackle her. Instead he spins her towards him and intends to put a nice kiss on her lips. That will show her! The surprise isn't over, though. Oh, no. Attempting to use this as a distraction, only -then- does he put snow down the back of her sweater.

It's a lot to assimilate. There's a surprise kiss, which she's thoroughly distracted by, having not been expecting it at all. Before Hope is able to /retaliate/ with a kiss of her own, there is a sudden icy chill down her back. Which gets an extremely loud shriek from her. At which point she draws herself away from her date and starts doing the 'ohmygodthereissnowinmypants' dance, trying to shake every icy bit out before it has a chance to melt.

There is only one way to react to all of this; laughter. It is with great pride and joy that he witnesses the dance before him. It may come at quite the cost but it is so worth it. "I knew I was forgetting something," Bobby comments as he makes not to keep clear of her movements. "A video camera would be perfect right now." The teasing is a great way to mask his true thoughts. The man just kissed her and he's actually wondering how she's reacting to it. Such answers can come later. Once they're both dry.

Hope just /peers/ at him. "So long as you're not trying to hook it up in the Xterra when you're trying to get me to take my clothes off in there." Oh, the wonders just one glass of wine can do. "Provided you've got a blanket, or a towel in there," she says nodding toward the vehicle, "We can likely make it back to my place, and the dryer." Under regular circumstances, it may sound like she's just invited him to go home with her.

Oh, but she did invite him to go home with her! That's how he takes it, but that's also because he's crashing there. Robert finally approaches her despite the fact that he's just ensured that she'll be nice and wet for a while. "I'm always prepared. I have clothes, blankets, pillows. You could even lie in the back seat on the way home if you'd like." The teasing tone is gone from his voice at this point but that smile remains. "I'm sorry I ruined dinner, but you probably shouldn't stay outside long like that."

Soaking wet, more like, but Hope doesn't look like she's too upset by it. "Well aren't /you/ just the sweetest boyscout ever." At least she thinks that's the motto. "You didn't ruin anything," she says, maybe a tad shyly. "It's been a wonderfully unique experience." And look! No interruptions by crazy people looking for the other twin! No vampires stalking by and trying to feed from them! "And I'd rather sit up front with you, if you don't mind."

The cold is even beginning to get to Bobby, causing his cheeks to turn a very faint shade of pink. Really, it can be blamed on the cold and the snow! It can! "Well, I /was/ aiming for unique. I didn't exactly plan this, but then I never thought I'd see the day where you attempt to tackle me." His hand is offered to the twin. "I'll get you a blanket and take you home. I'm pretty sure that there's still some ice cream in the freezer if you'd like some."

They're both about to freeze, and he's offering ice cream? Hope just laughs, and grabs for his hand. "I'm thinking of something a little warmer." Though she doesn't say what, leaving it wide open to interpretation. Once they make it to the vehicle, she turns to face him. "Took you long enough to ask," she teases lightly. "Thought I'd have to actually do the asking myself, and for the last few years I've not been big on putting myself out there to get hurt." Just before she turns to get into the Xterra, she adds, "But you're worth it."

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