Rude Awakenings

Bloody Mary's Bar

Given to irony, Bloody Mary's Bar is decorated primarily in black and varying shades of red. From the black bench seats and chairs, black tables, black walls with chilling red blood flowing down them in a continuous manner, it's quite obvious why this bar has the name it does. Deep red mahogany makes up the floor and bar. Dangling red star lights illuminate the bar, lending to it's somewhat creepy look.

Jamal comes in out of the evening. The sun is fully down; even the last faint crepuscular rays are gone now. Were it not for ambient light from street lamps, the stars would be a blanket overhead. As it is, only a few manage to make themselves seen. Jamal is no vampire - when he comes in, body warmth stands out like infrared. But he doesn't seem to be afraid. Wary yes, afraid no. He comes right in and up to the bar, where he climbs onto a barstool.

Michael's known for keeping to himself, he rarely visits Mary's for more time than it takes to find a willing meal, yet tonight he heads to the bar, he moves to the bar with little interest in those around him, and a certain confidence possessed by those with few concerns.

Bloody Mary's is an establishment where all are welcome so long as they around to enjoy themselves. Human and vampire alike fill the room giving it quite the eclectic appearance. Granted, most of the humans around are fangbangers but that is something that is overlooked by management. Unlike any other bar in Dallas, feeding is not discouraged. It is, after all, all about the patrons.

Despite the full staff of waiters, bartenders and even management, the owner makes it a point to be seen. Currently she's hanging out at the bar, an empty shot glass conveniently placed before her. No work is involved in tonight's festivities, oh no, even if there is an event to be run soon. Mary turns as she hears the doors open yet again, pressing her back against the bar. Despite her ability to hold still and remain emotionless, she actually greets the newcomers with a smile.

Jamal pulls on a chain attached to a wallet, and extracts a Louisiana driver's license, which he holds up for the bartender as he orders a beer. He doesn't look twenty-one, but is license says otherwise. Some guys are just baby-faced.

Michael simply offers the slightest of nods to Mary, one calculated to show the right amount of respect, and then he too makes an order, although his is for a True Blood, he watches the crowd for a while, his usual human act dropped nothing moves unless necessary, at present that means his eyes and head.

"That really isn't needed." It's said without even looking at Jamal as her eyes choose the vampire to focus on. Indeed she is correct as the bartender doesn't even look at the ID that is furnished to him. "In fact, drinks on me! This round, at least." The bartender then knows that the new arrivals are not to be charged. The smile continues to be angled towards Michael. "Everyone is to enjoy themselves while they are here."

Jamal tilts his head. "Really? How come is dat? I mean, you's right generous, an' I thank you, but I c'n pay. Gonna get me a job at de Hotel Carmilla. Gonna be a big step up in de worl'."

Michael turns his attention back to Mary he bows his head slightly, just a touch more than before. "Most generous, a rare quality in these times." He doesn't ask any more, although he does smile very slightly.

This finally attracts the attention of the owner. Slowly Mary turns her attention to Jamal with curiosity, but she enters into that near emotionless appearance. "The night is young and I'm feeling in the mood for fun. That is all. But if you prefer to pay…" That's all it takes for the bartender to once more know to ask for a form of payment. With this said, Mary is back to addressing Michael even if her eyes are still on Jamal. "The times are exactly the point. Drink up and enjoy."

Jamal shrugs, devil-may-care. "Den I'll have two. An I thank you. Wa'n't plannin on it, but I ain't drivin, so is okay." He turns his gaze on Michael, and looks at him - not staring, exactly, but learning. You'd think the guy had never seen a vampire before. Maybe he hasn't.

Michael seems to consider Mary's explanation. "I see, laugh in the face of hardship, a fair approach." He turns his attention to Jamal, his smile doesn't fade, but it's certainly not that warm. "Is there something I can do for you?"

As friendly as she can, which is very friendly, the female vampire also can't bother to stand between this situation. She moves quickly, gracefully, suddenly coming to stand on the other side of Michael. Were she evil she would encourage this, but for now she is just going to watch. "It's all about having a good time." Unlike Michael, her smile is almost permanent to her features.

Jamal's eyebrows crawl right up, for a perfect look of polite surprise. "Don' think we been introduced. My name's Jamal. I's jess here fo' a drink. I know dis a Vampire bar, but it don' say 'no humans' at de do', an you serve a fine beer heah. It ain't a problem, bein' heah, is it?"

Michael nods his head, the smile actually takes on a little warmth. "None at all I am Michael, and it's a pleasure, too many people come and just…. watch us." There's the slightest hint of distaste. "I'm glad to see someone willing to show manners. Another rare find these days I suspect."

A finger taps slowly against her lips as she considers things. Looking around Michael towards Jamal, Mary attempts to get his attention. "Everyone is welcome here." Her eyes flit over to Michael for a moment before looking back. Could it be that Jamal doesn't consider her a vampire? No matter the answer, her smile remains. "Although I do have to warn you. Most humans are here willingly, to subject themselves to vampires. You do run the risk of becoming a snack."

Jamal says, "If y'all don' mind, I don' wanna be no snack. But I…wanna get used to de idea of othah magic people so's I can do de bes' job I can, when I get dis job. Don' mean to stare at you. Jess gettin myself used to de idea. Mus' be a bit like me goin' up no'th, you know? Dey hardly got no blacks in some cities' an evybody stare at you til dey get used to, dis is jess how you look. Den dey don' even notice no mo'."

Nodding Michael seems to give Jamal a little thought before speaking again. "I spent some time in the Carmillia a while back. They run a good service, I would think it most likely that you'll be given duties that will allow you to ease in." He looks back to Mary. "I take it that you'll be making sure others know that our young friend isn't interested in becoming a snack, they should know better than to feed on the unwilling."

There are so many different ways to react to what Jamal has to say but she chooses not to really react at all. Mary nods her head at his story but then tilts it, something that he says sticking out in her mind. "Other magical people?" Despite being in the south for many decades the owner of the bar clearly sounds like a Yankee. "And don't get the wrong idea on me, now. I won't offer you up as a meal, you just need to make that known. I don't discourage snacking." Then Michael is speaking to her and she simply nods. "He has but to say so, which he has just done."

Jamal says, "Well, thanks fo' de warnin'. I'll make sure I allus tell people when I come heah." He lifts his beer and mock-salutes with it. Then he says "Sho', you know. Dey's mo' kinds o' magic people aroun de city. I even foun' a sto' de othah day what sells all kinda magic stuff. Herbs, an stuff fo' voodoun, an charms an' stuff."

Michael once again slips into the motionless watching of a vampire, he doesn't respond at all when Mary mentions the reference to other magic people, but he does offer a slight nod as Jamal explains himself, finally sipping his TruBlood. "I have heard of such things, although I've had little reason to visit the store."

"Voodoo." The word is echoed before it is finally dropped completely. She isn't all that impressed or concerned. It's just a passing moment of curiosity. Mary turns to the bartender and slaps the bar. Suddenly there's another shot made available for her. One of which she consumes quickly. "To each their own. Perhaps I will pay you a visit while you're working." If she dares pull herself away from her own bar for a night.

Jamal says, almost apologetically, "Ma an' her sistah allays did dat, when I was growin' up. Is a pretty big thing in N'awlins."

"Voodoo, I'm afraid I never had much experience in the subject." This seems to catch Michaels attention somewhat. "If you don't mind me asking, is the sacrifice of animals truly necessary, or does it just add… tradition to the ritual, I find many traditions are merely decoration.

He's going where she would if she were to concern herself with the subject. At this Michael is given a true smile before she goes back to her business. A hand is placed gently on Michael's shoulder, the tiniest of squeezes given before Mary is beckoned away. "Please excuse me," she comments as she begins to slide away from the pair. "I shall return promptly." It is prompt, but it gives the two a minor amount of alone time to discuss.

Jamal says, "Oh, de Lwa? You got to give dem blood, see, because dey ain't got none of dey own. Dey use up dey enegy, doin' stuff fo' people. De biggah de animal, de mo blood. But de cops frown on it pretty big. Mos'ly you jess do chickens an pigeons. Ain't nobody gonna mis a pigeon, an' if de cops fin' you pluckin a chicken, well, you jess gonna eat it, aintcha?" He grinned. His teeth are very straight and bright, a vivid contrast to his dark face. "Goats, now, dey hahd to come by, an 'spensive. Tasty, but spensive. It all depen' on what you askin' de Lwa to do fo' you. De biggah de askin, de biggah de animal dey need."

Michael glances at the hand for a moment, although his expression's virtually non-existant by human standards a seasoned vampire would likely pick up on the slight surprise, it's certainly an unexpected gesture. He then offers an amused smile at the mention of blood energy. "Yes, I suppose most things come down to blood eventually." He takes another mouthful of his drink. "So it's the rest that is the veil of tradition? Most interesting, just how willing are the Lwa… I know from personal experience people asking for favours can get extremely irksome?"

Jamal shrugs. "I dunno. You'd fink dey get real tired o people allus askin fo all kindsa stuff. If dey's real…spirits, people, whatevah dey is. Ony dey don' seem to. Sometimes dey do what you ask, sometimes dey don', sometimes dey do mischief, sometimes dey possess you an make you dance round and grunt an' stuff, but dey don't get tired of it. Dey's not like us."

There's a slight nod as Michael studies Jamal, his amusement now only to those exceptionally observant. "Not like us? I suppose that's true, maybe they find it amusing to play with people? Choosing their sport and doing as they wish with it?" He shrugs. "They take the blood either way I presume, cheerfully taking both the game and the payment."

Some people are observant, especially when they have an interest in the conversation; also one of the persons involved. Almost as if she never left, Mary returns. As she slides back into place her hand touches that very same spot. "I would say that there are some similarities." Of course, she's looking at neither of them while she's talking. "They sound like fun; playing such games."

Jamal says, "I mean…lemme see how to say dis." He drinks more beer. It's his first one, still. "Dey ain't….tied down by time. Does dat make sense?"

With a slight nod Michael nods to Jamal. "I see, they seem most interesting." He nods to Mary with a slight shrug. "I suppose it depends where in the game you are as to how much fun they are."

"I consider myself more of a referee." Again this is said while she's looking elsewhere, towards her bartender for him to give her a drink. A wine glass is slid towards her containing something similar to what Michael is drinking. "Although if it is fun, I don't mind getting involved." Finally, with drink in hand, she turns to regard the two. "It would seem then," she speaks to Jamal. "That you actually have a decent understanding of what to expect here."

Jamal says, "I…nevah met a vampire befo', if dat what you askin'. But not eveybody is 'out'."

Nodding Michael smiles. "The referee? I've always found the position unrewarding, at least while the game's underway." He laughs slightly as he looks at Jamal. "Really, I'm surprised that someone who'd never met a vampire would be interested in working in the vampire hotel."

Something entertaining is coming out of this conversation! "With this position comes some … obligations, if you will. I wouldn't mind a good game." The woman peeks around Michael to watch Jamal. Similar to what Michael had displayed before there is no emotion on her features. "He makes a good point. What, if I may ask, would prompt such a decision?"

Jamal says, "Waaaall. Lemme as' you a question fust, okay? Eithah o you evah had ta live in yo' car? Evan lived in a 'partment jess crawlin wif cockroaches? Evah woke up to yo 'partment bein shot fum de outside by somebody who mistake you fo some othah guy wif de same name? I was offahed de job, an a job means work an' money an a place to live dat ain't crawlin wif bugs, an a showah an' food in de fridge. It mean self-respec'. An I tell you anothah thing: Mebbe workin wheah people is magic, I don't got to hide so much."

There's a slight smirk. "Cockroaches? Not in many years, although I do remember when you couldn't help but see rats running around. I can see why you'd take the job." He once again gets that well masked look of amusement. "I'm sure it will go well enough, although I had always been led to believe that the task of staff in hotels was to hide as much as possible at least until they're required?"

Memories. It's almost enough to break out into song. That lack of emotion remains no matter how many nerves he may be treading dangerously close to stepping on. "I mean you no disrespect when I ask, of course. I was simply curious since there likely are other jobs available. Still…" The glass with her blood in it is raised to Jamal before she sips from it. "… congratulations." The faintest of sounds is made, one so soft that likely only Michael will hear it. A snicker.

Jamal laughs, "Dey's invisible, an den dey's Invisible." He finishes his beer. "An a beggah ain't in a position to be a choosah. If dis job don' suit me, den I'll get anothah one. But sometimes is really is de bes' policy, to jump on de first oppatunity dat come along."

Nodding Michael takes another sip of his drink, his attention shifts very slightly to Mary as he does so, when he looks back to Jamal it's with an almost warm smile. "I get the feeling you'll do well, as I said the staff of the Carmillia have always been most impressive during my visits."

"I mean no harm." Again this is faint, a whisper before another sip is taken. That public smile returns to Mary as she once more regards Jamal. "I certainly will make a point to visit and see how things are turning out. It will be an interesting change of pace." A flash, a memory and a brief pause in conversation. "When opportunity knocks, one must answer." She /is/ a vampire, after all.

Jamal says, "Well, if I's doin' my job right, I'll be invisible, yeah? Mebbe won' notice me at all." He grins. He pushes his bottle toward the inner edge of the counter. "Anothah please?"

There's a pause at the statement about not noticing Jamal, he generally doesn't like the thought of people hiding that intently, but he simply nods. "Perhaps. I may have reason to visit there at some point, although I make no promises." He takes another slight sip of his blood, he's nursing it as much as possible it'd seem.

The bartender complies with the request with no hesitation and then goes about his duties. Mary, for her part, turns her attention towards something on the bar. A paper, a pen and some notes. "Now that I know what you plan on doing for work, what is it that you do for play?" While this is asked of Jamal, it is intended for both men. "Certainly there is more to life than employment."

Jamal says, "Oo. Basketball. You know, I ain't half bad. I allus wanted to be on a p'fessional team when I growed up. Ony you know, dey muss be a hunded, mebbe a thousan' guys wantin to be on basketball teams, fo' evy one dat make it."

Looking at Mary as she speaks Michael smiles very faintly. "I long ago learnt that nothing remains amusing forever, so I tend to give things brief attention, at present, I simply enjoy the company of others, I find most people are… interesting." He smiles a little. "What of you? What do you do with yourself, I would think running a bar takes up much of your time."

"Fair enough." It truly makes sense. "As you pointed out, I run a bar. That may take some attention, but I rarely show it." The paper and pen are placed on the other side of the bar, far out of view of prying eyes. Only then does Mary focus her eyes on Michael. "I, too, enjoy the company of people. They are my business and my pleasure." Her glass is raised to him in a toast. "It certainly is no physical activity, such as basketball, but it is what it is."

Jamal says, "Waaaall, if you dint like it, dat'd be a bad thing. Dat make business a pleasure, yeah? Dat even betta den havin' a hobby."

Michael makes note of the pad, although he doesn't ask any questions yet. "I've found that given a few centuries any love dulls." He shrugs. "Especially if you indulge it too often." He does however raise his bottle to the toast taking a sip. "Most loves come in cycles over time. But some interests are always there, I've a love of books, and a passing interest in art." He shrugs. "I suppose it depends almost entirely on my mood when you ask me."

The very same glass is lifted to toast towards Jamal as well. "Indeed." That smile flits back to Michael as a single eyebrow lifts. "So if I were to ask you right now, your answer would be people, and only that?" Mary laughs softly before taking a rather large drink from her glass. "In that way I suppose I benefit, as there are plenty of people here."

Laura makes her way into the bar, a stack of tidy little post cards cradled in a hand. High heels click on the mahogany floor as she begins to thread her way through the various patrons handing out the little cards. "We'd love if you could join us at the Extravaganza at Hotel Carmilla that's coming up, there's all the information right there." she taps the card with a purple fingernail her grin engaging as she moves on to yet another table.

Jamal says, "Wow. You guys really live a couple hunned yeahs? I cain't 'magine I'd enjoy dat. I mean…mebbe you fall in love wid some girl, and she get ol' and die. Dat gotta take de joy outta relationships."

Shrugging Michael sips his drink. "I would, or at least I would tell you I enjoy only the company of people for now. Ask my tomorrow and I'd tell you I'd rather read, or any of a hundred other hobbies I've cultivated over the years." He shrugs to Jamal. "Yes, and you learn to adapt."

A perfect response is ready for Jamal, only it never comes. Instead Mary's eyes focus on the heels clicking against her floor. On the woman soliciting in her bar. She falls into vampire mode, still and emotionless. She's not given permission for such a thing so she finds herself waiting to see what exactly is going on before she reacts. "Well." This said while her eyes remain on Laura. "What if I were to inquire as to if you would enjoy the company of this individual this evening?" She is meaning her, not Laura.

Laura's roundabout course through the bar brings her near Jamal and those he's speaking to. She beams at him in recognition "Jamal! How good to see you again." there's a respectful nod offered to his companions. "Hotel Carmilla is having a bit of a charity event in concert with the AVL, good publicity and all that." she offers out one of the little cards for them all to look over. If she's noticed Mary's stare she's doing her best to just explain herself and hope all goes well.

Jamal says, "Hello, miss Laura. I's jess sittin here, gettin' to know these two. I's tellin dem 'bout yo' hotel, an how I's hopin to get a job deah. Whass dis you handin' out heah?"

Michael arches an eyebrow at the card, reading over it, he has noticed Mary's stare, and so he slowly turns his attention back to her, he seems to give her some thought for a moment. "I would say that yes, right now I'm enjoying your company." He takes another sip of his drink, his expression still the unreadable mask vampires often wear, his tone carrying no noticable inflections.

The card is taken with little obvious interest even though there is a great amount growing within the vampire. It is examined passively before she focuses her sights back on Laura. "I wonder," Mary begins, her voice as neutral as her appearance. "If your organization obtained permission from business owners to be soliciting on their grounds." It really is a shame that she's having the conversation she is because it is keeping her from acting as she normally would around Michael. All the same, she is not going to abandon the conversation with him. He certainly will understand. "Then I suggest that we continue. There are other, more private areas if you would care for one."

Laura's smile is contained but she shakes her head "I take it the answer is likely they did not, for which I apologize for. No doubt it was one of the day shifts jobs and they were remiss. I shall speak with them about the matter." she tucks the cards into a tiny purse hooked over her shoulder "I am Laura Duncan, Assistant Night Manager at the Hotel. I assure you we meant no harm, in fact the total opposite of that. The AVL and HoteL Carmilla are attempting to foster a good public image." Jamal gets a glance at last and she taps the card she gave him "We're hiring, drop by and pick up an application hmm?"

Jamal says, "Yes'm. I will sho come by tomorrow. T'day I was gettin' my money back from dat dam crook who rented me a 'partment full o cockroaches. Gonna do bettah den dat. Gonna do way bettah den dat."

There's a very slight nod towards Mary. "Perhaps once this particular conversation is finished?" There's that almost non-existant hint of amusement again. "I'm finding it most interesting." He finally finishes his blood, although he makes no attempt to order another.

"Interesting." Truly, it is. The card is placed behind her on the bar and left to be used as a coaster. One for her own drink. "I must admit that I'm not so certain that such a task is attainable, especially in the wake of recent events." Mary finds herself quite fortunate that she was working the night of the attack. It would do her little good to be injured. "I will make note of it, but for now I must ask that you cease and desist your solicitations." There is the slightest of pauses as a smile begins to tug at her lips. "No offense intended, of course." Also, of course, would Michael find such a conversation to be interesting. Finally Mary looks to him and nods. "Certainly. I would hate to take away from any experience of a patron." Her heart strings would be tugged at by Jamal's story, if she had a functioning heart. Still, it is in his best interest to remain positively affiliated with Laura so she'll do her best not to harm that.

Laura waves a hand in agreement "No trouble at all, I assume you're Mary?" a gesture encompassing the bar "A pleasure to meet you, I'll make sure there is a formal request for such. As for recent events well, there's no time like the present to begin changing public attitude." another glance around the trio before she bobs her head and wiggles her fingers "I'll be on my way, I look forward to hearing from you Jamal." and with that she turns to head back the way she came.

Jamal takes his second beer in hand, and hops off his barstool. "Thank you, miss Mary, fo' de beer. I won' forget it. Good ta meet ya, Michael. Mebbe I see you folks 'round, some nights." He finishes the beer, as it's probably bad manners to carry an open bottle out the door. Then he heads for the door, leaving the vampires alone, or at least, more alone together than they had been.

As soon as Jamal's out of human earshot Michael lets out a quiet chuckle. "I do enjoy the company of humans on ocassion, especially when they're looking to spend time with 'us'" He takes a look around, his voice dropping so that only Mary could him. "You had something you wished to discuss?" He turns his attention to her his expression the motionless mask vampires so easily wear.

Such informalities. "Yes, Miss Duncan. That would be my name." The bartender, who just happens to be refilling Mary's glass, can't help but smirk at what he overhears. He's quite familiar with the actions and reactions of his boss. "Do so. I look forward to hearing from the owners of your establishment. We shall come to an understanding." That seems more than reasonable, at least in her eyes. Jamal is watched carefully and given a nod. He even brings that smile back to her. "Good luck in your endeavors, Jamal." Another nod comes at Michael's assessment of Jamal. "He could have bitten off more than he can chew by coming in here, were it not for running into the proper people. Hopefully things go well for him." Then, and only then, does Mary look back to Michael. "Discuss? There are plenty of things to discuss." With the humans away, this cat shall play.

Shrugging Michael smiles slightly. "He'd not have had too bad a time of it, most here wouldn't feed on him without consent, and even those that would… I doubt there are many that would do him any harm." He offers a very slight smile, which for him is saying something. "Then please pick a topic of interest and we can talk."

He has a very good point and she makes that known visibly. "Still, I can't possibly be everywhere here. More should be aware of what they're getting themselves into. Thankfully he does appear to be one who can handle himself." Mary, reaches for her recently replenished glass while waving to the tender. "How rude of me. Would you care for another?" As before, she reaches out to gently press her fingers to his shoulder. It is intimate, yet not. "It is clear that you are far more experienced than I." He can take that however he would like. "Have you always been from this area?"

Shaking his head Michael smiles. "No, I rarely drink much, synthetic blood's hardly required at my age." He shakes his head slightly. "No, I came to Texas during its days as a Republic, I found I quite liked the area, and have made a habit of visiting somewhat regularly since. You?"

"Fair enough." A phrase that seems to be one of her favorites. "I figure that every night is worth living, so I do live it as best as I can." This being said, she also requests another shot. "I can certainly claim to nothing similar, I'm afraid." Mary downs her shot before looking towards Michael. "Chicago is my home, and was for quite some time. Yet it became difficult to stay, as you might imagine. That is what brought me here. By that time prohibition had been lifted, so there was no need for the speakeasy lifestyle that I was used to. This establishment is as close as I could recreate."

Nodding Michel smiles a little. "It could be difficult to settle of course, impossible if you wanted to enjoy any of the local culture." He takes a look around. "I can see the influence, although I'll admit I never spent much time in the speakeasys, my attention turned towards business during the period." He laughs a little. "I always thought bans on alcohol are nothing but trouble."

She's just shown her true age to him, as simple as that. "Back in those days, petitioning the strict laws was all that there was. Nothing else seemed to matter." Human beings always seem to look at things far differently, Mary has come to notice. "It did bring trouble, and pain, but many things do. Yet despite it all, I just can't seem to shake some of the mentality." Hence her wild child attitude. "You have established yourself here, then? You did mention that you quite enjoy people. You have made some your own?"

Shaking his head Michael smiles. "No. I don't hold claim over anyone, I generally enjoy the group rather than the indvidual, few humans surprise you often once you've lived any length of time. And there's little point in growing attached." He looks to Mary. "What of you? Do you have your own humans?"

Now that Jamal and Laura are gone, especially Laura, Mary is not afraid to show just how much that she is listening. "Of course I do." Her hand sweeps out before her, indicating her bar. "These are my humans, and my children. I have little time or desire to take on much more responsibility." This doesn't include the fact that there is still much fun to be had before she claims her first. "Especially now. The attack has left the city far more fragile than it already was. There needs to be a place that one can feel welcome, to be themselves, and that is where I come into it." A pause as she grins. "Rules are still followed here but you're welcome to play, however you'd like."

Nodding Michael seems slightly amused at that. "An ambitious endevour, although I've long come to believe the rules are part of the game, as is working out how to play within them… without getting yourself hurt." He shrugs slightly. "Few have played it quite so long as I, at least on this continent." He seems to think of something. "Do you actually lay claim to any of your people?"

"It is at the very least a beginning, a place for some to turn to when they've no clue where else to go. Also, it does prove wise as it brings with it potential favors." The woman does know how to play her cards on occasion, it may seem. "You are still welcome to do as you would wish here, although I am quite interested to see your play at some point." Mary very well could be hitting on him, but it may be hard to tell. She shakes her head ever slightly in response. "To lay claim would be to become too attached. I have yet to find comfort in such attachments."

Nodding Michael smiles very slightly. "Ah, now you're showing you youth. I am always playing." He still doesn't move, his thoughts his own for a moment before he speaks again. "I never feel attachements to those I claim, sometimes though it's necessary make the claim." He smiles a little "When do you begin to play?"

Just now? That actually prompts a laugh. "And here I thought that my youth was evident by my conversation on prohibition." Mary takes no insult to his words, at all. "I often times play, off and on, as my interest is piqued. The goal isn't always the same. Some nights I simply aim for company." The way she accents the word indicate that it is not mere conversation that she is after. "Perhaps, with age, I will learn not to grow attached but I find that to be a difficult concept. That is precisely why individuals are kept at a distance."

Shaking his head Michael laughs. "Your age was evident, your youth… that's something else entirely." He shrugs. "Humans are fleeting, you can at best hope to carry your memories of them with you, in time even those grow vague." He shrugs, if the concept concerns him he makes no show of it.

"My youth is something that I do choose to show, even when it is at a point that I've matured past. It keeps my true self not quite as open to the public, since I very much am in the public eye." Mary does nod at his comments on humans. Her true feelings and reactions are kept hidden, as is typical of their kind. "Attachments of any kind aren't needed. Yet that doesn't mean that I'll turn down an offer for a night with wonderful company."

Nodding Michael seems to consider that for a moment. "I will admit it's been… some time since I felt any inclination towards such 'company'." He looks at Mary for a moment. "That's not a sign of age, more a personal choice." He studies the woman for a moment. "Although I can see how you'd find your interest in such short term company somewhat easily satisfied with the type of humans often here."

Now she's grinning. "I've not be separated from such things long enough to not still have those thoughts. Forgive me if I'm ever too forward with you, but attraction is one thing that I've not yet mastered the art of subtlety with." She even accents this by touching him again, this time on his arm. Mary surveys her bar again and nods. "I could leave it all behind, mature and learn to play different games. Someday I may just pass the reigns and do such a thing. Yet if I did such a thing, there's no telling the amount of individuals that I would not have met."

Shrugging Michael laughs. "You'll grow bored eventually, realise you've done all with this that you want to, or that you feel you can at this point… then you'll find something else until that changes." He says this as though it's inevitable. "That's our nature, some people settle to an area, my own Maker hasn't left Italy for more than thirty years over the last fourteen hundred." He shrugs a little. "I doubt he'll ever really leave there again, but he's always changing what he's doing."

This is sage advice that she's getting and so it is not so easily written off. "I've owned this bar for many decades now. I continue to enjoy it because things have changed since when I first came into ownership. If I were still in hiding I can almost guarantee that I would have lost interest by now." It is a sad truth that Mary was beginning to feel already before the change. "I honestly have no idea where my maker is and we likely are all the better off for it. It is absolutely wonderful that you're able to know so much of yours, though, and know of his continued existence. "

Shaking his head Michael sighs. "Things often look like they're changing, but people are always the same, and their patterns win out." He shrugs. "We get mistreated for a few decades, we'll form our protest groups, we'll slowly earn small and slow freedoms, within… oh a century we'll have pushed the bigotry and hatred underground but it will still be there, then we'll begin the slow and happy process of whittling away at it in the belief that one day we can free ourselves from it entirely." He shrugs. "A new spin on an old tune I fear."

Her hand waves off the notion as if it were Laura and her little cards. "Be that as it may, this is still a critical time. Either we're hunted or we're accepted. It can go either way and I certainly will not be giving up on my existence no matter what the outcome is. There simply is no reason not to enjoy the moment." Humans and vampires, all in one bar, doing whatever it is that they feel like doing. This is what Mary is creating. "If it ends, then so be it. I'll sell the bar to another and be on my way. Maybe, at that time, I'll seek out true companionship. Of one nature or another. There's simply no use in looking for it until a time that it can make sense." That time very likely will be never.

Shrugging Michael sighs. "We don't have constant companions, not without the nests, and they're a dangerous condition to put yourself in, they see you become less… human than you are." He smiles. "I perfer to keep a little distance and simply enjoy the show."

"Someday, Sir, I wish to have the wisdom of one such as yourself." This is meant as a sign of respect, not to mock him. "I clearly have much to learn, encounter and simply view. I will embrace it all with open arms." If Mary were any more open and free loving she'd be a hippy. "In the meantime I will promise to cease any attempts of gaining any such companionship with you." One night stands are difficult if conversation is good, anyway. "And you will find that when you are here you will never need to pay."

Shaking his head Michael sighs. "Such companionship between our people is…. distasteful to say the least, that is one of the many functions humans serve to those looking for such things." He shrugs. "There are costs to us forming relationships." He smiles slightly. "But I would be quite glad to speak with you when I visit, you are a good conversationalist. But for now I must be going, but I will no doubt return."

The wisdom continues and yet she does not seem put off by it. "There are reasons why I know not of my maker's location." As forward and flirtatious as Mary can be, even she realizes that there are boundaries that should never be crossed. "But you are right, and I should not keep you from your other tasks. It was a pleasure to be fortunate enough to speak with you, and I do look forward to doing so again."

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