Late Night at the Library

Dallas Public Library

The library is a rather large building that extends two levels. Security gates at the entrance lead past a long rectangular circulation desk where patrons may check out or return books. Across from the circulation desk is large, archaic looking card catalogue beside which is a computer that is set up to locate books. Following the typical Dewey Decimal Classification System, the rows of shelves are laid out systematically, with large signs overhead so that patrons can find precisely what they are looking for. Study carols and tables line the walls, and one corner of the library is set aside for two separate lecture rooms that can booked for meetings.

It's early evening, the sun's been set for a while, and Michael's heading to pick up the book he'd ordered some time ago, it's late for a library, and so the shelves are mostly silent, a few people linger but only those who are actively seeking something, Michael gives none of them any mind, instead he heads for the counter, he's got on his best human act, he fidgets, and moves in those little ways that humans only ever notice when they're missing. He wears a mask of mild cheerfulness as he glances around the library.

She's been sitting at the desk hosting the newspapers for over an hour now, but to say she remembers much of what she was reading… Well, not all of it, Josephine shifting uneasily in her seat every now and then, stealing glances at the counter, searching for one particular face. Not Michael's, a defensive little sigh leaving her lips when she sees him, shoulders already squaring.

Things are indeed silent within the library, eerily so. There are very few people around at this time of night, and for that, Chloe's happy. It means that she can make that call she was supposed to make earlier. Just as she's about to reach for the receiver at the desk, she hears a mind - or perhaps lack there of. Her hand snaps up and she glances around, trying to see if it means trouble or is just one of the nicer vampire patrons that come in around this time.

She's well aware of the presence of the other telepath, but since their meeting a few days ago, she's not bothered to make contact again. So her eyes are scanning the library when they lock onto Josephine, and then the direction of Josephine's look.

Michael seems to be either unaware of, or perhaps simply unconcerned by the attention turning his way, that is until he notices who the attention is from, he offers a deeper than usual bow of the head to Jo, his smile only slight, then he turns his attention to Chloe, making his way slowly towards the redhead he bows his head. "Good evening, I hope you've recovered since our last meeting?"

Though not the encounter she was hoping for, Josephine's not about to let her chance of an after working hours meet up with Chloe ruin by anyone and since curiousity's not killed her yet, she closes the paper she wasn't reading and scrapes her chair back, on her way to the counter. Michael's nod is met with a shallower one, just a bit on the wary side.

Their last meeti- oh. Chloe's cheeks color, and she looks down at the phone. "Quite, yes. Thank you for your assistance in that regard." That's about as polite as she can respond, seeing as how it's a little embarrassing to have had to been carried away from the parade like a child, and then forced away from the Sheriff before he devoured her. "Your books are finally in. If you just give me a moment to retrieve them?"

Chloe shifts her gaze toward Josephine momentarily, and then asks, "Is there anything I can help you with?" That directed to Jo, of course.

Michael seems to take this as an acceptable response. "I'm glad you are well. And I would appriciate it greatly." He turns his attention along with Chloe to Jo, his expression becoming decidedly neutral.

"Me?" The tall correspondent looks surprised, but it doesn't stop her joining Michael at the counter, "Nothing here related," she ventures, "But I was wondering, maybe… You'd like to have a beer or two once you're done here?" There's a brief glance sideways to the vampire, and she reassures him, "After she's gotten your books, of course." She even inserts a little bit of a smile, fleeting though it is.

An odd look is given to the correspondent, but Chloe nods. "Sure, though change the beers to coffee and you've got a deal." Bobby would kill her if she found herself somewhere like the Warehouse. After this is said, she disappears into a small room behind the circulation desk. She's gone for several minutes before she returns with the books. "Difficult to come by," she says to Michael. "But I managed. Sorry that it took so long."

Bowing his head to Jo Michael returns the smile, his expression thoughtful for a moment. "I suspect I owe you an apology, and explantations, although the latter must come at a later date I fear." He smiles as he turns to Chloe. "No need to apologise, I will admit I'm surprised you managed to get it, It is extremely rare especially in the original italian."

Alright, so Josephine's twisting her head at a rather uncomfortable angle to read the titles of the books - after her smile got a little more genuine when she read Michael's expression. "Oh, that's cool," she muses. To one, or maybe just both. "By the way, are either of you going to go to that goodwill thing at the Carmilla?"

"I had to pull a few strings and owe a few favors, but I like to keep the patrons happy." Chloe shrugs. So she owes a rare book dealer friend several hours of babysitting. She's sure it won't kill her in the long run. Eyes snap to Josephine suddenly though. "I don't like large crowds," she admits, nose wrinkling slightly. "Though I may be required to attend."

Michael pauses a moment at the mention of favours, a difficult subject to broach, yet he simply nods. "Then I shall certainly take that into consideration, if there's ever anything you need of me." It's not a firm favour owed, but it's as close as Michaels likely to give under the circumstances, and he nods very slowly to Jo. "I feel a certain obligation to attend such events if I'm being honest."

Josephine chuckles softly, intrigued by Chloe's choice of words, "Required? How's that? Is the library sponsoring cocktails?" And out of habit, she reaches out, mentally, a butterfly's kiss, but definitely there. She nudges Michael meanwhile, "I guess I'm more with the obligation there as well. I suppose 'everyone' will be there, neh? The mayor, MacKiernan. All the who's whos?"

A dark look is given to Josephine, mind snapping shut completely. "Bad habit," she points out quietly. « Stay out. » The thought is there, and it's extremely firm. Chloe shrugs her shoulders. "The library sometimes sends out good will ambassadors per the request of the city." A blatant lie, though she's positive that Michael will keep her secret for now.

Michael might not notice the thoughts, but he's not stupid, he's fairly certain there's more to each of these women than he knows, so the exchange doesn't exactly avoid his notice, although he's of course not going to make any mention of it. "I suspect they will. Even the library it would seem." His smile becomes slightly amused. "I rarely allow myself to miss an event that could be of importance in the long term. And at present that seems to be any gathering of vampires and humans."

"Oh." Josephine shrugs in irritation, taking a tiny step back physically as well as mentally. She shifts even more uncomfortable, lifting a pack of cigarettes momentarily from her pocket to show Michael just how bad the habit really is. Maybe she was attempting to light one with him not noticing? Right. "Not like I was on purpose," she mutters, focus back on Chloe. "But ambassador sounds… Nice? What will you do, hand out flyers? Go around with cheese?" Not a trace of teasing in that alto.

"Stand there and look pretty mostly. It's why I was at the parade." Chloe hated being around that many people. It was only the presence of the vampires that provided a bit of lull in the minds and likely what kept her sane. "I don't know though. The last time there was a gathering, I seem to remember silver shrapnel and a lot of people getting hurt. I just don't think it's a great idea, hosting such a public event at the moment." But what would she know? She's just a librarian.

Nodding slowly Michael sighs. "I agree, it's not wise, but then people rarely are." He smiles as he looks at the cigarettes, but he's soon speaking on the previous matter. "And once all is done someone should remember what the history books will not."

"The women and children crying in pain?" Josephine's voice is as bitter as her scowl when she answers to Michael's history books, the memory of one of the refugee camps in Sudan too vivid still. Really. That vivid. The filth, the stench, the whimpering and sorrow. She needs to shake herself back to the present visibly, already wearing something of an apology around her lips. "Excuse me guys, that's me sidetracking. I'm sure all will be alright. Security sure will be easier in one building instead of a square, neh."

Maybe a good thing that Chloe has her mind locked down. She's saved from the savage imagery. "I've recently realized just how incorrect the history books actually /are/." Shaking her head she holds a finger up, noting that they should wait a second. She scoots to the other side of the desk, quickly sliding a few books through the scanner, and handing them to a patron who's hurriedly making his way out, thanks to the presence of a vampire. "Security may be easier," she says as she returns, "though to be honest, putting all those important people in one location is like asking a terrorist to set off a bomb. Especially since no one seems to know exactly who or what this group actually is."

Still as calm as ever Michael nods to Jo. "Yes, amongst other things." He sighs. "Once a very long time ago I saw the fresh results of a war that had supposedly ended three weeks before the soldiers hand attacked a mostly defenseless village, the things that were done there, and in a way the very existence of that place needs to be remembered else they will have suffered their last indignity." He nods to Chloe. "Maybe, but I doubt those responsible for security will fail to consider that."

"I still say being ancient has it's drawbacks if you can remember things like that," Josephine murmurs to Michael, drumming her fingers on the counter, shivering mildly, "Say, Chloe, what time are you getting off work here. If it's not for another hour or so, I can probably get another chore in before coffee."

"I can meet you at the Bean Scene in just a little over an hour. I have to close up." Chloe nods to Josephine, allowing her to go run her errand if she needs to. "They may consider it, but the chances of them being able to prepare for it, what with all the hotel guests, coupled with all the additional guests attending the function, coupled with the tickets being made available through contests…" She'll probably tell Will to send someone else in his place in case there is an incident.

Shrugging Michael sighs a little. "That particular instance is…. unique, but you're right. I remember many terrible things, but no fewer amazing things." He shrugs. "All of us carry around the things we have seen, both good and bad, I just happen to have more of both." He bows slightly, but if you will excuse me, I should be going, the evenings are beginning to get shorter after all." He shifts the book in his hand smiling very slightly.

"Yeah," Josephine murmurs cynically, "It'll be a blast. I'll be seeing you guys. Bean Scene, one hour." That last with a surprisingly warm nod for Chloe only, the reporter patting Michael on the shoulder briefly, then lifts her hand in goodbye.

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