Hey Little Sister

Bloody Mary's Bar

Given to irony, Bloody Mary's Bar is decorated primarily in black and varying shades of red. From the black bench seats and chairs, black tables, black walls with chilling red blood flowing down them in a continuous manner, it's quite obvious why this bar has the name it does. Deep red mahogany makes up the floor and bar. Dangling red star lights illuminate the bar, lending to it's somewhat creepy look.

It's dangerous. And it's stupid. But Chloe has finally come to a conclusion about a few things that have been on her mind lately, and since there was no response at the estate, she figures that making a quick run through of Bloody Mary's won't hurt anything, except maybe her. Though they all know who's protection she's under, right? No one's going to try anything with her…

At least, that's what she tells herself.

There is only a slight bit of nervousness, heart skipping a beat as she enters the establishment. Her goal? To find one of two people. Will, or Erica, or perhaps both.

Of course, one person she's not looking for isn't looking to be found, and yet, here they are. Mellie is working tonight, wending her way through the patrons, tray full of drinks held high to keep it from getting jostled, spilled. Someone says something to her in passing and she laughs just a little too loudly, her eyes with that addled look to suggest she's definitely on something that's artificially lifting her spirits. But who cares, as long as they're lifted.

Continuing along, she reaches her destination, expertly doling out the drinks, flirting to get the good tips. And then she's moving on, empty tray now held down at her side. She's yet to notice their newest patron, but her path does take her closer to the door.

Oh, but the newest patron has noticed her. Chloe beelines it toward her sister, her mission quickly forgotten. Arms cross over her chest, and she stands right in her sister's way. "So what is it tonight, Mellie? Which drug of choice?" A little harsh? Definitely. But being as Mellie's mind is one of the few she can actually sense at the moment, thanks to the majority of patrons being vampires, it's not as though she can't hear what's going on.

Even as she speaks to her sister, her eyes quickly scan the room to see if either of the two she's actually seeking are about.

To her credit, there's no attempt to deny the allegations, though there is a short-lived attempt to evade. But since her loving sister is standing there, blocking her way, Mellie has to make do with a big roll of her eyes in order to show her frustration. "Okay, buzz-kill," she replies in an ironic tone. Not actually an answer, but that's done on purpose, and accompanied with a faint smirk to show that she knows she's being difficult and is enjoying it. "You don't want to know," is added, a bit more of an answer, but far more passive-aggressive.

Chloe can't really say aloud what she believes it to be. Mostly because they are in a /vampire/ bar, and chances are that it will wind up getting her killed. "I do, but don't you dare say a thing in here." If none of the other vamps will kill her, the Sheriff just might. Much as Chloe dislikes what her sister has become, she's /still/ her sister. "I don't suppose you've seen a young, dark-haired man in here with a blonde woman tonight?" She's careful not to mention who it is she's looking for. The less Mellie knows the better.

"Then why'd you ask?" Mellie points out impatiently, if she isn't supposed to say anything. Though the outrage is more of a show and she's just being difficult again. Because it's fun. The very real threat to her life is taken about as seriously as all the others, which is to say, not at all. "I'm fine," is added, even though there's been nothing said to the contrary. Holding the tray between the flats of her palms, she absently spins it end over end on an axis, just an idle thing to keep herself busy and something to stare at with just a little too much fixation. It takes her a second to clue in to her sister's cryptic question. "Huh? Oh, uh, no. Don't think so. Care to narrow it down a little?" She glances around, trying to recall just who she actually has seen here tonight, since she hasn't been entirely 'with it' to notice.

"Not really," Chloe says with a grin. "If I wanted it narrowed down, I would have given you names." Shaking her head, she just watches her sister for a silent moment. "Just trust me, you would have noticed them." What with all the fangbangers trying to get to the usual table and harass Will, and the vampires checking out Erica. "As for why I asked, it was out of concern. You should be careful, Mellie. I know you like this life style, and while I don't necessarily agree with it…" HAH! Because she's one to talk, what with being vamp chow not long ago? "… I don't want to see you screw it up." The underlying thing not being said 'like you do everything else'. She reaches up to brush a stray hair out of her face, aware that there are several sets of eyes on her now which is a little unnerving.

Mellie shrugs her shoulders. Fine, Chloe can have her secrets, see if she cares. "Then I guess I didn't," she responds airily, since she hasn't noticed anyone in particular tonight, even if she's not sure why she'd notice these two. The tray-spinning stops rather abruptly as the lecture starts, and the younger girl peers out from under darkly-painted lashes to give her sister a patently unimpressed stare. "Spare me the concern. And the lecture. I can look out for myself. You helped see to that, remember?" Because the best defence is a good offence, and she's pretty good at being offensive. Of course, if she knew about the hypocrisy of this concern, she'd be all over that like a cat on a mouse. As it is, she just has to go for the low blows instead.

"God, Mellie, must you always be such a spoiled little brat?" Chloe stops moving, just letting her eyes drift over the bar again to see if anyone even remotely familiar is here. "I've /always/ been concerned about you. This is you, running off on your own again, because you didn't get your way, just like when you were a kid. Don't you think it's about time you grew up and realized the entire world didn't revolve around you?" Probably the worst place possible to get into a heated argument, since it causes her blood to pump harder, which causes the eyes to peer in on her all the more. "I'm sorry you were so /traumatized/ about what happened to me /years/ ago, but get the fuck over it already." It's so very rare for her to swear or curse that it may just shock her sister into actually listening to her for once.

The bad language actually does earn Chloe a look from Mellie. At first there's a bit of a grin, approving of Little Miss Prim actually getting her hands dirty for once. But then the actual meaning of the words sinks in past those languid synapses and the grin quickly fades to a frowning scowl. "I don't recall asking for your opinion," she notes in a pinched tone. "But for your information, I am over it. I've found people who can give me what you guys never could." She waves outward with the tray slightly, indicating the bar. "And you're the one who walked into my world here. What the hell are you doing here, anyway?" This is only just confusing her now. Not that she's forgotten the matter of looking for that vaguely mysterious pair, but it still begs the question as to whom she's looking for here of all places.

"Oh, come off it, Mellie. If you /were/ over it, I'd know." Chloe doesn't say how she'd know, she just says that she'd know. "Further more, I don't really care if you wanted my opinion on it or not. Whether you choose to believe it, your family still loves you. Mom and Dad go crazy with worry about you being here, and I know deep down Bobby feels the same." Though maybe for different reasons. Exhaling a whoosh of a sigh, she says, "Like I said. I'm looking for someone. Though it doesn't look like they're even here, and apparently I'm wasting my breath with you." The eyes are still on here, whether real or imagined, and she shivers a little due to it.

"Yeah, yeah, Chloe the Librarian knows everything." Mellie is just as dismissive of this particular claim as anything, not paying enough attention to pick up on any significance of those words. There's an actual snort at the claim that their brother worries about her being here. "Yeah, I bet I really keep him up nights. And mom and dad'll cope. If they haven't stroked yet, they're not gonna, so relax." She brings a hand up, pushing her hair back from her face, purposefully drawing attention to some of those scars on around around her carotid. "Sorry to disappoint, big sis, but I'm not looking to change my life. Though you could probably stand to live a little." A good first step, being in this bar, as far as Mellie is concerned.

It's funny, because Chloe even bothering to come in here tonight? Her attempt to live a little. "You know," she whispers as quiet as can be, "if you feed from them too, you wouldn't have those scars." How does she know this? Well, she just does. Bullets and silver shrapnel aside, she's been bitten and bears no scar from it. "Maybe if you tried to change your life, you'd actually see how much people care about you, Mel. You want to be the center of attention? Fine. But alienating your family while doing it? It's not the best course of life action. Some day you're going to need us, and we're not going to be there for you."

Yes, that particular bit of trivia certainly catches Mellie's attention, and a thin eyebrow goes arching up high as she gives her sister a discerning look. How does she know that? Rather than ask, she instead opts to push more buttons with a rather pointed, "Not everyone is ashamed of this lifestyle." Whether or not she actually likes the scars or just wants to piss off the clan, well, six of one, half a dozen of the other? "But I don't. Need you. And I'm not interested in changing my life. It's fun." There's a wicked grin with that. "Not that I'd expect you to understand that. But if you can't cope with all this, that's your problem, not mine."

"There are more things in this world, Mellie, than you would ever imagine possible. My lifestyle differs from yours, I accept that. Then again, I don't have to look like a washed up, trailer trash whore to try and get under the skin of my family." Chloe, unfortunately, did that just fine by having a small mental breakdown as her powers came into full being. "You may like this lifestyle now, but you won't like it so much when someone goes overboard on feeding on you and you wind up another unknown body in a dumpster." Now /that/ is getting her a few angry looks. She just bolsters herself with confidence and smiles at the one who's giving her the dirtiest look. Come on, big guy, feel free to attack. You won't be alive long enough to get to her. Nyah! "You don't need us /now/, but you will. Eventually."

Opening her mouth, Mellie makes a scoffing sound of protest in the back of her throat. "I am not washed up," she counters, either missing the 'trailer trash whore' part of accepting it as factually accurate. "And yeah, you're real accepting." That's spoken in a tone that infers completely the opposite, of course. Her eyebrow arches again as Chloe spells out this certain death for her, but she doesn't seem too worried by it. "I'm guessing I won't care too much about it one way or another, being dead and all. Wonder if I can count on my loving family to at least ID the body." There's a sweet smile with that, pulled just a little too tight. Not that she's really quite so blase about the idea of ending up in a ditch somewhere; as always, she'll say pretty much anything to get a rise out of Chloe. Realizing belatedly that big sis is earning herself some dirty looks, Mellie glances over, adding quickly, "I don't know this crazy person." Back to Chloe then. "You mind? You're killing my tips here." And potentially getting them attacked, but that's down on the list.

"Don't sweat it, kid sister, they're not going to attack me." Dirty looks, sure. Chloe just stares them all down as though daring them to touch her. "You are washed up, and you look it. You're a pretty girl, Mellie. If you were sober and cleaned yourself up, your tips would be walking right up onto that tray." She catches the thought about the dying, then shakes her head. "I can't speak for anyone else, but if it comes to it, I'll be there." Beat. "Even if it comes to you being turned. You /are/ my sister, Melanie." OoOoh. Must be serious. Chloe used the full name. "Just take care of yourself, and call me if you ever get into a lot of trouble, okay? I know people that can get you out of it."

"Not everyone thinks you're just that amazing," Mellie feels the need to point out, refusing again to read between the lines because it's more fun to assume that Chloe is just chalking this invulnerability up to thinking herself that good. Or at least that's how she chooses to play it, even if the comment does earn the other woman a curious look. "Wow, life and fashion tips. I hit the meddling jackpot. Funny how I don't hear many complaints around here." There's a smirk with that, though really, the lack of complaints probably has less to do with her keen fashion sense and more to do with that whole 'willing donor' thing. The full name gets both eyebrows raised in response. Whether because of the name or the sentiment accompanying it, the girl finds it a little harder to be snarky to that, and it actually gives her pause. "Fine. I'll call if I need you, which I won't." That's the best she can do. "I'm not a kid anymore," she adds more childishly.

"They might not think I'm that amazing, but they won't attack me." Because there would be Big Repercussions(tm). At least, Chloe seems to believe there would be. "Know what, Mellie? The reason you don't hear any complaints is because you're a blood-whore. You sell yourself as a donor, so of course they're not going to give two figs about what you wear. They don't need you to look good, just taste good going down." It would seem though that she's done trying to make her sister see right from wrong this evening. "Look, if you /do/ see that blonde woman or that man in here tonight just have one of them call me, okay?" Just to add a little insult to everything else, she pulls out a ten dollar bill and drops it onto the tray. "Just so you don't have to whine about me taking up your time and you not being paid for it."

First things first, Mellie reaches out to take the money, plucking it up nimbly between fore and middle finger before squirrelling it away … somewhere. Her outfit doesn't suggest a lot of options for storing cash. Sure, she's mad enough she could spit, her eyes narrowed as Chloe gets a dirty look, but money is money and she's not about to turn it down on principle. Of course, it's also partly a stalling tactic, since while she resents that accusation, there's not really any denying it. So she sidesteps the whole issue and lands on something more random. "God, you're a bitch tonight. They messing with your dosage or something?" The whole crazy sister thing might have been awfully inconvenient, but it gives at least one option in every argument. "People here like me." Is she trying to convince Chloe or herself? Moving on before that can be mused upon, she rolls her shoulders in a shrug. "Yeah, sure. I'd hate to stand in the way of this oh-so-important mysterious business of yours."

"Actually, I've not needed the meds for a while now. Which you'd know if you weren't so wrapped up in your own little pity party." Chloe tosses her hair over her shoulder and then spins on her heel. She glances at her sister just long enough to grin. "It actually is rather important, so please try not to stand in the way of it. If you do, I'll know, and then I'll be upset. You think I'm a bitch now? Wait until it reaches that point. You'll like me even less." She loves her sister, she does. But she's overstayed her welcome at Mary's. She's been here long enough that Will may just kill her for coming in here without him again. At least /this/ time she wasn't accosted, but that's likely because /last/ time he made it abundantly clear who's protection she was under.

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