I Am What I Am

Mischa's Apartment

Mischa has previously been asleep on his couch, having fallen asleep from his coquito. Everything is relatively quiet until…

Mischa removes his cellular, flipping it open to answer the call.
<Phone> You hear a click as the line is established.
(Directed into the phone) Mischa clears his throat, sounding slightly groggy. "Hello?"
<Phone> Chloe says "Mischa? It's not too late to be calling is it? I had a… really busy work night."
(Directed into the phone) Mischa takes in a deep, audible breath. "No, no. I just fell asleep on my couch watching TV. Hello, Chloe. Work was fine, I hope?"
<Phone> Chloe says "It was interesting, at any rate." Taking a deep breath of her own, she adds, "Then I had an errand to run. You sure it's not too late?"
(Directed into the phone) Mischa says "No, it's fine. I'm glad I didn't miss your call, I went out too. Anyhow, what is it you wanted to discuss?" The sound of refrigerator can be heard opening and closing relatively quickly. After a moment, it sounds like he's taking a drink.
<Phone> Chloe is extremely silent as the movement on the other end of the phone takes place. "Hmm? Oh. That. Yes, what /are/ you? Bit rude of me to ask of course, but your brain pattern isn't exactly normal, and well, I guess after all these years, I finally realized that."
(Directed into the phone) Mischa laughs heartily at that, taking another drink before he answers. "Wow. That's quite the accusation… saying that someone's brain pattern isn't exactly normal, but I believe it, yes. When you're… like me… certain things change in your body. You start to merge. For me, it's a cat. For others, it's different." There's a pause and a deep sigh that comes from Mischa, one of regret. "I get this feeling I'm not going to be able to dodge this question from you much longer, so I may as well tell you, hmm. I'm a shapeshifter."
<Phone> Chloe inhales sharply, taking the few seconds to let it all settle in. "I see." Very anti-climatic of her. "Well I /did/ figure other things were out there, so I guess it's not that surprising." Fidgeting a little, she clears her throat. "That definitely explains the weird brain pattern then. Like a radio station you can't quite hear."
(Directed into the phone) Mischa lets out a vague sigh of relief. "Oh, thank God." Her reaction seems to have eased him a bit, though he does let out a dark, low chuckle at the rest of her words. "So, you are a psychic. And I'm a shapeshifter. Yes, you were reading a cat's mind. Partially, at least. It's been years since I confided this to anyone, except for pack mates… so can this be our little secret? I'm not ashamed, but it's also something I don't want to have broadcast all over. People have accused me of being dense at times, but I know one thing: if some people hate vampires as much as they do, someone is going to hate shifters."
<Phone> Chloe laughs melodiously at his reaction to her reaction. "A telepath, I guess, is the more technically term for it. I don't read palms or tea leaves." Silence as he does his explanation, then, "I'm probably the best secret keeper in the city, and don't sweat it, I don't hate vampires. Besides, I'm classified as a freak, so even if I slipped up, no one would believe a girl who's spent time at Green Oaks."
(Directed into the phone) Mischa hmmms quietly, taking another drink afterward. There's a pause. "Green Oaks? Hm. Interesting. For the record, you've always seemed quite well-adjusted to me. Then again, some might say I have a shady basis for comparison." Another pause. "I've never thought of you as a freak, and I don't now."
<Phone> "Thank you," Chloe says quietly. After a small pause, she laughs. "Oh, I was heavily medicated for a few years, but I've got things under control now for the most part." Another small pause. "Say, Mischa? What are your thoughts on vampires anyhow?"
(Directed into the phone) Mischa takes an audible sip of his beverage on the other end. "Vampires? Well, they're people just like the rest of us. Or were at some point. Live and let live. I can't say I've had much contact with them that I know of considering I don't get out much. I doubt I'm hardly in any position to make judgments though."
<Phone> Chloe lets out a sigh of relief, and says, "My thoughts exactly. We have a few that come in sometimes just before closing, not that you generally take the night shift. If you do, they're friendly for the most part, but they seem to like to request really rare books."
(Directed into the phone) Mischa says "No problem. Of course… you and I both have a knack for the rare ones, don't we? I'll remember that, just in case. Hmm. Any other specific burning questions?"
<Phone> Chloe is about to say no, but then a thought strikes her. "Did you enjoy your romance novel before I interrupted you?"
(Directed into the phone) Mischa lets out a clearly embarrassed laugh, clearing his throat. "Yes. But let's not tell anyone about that either. I have enough problems as it is." This brings about more laughter.
<Phone> Chloe laughs as well. "Then I guess I'll see you the next time our shifts cross. Maybe I'll even bring you a book or two so you don't need to sneak read the ones at the library."
(Directed into the phone) Mischa groans faintly. "I was expecting kitty litter and tuna fish jokes. This may be worse!" He laughs faintly before taking in a deep breath. "Well, if that's all. Ah… thank you, Chloe. It feels nice to talk with someone who isn't going to judge me. I feel strangely… safe with you, I guess."
<Phone> Chloe says "Everyone's safe with Crazy Chloe," she teases. "And don't worry. I swear your secret is safe with me. If you ever want to talk about it some more, feel free to look up my number." Beat. "If it's not already on your phone."
(Directed into the phone) Mischa says "Mmm. It is. You're not crazy, but thank you again. Goodnight now, Chloe. I'll see you soon. If not, I'll call you."
<Phone> Chloe says "'night, Mischa!"
<Phone> There is a click as the phone at the far end is hung up.

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