Just Another Night at the Warehouse

The Warehouse

A dark womb of black, and purple encompass The Warehouse nightclub. The room is a fair sized club area that has been built out of an old warehouse. Most of the club has been well-lit with neon tubing, but the lighting around the booths and back wall are shadowed to provide some modicum of privacy. Other than the dance area, the floor is a deep mauve, with light patterns displayed haphazardly on it. A ring of black light surrounds the ceiling, causing the lighter colors in both the club and on the patrons to fluoresce.
A catwalk spreads over the dance floor, the black iron rails holding state-of-the-art varilights and floods which reflect off of the large disco ball that dangles from the ceiling, splashing the LED dance floor with light. The dance floor itself flashes and pulses to the beat of the music, continually changing colors in a neonic frenzy. On tall black step-platforms set out randomly throughout the dance floor are black dance cages, roomy enough for two people to bump and grind to the music in them.
The bar matches the rest of the nightclub, tall and black with a strand of purple LED's running along the sides and the outer edges. The stools in front of it are white and chrome, reflecting the purple light that washes over the bar area. Behind the bar is a high-tech, mirrored drink area with glass shelving. Various libations, ranging from alcoholic beverages to fruit juices and sodas line the shelves.
The music here is blisteringly loud, but startlingly clear. Heavy bass notes throb, speakers buzzing slightly when the volume reaches its peak.

Tuesday night. Not your typical night for a club to be pumping with music, energy, and bodies. Welcome to the hottest university club within walking distance of the campus. It's rare for the Warehouse to /not/ be busy. Hope has only come here, since she had a sort of late class. Though she could have hit up one of the coffee shops to wait for her magical carriage to whisk her away back home, she's sort of nestled herself into one of the booths, a pile of books in front of her, and the schematics for something laid out atop them.

It generally means that most men won't bother approaching her. It either looks like she's a total dweeb, or that she's waiting for a business contact.

By most men, Hope of course means most patrons. The security staff at the Warehouse are all fully aware of who she is. Not only does she look like the crazy chick on tv, but the leader of their pack is fully smitten with her. They make sure that she's able to be left in peace as long as humanly possible. Of course, not everyone can be caught but at least they are making the effort.

Robert, for his part, is moving all about the Warehouse. Finally it comes to break time so he moves from the front door to make way to his beautiful girlfriend. A smile is plastered to his face, as per the norm, but this almost seems brighter. A perk of Hope being there? He's being left alone. It's a perfect situation for a work night.

Mellie somehow manages to slip into the club, dumb luck giving her this opening while Robert is off on a break. She's dressed in her trampy best, already scanning the club for a potential drink-purchaser before she's even fully over the threshold. Spotting some older college guys who seem to have potential for doing dumb things to impress hot and easy-looking girls, she sidles in that direction with a coy grin, not yet noticing her brother and his dweeby gal. Drinks first and then pestering?

Hope happens to look up just as Bobby starts coming toward her booth. She smiles at him, waves, and then starts to gather her schematics and books together, so he can actually sit down and enjoy his break without hearing anything more about the silver mace she's designing for her marketing class. The problem, it seems, is that there's some trashy looking girl working her way between Bobby and the table, and break or no break, she's fairly sure that two guys are about to come to blows over who gets to buy this one a drink. Sighing, she hurries up what she's doing, trying to get all her books into her bag in case she needs to rush in and draw the girl away while the bouncers handle the guys.

It figures. The very minute that he's on break and about to get a little time with his girlfriend, something has to go and pop up right in front of him. Being the good guy that Robert is, he of course notices this with Hope's help an decides that it is best if he remains close to where the action is. So the man approaches the scene and just watches, careful enough to not actually start anything until he has a reason to. Hopefully it will all resolve on its own but just in case…

It's darker inside than out, and the Warehouse is busy, but that girl seems awfully familiar at first glance.

Mellie isn't unaware of the attention she's getting, both from these guys and the other patrons nearby, but of course, she's actually enjoying it. Her attention right now is more on the promise of a drink, so the details of the onlookers is unimportant to her. It's enough to just be in the spotlight. She laughs a bit at the antics of the two eager young suitors. "You could each buy me one and I'll see which one I like better," she suggests, ever the diplomat, her eyebrows lifted and her eyes wide.

Books finally in her bag, Hope removes herself from the booth. She'll regret it later, since it's immediately occupied by a couple that's busily making out. Rolling her eyes at them, she beelines toward Bobby. "Hey," she says, cheerfully, offering him her best smile. "Problem over there, or do you think it'll work itself o…"

One of the guys takes a drunken swing at his friend, who ducks, and leaves the man's fist angling right toward Mellie's face.

Hope doesn't really even have to say anything as she'll notice that Robert's attention is more on the would-be fight. Actually, he's staring at the young girl in disbelief. If Hope didn't know better, didn't know him better, she might think he was taken aback by Mellie. Then again, even if they weren't related the fangbanger really isn't his type.

Still, when push comes to shove and fists begin to fly, he springs into action. Being the only bouncer close enough signifies that he needs to act even if he would prefer to kiss his girlfriend in greeting. So Robert moves just enough that his fist catches the one that is angled towards his sister. It hurts, and rightfully so, but he is able to block the attempt. The man who took the swing will not see the smiling bouncer that others see, but rather a man of evil who is about to end his life in very painful ways if he doesn't leave. Now.

Being a lover, not a fighter, Mellie doesn't have the chance to do much other than cringe, face screwing up and eyes tightly shut against the impending blow. It takes her a beat to realize the blow hasn't actually hit, and she cracks first one eye open and then another. Clearly, this particular turn of events is unexpected, but Mellie isn't too long at a loss for words. "At least you haven't let yourself go," she notes, as she quickly steps back from the fray. Her way of saying thank you, no doubt.

Definitely a problem over there, and her heroic boyfriend jumps into the fray despite his break. Hope shakes her head, grinning a little. She'd likely cheer if this weren't a nightclub. Doubtful it would go over well.

"Hah! Yes! That leaves me to buy the dr- uh- Chuck, we should go…" The guy that ducked grabs for his friend's shoulder, attempting to drag him out of the club.

With both of the ladies in his life free of immediate danger, Robert stands tall before them as if he were some sort of human shield. If it were possible steam would be coming from his nostrils, and he isn't about to let down. "You have precisely ten seconds before the rest of my crew gets to this very spot. It would be best to leave, yes." As if this might not be motivation enough, mixed with the movement of the other bouncers, Robert begins counting, and will continue to do so until he notices the drunks leave. If they don't make it out without getting tackled by the other bouncers he will not be concerned. He /is/ on break, after all, and now has a hand full of pain.

Turning around immediately Bobby does his best to not show his injury. What he does do, however, is get right into Mellie's face. "You too. I won't be as nice to you. I don't even want to know how you got in here but you are not going to stay." Then, and only then, does he realize that Hope probably has no idea what is going on. He looks to her but says nothing, uncertain how to explain his real motivation for hating vampires as he does.

"Oh, come on," Mellie replies, midway between scoffing and whining. "I didn't even do anything." She spreads her hands wide, still ever so innocently free of alcohol or other mood altering substances. "You don't write, you don't call. How else am I supposed to see you?" And by 'see' she really means 'annoy the living daylights out of', but same difference in her book. "Besides," she goes on, drawing this one out a bit more slowly, "If I'm not here, I'll be somewhere else." And then it will be directly his fault where she ends up. Logic. As Robert glances over at Hope, Mellie's annoying little sister curiosity kicks in, and she peers over in that direction as well.

That's right, leave poor Hope in the dark. A proper upbringing has dictated that she not ask, though she is curious. Instead, she takes a glance at Bobby's hand and frowns. "Let me get you some ice for that," she says quietly. Despite her perfect upbringing, she can't help but place a possessive hand upon his shoulder as she speaks. At least until she's apprised of the situation.

He would be a fool to try and pull away from Hope. In fact, he pulls her closer, to hug her and even give a tender kiss to her forehead. "I'm okay, really. I've had worse." Robert is far from lying, of course, but he isn't exactly being honest. Given that the situation warrants it, he sighs before getting things over and done with. "Hope, I'd like you to meet Mellie. Mellie, this is Hope." Of course he forgets to mention the relation, but that will come soon, most likely. And if his sister asks if Hope is the crazy lady from the news he will toss her out on her butt.

"What I -should- do is take you all the way home." Oh, yes, the lecture is continuing. Mellie is not going to get out of this one so easily. "You don't come here to see me, you come here to try and get away with stuff while I'm here. I'm never going to let you, you get that?" He then holds out his hand to her, his now throbbing one. "So is it a fake ID? Let me see it."

Mellie arches an eyebrow as Robert gets all friendly with Hope, somewhere between distaste and trying to think how to use this newest tidbit to her advantage. It's filed away as Hope gets a wry smile of greeting. "So very nice to meet you," she replies, her bored tone not matching the words at all, giving them an air of sarcasm without actually being outright sarcastic. She rolls her eyes back to Robert as the lecture goes on. "No, what you should do is mind your own business." Never mind that she came here and got up into his. She crosses her arms over her chest, looking contrary at the idea she'll never get away with anything here. Not for lack of trying. "I got in on my feminine wiles." She's not about to hand over a fake ID if she can help it.

Hope is hugged, and she's kissed. She's still worried about the hand, but introductions are being made. "Pleased to meet you, Mellie," Hope says, rather cheerfully despite the entire situation, and the mounting tensions. "Are you sure you don't want ice for it? That didn't look like a stupidly drunken punch. It looks like it could have shattered face bone had it hit her." With a frown, she turns to Mellie. "He's working, and it's his job to ensure there are no underaged patrons. Would you rather he have to call the police and have you hauled out? I mean, my car is just down the street and I'd be happy to drive you home to save all this fuss."

No. Just no. Robert holds a hand up to Hope at the very offer of it. "No, no. I will take care of this. Even if it means making her take a taxi home. She doesn't have to worry about any attacks since she's such a willing target." That might sound bitter to someone new to the situation but it is only the truth. Fangbangers really have no place in the Warehouse anyway, not on his watch. "And I'm okay, really. Besides, dealing with my /baby/ sister is more important." Emphasis on the word baby.

He is far from finished. Turning back to his sister, he just scowls at her. "Out of your business? Stop coming to my place of employment if you actually want to get away with underage drinking and no doubt prostitution." Hello, /look/ at her. "You could call. You could show up for lunch somewhere that doesn't serve alcohol. You could actually treat your sister with a bit of respect. All these are wonderful ways of us seeing each other. But seriously, Mellie? Showing up in my bar? I ought to have let him hit you. Then maybe you would have learned something." If anyone knows Robert the way that Mellie likely does, they'll know that he would never, ever let anything happen to her.

Mellie opens her mouth to reply to Hope, but Robert cuts her off at the pass, declining that generous offer far more politely than said baby sister would have. "You're just jealous of what you're missing," she snarks with a roll of her eyes. Yeah, even she doesn't believe that's the truth, but all the more fun to get under his skin, especially as he's calling her a baby. Eyes narrow further at that, before she levels him with an unimpressed look for his lecturing. "Who's drinking?" she points out, spreading her arms wide to show how bereft of a drink she is - not for lack of trying, but she might as well spin that straw into gold and take advantage of striking out there. "And I'm not a hooker, geez."

Her arms cross more tightly over her chest as the matter of Chloe comes up. "Don't even get me started on her." It's unusual for Mellie to be the annoyed one, but something's stuck in her caw on that front. "Calling is boring, and besides, you could just hang up on me." When she no doubt does something to incite it. An eyebrow arches at the idea of him letting someone hit her. "Fine. You do that next time then." Yeah, she's not too worried it'll happen.

Sister. Well, that explains the quick deflection of the attack, not that Bobby wouldn't have done it that quickly normally. Hope just blinks at the girl, frowning a little, though in a completely different light than before. Oh /God/. Is this what her sister is going to be in a few months? The thought actually doesn't surprise her, but it /does/ worry her quite a bit. For a while, she's lost in her thoughts, though she's at a breaking point with this.

"Mellie, listen. If you hang out in a place like this, chances are guys like the ones your brother chased off, are going to roofie you. And while you might be a willing donor?" Did she hear that right? She's trying her very best not to judge here. "Do you really think potentially getting raped is worth sticking it to your brother? He's trying to help, and I understand. You don't want help. I have a sister that's like that sometimes too. Are you /sure/ you don't want a ride home?" Pausing before Bobby can say no again, she holds a hand up. "I'm sure Bobby could get off work a bit early so that the two of you can talk on the way."

This is a situation where he just can't win. "Then show up to my apartment unannounced. I can't hang up on you then." He's /trying/ to be the better person but it always fails around her. "And yes, her. You know, she's actually making something of her life. What do you have? I don't want to think of it, because our parents likely give you anything." Robert hasn't spoken to their father in years so this does actually strike a nerve in him.

He looks towards his girlfriend and sighs. This is exactly why he hasn't wanted her to meet Mellie, because then she'll have ideas that she doesn't need to have. "You know me. I'm always willing to miss work." He doesn't seem as enthusiastic about it this time that he normally has been. "I swear, though, I'm taking your picture and hanging it by the door. If I catch you in here I will have you arrested, you hear that?" Of course this is directed towards his wonderful sister.

"Oh please," Mellie replies, with yet another roll of her eyes at the idea of being roofied. "I wasn't born yesterday, no matter what some people think." Robert gets a pointed look for that previous 'baby' comment. She's prime and fit for fighting by now, starting to get her back up as she feels ganged up on. Though what else she expected, God only knows.

Her gaze slides over to Robert then, fixing him with an unimpressed stare. "Oh yeah. The world is her oyster. You got any idea what she's getting herself mixed up in? Seems like trouble." There's a certain delight in tattling with that. Not that Mellie knows much of anything, but still. She glances towards the door and then back to Robert. "Guess I'd better not get caught then. Of course, you meet the most fascinating people in jail."

It's not a gang up, per se, it's just one sister to someone else's sister, and showing a teeny bit of concern. Hope shoots the younger girl a stern look. "Yes, well I'm sure every family has their issues, and tattling on your sister is never a good idea. Take it from someone who knows, it will come back to bite you on the…" Pause. "… ass." She turns to place a hand on Robert's arm. "Look, you're on your break. Why don't you call that guy Tank or Tuck or whatever his name is to come over and escort her out. She's obviously not going to listen to a word you say, or take the safe ride home, and as much as I know you'd love to take care of her, sometimes you just have to let them go."

This night sure has gone to hell. Robert rubs his face with his possibly broken hand, wincing slightly but doing well to cover it up. "Mellie, I know she has stuff going on. See, we actually talk. You know, civil conversation. She doesn't show up just to get my blood boiling." That's exactly what Mellie does, as far as he's concerned. "Look. Why don't I pick you up for lunch one time? Just one time. No drinks, no vampires, no just lunch, and conversation." He's offering her a judgment free day. That's something.

All the same, especially with his new injury, Bobby ways Tank over. He's an extremely tall and well muscled man that easily dwarfs him. "Tank. This is my little sister. Can you make sure that she doesn't get side tracked on her way out?" Tank is already well aware of what this means so he isn't about to let Mellie pull a fast one. "It's a shame though, Mellie. Hope here is an awesome woman. You should have taken her up on her offer." Maybe learn a thing or two from her.

"Who's tattling? I'm just expressing concern. I thought I was supposed to at least pretend to care. But fine. If you're sure you know everything, I won't say another word…" Mellie trails off with a far too sweet smile. "I know you'd hate to see another sister do anything you don't agree with." The sweetness fades as quickly as it came on, and she gives some suspicious consideration to the lunch offer. "Fine. But if it gets lame, I'm bailing." Still, she agrees to give it a shot, so maybe that's something in return?

Mellie heaves a sigh as big brother waves over the other bouncer. Spoilsport. "Actually, I think you were the one who turned her down," she points out, even if it was clear Mel wasn't about to agree anyway. Tank gets a suggestive grin, just to piss Robert off. "Hey big guy." She doesn't even expect to get anywhere; it's just about pushing that final button as a parting shot as she's led away.

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