The New Vamp In Town

Bloody Mary's Bar

Given to irony, Bloody Mary's Bar is decorated primarily in black and varying shades of red. From the black bench seats and chairs, black tables, black walls with chilling red blood flowing down them in a continuous manner, it's quite obvious why this bar has the name it does. Deep red mahogany makes up the floor and bar. Dangling red star lights illuminate the bar, lending to it's somewhat creepy look.

It's early in the evening, but Guy has decided to check out the infamous Bloody Mary's. The crowd hasn't really started to roll in yet, which seems to suit Guy fine for now. He's seated at the bar, drinking. Although he seems to be doing a bit more thinking than drinking.

Early evening is one of the few times where paperwork and some random errands can be made. That is exactly what the owner of the bar is up to. With a pen and paper in hand, she walks along speaking with one of her management team. It would seem that there's some sort of event planning in the works. "I trust your decisions," Mary can be overheard saying as the two part ways. Having a human do work during the day is a nice luxury. With all of that being said, the infamous Bloody Mary goes to the bar for a drink of her own.

Guy notices the movement in his vicinity and ceases his musing for the moment to take stock of the female vampire at the bar. He takes his time committing Mary's form to detail. "Evening."

If only she were actually paying attention to him she may comment on it, positive or negative, but sadly there are no comments to be made. Mary does, however, turn when he greets her. In a very unlike vampire moment, she offers her patron a smile. It's all about appearances at times with her. "And yourself." Her voice is calm and eventually she melds back into that vampiric stoicism. "Enjoying yourself tonight?"

Guy allows a crooked smile to creep onto his face as he toys with his glass absently. "Well, so far nothing has ruined my evening so that's a mark in it's favor certainly. And so far the company seems to be much more pleasant than has been my experience thus far."

"The night is still young, friend. But one should never wonder what negative experiences they may face; rather, they should think of the experience in and of itself." Wise words, and likely ones that aren't originally Mary's. Her glass is lifted to Guy in a toast. "As for company, you may have come to the right location. You can find just about anything or anyone you want here." The owner doesn't exclude herself, of course.

Guy nods slowly, seemingly in agreement. "That's what I've heard. So I came to give the place a look. My name is Guy." The accent is something of a strange mix of French and German.

The accent is taken in and will certainly be remembered. As far as Mary is concerned, she sounds like a tried and true Yankee. Even for as long as she's been in the south she's never picked up their accent. Her hand is extended towards him with the introductions. "Mary." It should be obvious that she's the owner, but she never goes out of her way to announce it. Her patrons are here for pleasure, after all. "Nice to meet you, Guy. New in town?"

Guy takes Mary's hand and leans forward to bring it up to his face. He doesn't actually touch it with his lips, but rather inhales any fragrance it carries. He releases it and looks up with that same crooked smile. He gestures towards the rest of the bar. "Ah, I take it this is your place then? Fabulous. And yes, I am new in town although I've been in Dallas several times in the past. I just recently arrived to stay last night. How long depends on how certain near future meetings go."

What he'll find is a surprising scent of oak and lilacs. It is a bit odd, some may think, but Mary's always strayed from the norm. The smile she addresses him with is less jovial and more sincere. "It is. A place for those who need somewhere to go, to enjoy." The occasional nip of a human here and there is not discouraged, made known by the wait staff that she has who all bear the marks to prove it. Mary looks over the man before her before her eyes come to stop at his. They are something that demands attention, after all. "I hope you enjoy your stay here. It would be a shame to see you leave so quickly." There is a brief pause, just long enough for her tone to almost turn suggestive. "If there is anything that I may offer you, please let me know."

Guy is distracted temporarily by an offending piece of lint, which he absently picks off his jacket sleeve to discard with an annoyed look. As he returns his attention to Mary the crooked smile returns. "Oh believe me, I have no intention of leaving soon. At least not voluntarily. As for what you might offer me, I'd be very grateful if you could let me in on some of the current events… for starters."

It is such a minor act, truth be told, but one that she cannot help but notice. It bemuses her and she's not afraid to show this. "Good." Mary signals for a bartender to bring a round of shots, both of which she will drink if he does not take her up on her offer. For now, however, she merely sips on the drink in her hand. "Current events…" The phrase is left hanging for a moment. "Would you be speaking, perhaps, about the actions of that group that killed several at the parade a few weeks ago?"

Guy accepts the offered shot, but shrugs at the question. "I'm afraid I must confess ignorance to that one. I was out of the country up until two days ago, so I really don't know anything about what's going on in either Dallas or Texas really for that matter."

Ah-ha. Much to teach this one. Her drink is placed down in favor for the shot, which she quickly throws back. "Well," Mary begins, turning her attention back to Guy. "The Mayor of this fair city has decided to make the best efforts to unite humans and vampires. So he scheduled something called Unity Day. There was a parade, and a mini carnival, I'm told." The woman shrugs her shoulders ever lightly. "I confess to not attending. Duties, and all that."

Guy nods following the line of conversation, throwing back his own shot. "Mmhmm, and I take it that someone didn't care for the festivities?"

"Indeed." Mary reaches for her drink once more, almost as if it is only proper for her to finish it. She really only has a little left at this point. "The question, Guy, is who should have the finger pointed at them? The Fellowship is adamantly denying any and all responsibility, the wolves have been unusually silent and I would shudder to think that our own kind could be responsible." The glass is drained and disposed of with a tender. "Basically there were explosions of silver shrapnel, and of silver dust. Humans and vampires lost their lives."

Guy tilts his head slightly while listening. "To be perfectly honest I could make a half dozen arguments either way. Of course the Fellowship will publicly deny. They wish to avoid legal entanglements. And even if their leadership didn't order it, who's to say that some of their members didn't take it upon themselves. And barring that, I still wouldn't put it past them to either aid or at least harbor said terrorists." He takes a pause for another sip of his own drink before continuing. "Who knows what the wolves are thinking? Most I've met animals in many senses, and territorial ones at that. I'm quite certain that there are many in their number who'd resort to such tactics if they felt we were infringing on any territory they thought their own. And as for other vampires, well, the reasons are too numerous to count. Create chaos in order to creat opportunity. Make the sheriff look like he can't keep the area quiet so as to discredit him. Take potshots at rivals. I could go on."

Every last word of his is taken in before she even blinks. Mary then nods, conceding to his points. "Yet, with all of the possibilities, no one is certain what exactly is going on. This bar is quite the popular location at times, and rumor has it that a new group is emerging. Sadly, I have little other information than that." An attempt is made to remember more, and during that time her index finger taps impatiently by her lips. "Well, other than the fact that some are linking that crazy human girl to it all. The one who was convinced she was a vampire, false teeth and everything, and ran around trying to bite her own kind."

That last statement actually illicits a reaction from Guy. He actually starts to laugh until he sees that Mary isn't joking and then he looks at her incredulously. "You're serious? How's that?"

This must not have made the news outside of Dallas. Either way, she doesn't seem to react to his laughter. Guy is well within his rights. "That crazy girl. What is her name?" Again Mary seeks out the help of her bartender, who does in fact have the name on hand. "Oh, right. Faith Tyler. She's some sort of escaped mental patient. And no, I'm not joking." If he isn't up on the news, it wouldn't hurt to stress this. "Seems she up and went missing one night. A few days later she's in some sort of horrible Halloween costume. People say she looked like death, was starving and tried to bit people. Police were warning people to stay away from her for a while." This is all said with a smirk. The situation is outrageous and rather humorous.

Guy purses his lips for a few moments considering options. He eyes Mary curiously and finally comes up with, "My first guess would be that she got over-glamoured. That can have a serious mental impact."

"Very good." It isn't as if she's grading him, but is more impressed with how spot on he is. "At least, that has happened at some point in her life, so far as I can tell. The news mentioned that her insanity was caused by a vampire attack two years ago." Then again, the news is often misleading so again Mary shrugs. "I'm not certain that the two have any connection, but if they do? Then that would suggest to me that at least one vampire is involved in all of this."

Guy nods in agreement. "Of course that makes sense. The attack was targeted primarily at vampires, hence the silver in the explosives. An explosion can kill a vampire without silver if he's caught directly in a powerful enough blast. I would guess there's either some sort of retribution at place here or someone is trying to instigate something. Again, I could play out many scenarios but ultimately speculation is an unworthy science unless it leads to something concrete."

The woman shifts in her stance, not really uncomfortable but looking for a change. She still is quite young and impatient for a vampire, after all. "I can only go for certain on what I know, which unfortunately isn't much. I do hear tidbits here, as I'm sure that you can imagine, but nothing concrete." Mary actually would be decent at spy work, if she ever were so inclined. Her focus, however, is on the vampire with stunning eyes who is standing before her. "As long as it isn't brought here, I'm not likely to be actively involved. These groups will come and go no matter what year it is."

Guy nods again in agreement. "That much is for certain. No matter what the situation, there will always be someone or a group of someones who are dissatisfied. Some will work peaceably. Some will not. It is the way of things." He makes this last statement with a certain amount of resignation. "Still, I would gather that these happenings bear keeping our eyes open. Do you not agree?" He smiles. "Especially here in Dallas, where the locals seem to have a certain…. zeal."

At least someone agrees with her. This earns him yet another sincere smile. "I agree with you, Guy. I do what I can from here as I'm not one who is more useful doing other things." Mary has no extra special abilities, nor is she one that would be well suited to investigation work. Her bar acts as her own source of information which so far has proven to be useful. "Zeal?" At this the female vampire reaches forward, attempting to place a gentle hand on Guy's arm. It's friendly, flirtatious even, but not meant to alarm. "If you're looking for zeal, you've certainly come to the right place."

Guy allows the touch and even lets a trace of a smile to find it's way onto his face. "Yes, Texas and Dallas in particular have a reputation in other kingdoms for being a bit hot-headed. I think I heard the king of Florida once refer to everyone here as gunslinging cowboys. Personally, I like a bit of tension. It makes you more appreciative of each moment."

Suddenly, and rather loudly by comparison, Mary breaks out in laughter. "This /is/ Texas, dear. Cowboys are all over the place. It's nothing like Chicago, but very few places are." Someone is playing favorites. With the allowance of her touch she lingers, not trying too hard to come on to him but not afraid to show that she is a friendly woman. "If you're looking for conflict, though, this is the best place for you. Times are the most conflicted that I've seen."

Guy laughs himself in return. "Non petit, these are simple times compared to the times I was born into. I do like the tension at least. Few really appreciate it, savor it. It heightens every experience."

Now this has her interested. "Every experience, you say?" Perhaps Mary's tone is too playful, but she simply cannot resist herself. Finally her hand moves away from him, waving at the air dismissively. "I could likely say the same, about the times. They hold nothing on what I've seen outside of Dallas but admittedly I've not seen very much at all." She is not about to elaborate on why. "I'm sure it will all work out eventually. Perhaps I should savor it before it does."

Guy absently brushes a stray strand of hair away from his ear before taking another sip from his drink, asking the bartender for a refill. "You should see some more of the world. Trust when I say it is a very interesting place. Believe me, if you think this place is conflicted, you should see South America right now."

"Yes, but then who would run this place in my absence?" This is a loaded question as she has learned to rely on humans for many decades now. "I may miss out on something important, then who would care about the fabled Bloody Mary?" The very tone Mary takes indicates that she is teasing. "Although, if you're offering to give me a world tour, I would find that hard to dismiss."

Guy chuckles again as he starts on another drink. "In the time that I have walked this world, I myself have only seen about half of it." He pauses for a moment, as if considering something. "Perhaps when I have settled here and my business affairs are more in order, I can show you the parts of it that I am acquainted with."

"Why, if I didn't know better, I'd say that sounded like a date." Since Guy is given a new drink, another one appears for Mary. Apparently her bartenders like to keep her well supplied. "I do know that I have much to see, and perhaps when I've settled a bit more I'll make an attempt to do so on my own. I just like what I have here." Nothing lasts forever, however, and she knows it. "Until then, perhaps you can entertain me with stories of your travels?"

Guy chuckles briefly while thinking of a story to tell. "Hmm, a story. Perhaps of some of the more interesting people I have met? Should I tell you of when I met William Wallace?"

A deep drink is taken before Mary turns her attention back to Guy. She has the ability to never make it seem like she's paying any bit of attention to anyone but the person that she's speaking with. It comes with the territory. "Do go on," she says, the smile almost plastered to her face. "A knight? Or am I wrong?"

"Myself?" Guy nods. "Yes, in my youth. You have to understand the politics happening at the time. King Edward, the second I believe, was pressing his rights in France at the time. He had claims there you see. Some from conquest, others through marriage treaties. At the same time, Scotland was rebelling. First under Wallace and then under Robert the Bruce. France in the meantime wasn't pleased with the English presence, but we weren't united enough to oppose him. So we assisted Scotland to weaken England enough to allow us to make a play. This was not entirely successful. England pulled out of Scotland but only to concentrate fully on France." He pauses to take a drink. "Wallace was an interesting man. Educated and well travelled, which was odd considering his commoner status. He was…. committed, and very charismatic. I found it hard not to like him."

What she hears is not what she is expecting but the surprise does not register. She is nothing if not good at hiding her emotions. It comes with the vampirism, after all. "You enjoyed being a knight, then? And what of now? Do you still consider yourself the same?" This is all off track, however, so Mary focuses on the man of the discussion. "So you just met him the once? Or were you more of acquaintances?"

Guy shakes his head. "Just the once I'm afraid. Wallace, and Scotland for that matter, were tools. You must understand that we were fighting to unify France, and England stood in the way of that." He pauses to take another pull from his drink. "And no, not really. I don't consider myself a knight anymore, and haven't for some time. That's not to say that I didn't enjoy it, but times change."

"It's so long ago." Just now she managed to do the math in her head, yet all while watching him. Mary is far from dumb but also is not the brightest. "Yet you seem to have kept such a good memory of it all. Is that difficult?" Surely she is showing her age here. That hand reaches out again, playfully. "What if someone asked you to be a knight?" Her drink is all but forgotten for the moment. "Was that all before or after your rebirth?"

Guy puts that crooked smile on again. "Certain things are easy to remember. Others not. Much like mortals I imagine. And meeting Wallace was while I was still mortal, although I was made shortly after." He chuckles briefly while recalling something. "What you must understand is knigts were not what most people today think they were. Chivalry was not what people think it was. Even the most well-behaved knights were little more than well-trained warlords. But these were troubled times."

At least that gives her a better idea on his age. "Certain things are harder to forget than we like, as well." It almost slips out but Mary is quick to recover. "I seem to recall reading about that. The knights honor is not as the movies would make it to believe, yes?" Again she reaches for her drink, perhaps more out of habit than anything. "They would get what they want, take what they want, the whole nine yards? Or have I been further mislead?"

Guy shakes his head. "You have not been mislead. Not all knights were like that, but many were. It is where the term robber-knights came from. We had a hard task before us, to defend our holdings, our lands and the peoples on it. Sometimes that meant doing unpopular things."

Her finger taps beside her lips again as she considers this. "So my question still stands." Mary offers a sly grin as she watches him, extremely close this time. "If someone were to ask you to be a knight for them, would you?" She's not fishing for too much, but rather is making conversation. "Anyone in a position of power needs to know that they can't please every person all of the time. You have to do what you have to do."

Guy smiles, even chuckles briefly. "If you're asking me, am I willing to get my hands dirty if convinced the cause is worth it, the answer is yes."

His response causes her to laugh. "Now that, Guy, is quite the spirit." Mary takes a moment to talk to the bartender, instructing him not to collect money from Guy this evening. "I tend to stay out of things, myself, but that doesn't mean that I don't enjoy living through the experiences of others." Or stirring up commotion, either.

Guy nods in agreement. "I've much the same philosophy, wether to make things interesting or perhaps even for profit. Conflict breeds opportunity, as my father used to say. What a vampire he would have made."

"I've often times wondered what life would be like if those I knew were like me, but as I was told but a few nights ago that would be a bad thing. Any sort of prolonged companionship, that is." Again she waves off this notion as if it doesn't matter to her, even though it does. Mary immediately recovers from that reaction with a smile. "If I'm not careful, you might just conflict me right out of this establishment."

Guy laughs openly at that. "I wouldn't dream of such a thing. At least not until I have my affairs in order first. That will take some time." He pauses for a moment. "Would you mind doing me a small favor?"

If she's to take that as a sign of worry it clearly does not register. All Mary does is laugh in tune, keeping things jovial. Yet, as she's asked of a favor, her head cants ever so slightly. Guy clearly has her attention. "What favor might that be?"

Guy becomes serious for the moment, perhaps even intensely curious. "Being a new arrival I sought out the sheriff as is proper in a new city. Learning he was away on business I then sought out his Whip. I can't say I walked away from the meeting particularly pleased. She….. let's just say she is very zealous about her duties, and she assumes much. Do you feel that she is an accurate portrayal of the sheriff himself?"

What a sudden change in conversation, even if Mary doesn't seem to portray it. Through all of it she listens. "I know exactly who you speak of, I think." Isobel certainly is no stranger and does happen to use her bar for some things. "I've never personally had any issues with her, but again I am but a lowly bartender." This is said with a grin, as if she purposely has positioned herself as such. "The Sheriff is rather leveled headed, at least he always appears so to me. I honestly haven't heard of any issues concerning him, other than the fact that he was caught in the middle of that attack I spoke of earlier. Rumor has it that he almost died, but you know how rumors can be."

Guy hmmms more than once as he listens. "The impression that I walked away from our conversation is that the sheriff is prone to doling out death on a regular basis over inconsequential matters. I was also given the impression that the sheriff places equal importance on human laws as he does ours."

All Mary can do at this point is shrug. "If I'm to be perfectly honest, I've never had to associate with him in such a way. Perhaps that is fortunate, or unfortunate. All I can say is that I've not heard of him abusing his power." It isn't much to go on, granted, but it is all that she can offer. "I could try to find out more, or locate someone who is more familiar with the situation."

Guy shakes his head. "It is not necessary. I'm sure if such were the case, someone in your position would surely know more. No, it is much more likely that his Whip is simply hot-headed, impolite and was being overzealous."

And a frequent patron, if Mary is recalling her correctly. "I really can't say about that either. I've never had conflicts with either of them personally, but I believe that would be repetition to say." The owner falls silent, then, allowing her thoughts to guide her for a moment. "Might I ask what happened to lead you to such an assessment? Just so I can be on guard in the future, that is."

This time it's Guy's turn to shrug. "I don't want to overly color your perceptions. Let's just say that she seemed to place a greater importance on a human's worry over some girl… probably the one from the news. I've been in many cities, and to make a vampire, especially one of my age to take a backseat to a human is considered rude in those cities to say the least."

"To be fair, Guy, and please don't take offense to this; I only can roughly guess your age based off of the story that you told me. Perhaps I just haven't learned to tell the age of another yet?" It could happen. Mary pauses yet again to consider all of this. "She was talking to someone about the crazy girl? Perhaps that isn't any of my business. It hasn't gotten back to me just yet but I'm sure that it will if you would like me to relay any information?"

Guy nods again. "Yes, somebody named Fontane…Ivan perhaps." He waves a hand dismissively. "At the end of the day, age is not as important as the fact that she placed a human above a vampire. As for what she was talking about, at this moment I don't believe it's any of my concern. And as for her not knowing my age, well, ignorance is no excuse non?"

She doesn't really have a good batting average right now. "The name sounds familiar, but it isn't one that jumps out at me." If she were to see Ivan she would immediately recognize him. Mary, sadly, was never properly introduced. "Humans are vital to our existence, or would. Yet, and perhaps I am reaching on this one, there is a chance that this woman had a different agenda with him. It could be that whatever it was they were discussing was important, or something to hold over his head." Shrugging again, eventually she sighs. "I believe that is a phrase I've heard the police in these parts use."

Guy nods in agreement. "Perhaps you are right. However, I'm sure you can understand my confusion given the situation."

A deep nod is given to him. "But of course. I'm confused, myself, and I wasn't even there." Mary glances at the time before she picks up the paper and pen from earlier. Her hand is extended one last time. "I hate to leave so early, but I have a few issues that need attending before the festivities on Saturday. It is a party, or sorts, for the holiday that seems almost fitting for this bar. You are, of course, welcome to attend."

Guy nods agreeably. "I would be delighted to attend such a gathering."

With that sincere smile, and perhaps a bit of flirtation, Mary begins to walk past Guy. A hand reaches for his shoulder, to offer a gentle squeeze. "I will look forward to seeing you, then. And if you need anything until then, you know where I'll be."

Guy offers a sincere smile to the departing Mary. "Congratulations on providing me with the most pleasant evening I've had so far in Dallas. I look forward to the next."

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