Bean Scene Cafe

Bean Scene is a small coffee shop and cafe that caters primarily to a younger crowd. The cafe has always been at least a year late in joining any given fad, and in the past it's been done in western-style, set up as a beatnik hangout, a go-go disco, a fern bar, and once even attempted to cash in on breakdancing. A plaque has recently been placed above the door, and says, "No fad is dead until it appears to Bean Scene".
Case in point, the cafe has a grungy feel to it.A grey brick facade has been placed over the walls, the flooring looking more like a worn down metal grid, complete with old sewer grates every few feet. Tables and chairs set about the cafe are quite casual in appearance, made of metal meant to look rusty and splattered with multi-colored paints. Metal street signs hang from the wall amid images of garage bands. Behind the counter is a black chalkboard displaying the available items and costs.

The afternoon is verging on evening when Wit arrives at the Bean Scene cafe. He looks a bit worse for the wear, not as good as he had in previous times. But he's alive and breathing. There's a brief moment where he digs in his pockets, not taking anything out, but ensuring that something is there. Rather than making a move up to the counter for something caffeinated to run through his system, he just takes a seat at a table. To his credit, Wit already looks fairly jumpy and on edge. His eyes are bloodshot and he looks a tad pale, but he's managed to shower and pull on clothes that don't look quite as street punky as he normally wears. He's even dressed appropriately for the weather.

The woman who enters into the Bean Scene not long after Wit is likely one that he may not expect. She's wearing an off-white and brown long-sleeved dress, brown knee high boots and a fashionable jacket over top. Makeup has been applied, her hair has been curled ever so at the ends, and she absolutely does not look like a mental patient. Faith Rose Tyler has changed quite a bit in the past few weeks. Tucked under one arm is a small book, almost like a photo album. Her first stop, unlike his, is the counter for some hot chocolate. At least like this some are actually mistaking her for her sister and not the crazy lady.

Wit does a double take when he sees Rose come in. At least who he assumes is Rose. If Hope had decided to come along, that'd be interesting. He stands up from his table and moves over to the woman, just eyeballing her for a moment before he clears his throat. "Rose. That you?" He stares down at her choice of clothing for a long few moments before his eyes return to her face. It's not exactly lecherous — more so wondrous. "Wow. I can see I was away for far too long." He steps up behind her in line before anyone else can, sensing that he may need a hot drink to keep him lucid for the conversation.

The name is what causes her to look in his direction, really. Slowly Rose turns to face him, almost blankly at first until she realizes who she's in front of. The young woman may have her senses about her but she's still Rose. Well, a mixture of Rose and Faith. "Wit?" He either looks worse than she remembers or she's just having a bad day. Either way, instead of some other form of greeting, she actually attempts to hug him. "I want to hear all about it, I do. I've missed you. You were the only friend I made that Hope approves of."

The hug from Hope is taken. The already slight boy seems to have lost weight in recent times, making him a bit bonier than people like their hugging victims to be. "Your sister actually approves of me? Well, that's subject to change soon." Wit laughs very quietly before smiling at Rose and looking her up and down. "Wow, look at you. I think I said that already, but. You look really good. I think I should hear about what's been going on with you first, because it looks like… a lot has been going on. I'd rather hear it from you than the news anyway." Rose's appearance seems to settle him down a bit. The anxious look in his eyes hasn't quite dissipated yet, but he's not shifting his weight from foot to foot with nervousness anymore.

If anyone is supposed to be nervous, it's her. Yet she's not, so he shouldn't either. Faith places a hand on Wit's arm long after the hug. It's a simple gesture but one meant to show she really is happy to see him and that she cares. Her hot chocolate is handed to her yet she waits for Wit to get his drink before she moves away. "I don't want to make this all about me," Rose finally says. "Either way, we'll talk when we sit down. You look like you could use to sit down."

Wit orders himself a plain ol' coffee. It doesn't need to be anymore caffeinated than that at this point, as abuzz as he is. He smiles at Rose as his coffee is handed to him, starting to lead her towards a table. He sits down first and runs his fingers through his hair, looking at Rose again. "What a transformation. London Grace would be proud. I hope she's alright. Haven't seen her about lately." But missing werewolves are not what's at stake here. He smiles at Rose and winks to her. "It's okay if it's all about you, I really don't mind. You first, at any rate."

He is followed and she promptly takes a seat as he does. Only this time she sits with grace, just as her mother would have it. Faith places the book of many things on the table, not too far away from her hot chocolate. "I haven't seen her since I found out she was hit by a car. I'm worried about her." The concern shows, too. Even if Rose never really knew these people as well as she thought she did, she does care for them all. "Well it's hard to know where to begin. After I was held hostage at my original institution, Hiro broke me out. I think you knew that, though." Then the book opens and she flips to newspaper articles about it. "I think. Everything all happened so close together."

"Right. I remember that guy breaking you out. We were worried sick. That was the last time I talked to your sister, actually. I'm afraid I left her sort of high and dry." Wit's regret shows, his mouth turning into a faint grimace. He shakes his head at himself before taking a sip of the hot coffee. The scalding beverage seems to make little impact on him as it slips down his throat. "After you were… held hostage and broken out, what happened then?" There's a brief pause. "I'm worried about London too. I'll have to call her again. Her answering machine must be out of tape though by now." He sighs, looking out one of the windows for a moment before returning his attention to Rose.

"I think she gave me her number once. I remember that she did, but we all know how I can be. But that was left behind after everything." It's sad, but true. "If you do talk to her, express concern for me? And a willingness to help out if she needs anything." Oh, right. A crazy offering help. The world must be coming to an end. "And don't worry, really. Things have been so crazy that we all understand losing contact. Look at me; I barely talk to anyone anymore." With this said, Rose continues flipping the pages in her book. "Well, then one night I went missing, from the new place." Articles of her disappearance are shown. "Everyone thought I ran off again, or some vampire took me. But I was kidnapped." Yeah, this is going to sound weird. She even shifts uncomfortably as she says it.

Stranger things have probably been said. Wit is hardly in any position to judge. "New place?" Wit asks, taking another drink of his coffee. He reaches up to rub his face for a moment as he listens to her. "Of course I will." He says in response to the concern for London thing. He eyes the little scrapbook that she's brought along, reaching out for it. "May I?" He asks, putting his coffee down. Wit reaches up to run his fingers through his hair, pushing the long strands out of his face.

The book is slid across the table, allowing Wit freedom to flip through it as he pleases. "Hope found a nice community for me, where I was less likely to be tied up." The words are chosen purposely. "Then I was gone. Some group, I don't know who, used drugs, V, and my mental illness to convince me that I was a vampire. They even gave me false fangs." The fangs are gone, so she must have had them removed. "So for several days I was starving, as they didn't feed me, and was convinced that trying to bite people was my only way to survive." Hence the articles about a crazy woman pretending to be a vampire. Or a vampire who isn't good at her job.

Wit chuckles at the phrase 'tied up', shaking his head at Rose. "What a pun." The two are seated at a table, Wit leafing through a scrapbook that Rose has brought along. When she continues to explain her experiences, his eyes grow wide. The further he flips through the scrapbook, the more he frowns. "Rose… Jesus. What happened to these vampires? I don't normally say this, but I hope they're all staked now or silvered or /something/. What did you even do to deserve that…?" The young man seems in genuine awe that someone would do this, let alone to Rose. He purses his lips and then bites the lower, his flipping growing slower as he browses the articles more thoroughly.

Now it is her turn to run a hand through her strands before turning to look out of the window. "Vampires and humans. It's a mixture of them. And I think they just chose me because I'm such a well known, easy target." At this she sighs roughly and reaches for her hot chocolate. The Rose he met would likely have spilled it but she's improved greatly. "I don't know what has happened to all of them. Some of them were killed in that explosion that almost took my life, and one of them Ivan and I staked." As he flips through he'll see articles about the festivities and the bombings. Of course, a very vampire looking Rose was caught on center stage.

A skinny nothing of a young man walks into Bean Scene with his hands tucked into the pockets of a pair of charcoal jeans and a rumpled, dirty, tattered looking short sleeve linen shirt that was once white. It looks like he's been in a tussle of some nature, his hair mussed and his cheek dirty, though he doesn't appear to be obviously injured. Teddy has a scarf wound a few times around his neck that is bright purple, the ends of it trailing over his chest and back, nearly to his hips. Definitely not for a short guy like him. He tilts his head, nose twitching curiously and smoky violet eyes sweeping the cafe until they land on Wit; triumphant, he trots over towards Wit and Rose with a light bounce in his step, planting his hands on the edge of their table with a bright smile, "Hi!" His voice is warm and affable despite his somewhat tumbled appearance.

"Who's Ivan?" Wit asks, his eyes widening again as he comes to the page with Rose center stage looking like a bloodsucking fiend. He licks his lips as if completely parched and reaches up to rub at his forehead. His own shaking hand moves out to grab the his cup of coffee, miraculously not spilling it all over the table. He sucks in a deep breath and takes a drink as Teddy comes be-bopping up to the table. The appearance of the young pasty man nearly causes him to spit his coffee onto Rose's scrapbook, but he's a little more suave than that. Thankfully. Wit swallows the coffee down and clears his throat a few times. "Rose, this is my friend Teddy. He's pretty friendly, nothing to be worried about. I promise. Teddy, this is Rose." Wit mutters quietly to himself for a moment before turning back to Rose, while absent mindedly kicking a chair out for Teddy. "If there are more out there like these ones, I hope they're gone. More that had something to do with your whole…incident." He's unsure of what to call it, frankly. "Was that the end of it?"

Her daydreaming is cut short by the arrival of Teddy. Rose quickly turns to view the newcomer, seeming more on edge than she originally let on. There are reasons for this, as Wit is quickly learning. Wide eyes examine Teddy, a hand absently moving to cover the extremely faint marks that are at her neck. It just can't be helped. "If you say so." It isn't a proper greeting, something she'll regret later, but certainly they will understand.
After a drink of that refreshing liquid does Faith return to the book, to the story. She doesn't appear very comfortable but that will pass. "They're out there doing who knows what. I would try to stop them, but look at me." Another glance is given to Teddy as she wonders just how much to say. "Someone saved me that night, even if I was injured. It nearly cost him his life. That put me in touch with someone who fixed me, even if it won't last." Fixed the crazy, she means. "So I'm not in an institution. I'm staying with Ivan." Oh, right. He asked about that. "Ivan Fontane. He works for the mayor. Someone put him in charge of my well being."

"Nice to meet you, Rose!" declares the young looking vampire, standing up straight and lifting a hand in a wave with another brilliant smile, his mussed hair flopped over one of his eyes. He drops into a crouch next to the table, fingers still curled over the edge so that all that is visible of him is that pale, near white hair and big, curious eyes, "Ah. Sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt. I smelled Wit so I decided to come in and say hello. Did you want me to leave?" He peers up at the two of them from nearly under the table, rubbing his fingertips against the tabletop absently. Hiiii.

Wit hasn't seemed to take offense at Rose's behavior. After learning what he's been hearing? Yeah, he definitely understands. He looks purely sympathetic and mouths 'Sorry' to Rose before he looks back down at the scrapbook and heaves a heavy sigh. "You…smelled me?" Wit asks Teddy before he looks back to Rose and inhales sharply through his nostrils. "Oh. You're staying with this…Ivan guy. Huh." Is that jealousy? Perhaps the scantest bit. "Is he a good guy? Does he check out? Rose, I have something for you." He pauses before looking at Teddy, smiling. "You don't need to leave," he assures. Wit takes his wallet from his pocket and offers up around $250, putting it on the table in front of Rose. "For your bills. I figured you'd have them. Hope had mentioned them to me before. I…I just want you to have it."

He is such an odd creature, really. She isn't taking offense to him, or even to his presence. She is merely trying to prove to Ivan that she can be good. Oh, well. "Nice to meet you, too." It is soft, slow, but the greeting does come. See? She's trying! "And it's okay. If Wit doesn't mind you being here, I don't mind." The more she speaks, the stronger her words, and by the end it appears that Rose actually means what she is saying.
"Ivan? He's a good guy." Of course she'll say that, but she can't and won't claim to being anything more than a friend to him in public. "Other people don't see it that way. I think Hope tried to stab him." It really is a long story, but hey, if they want storytelling she doesn't mind. The money, however, derails her thought process. Faith just stares at it, not even making a move to touch it. "Wit. I can't take that." If she could possibly melt more, she has no idea how. "I mean, I really appreciate it. But you need your money. I mean, you said you had a situation, right?"

Theodore doesn't seem offended by, well, much of anything, nodding his head in response to the question from Wit without actually bothering to explain it. He watches the matter of the money between the two of them, folding his arms on the table and resting his chin there, head cocked to the side like a curious dog. His eyes slide from boy to girl to boy to girl before he pipes up again, amiable and light, "I have money! You can have mine, if you want. I don't really need it. Wit needs his, and you need yours, and I don't need mine, so it makes sense, right? Especially since you're Wit's friend!" His logic may be flawed, based largely in a child's simplicity, but he seems earnest enough, moving rapidly to his feet and digging around in his pocket for a few seconds. He winds up having to bounce, his jeans tight enough that his wallet gets trapped, and then he fumbles it a couple times before he finally manages to capture it and tug it open. After some poking inside, he tugs out a good five hundred dollars (thoroughly crumpled), and proceeds to set that on the table before dumping his change into his palm and announcing, "I'm going to buy something to drink!" Cue march off towards the counter."

"Actually, Rose…" Wit frowns a little bit, reaching up to rub at the back of his neck. "I have a lot more money than I let on—" As Teddy throws down five hundred dollars in crumpled bills, he clears his throat. "Teddy! You're gonna get us mugged. Rose, I'll give you a ride home…" He trails off there and stops talking until Teddy has moved away from the table to get something to drink. "Rose, I don't need my money as much as Teddy thinks I do, or you do. I'm fairly…uh, loaded as they say. In truth? I'm just a spoiled rich kid." He doesn't seem proud of the fact whatsoever and looks to be regretting having lead her to believe that he was more of a punk than he seems. "Do you know why I went away? I was in rehab. It didn't do any good, either. I'm a drug addict. And…I sold my blood down at Lonestar to get that money for you. But after that, I got high again. I'm sorry." It doesn't seem like an apology in vain — he truly seems sorry. "I'm not a bad person — I'm just screwed up." Wit says, watching Rose for a few moments, his eyes flickering over to Teddy to make sure the boy is alright.

The green keeps coming, some of it neat and some of it far from. As the dollars begin to increase, her eyes continue to widen. This is far from what she's been expecting, extremely far from. Rose has no other option but to just sit there, to take it all in, literally unable to move. One would think that after all she's seen, this would be cake. Oh, no. Finally Teddy gets up to get something to drink, giving her a reason to move. She watches him, carefully, before finally turning back to Wit.
Yet there are more surprises in store for her. If she weren't in such a state of shock the young woman would likely be crying at this moment. "Wit" It's hard to even find her voice with all of this. What Faith does do is move out of her seat and over to where he's seated. She places a hand on his shoulder as she kneels, her eyes remaining locked on his. "You would do something like that for me? I can't repay you for this, not yet. I think that's the sweetest thing that anyone has ever done." Any comments on being a drug addict are saved for last, of course. Rose is simply trying to be close to him, to be comforting. "I'm sorry I didn't realize any of this sooner. Do you want me to help you? I can try, I really can. I want to be here for you." Substance abuse is something she knows well, even if it wasn't her choice."

"No, I already did that today," Teddy says lightly as he wags a hand at Wit, pointing at his mussed shirt and meandering onwards to the counter. He flops against it partially, eyeing the different coffees curiously. He asks a question of the attendant and gets a somewhat disgusted look in response, his eyebrows lifting only for him to smile cheerfully and order something else. When he returns, it is with a paper cup that smells faintly like peppermint, setting it on the table and dragging a chair over for him to sit down on. He peers into the cup thoughtfully for a few seconds, popping the top off and humming idly to himself as he wraps his hands around it. It doesn't look like he intends to drink whatever's in the cup - they must not have TruBlood here - but he seems to appreciate the heat all the same. He's quiet now, though, just peering at them both curiously.

Wit seems utterly embarrassed or flustered or SOMETHING. He smiles at Rose and shakes his head. "You never have to pay me back, Rose. Never, ever. Or Theo either for that matter, I mean…" Wit makes a motion to the vampire boy. Teddy certainly doesn't seem like the type to want his money back. Not after that little speech, via failed logic. When Rose rises and moves over to his side, he attempts to press a friendly kiss on her cheek. "Don't worry about it. I know it isn't much, but I'll get you more later. Even if I have to get a real job." There's a tone of mock horror there before Wit just smiles at Rose. "No. You don't owe me anything as long as you try to keep yourself out of trouble. I know how hard that is for you considering it just seems to find you…" He shakes his head again. "Don't help me, just take care of yourself. Teddy, you don't want her to repay you, do you?" Wit asks, looking towards the other boy.

Teddy's return isn't even noticed at first as her attention is on Wit. She may have been batshit crazy when she first met him, but her assessment seems to be holding true. And Hope questions her choice in friends. "I want to do something for you, Wit. Don't' tell me no because I want to. What can I do?" Faith continues to kneel beside him, dedicated to him and the cause. "And no. Don't get a job. I can't, not right now, but I'll survive. I'll find a way. I don't want you putting any more stress on yourself."
Then Teddy is mentioned and she finally looks over his way. He really is an odd duck, but she has absolutely no right to comment. Pot and kettle complex and all. "You two are too much. Seriously. I'm sure that money can be put to great use for something." Rose is trying her best to decline without sounding rude. They're both sweet, issues or not, but she doesn't like to feel helpless. "I'd feel like I was taking advantage of you."

"Hm? What? No. Who gives money and wants it paid back? Besides loan sharks - and people in the /mafia/," Teddy says this last with a quixotic expression on his face, eyes wide as he undoubtedly imagines these strange knee-breaking mafia men. He scoots away from Rose on her knees and Wit in his chair, cocking his head to the side and leaning far over to stagewhisper, "Are you guys dating?" Peeeer of nosy curiosity. Nose wiggle. He boings back to being upright, peering into his peppermint water and dipping his finger inside; he sucks on it idly, enjoying the coolness of the peppermint, even if the flavor doesn't do much for him.

"Rose, please. Quit being stubborn. You let random people save your life, you can take my money because frankly, I don't have fuck all else to do with it." There's a pause. "Pardon my language." Wit smiles at the woman and tries to pull Rose up to her feet. "Get up, you're making me feel weird. If you start to wash my feet with your hair or something, I'm going to lose it." Wit just shakes his head at Rose. Shakeshakeshake. "I'm doing this because I want to. You've had enough problems as it is, why spend your life in debt? I'm not going to offer to pay the whole bill or anything. I'm doing what any good friend would do. I'm trying to be a decent human being if you'd let me." When Wit hears Teddy's comment about the mafia, he simply picks his cup of coffee up and takes a long drink, hiding the wide grin behind his cup. He stares over the table at Teddy's peppermint water and quirks a brow before returning his attention to Rose. "Teddy doesn't like vampires who commit violence, or something. So he's pretty gung ho with the whole issue." He gives Rose a distinct 'I have no idea' look.

In that moment, that brief period of time where the language comes to play, he actually reminds her of someone. This brings a smile out to play, even with the situation being what it is. "Is this why you called me?" She does have a right to know, after all. Slowly she stands; her movements almost stiff and sore. There's pain there but she's not going to let it show more than it already has. "I'll take it, okay, but I just don't want you to think that I'm using you, or that you have to. You're such a sweet guy."
Then Teddy starts talking. His first commenting on the mafia gets her attention. "I see." It's all she can say to Wit at first. He knows her history with his kind but at least she's trying! Then he goes and asks more and she almost falls over. It's so out of nowhere. Finally Faith turns back to Wit and blinks. "Is that what I was like?"

Theodore nods his head after a few seconds, swirling his peppermint water absentmindedly as he reiterates, "I'm a pacifist." He makes a peace sign with his free hand, pouting his lips out and nodding seriously. He drops his hand after a few seconds, canting his head to the side again and asking, curiously, "What issue? And like what?" He straightens up and studies both of them with thoughtful violet eyes, puffing his hair away from his forehead and tapping his fingers against his cup. His eyes narrow and he asks, voice light and suspicious, "Are you /sure/ you're not dating?" Hmmm.

"Like what? Like Teddy?" Wit asks Rose, glancing over to Teddy. "I don't think anyone is quite like Teddy." He laughs and then grins at Teddy, winking. If Rose is in pain, Wit either conveniently doesn't see it or chooses to ignore it. He's already done enough to her today as it is, "Part of the reason I called you, yeah. The other part was because I needed to make sure you were okay, and to apologize for running out like that." Wit glances to Teddy and starts to laugh again, shaking his head. "Not dating, mate. Not that Rose here isn't incredibly cute, wouldn't you say? But we're just friends. Besides, she's ah, shacking up with this Ivan fellow. I can't imagine he'd be incredibly happy with such a development." Wit winks at Rose this time before he glances over to Teddy. "Rose was hurt quite a lot by vampires and humans a like. It's made her a little scared, but… you would be too." Wit turns to Rose and grins a bit. "Teddy draws web comics." As if that determines whether or not someone is threatening…

"I don't know. I seem to remember some moments that I'm not real proud of." Coffee showers? It can't get much worse than that. "I still can't believe you're doing this." She still hasn't even actually touched the money, but at least she -said- that she would take it. Which is something, yes? "Wit, I'm serious. What can I do for you? I'm not an invalid; I can actually help, really." It's only fair since he's helping her out so much. "And please, don't apologize. By the time Green Oaks was done with me, I was so baked out of my mind that I'm lucky I didn't walk into traffic." She honestly would have if it weren't for Ivan.
But then they're back to Teddy and his randomness. "I see." She seems to be saying this a lot. There's a blink before she tilts her head. "What's a web comic?" Sane, she may be, but she is still a woman with basic needs. The internet isn't something she uses at all. Yet Faith is blushing and looking down because she's getting compliments. That and he's bringing up her history. She's not uncomfortable about that, but she's waiting for someone to announce that she's the crazy lady from the news. "Although I have to agree. I don't know that Ivan would want any strangers in his apartment."

Theodore just smiles brightly in response to what Wit says, apparently not offended by the judgment of his uniqueness. He lifts his chin, resting his elbows on the table and rocking his chair back, as they speak of Rose's problems with other vampires and humans, nodding his head slightly, "Oh, no doubt. I've been hurt by lots of people. Most of the fear goes away eventually, but I remember it." He frowns intently for a few long seconds, huffing out another sigh eventually and lifting his attention to the other two, "Huh? Webcomic? It's like a comic in the newspaper or a regular comic, just online." He shrugs casually enough, shifting in his chair fidgetingly and sucking hard on his lower lip. Gnawgnaw. He doesn't continue speaking, just looking generally distracted.

Wit just shakes his head at Rose, smiling at her. "You don't need to do anything whatsoever for me. I promise. Despite that one little hiccup I have, I'm doing pretty well for myself." Mostly because of his father's money, but that's neither here nor there for now. "I just want you to not get into trouble. Seriously, that's all. And anyway, I've been thinking getting a job will help me… I might even apply here." Yep, because Wit would make a /great/ coffee salesman. He actually might, given his charm. He nods in agreement to Teddy's response with the explanation of a web comic. "We'll have to show you sometime. I looked it up last night. It's pretty funny, actually. Teddy's a good artist." There's a moment of silence from Wit as he pushes Rose's scrapbook back at her, toying with the lid on his coffee. "Listen. The bottom line is that I offered. You're not taking advantage of me. Or Teddy. He offered too. He likes to help people. If you don't take the money, we'll find some way to make sure you get it." It's a playful threat, but one he means, nevertheless.

It almost seems totally random, but she does have something to say. "Hope has a job at the mall. She might be able to help you find something. I would offer but I'm the last person any employer wants to have around." With her attempts to console, comfort and just generally be a friend squashed, Faith reclaims her seat. Her book is taken in hand first, as if it is her source of memory. It could be, if she ever forgets. "I'm thinking about making one of these with all of my friends in it. I really don't want to forget everyone all over again." It's a very real possibility for her, especially with hanging around so many vampires. Present company excluded. "And believe me, I am done with trouble." If only.
"On the internet? I feel so computer stupid." It has been years since she's been near one, after all. DHr primarily only used them for school work anyway. "But sure. I'll take a look at it, especially to see his skills." See? Rose is being nice! "How does someone get started with web comics?" With that threat, no matter how playful, Rose finally looks down at the money. "Fine." She's offered to decline it many times, now it is fair game. So Rose begins sorting the money, not exactly sure what to do with it. She will keep it safe, though.

Theodore beams all over again when Wit calls him a good artist, laughing softly and happily only to twist his peppermint water around idly, letting the heat radiate through his fingers. He listens to the discussion about a job with idle curiosity, being employed himself, but he has started fidgeting more than usual. The question from Rose gets a blink and another abrupt smile, laughing fluidly, "Well, I started out as a fine artist; four hundred years of artistic experience comes in handy. Usually, you have to have some sort of real job to start with, and if it gets really popular, you can start making money. It's not hard to just put one up, though. Keeping it going is harder." He slips suddenly to his feet again, sighing deeply and brushing his hair away from his temple, "Mmf. Sorry. I'm hungry. I'm going to trot down the street and pick up some TruBlood. I'll be right back, okay?" He wags a hand at both of them, turning to trot off towards the door.

"The mall?" Wit asks, with a touch of good ol' boy snobbery coming into his voice. After a moment of looking properly affronted that someone would even suggest working at a mall like tons of other normal teenagers, he nods his head and lets out a sigh. "Yeah. That'd actually be a good place to start. The food court. I imagine employees don't stay there for long." The turnout rate of high school kids and felons is probably dubious down at the food court. And he's a shoo-in, fitting into each category almost verbatim. As Teddy stands up to leave, so does Wit. "I think I'm going to head out now myself, Rose. Would you like a ride home? I'll swing by for Teddy on the way back. …I think I sort of have a house guest." Wit waves at the trotting vampy as he shakes his head, chuckling after the kid. "Weird little dude, but he has personality, yeah?"

Four hundred years. That's something that she just can't get past. It isn't exactly a normal time frame. It suddenly dawns on her that she doesn't know how old anyone is. Anyone. That is something that she'll have to fix, most likely when she starts this new book making project of hers. She's about to respond in kind to Teddy but he's soon walking away. "It was nice to meet you." Too late, of course, but Rose is at least hoping that he'll hear it.
"At least you can get a job." That's not so easy for Faith. With all of her items secured in various places, cash included, she stands as well. "No, it's okay. I have a ride waiting for me." Faith isn't exactly lying, but it isn't waiting just for her. "Thank you, Wit. Really." She turns towards where Teddy left and just nods. "I'm not afraid of him. I think I kind of like him." She won't leave as Wit does, but will linger for just a moment before catching her 'ride' and returning home. Public transport for the win.

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