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The Warehouse

A dark womb of black, and purple encompass The Warehouse nightclub. The room is a fair sized club area that has been built out of an old warehouse. Most of the club has been well-lit with neon tubing, but the lighting around the booths and back wall are shadowed to provide some modicum of privacy. Other than the dance area, the floor is a deep mauve, with light patterns displayed haphazardly on it. A ring of black light surrounds the ceiling, causing the lighter colors in both the club and on the patrons to fluoresce.
A catwalk spreads over the dance floor, the black iron rails holding state-of-the-art varilights and floods which reflect off of the large disco ball that dangles from the ceiling, splashing the LED dance floor with light. The dance floor itself flashes and pulses to the beat of the music, continually changing colors in a neonic frenzy. On tall black step-platforms set out randomly throughout the dance floor are black dance cages, roomy enough for two people to bump and grind to the music in them.
The bar matches the rest of the nightclub, tall and black with a strand of purple LED's running along the sides and the outer edges. The stools in front of it are white and chrome, reflecting the purple light that washes over the bar area. Behind the bar is a high-tech, mirrored drink area with glass shelving. Various libations, ranging from alcoholic beverages to fruit juices and sodas line the shelves.
The music here is blisteringly loud, but startlingly clear. Heavy bass notes throb, speakers buzzing slightly when the volume reaches its peak.

Thursday night maybe isn't /the/ night to go out and party, but still the Warehouse is host to enough people to make the bookkeepers proud and the bartenders busy. There's a ring around the bar at least two to three people thick and the small dance floor is filled to such an extend that to get past it, a person would have to wiggle her way through. And it's that warm, Josephine's skin gleaming with sweat as she manages to finally get away from the guy that seemed like a prospect at first glance, but at the second (and third and fourth) rather wasn't. She has her vest tied around her waist and lifts the hem of her shirt just enough to blow a little coolness to her chest. Walking over to the bar isn't altogether painless though, a slight limp to her left leg as the brand new boots are pinching and blistering her heels.

Guy has recently arrived in the nightclub and for the most part has been simply wandering it, observing people. The best place to do this however seems the bar and that's where he heads, taking note of the way the booths are set up. He makes his way deliberately to the bar and stops to observe it and the people around it for a moment, deciding if he wants to order something or not.

"'Yo, big guy, quit takin' up so much space, eh!" A jock of about 25 tries to shoulder Guy aside so he and his girlfriend can order a little quicker, his beefy hand already raised over the heads of a few other people to catch the attention of one of the bartenders, "Here, two screwdrivers!" Josephine isn't the only one looking rather irritated at the couple, though she is the one who's eyeing them with more caution, the source of that caution being the man in the suit he just jumped ahead of. "I wouldn't…" she warns, but under her breath, not about to get involved in a brawl one way or the other.

Guy doesn't budge as the jock tries to shoulder by him, but gets a mischievous look on his face for a moment as he edges close to the bar. "Sorry friend. Let me get that." The accent is a thick mixture of French and German. He steps to the bar with money suddenly in hand and places an order for the two screwdrivers, an imported beer for himself as well as adding in another round for whatever a group of ladies near the bar are having. Guy waits quietly as the bartender gets his order, paying with a fresh fifty and telling him to keep the change. Guy turns around to hand the drinks to the jock and his girl. "Here you go, again sorry about that." He smiles briefly, letting his fangs come out for the briefest of seconds. So quick it would be hard for anyone else to have seen them, but not impossible. "Next time though, try excuse me. You'll find it works better."

"Well, ain't that nice," the jock drawls and the girlfriend for the duration is all smiles and batting lashes too. Surely when she takes into account the expensive outfit the stranger's wearing, thinking him quite the sugar daddy, when the ladies wolfwhistle their appreciation, one of them going so far as to wiggle her lovely behind at him. For the duration, as the moment he flashes those fangs, the girl gets quite faint in the cheeks there, needing the support of her jock who all of a sudden shrinks into a rather frightened little boy, who can only stammer, "Yes-s-sir…" The hands holding their drinks are shaking enough to spill some on their hasty retreat to the dance floor. Leaving Josephine, patiently stepping into the place they vacated to wait her turn to order, one hand raised to catch someone's attention. Anybody's. At least she's tall enough to get noticed sooner or later. Meanwhile, she eyes Guy and his beer with a bemused little smirk.

Guy catches what Josephine's smirking and returns the look with a nod. "You have to order something, non? And I didn't want to spoil the surprise for them by ordering Tru Blood, if they even have it." He steps aside enough for Josephine to get to the bar without allowing anyone else to fill the space before she can get there.

"Oh, they have it," she informs him, shaking her head still, stepping in as he makes room, "And it would've given the same effect, only you probably wouldn't have your little fanclub anymore." Three guesses which girls she's talking about. Her alto is not unkind, distant, but that could as well be caused by her thick northern European accent. Or the fact that she knew him for what he was from the start. Turning her back on him, she doesn't waste time ordering a decent, but nowhere near expensive Irish whiskey -straight, no ice- digging a few sweaty dollar bills from a pocket.

Guy doesn't interrupt while you're ordering. "Perhaps, perhaps not. It doesn't seem to be intimidating you at all." He takes another look around the bar. "And while it might have had the same effect, I wouldn't have gotten to witness it. Besides, no reason to raise up a flag to the /entire/ club for the moment."

Accepting the glass, exchanging the money, only then turning back around to face him -stepping aside to allow others to order theirs- Josephine eyes him over her drink, "It's a full house, I'm thinking," she answers at last, the smile polite, not warm. "But why wouldn't you. Most vampires don't seem to have a problem with a little attention. Go down to the Bloody Mary's and you'll have yourself an entourage before you can say, 'Who's ne-" At that moment she's interrupted by the wannabe lover she was dancing with earlier, late twenties, good muscles but a little too much leer, "Hey sweetling, it's getting cold without you, wanna warm me up again?" To which she can only grunt her disgust, under her breath.

Guy nods in agreement, giving the man who just walked up the once over. "Yes, I could do that I'm sure. I've checked out the place. But tonight I am here. Seeing as I'm new to the city I wanted to get acquainted with more than one place. And yes, I do like a little attention. I also enjoy seeing people's reactions up close when realization comes to them."

From annoyance to a Cunning Plan, the emotions are easy to read from Josephine's face, at least if you're paying attention, which loverboy isn't,- too busy checking out her chest. Suddenly she extends a coy arm, drawing the guy in, all but snaking around him, "Poor darlin'," she drawls up, "You need a little treat, don't you…" To which he can only nod, grossly eager. She then extends a hand to Guy, "Oh, are you in for one, here, I got /such/ a surprise for you…" And though a sliver of doubt enters the man's eyes, the promise in her sultry alto is one his hormones can't ignore. "Yeah?"

Guy can only guess what's coming next, but he does nothing to prevent it. In fact, his lack of an attempt to stop it might be seen as approval. Instead, he merely busies himself with removing an offending piece of lint that has somehow attached itself to his jacket sleeve while he waits to observe the inevitable.

"Ohyeah," the woman promises, wiggling her brows, running a hand down his stomach to /just/ there. Only an iceberg would've missed the hint. She moves herself and the guy well into Guy's personal space, tracing an equally coy finger along his beard, "Look up, sexy," she coerces the would be lover, breathing the words into his ear, "What do you see, mmh?" She next looks imploringly at Guy, wording silently, "Go on, do that glamour thing already."

Guy smirks as he looks directly into the man's eyes. "You aren't going to let that guy over there in the red shirt get away with feeling up your woman like that, are you?" The question is asked with just a hint of malevolance to carry the emotion into the glamour. Guy then breaks eye contact and steps back half a foot to see the results of his handiwork.

Josephine slips her arm away from the guy, trying to understand what Guy's doing, how it works, what he does, well all of it. Ending up empty handed, of course. She moves out of the way of the now enraged ex-lover, taking a place next to the vampire to watch the man stomp over to the quite innocent red-shirted twentysomething smooching his fiancee. "That's rather… Cruel," she comments, but her eyes don't miss a second of hell breaking loose as the first punch is served. With interest. Enough to make her wince.

Guy allows a crooked smile to creep into his features. "Yes, perhaps I overdid it a little. Still though, perhaps it will teach him to pay attention to something other than his loins, non?" He looks down at Josephine. "I notice your opinion of the cruelty didn't stop you from watching."

"Oh, it's what I do," she tells him, a bit distracted as her ex-lover is now getting kicked in the groin by Red Shirt's fiancee. "See, now that he deserved," she nods, sipping her whiskey. She shivers as the guy gets kicked again, then looks away. Up to Guy then, though she does increase the distance between them. "Thank you, that was both useful and educational. Heh, the AVL would probably even aprove."

"So happy their approval is so easy to garner" Guy drawls with a hint of sarcasm. He looks down at the woman curiously. "What do you mean, it's what you do?" Guy is currently near the bar apparently in a conversation with Josephine, both of which are watching a small fight. The participants being two men and a woman. One man has apparently been hit in the groin. The bouncers are currently en route to break up the fight.

"Ah, AVL's okay enough," Josephine dismisses them with a small wave of her hand, "And MacKeirnan's not too bad." As the guy now groveling on the floor with both hands over his groin is groaning with intense pain, she can't help but look a little guilty. "I observe and I write," she tells him, amused eyes scanning his, waiting for one of the usual reactions, "I'm a reporter, correspondent to be exact. You?"

Guy chuckles a bit before responding. Imagine that one of the first humans he should meet in Dallas would be a reporter. "Me? I invest in and transport rare commodities. It's somewhat time consuming, but it's lucrative and has allowed me to travel much of the world."

Josephine listens while drinking, shrugging in the end as she waves a finger to indicate Guy's general presence, "Yeah, I kinda got that, you sound decidedly familiar there…" Fishing for a name now. "What's that, French? German? Polish maybe." Her teasing grin is put on hold as the bouncers choose that moment to pass them, carrying the groaning bundle of ex-lover to the door.

With a night off, Raven has apparently decided to check out the competition. The dark haired bartender enters the club, blonde chunks fairly glowing in the blacklights. She dodges around a cluster of people to head toward the bar, giving the fight a bland look before it's ignored. A barstool is chosen, somewhat near where Guy and Josephine are seated, and she waits to get the bartender's attention and orders a whiskey.

Michael generally avoids the night clubs, he's far too old-fashioned for them, yet he doesn't exactly seem out of place as he makes his way to the bar, his mannerisms and facial expressions showing that he's once again playing human, a somewhat cheerful ghost of a smile is kept as he makes his way towards the bar, and the other three.

Guy nods at Josephine, apparently pleased with her perception. "Very close. The accent is actually Frankish, which could possibly be mistaken for either French or German as strange as that may sound. The two peoples once occupied much of the same land."

"Like Schwizerdütsch?" Josephine wonders, but the thought goes out of her expression when she notices Michael coming over and for the first time tonight, her smile is genuinely warm. Before she lifts her fingers to whistle sharply, that is, raising a hand to wave the man over next. "Guess what, oh assisting one," she winks at Guy, "You're not alone in Kansas anymore."

Raven tosses back her shot of alcohol and turns to look out at the other people in the club, looking very much at ease. A whistle from the woman a few seats down has Ray looking over and lifting her chin in a sharp nod at the pair while waiting for a refill. She follows the other woman's gaze to look at the other new arrival. She has yet to speak to anyone other than the bartender.

As he approaches Michael smiles to Josephine, it too is a warm smile. "Josephine, it's good to see you, it seems we keep running into each other in bars." He frowns a moment. "And my offer still stands from yesterday." He then turns his attention to Guy, his manner becoming more vampire as he offers a slight nod of the head to the other vampire. "I'm Michael."

"I thought we were in Texas," Guy intones. He's obviously never seen The Wizard of Oz. As he looks around for who Josephine is calling out to his gaze comes across Raven. He notes her attention towards them with a nod as he continues to follow Josephine's gaze to Michael. He returns the nod. "Guy Tombes." The accent is a thick mixture of French and German.

Like Guy, Josephine returns Raven's nod, though mildly bemused, "Kansas. Dorothy? I swear, sometimes you guys are just so starved for culture. Go rent the movie, alright? Michael Isonzo, Guy Tombes. Apparently." She drinks, looking from one to the other, and who can blame her, her first intervampiry encounter, she's learning. "Guess what," she nudges Michael, grinning with a fair measure of mischief while she inclines her head towards Guy.

Mystery solved as to who was whistling at whom, Raven returns her attention to the bar and orders another drink. Seems the woman isn't feeling very sociable. Or maybe she just wants to get drunk when someone else is pouring, for once. She keeps glancing over at the trio, not speaking, but trying not to appear overly curious, either.

Sighing slightly Michael looks at Josephine. "I'll have you know I saw the Wizard of Oz when it first came out." He smiles slightly. "As well as each of the Star Wars movies." He glances at Raven for a moment, nodding very slightly before turning his attention to Jo. "I'll need more than that if you expect me to guess."

Realization of what Josephine was talking about dawns on Guy. "Ah, I see, The Wizard of Oz. Sorry, I like movies but I'm not really one for musicals. Everyone keeps telling me that I need to watch it. I probably will one day, even if only to see if there really is a crew member hanging from a tree in the background in that one scene." Guy looks more than mildly curious as to what Michael is supposed to be guessing about.

[ To Raven: Vision incoming! ]

"How industrious of you, even Star Wars…" she compliments Michael with dry sarcasm, Josephine tilting back her glass to drain it of the last drop. Irish, today. She's a little more restless than earlier, shifting her weight around some, "This gentleman here," Nudge for Guy, "Was actually kind enough to help out a lady in distress," she tells the older vampire smugly, "How shall I put it, he… Spoke some sense into a very annoying idiot." There. Just a quick check to see if he's getting it yet, then she moves over to where Raven is sitting to return the glass to the counter.

Another glance over at the trio and Raven winces, covering her face with one hand and looking faintly green. She looks up and taps her empty glass on the bar to get the bartender's attention, "A double please?" She looks at Josephine with an almost disgusted expression on her face before turning her back on the other woman and quickly tossing back the refilled glass. Once the shotglass is returned to the bar, she starts massaging her temples, her eyes closed.

Guy snorts and lets out a short laugh without any humor in it. "If that's how you want to frame it. More likely I saved her from being dosed with something near incapacitating and taken advantage of."

There's a very slight smile at that, Michael's expression seems mildly amused as he looks to Guy, "I'd thought that was the point of bars." He shrugs looking at Jo with a frown. "I'll have you know I liked Star Wars, although the prequels were made for no reason other than greed." He then watches as Jo heads over to Raven, when his attention turns to Raven it's slightly colder than it had been with Jo. "Is there something wrong?"

"Tsh, maybe she has something against women being taken advantage of," And here Josephine tries to mimick Guy's tone of voice which she fails horribly at. Raven receives a scowl for a scowl and Jo takes the few steps back to the two men, where she pointedly tells Guy, "Which I obviously wasn't. Let's get this straight, I'm glad you helped, it was somewhat entertaining, but I could've taken care of it myself." Checking to see if her vest is still tied tight, "In another way, of course, but still."

Actually being addressed by another living (well, sort of living) person, has Raven opening her eyes to look over at the man that just spoke, "What?" She shakes her head and winces faintly, mumbling something about blasted headaches, "Just a migraine. Came out of nowhere." As usual. She looks over at Guy for a moment and shudders faintly.

If Guy notices Raven's look at him, he's not reacting to it. "Or perhaps I could pick out a half dozen other reasons. I could tell you I dislike those without subtlety or those who seem to let their animalistic needs rule their actions. Then again, it could be something as simple as a desire to see what would happen." Guy shrugs as if that's the end of the explanation.

Michael nods slightly. "All valid reasons, I personally would go with the second and last for preference, I can respect someone who is… blunt, but not someone who acts simply to feed their urges." He nods to Raven, his expression thoughtful. "I see, I'm sorry to hear that." He'd of course be much more sorry if he knew what a migraine was like.

Josephine glances up towards Guy, frowning mildly this time as she warns him, "You're kinda ruining your moment here. You do get that, don't you." She shifts her attention between the two, guessing opinions, something she's so very much not used to. The hint of frustration draws the corners of her mouth down.

"Yeah, thanks." Raven looks for the bartender again and orders a glass of wine. She digs in her purse for a medicine bottle and shakes out a pill which she then swallows with a couple of mouthfulls of wine. She frowns a little and shoots a glance over at the three people nearby, her attention centering on Josephine and Guy.

Turning his attention to Jo Michael frowns a little. "What exactly happened." He's once again impassive as he studies Guy for a moment, before seeming to decide the considerably larger man's not a threat he instead turns his attention to Jo. "I find I'm quite curious."

Guy eyes Josephine curiously. "I am? I seem to do that too often. I shall endeavor to pay closer attention next time." He smiles slightly as if perhaps some sort of game is being played and the rules aren't being told to anyone. He does seem curious though when Michael's attention is drawn to the girl sitting at the bar.

"Excellent," Josephine beams pointedly at Guy, "Then you can tell Michael here every itty bitty detail, neh. And I'll…" A hand is raised in the air, telling them to hold that thought as her cell rings. Well, moos. You know, trendy ringtones. Her expression sours when she sees who it is and like that, she takes her leave, "'Scuse me, I gotta take this." For Michael's benefit she adds, "My editor."

Raven quickly averts her eyes when Guy looks back at her, turning her attention to the glass of wine instead. She just sits there quietly, elbows resting on the edge of the bar as she stares into the depths of her wine, as though expecting it to reveal the secrets of life.

Michael nods slightly to Guy. "I suspect that would be for the best." He smiles to Jo with a slight nod. "If you have no objection that is mister Tombes, I'm sure it's an interesting story, Jo generally picks them interesting."

Guy shrugs as if the matter is not really much to speak of. He bids goodbye to Josephine. "Nice to have met you. Perhaps we shall meet again?" He returns his attention to Michael. "It is not much really. There was a man. I think perhaps he believed that the woman was interested in him. It seemed to me that she was trying to get rid of him, and he was interrupting a conversation we were having. So, I used a small glamour to make sure that he would find some small mischief in line with his basic urges. I believe you came in at the tail end of it."

Josephine waves her hand in a 'yeah-yeah', hurrying now to get to the door so she'll actually be able to have a conversation. It's the last they'll see of her this evening.

Raven tries very hard to look like she's not listening in on the conversation between the two vampires, though she frowns a little when she hears that Guy did, indeed, have something to do with the fight she saw. She covers the frown by taking a sip of her wine, rubbing at her left temple absently. She sighs and closes her eyes, the lights being a little much with her headache.

Nodding Michael smiles slightly. "I see, you were subtle I presume? It's for the best that we not let some things become too commonly known about us just yet." That's said low intended for only Guy to hear, the next however is said at more normal levels. "I see, it would seem that you're the gallant type. It would also seem that you seek peaceful resolutions to problems. Rare to see both in one person. I am sure that we will meet again, but you'll have to excuse me for now." He bows his head slightly as he too turns and makes his way out of the club, perhaps having decided against the nightclub, after all he much perfers the music of the Bass Clef Club.

Guy nods at Michael, and then nods again. "I'm sure. There is an event coming up in a few days which I will likely attend, if only to afford me a chance to meet some more of the residents of Dallas. Perhaps you will be there?"

[ End of log on account of Josephine leaving. If anyone has the rest, please add to it? ]

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