Not-so-Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary's - Office

Most nights the office for the owner of Bloody Mary's is shut down and locked tight. Tonight, however, there is a change. Mary cannot be found out socializing with her guests, but rather holed away in that office that remains such a mystery. The door, however, is not locked and is actually slightly ajar. She's sent word to someone she believes to be important that she would like to speak with her. Tonight she waits, wondering if the other will show. If she does, one of her trusty staff will show Isobel to the office.

After squaring her other business away for the evening, Isobel finds herself at Bloody Mary's. She's made a brief stop at the blood bank to get her fill for the evening before knocking on the slightly ajar door.

The knock brings little movement at first as she's testing. Without the immediate entrance of anyone this must be someone new. Mary slowly stands from her desk, setting aside her work for the time being. The door is opened immediately and her head is bowed to Isobel. "I am pleased that you are able to join me." The office may not be large but it is home.

"Ah, but the pleasure is indeed mine, Ms. Bathory." Isobel is more than aware that it is not really the woman's real name, but she is also well aware that most change their names after a decade or so, to avoid suspicion. "Now what may I help you with? Is there an issue that needs to be brought to the Sheriff's attention?"

A sweeping arm invites Isobel in, suggesting her towards the loveseat. Once inside the door is promptly closed. It isn't a practice that she frequents but it is a signal that this is serious business. "Well, there are two things that I would appreciate discussing, Ms. Symon." Of course when message was sent she only mentioned one. "Would you care for something to drink?" The mini-fridge is opened, revealing real blood. None of that synthetic stuff. "Since I did request your presence."

An icy look is shot toward the door, then around the office. Finally, they rest upon the love seat, and she seats herself extremely neatly. Right leg crossing over left, hands clasped upon her knee. Isobel's brow raises slightly at the real blood, but she demures, "No thank you, Ms. Bathory. I have already fed this evening, and I do not like to overdo it, though I very much appreciate the offer."

Despite the denial of food, Mary does allow herself to partake. It isn't all that often that she does so, of course, but this situation warrants it. "Just know that the offer is always extended to you, should you ever feel the desire." Wild and carefree, yes, but even Mary knows who to be nice to. Instead of sitting on the loveseat she instead opts for the corner of her desk. "I was curious, and do so tell me if it is not my place; would the Sheriff be attending the festivities on Saturday?"

Isobel is silent for a moment as the question is posed. She watches as Mary seats herself on the desk, watches as the woman imbibes the real blood, and she smiles. "The Sheriff has not yet returned from his business, though should he return before the festivities, I shall inform him that the invitation has been extended to him."

"That is where things become difficult." There is a complete void of emotion as she speaks, much different than how she address her patrons. Here her movements are more precise, even graceful, what movements she does make. "The Sheriff is always invited, as are you. I also would much prefer to have your company. I should warn you of someone, however, that I had the pleasure of meeting yesterday."

"If he is unable to attend, I will do my utmost to be here. With everything that has been going on of late, it will hopefully provide your establishment with the added security such an event will require." Isobel has yet to move, as she rarely does unless in the presence of humans. "Oh? Do tell. I know that there are many new vampires within the city, and I have been trying to keep a close watch on all of them for the Sheriff, in order to ensure that they are not affiliated with this Voluntary Vampire Extinction group."

If she were in the mood to do so, she would be smiling. Thankfully she has no need for such things at the moment. "Your attendance would do much, for my establishment and hopefully for yourself. My end goal truly is to allow everyone to enjoy themselves." Mary does nod at what Isobel mentions about newcomers. "There is one in particular that I believe has taken a certain distaste to you, or, rather, your zeal." That is how he put it, after all. "And he was using that as a basis to assess the Sheriff."

Isobel's eyes roll toward the ceiling, going over a mental accounting of those she has come across recently. "Mr. Tombes? Who was in a human establishment, rudely demanding my attention, and going on about how he had every intention of following vampire laws. He seemed a little below the law, and so was given a warning that should he do anything to prove so, he would be duly dealt with."

"I believe you would be speaking of the very individual that I wished to warn you of." This is her second point for the meeting, obviously. "He mentioned taking issue with your speaking with a mere human instead of attending to his issues, especially due to his age." Mary doesn't appear to be overly impressed, yet she isn't appearing to be much at the moment. "My personally philosophy is that I tend to stay out of the business of others, especially my patrons, but there are times where I feel that I must inform someone of what I learn. I apologize if you find this of little importance."

A laugh escapes from her lips, and after a moment, she simply shakes her head. "Excuse the laughter, Ms. Bathory, but were a man to simply breeze his way into your establishment while you were busy with another duty, would you put aside your current duty to deal with someone who is adamant about being impatient?" There is a brief pause and then she nods. "Should I be insulted that you requested a meeting with me due to /my/ age? It is not as though we are known for wandering around with little badges that allow others to know how old we are, and to be honest if he is that insulted about it he should be much more careful where he is speaking of it. I do believe it is safe to presume that inciting a riot against the Sheriff within your establishment would be something to be frowned upon, especially since the person to whom I spoke was a human involved in politics and who has been seeing that we are actually given a fair shake in an entirely human world."

The tiniest, faintest of snickers sounds at this. "I would, but only if it were someone such as yourself or the Sheriff. There are few who deserve my attention other than when I am willing to give it." Perhaps she has an ego, but Mary is at least speaking her mind. Finally she does laugh, her head shaking slightly at the question. "Age is irrelevant. I care little to know the age of any, nor will I begin to guess. I an only assume what his age is based on the conversation that was had." Mary honestly is a child in comparison to the other vampires that she has met so she truly understands what it is like to not be judged on age. "Ivan Fontane." The names comes almost out of nowhere. "He was mentioned, as well, along with potentially the crazy girl. You business is your own. I neither question it nor do I look for details. I simply do not believe that your business should be repeated without your permission."

"I am much indebted to you for providing me with this particular information. While I cannot promise something on the Sheriff's behalf, on my own personal behalf, should you ever require a favor, consider one owed." Isobel much prefers to work in favors, and receive them as payment, rather than money. If she truly wished to have money, she would sell some more of her artwork. "I should like it very much if you put out the word within your establishment that Mr. Fontane, and his assets are considered of interest to the Sheriff at the time being, and that they should be left well enough alone for the time being."

This time when she bows, it isn't just her head. Her entire body bends at the waist, allowing for a deeper gesture. "I have seen many things in this bar. It is a valuable asset to those who know how to properly use it. Myself, and my bar, do thank you for such an offer." Favors do tend to make Mary a happy woman. She has yet to call upon any but that day may come. "Although I would be offering this without any form of repayment. It is not my place to allow such things to go unnoticed." Finally she drinks from her glass, sighing as she finishes. "I will be sure the memo reaches all of my staff, and can assure you that great lengths will be taken to do as you request. The bar is at your service."

Isobel bows her head a little more deeply than previously. "I greatly appreciate that, Ms. Bathory. You, and your employees will be well compensated for any information you are able to provide." Best to let the other woman know that she's not expecting the information for free, even though it's being freely offered. "It is doubtful that your establishment will find itself under attack by those that have been giving our kind a bad name of late, but should you have any difficulties, please do not hesitate to call."

This is exactly why it is always important to establish connections. Despite her appearance, Mary can't help but feel a sense of joy in what she's hearing. "I know who on my staff is best with kept secrets. We shall be your informants for so long as you require." Payment will not be turned down, of course. "I thank you for all that you have offered, and I apologize for taking so much of your time. I appreciate you taking the time to hear my tale."

And thus, the conversation appears to have come to a close. Isobel flips her wrist, staring at the time briefly. "That pleases me greatly. I do believe this may be the beginning of a wonderful…" She seems to be carefully choosing her wording here. "… friendship." A slight cliche, but it fits the situation. "You have not taken any time that I did not wish to give," she finishes with a smile. Another nod, and then she's swiftly gone from the office, only the sound of the door opening and closing denoting that she's left at all.

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