Investigation Interruption

For the middle of February, the weather is actually pleasant out. There are a few clouds in the night sky, but it's not too cold and the wind isn't overpowering. Guy is currently lounging up against a midnight blue 7 series BMW, and looking rather impatient. The source of his irritation is soon evident as a man in his late 20s walks up to him and hands him a thick manilla envelope. Guy tosses the envelope into the open window of the BMW without a second glance, and looks up at the man.

"You're late, don't ever make me wait again or it's the last time we do business. Got it?" Guy's tone is one of barely concealed impatience. The only response of the young man is to nod. Guy looks deep into the man's eyes. "If anyone questions you about your source, you will remember nothing about me. Now go take care of business." The man looks at Guy blankly for a minute, before nodding slowly and heading off. Satisfied that the glamour took, Guy watches him go and then checks the time on his Rolex.

A dark shape flutters out against the sky, flitting down from a nearby rooftop with practised ease. The blur of William Grant moving at his fullest speed is largely imperceptible to the human eye, the quiet whiff of air more noticable, especially to the immortal senses. However, once to the ground, the blur manifests itself as a short, dark-haired, youthful-looking man, dressed in dark trousers and a black tee.

He takes two measured steps towards the BMW, his expression impassive, fingers folded in front of him. Then he stops. He does appear to be studying Guy.

The whiff of air wouldn't have been noticed by a mortal, but Guy hasn't been mortal for some time. However he's not one to lose his cool that quickly, even at the appearance of someone out of the air. He takes notice of an offending piece of lint on his jacket sleeve, and makes a deliberate conscious motion to pick it off and discard it. After which he looks up to regard the man studying him with a look of definite interest on his face. He then offers a polite nod, and a "Good evening."

"Good evening, Guy Tombes," says the man, his voice tinged with a faintly Southern drawl, otherwise neutrally polite. His head inclines a fraction; an acknowledgement of the other's nod. Otherwise the vampire is motionless, his stance relaxed. "I am William Grant."

Guy nods again, a small smile making it's way to his features. "Ahh, I had thought you might be. Pleased to make your acquaintance at last. I was under the impression that you would still be out of town until tomorrow night. It is fortuitous for me that you made it back early." He pauses for a moment to guage your reactions. "You know, I was thinking just last night how odd it is that we've never met before… seeing how much time we've spent in nearby locales. I have heard of you often though."

"I am currently undertaking an investigation," Will replies, his voice level and still pleasant, "that has been interrupted by the necessity of ensuring that the rumours I hear of a relative newcomer to my city being unimpressed with my choice of a temporary Whip are surely unfounded." Following that mighty sentence, something like a smile touches his lips; it does lack humour.

"Different circles, I would imagine," says he. "I admit my earlier times were largely spent away from the social sides of our society. Your name is not entirely unfamiliar to me, either."

Guy places his hands calmly and deliberatly into the pockets of his leather jacket, the thumbs remaining out to grasp the lapels of the pockets. It is a gesture casually made, and Guy takes a deep deliberate breath. "That is no simple matter to answer. I would not go so far as to question your authority or your judgement. I do not know what you have been told. I do admit to having met your Whip and to having left that meeting less than satisfied with her conduct. I also admit to having made what I'd hoped were both discreet and polite inquiries as to her general conduct. My goal in this was to try and discern if this was the staple or if perhaps she was simply having a bad night." He makes a short pause. "I completely understand that she has a job to do, and that different areas mean different sheriffs and hence, different measures. However, I do believe that politeness and the pursuance of one's duty are not necessarily contradictory.. are you are at this moment demonstrating."

"Regarding this, I have communed only with Isobel," Will replies, simply and easily, stepping forwards again now, heading for the BMW. "I am satisfied with your current explanation." He turns as he reaches the car, leaning against in a languid move.

"I like to believe that I am a reasonable man," the Sheriff continues, his tone relaxing a little even as his stance does. "I do not like to come to the point at which I must become physically involved, since by that point there is rarely anything to gain from a situation. At some point in the relatively near future I will need to select a permanent Whip. That person must be dangerous, relentless, and above all, loyal to me. Isobel is all of these things."

Guy nods while Will is speaking, more than once. "I do not doubt what you say, and I would not presume to tell you how to run your area. However there are certain…. appearances that might be damaging. I can appreciate the good cop/bad cop role. It has it's uses."

"Presume," the Sheriff muses, his tone waxing amused, his attention now out against the walls opposite him. His face is still impassive. "You may deal directly with me should you find yourself unable to mesh with her, at least for the moment." His head turns towards the other vampire, that same humourless smile touching his lips again. "You may even be able to assist when further threats rear their ugly head." Subtext; deal directly with the Sheriff and likely find yourself co-opted for his uses and his games. "Assistance does not go unrewarded, of course."

"It is good to find that your reputation for being fair-minded holds true" Guy replies. He reaches pulls a PDA out of his jacket pocket and punches some numbers into a spreadsheet before putting it away. "With that in mind, I'll be forthcoming as to some of my business practices. I'm mostly an investor. However, a large number of the commodities I invest in are not legal. Your Whip was quick to suggest that my doing business in Dallas might not be welcome. I believe she's being a bit short-sighted. Several sherriffs have found my connections to be very valuable. My contacts provide easy avenues of information. Also, my business practices allow me to keep a close watch on certain elements in a city… in particular the V trade."

"I respect the mortal law perhaps more than any other Sheriff you have come across," says Will, levelly, his eyes drawing faint scorn across Guy's features, "for adherence is the only way in which the peace will hold for as long a duration as is possible before the inevitable war." He pauses, looking out across the space again, the mask falling back into place. "I will not encroach on another's interests, no matter if they are to my taste, for it is outside my duty. Do not get caught, because my duty of care for you does not cover foolishness. Up to date information of movements of V would prove very useful, and is perhaps something we can discuss terms for at a later date. If your services are required, I will contact you." One hand moves, a sliver of white card appearing between two fingers and held out in Guy's general direction.

The card is taken by Guy and placed inside a pocket inside the jacket. "Believe me, I have no desire to be the first vampire to stand trial in mortal court, nor do I have any wish to give the mortal authorities cause to take action against us as a whole." He briefly wets his bottom lip in thought. "However, as you say war may be inevitable. If that is true, we are no world power with armies and such at our disposal. If that happens, the law will be against us. In such an event, contacts such as mine will prove invaluable. However, in order for me to maintain them, I must do business with them."

"Simply because I do not like it does not mean I do not understand it," Will says, neutrally. "You will contact my secretary with your details?" It was almost like a request. Almost. "We shall discuss this more at a later date, when I am not interrupted from an investigation. Have a pleasant evening." With that, the Sheriff nudges himself from his languid lean, and begins to take quick, measured steps back towards the wall he came from.

Guy nods a goodbye at the departing sherriff. "I will do so directly. Have a pleasant evening."

The stepping Sheriff suddenly blurs, the dark shadow of his movement scoring a dark line across the city once more. Back to work.

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