The Third Wheel Rides Again

Preston Forest Shopping Center

The Preston Forest Shopping Center is large and classy. The entrance is open and spacious, a rectangular fountain surrounded by potted trees leading up the middle of the mall, with pathways on either side for shoppers. One can easily see both floors from here and the lighting is amazing - beside the typical electric bulbs, the roof is comprised of glass allowing the sunlight to filter in.
Shops and businesses spread out here both east and west as well as to the back of the mall. Hidden away in the back corner one can find the escalator to the second story, as well as washrooms and a bank of payphones.

The mall is abuzz with men who have forgotten to buy gifts for their girlfriends, wives, or what-have-you for Valentine's Day. A few women seem to be frantically shopping too in this late afternoon. Wit can be found coming out of one of the salons in the mall, sporting a new haircut. Underneath one arm is a stack of applications, and in the other hand is a shopping bag from one of the entertainment stores. He condenses all of it by sticking the applications (mostly to places like Weenie Hut in the food court) into the shopping bag and starts to glance around the mall as if trying to remember what his next move was. He looks briefly stumped before looking down at his palm. "New sheets. Righto then!"

It had been an innocent suggestion, based upon the fact that Ivan had realized that no, he did not have nearly enough silver jewelry. Especially not since his chains keep being used to ward off those creatures of the night. And so, he had turned to Rose with a smile and uttered the one word that helped define their activities for the day: "Mall?"
Now, the pair are out and about. Ivan is currently stopped at one of the small carts found within the large buildings, one which sells all sorts of hats and sunglasses. And so, curiously, the usually put together man is prodding at a pair of white, plastic, venetian shutter blind glasses. Finally garnering the courage, he grins brightly and then fixes the novelty accessory onto the bridge of his nose. "Heh heh. Move over, Kanye West."

The sheer volume of people at the mall is something that has a particular young woman on edge. She is looking the best that she can, and showing as much confidence as she can muster, but inside she's nearly all but defeated. Thankfully many are too busy to notice her, but the glares and off handed comments still come. If anything is able to help her pass her recent fear of public places, this very well may be it. Still, Ivan wanted to go to the mall and she had nothing better planned. So here she is, fairly close to him yet looking completely disinterested in the items she sees before her.
"What?" Snapping back to reality the 'insane' Tyler Twin looks over to Ivan. She scrunches her face at first before flat out laughing. It isn't the best way to avoid attention but she honestly care little at this point. "I don't think those will help your career at all." It's playful, or intended to be, and then she's back to zoning out while staring at all the people around her.

Wit starts his way towards one of those poof shops that sells candles and sheets and bath pillows. At least until he walks past Ivan and Rose. At first he dismisses them as a couple out on the town before he realizes that was Rose. And some dude. For a second he keeps walking. Then Wit stops, does a double take, and turns back around. "Rose?" He asks, turning to come up behind the young woman — at a reasonable distance. He knows she's fairly jumpy — jumpier than when they first met at any rate. "Hey hey Rose, going to introduce me to Kanye here?" Well, Wit has made the association at any rate.

Ivan is busy inspecting his reflection in the mirror, but when her laughter rings out he can't quite help the proud grin that splits his features. It's clear that he's not taken her laughs in any negative way, and that in fact, he is quite pleased that it's put her into good spirits. "Oh yeah, pretty girl? I happen to disagree. I think it'll make me look urban and hip, yo. Street cred and all." Now that he's finished with making a fool out of himself, he can slip off his glasses and really look at her. He lets out a soft sigh then. "Faith…are you alright? We can go home now, if you'd like. I just…thought you wanted to get out a little you know?" Awkward beat, during which he shuffles on his feet. "Your…sister works around here, right? If you want, I can wait for you to go see her. I'd go with except…heh. You know." Hope would stab him.
It's only then that Wit appears jovially, addressing Rose. It leaves Ivan free to inspect the other man in a very, very suspicious manner, although he finds nothing overtly offensive about him. So, he replaces the glasses and picks up a pair of aviators while the two catch up for a second before piping in. "Ivan," The man offers, holding a hand out towards Wit almost professionally. "Ivan Fontane, at your service."

It really isn't that she has the intention to be rude, or that she has no desire to be here. Rose very much would like to be a better companion at the moment, but the people are starting to get to her much more than she thought that they would. The young woman actually finds herself looking down at something on the cart before closing her eyes and taking a deep breath. Her mind is about as busy as the mall and all of the traffic is beginning to overwhelm her. The exit suddenly comes to mind, and she turns around to make a run for it. Certainly Ivan will understand after the fact.
Only, when she turns around she finds herself face to face with Wit. In fact, with the speed in which she attempts to flee, she stops all but nose to nose with him. "Wit!" Faith's voice is nervous, almost uncertain, but he is a welcome distraction. If he doesn't move, she attempts to give him a nice, warm hug. "Oh, right. Wit, I want you to meet Ivan." Pulling back and regaining her composure the best she can, the introductions can begin. Seems Ivan can introduce himself but she says this anyway. "Ivan, this is Wit." Judging by her smile, he must be a very good friend. "And don't worry about Hope right now. Her boyfriend is probably doing something sickeningly sweet for her or something. I won't leave you here by yourself just because of her feelings." This, of course, for Ivan.

When Rose offers her hug, Wit doesn't shy away. He hugs her as best he can with his hand full of shopping bag, squeezing her tight. "Didn't expect to run into you today. Glad I did though." He breaks away finally and then there's a pause as Ivan offers his services to Wit. The youth smiles, a grin slowly creeping on his face before he takes Ivan's hand and gives it an unexpectedly firm shake. "Charmed. Wit. That's my name, only one of them, like Cher." Wit winks to Rose, giving her an easy-going smile. "Nice to meet the infamous Ivan finally." When talk of Hope is brought up, Wit winces a bit. He bites his lip and looks down at the ground. "How is your sister? I haven't seen her since I got back into town." And he doesn't really want to, considering he swore that he'd help protect Rose, and then he left town rather abruptly. Wit turns to Ivan and makes a vague hand gesture. "Thank you for being around for Rose. I've been out of town…it makes me feel better to know that she has someone around for her. I wasn't a very good friend, I fear."

Ivan slips on the sunglasses despite being indoors, deciding that the 'Cop' vibe is worth going for right now. That, and it hides his eyes, leaving him free to thoroughly inspect Wit and make his judgements then. There is a wry smile, still quite amiable in nature. "Ha, okay. Wit, like Cher. I've got you. The infamous Ivan, eh? If that's some sort of allusion to Ivan the Terrible I might just have to kick your ass." It's clear the threat is said in jest…hopefully. But then, they're discussing Hope. And since Ivan doesn't have anything good to say about the other twin, he opts not to say anything at all. "I wouldn't mind, you know. If you wanted to go see her. That'd be perfectly fine with me," he makes sure to reiterate, before reaching in his pocket to produce his wallet at turning to the vendor. "How much are these again?"

Perhaps the hug lasts longer than it should, but she can't help it. He's a friend that is on the approved list and he's saved her from the self destruction of her own mind, at least for the moment. Faith leans in close to inspect Wit, perhaps too close for comfort. A hand rests on his shoulder, then, if he'll allow it. "You're looking very good today." It may appear that crazy-Rose is back, but she does have her reasons. "It's very good to see you like this. And Hope well, she doesn't appear to be working today. We don't talk as often as we should for several reasons, but she's doing well. I think I heard she has some meathead living with her." There are good reasons for the situation but it still is worth poking fun at.
Rose looks back and forth between Ivan and Wit. It's such a nice feeling being able to hang out with two people that she cares about. "Oh, stop," she eventually says to Wit. "You know that you're a good friend, and you pass the sister test." Speaking of sisters, Faith nods to Ivan. "I know. You're so sweet about it. Still, she has to learn to just accept some things."

Wit doesn't seem to take offense to Ivan's joke, instead snorting and then laughing. "I haven't heard any allusion to that yet, so no worries. No need for the ass kicking. Yet." He laughs once more before glancing to the sunglasses that Ivan has picked out. Definitely not his style, but he admires the man's confidence. He slings his arm around Rose's mid-section when she rests his hand on his shoulder, grinning at her. "I have better days than others, you know. You may have more excuses to visit the mall soon. I hear that the Majestical Panda is hiring." That being one of the Chinese places in the food court. He then pauses and tilts his head at Rose for a moment or two. "Meathead living with Hope? Huh. No offense, but I can't really see her on the dating scene." He glances to Ivan to see if the man has any feelings about that one way or another before chuckling. "Rose tested, sister approved. Good to know. I take it she doesn't exactly approve of the whole arrangement with you and Ivan then, eh? That's bollocks. She should be just happy that you're getting a chance at more of a life than when you were locked up in that place."

It's a good thing Ivan has something to occupy himself with. He's busy making the exchange between the vendor which manages to dull the intense irritation he feels at the sight of the pair of them down to manageable levels. It wouldn't do, after all, to grow increasingly snarky and hostile. Not when he's gone out of his way to try and keep everything light-hearted. He merely offers the pair a wry smile from behind the glasses, tinged with more dark humor then actual humor, before piping up. "More like, she doesn't exactly approve of me. Period. What can I say - I suppose people either love me or hate me." He shrugs his shoulders in a display of calculated disinterest, his arms crossing over his chest.

For as few friends as she's known to have, Rose really is friendly with them. Not once does it occur to her that it may look bad. After all, she's not seen Wit in a long time, the other day excluded, and he -did- give her money. That is something she may want to talk to Ivan about eventually, but she has a few other things to look into first. "Oh really? Let me know if you get the job. I'll make a point to come to the mall more often." As it is, clearly, she's rather intimidated by such a public place. "Especially if it means that you have more better days than not." Hope is generally the twin who is the mother hen but the quality isn't completely lost on Faith.
"Yeah, his name is Bobby. His sister is really nice. She helped me beat the crazy." That's about all Faith is going to say on that subject. Sometimes knowing as much as she does can be dangerous. A wince comes at the thought of Hope not approving of Ivan. "It's a difficult situation. None of us met under the best circumstances." Wit's idea on the matter just causes her to hug him again. Apparently not many people feel that way about Ivan and Rose. Ivan is not forgotten about, though, and Faith goes to hug him tight. "She'll get over it," she says, almost sounding like she believes it. "Besides, I'm one of those people that love you so that's all that matters."

Despite the many problems that Wit has, he's not socially inept. He knows when it's time to let go, and moves his arm away from Rose's midsection, smiling at her. "Of course. Well, if I get the job, you'll at least get to see me wearing the ridiculous outfit." Panda hats? You betcha. Wit reaches up to run his fingers through his newly spiked hair, watching Rose flit to Ivan. He doesn't seem jealous or put off in the least. "As long as she's happy, I guess. But maybe that rule should apply for you too." Wit gives an easy shrug of his shoulders and lets out a brief sigh, glancing to Ivan. "Can't say I know you well enough to love or hate you, bloke. Somewhere in the middle at the moment, so it's not good or bad. But you've done a lot for Rose. That makes you pretty okay in my book. And you have slick taste in shades at the very least."

"You'll make up your mind soon enough. Probably before we part ways. It's my gift." Ivan assures Wit with an arch of his brows that is barely noticeable as his shades are still covering his eyes. "Not like I'm not used to it or anything. It's…" Suddenly, the man is stricken with just how…unfun he is being. He is moaning for Christ's sake. With a shake of his head, he decides to dispel the negativity just as Rose clings to his midriff. Then, he pushes the glasses up into his curls and offers a more genuine grin. "It's the swagger, man. It's intimidating as hell, I know." With that self-depreciating tease thrown out there, he proceeds to uncross his arms. "Anyway! Where're you off to? Wit, yeah? We're done with what we came here for, but if you'd want, I suppose we could offer some company? Right, Faith?" It's noticeable that he only refers to her by her first name rather then the middle.

Oh, Rose is socially inept. How Ivan has tolerated her for the sheer amount of time that he has is well beyond her. Thankfully the entire situation isn't one that she is dwelling on because she has absolutely no clue that there could be a situation. She's just extremely friendly with those that she can remember, especially from her days as an insane woman. "That has to top what Hope wears to work." All of this conversation causes her to remember that she actually can't get a job if she wants to. It's depressing, really, but nothing she'll fuss over. Yet.
"It's so busy." The comment is out of nowhere, but perhaps due in part to Ivan's mentioning of joining Wit on his shopping endeavors. "Why is it so busy?" Her unease with the situation is clear but so is the fact that she's working hard to overcome it. After a deep, calming breath, her smile returns. Funny how she's still holding on to Ivan, though, almost for dear life. "I certainly don't mind staying. It's busy, but being locked up in an apartment all the time starts to get to a person." Besides, she's actually in -public- with Ivan. During the day. It's amazing.

Wit shakes his head to Ivan a bit. "You're erring on the side of likable at the very least, so don't sweat it." Ivan's whining isn't really taken into account. Everyone has shit days, and Wit is willing to believe that Ivan is having one of them. He grins at Rose for a moment. "Valentine's Day, I suspect. People out last minute shopping. I'm suddenly genuinely grateful I don't have a girlfriend to shop for. She would be getting one of these $5 I picked up." He waggles the shopping bag before shrugging his shoulders at the duo, shaking his head. "I was actually going to buy new sheets. That's not incredibly exciting… but if you two want to come, I'll welcome the company. It occurs to me I should start to remodel the guest room at some point." Meaning that he has a twin-sized bed without sheets in there, some curtains, and very, very little else.

"What?" Ivan inquires curiously, blinking about the mall area with a muted curiosity. "Oh. Well, it's the weekend. And…" But then Wit points it out. Valentine's Day. Of course, that explains why it looks like Cupid threw up everywhere. For a second, Ivan's expression goes entirely blank. Then he blinks, not once but twice, and shakes his head once more. Looks like someone had forgotten about the commercialized holiday. "Yeah. Valentine's Day. Tomorrow. Anyway," clearly, this is a subject he wants to get off of, and after allowing his hand to run down her back gently, he returns to grinning at Wit. "New sheets? How…Martha Stuart of you, Cher. Sure, we'll go. It'll give us the illusion of actually having something to do on a Saturday afternoon, so we don't look entirely pathetic. Anyway, where'd the two of you meet, huh?" He is genuinely, amiably curious.

If he has a rather childlike vampire staying in his home, then it likely is a good idea to keep up the guest room. Unless Wit prefers to have him in his own bed, then it may just work out! Such thoughts are indeed crossing her mind, causing her to giggle, but Rose isn't going to actually say them. That would just be rude. "I'm sure that Teddy will like that." See? Even she can censor herself at times. But they Wit is mentioning the non-holiday and she just nods. She has that distant look in her eyes for quite some time, her mind running this way and that about what -normal- couples are doing. Oh, well. In the end she just nods. When Ivan asks how they've met, she pulls away from him and looks at the ground. "Well, I ran into him at the bus stop." Literally.

"Yes, the bus stop. Glamorous, innit?" Wit asks, grinning over at Rose with a wink. He then lets out a laugh as he turns to lead the two down towards the home accoutrements store. He takes in a deep breath before shoving his free hand down into his pocket, pulling out his cell phone. "I figured that Teddy would want a nicer bed to sleep in…he's been sleeping under it." And he hasn't left yet. Wit is clearly on edge just a tad with the topic, though he doesn't seem totally hostile about it. "Never thought I'd be buying sheets for a bloody vampire, but here I am." Wit stares down at his cell phone for a moment before he puts it back into his pocket and lets out a bit of a yawn, turning into the store.

Ivan's grin turns sly, decidedly mischievous as the man peers down to Rose. "Literally ran into him at a bus stop, eh? Why am I not surprised." There is a bright, easy laugh from the man. "You weren't kidding when you'd go on about how clumsy you are. Geez, it's a wonder you haven't managed to really harm yourself yet." Of course, the tease is good-natured and more affectionate then anything. And even if she were to take offense to that, the way his hand is drawn down her arm affectionately ought to be enough to assure her of his intentions, his index finger just barely hooking onto hers and tugging her forward. Sure, holding hands might be out of the question due to circumstances, but innocent touches like that can't be bad, right? "Teddy, huh? So, what, you opening some sort of vampire inn or something?" He inquires of Wit, already heading towards the kind of store Wit is after.

Immediately she rubs at her back, her tailbone, and groans. "It still hurts, you know." That is said with a bit of a grin, even if it is the truth. "So it was a slightly better meeting than how I met you. I mean, I was crazy but I wasn't drugged out or anything." The way Wit reacts doesn't go unnoticed to Rose; she simply isn't as adept at knowing how to deal with people as her sister is. "Do you not want him there? I can try to find a place for him, if you want." Faith is offering to help out with a vampire issue? Perhaps she'll never learn. Still she follows along as they walk, bringing up the rear. Her mind instantly goes back to how remarkably un-couple like they have to be so she just falls silent. Yes, soft spot.

Wit snorts a little bit at Ivan's suggestion, but he shakes his head and starts to move back towards where they keep the sheets in the store. The whole store smells like a new age aromatherapist has taken up shop in here, and there are enough candles and scented oils to back that evidence. "No, afraid not. He just kind of attached himself. He's nice enough. Acts more like a bunny rabbit than a boy, really. Let alone a vampire boy. Just kind of unsure what the Hell to do with him." Wit makes a dismissive hand motion towards Rose, shaking his head. If he's noticed that she and Ivan are holding hands yet, he doesn't seem to mind it or be seething with jealousy and rage. He scratches his head as he picks a package of beige-colored sheets up. "What do you think? Do we care about thread count today? It times like these I miss mum. She's a fantastic shopper if nothing else."

As Ivan trails through the store, looking to the left and right of him curiously, he cannot help how markedly amused the lot of it is making him. "I feel," he drawls, voice lowered so that only Wit and Rose will be able to hear him, "like my penis might just fall off, what with all the candles and floral patterns and geez. No man should be forced to wander through these halls by themselves. You're lucky, Cher, that we arrived. We'll keep your man-card intact." But then Wit is holding a particular set of sheets. "Err. I dunno. If it's for yourself, perhaps high thread counts are a good thing. Means it's softer, right? Is your vampiric guest particularly sensitive about how comfortable he is? Or…anyway. I guess if he's living under the bed, he must not care that much."

They aren't really holding hands, honestly. That's not something that can happen. One day she'll have to have a real sit-down with Wit and explain it all. "It could be worse." That's really all she has to say on the vampire issue. There are more things to be said, there really are, but such things won't be said with Ivan around. The last thing she needs to do is get his blood boiling for no good reason. Besides, the more she thinks about vampires and her situation the more likely it is that she may suffer an episode. "I don't know anything about sheets." She does, but the last time she had to think about it was years ago. "I think that the color might be what is commented on more?" Yes, Faith is rather uncertain about herself at the moment, the confidence almost gone. But at least she's here and that means everything to her.

"Color. Righto. Crimson just in case he happens to be a messy midnight snack eater?" Wit jokes, putting the beige back down. "The walls are yellow in there. Might do something different with them. One of these days. In any case, Teddy says he has a house of his own. He just…doesn't want to be alone." Not that Wit likes being alone, but it's something he's not going to readily admit to Ivan whom he's just met and Rose. When he hears Ivan's words, he can't help but grin. "I don't have a maid or anything, someone has to do these things. Unless…" Brilliant idea time! "Hey Rose, want a job? I could pay you to run errands for me. I know that sounds…kind of bad, but you'd be doing me a favor. I suck at things like this. I can barely even go grocery shop for myself." He waggles his brows at the young woman before glancing to Ivan with a grimace. "He's not living there…I don't know what the bollocks he's doing." At the moment? Probably watching Lady and the Tramp.

Ivan offers Wit a vague shrug of his shoulders, as well as a sheepish smile. "I can understand that. The not wanting to be alone thing. Really." And so, how can he possibly judge? More words were forthcoming, but he's picked up on a particularly bothersome truth - the fact that Rose doesn't seem exactly…one hundred percent alright. Without even bothering to hide this fact, he stares at her with clear concern written upon his features as well as a thoughtful brow furrow. Suddenly, Wit inspires him. "Hey, why not!" He agrees with too much enthusiasm - and his motives behind this might not be completely transparent, but he figures that if they distract the girl with that prospect, she might return to that semi-bubbly persona he prefers to see her as. "It might be a good thing, ba-err, Faith. Give you a reason to get out and stuff. An excuse to see your friend here. You'll work during the day," so she wont go out at night, "…And, err. Provided it doesn't clash with your classes? How've you been going with that, anyway?" He's clearly reaching for anything possible to distract the woman.

As sad as it may be, she finds herself chuckling. "Why not go with a darker color, like a brown? Unless you want the walls painted, then I'd consider that with your purchase." Faith really isn't the best when it comes to decorating but she is a girl and very likely has a few good ideas with things. "And I can understand that, too. You know, I've never really been alone." That's why when she is alone for any period of time she starts to get upset. Rose looks to both men as they comment about work. "But wouldn't that be defeating the purpose of you getting a job?" See? She's trying to be responsible and consider the financial issues of her friends. Even if she knows that Wit might be well off, he's still looking for work. The slip by Ivan, the attempt to cover it, this is all noted. So he's given a look but she pushes past it. "Well, classes wouldn't start until fall, so I've got some time. I considered living on campus but that really isn't safe for me." With this she looks around, attempting to see who all might be looking at her. They may be speaking with her but it really isn't doing much for her mental state at the moment. "So maybe I'll just get an apartment off campus instead."

Wit seems pleased that Ivan approves of the idea. He's getting vibes from the pair, definite vibes — ones he won't allude to at the moment, but he doesn't stifle a laugh when Ivan almost slips with the 'baby' thing. He moves down a few spaces away from Ivan and Rose, finding a high thread count package of chocolate brown bedsheets. "These'll do. It's not like I expect anyone but my brother to visit in the long term. Last time I checked he wasn't picky about where he slept as long as it was on a bed." Wit chuckles very lightly before he shakes his head at Rose. Since Ivan seems to go for it, he keeps encouraging her. "No. I was getting a job to help you out, mostly. This way you'd be giving something back to me, like a service, and you wouldn't have to feel bad about taking money from me. It's a win-win situation." He leans in, lowering his voice to them both. "I own stock in the company my father works for. It's doing very well, I get payouts regularly. I don't really need to work." And then Rose is talking about moving out of Ivan's place. Is that Wit's cue to look busy inspecting some scented candles? Yes, yes it is!

That did not go as planned. His tongue darts out and he ends up licking his lips in a thoughtful fashion. Ivan can only stare at Rose for a little while, trying gingerly to process the situation, to find that precarious balance between what needs to be said and what should be said and what he wants to say. Frankly? He comes up with a line of gibberish in his mind. "I…wha?"
Intelligent. Real intelligent, Ivan. With a blink, he scratches the back of his head gingerly, clenching his jaw tightly. "Faith. Faith - stop. Look at me, alright? You don't seem…right." He instructs with a grunt, suddenly reaching his arm out grab hold of her and hold her steady. "What's going on? Are you okay?" Beat. "D'you want to get out of here?"

If she were completely of sound mind, she'd be pointing out all the puns that she can and laughing gleefully. Instead she's apparently suffering from paranoia and fear and not functioning all that well at all. There's a moment where she basically presses herself up against a wall display, almost as if she's feeling surrounded or trapped. Both hands go to her temples and she closes her eyes, doing her best to push past it. "I'm fine." It's a lie, but she's at least better than she was. When Faith opens her eyes the world almost seems to move in slow motion at first. When it returns to normal speed all is well. Hopefully.
So there she is, up against a display with Ivan holding on to her. Rose stares up at him, her eyes distant at first but she does physically appear to recover. "Does that mean you won't need to get a job?" This is said to Wit, yes, an attempt to change the topic. "I really don't want you working just because of me. I don't mind helping you out."

If they're not going to leave…Wit is. When they're preoccupied being confused and lying, Wit takes his cell phone from his pocket and takes the opportunity to push the call button on it. His ringtone plays and he looks at Rose and Ivan. "Sorry, I have to take this. Rose, I'll call you later, okay? I really wish you'd reconsider though. I know the whole thing would make Ivan feel better." It's hard to say what he's talking about — the getting an apartment off campus thing, or coming to work for him. But he's off like a dash towards the cash register with his chocolately brown sheets, paying for them. There's a twinge of guilt as he runs off, but it's not something he'd like to get in the middle of at any rate.

Ivan is inspecting every flicker, ever nuance of Rose's expression with a steely sort of determination, not even paying any mind to the automatic 'I'm fine' she gives. They all know it's a blatant lie. Instead, his fingers on her arm tighten a slight bit with concern. "Maybe…" But then, Wit is running off. Ivan is momentarily blindsided, as if he had almost forgotten the other's existence. "…Fuck. It's been nice, meeting you!" He throws over the store to the retreating lad, though his preoccupation with Wit dissipates soon enough. There's clearly too much with Rose to worry about. "Faith - let's go. Now. I need to get you out of here."

She's actually looking at Wit as he makes his exit. Whether or not she sees exactly what he does to cause it is uncertain, but Rose isn't like she used to be. The fact that she's running her friend off doesn't help her situation but it does give her the strength to at least get through it. "I'll do it." It's said just loud enough that she hopes Wit will hear it. "I'll talk to you soon." But then Ivan's fingers tighten and Faith can't help but stare at him. "I don't want to talk about it here." Not that he's offering to talk about it, but she's at least being open. "But I think you're right. It's not safe."

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