Chloe's Escapades


Outside. Out of the commotion, the voices, the noise, the panic. She'd bolt right back to Villa Del Norte if it weren't for Josephine being with her. As it is, Chloe waits until they're a decent distance away from Bloody Mary's before she simply finds a wall to lean against. She's refusing to cry. Absolutely refusing. But her stubbornness in doing so is showing on her face. The resolute look that says if she has to take much more of this the dam is going to burst.

Leaning forward, hands upon her knees, she takes several deep, gasping breaths. The color has yet to return to her cheeks and she just shakes her head. "They took him… he knew… he tried to warn me… I thought he was just being maudlin… ohgod I'm going to be sick…"

The role of kind hearted supporter feels uncomfortably unfamiliar and Josephine for one has no intention to repeat any such sentiment again in the near future. So when at last Chloe decides to lean against the wall, Jo decides it's the perfect moment to create some distance between the two, starting by removing her arm from her shoulders. "You know what happened just now." That too is unfamiliar, usually it's she who's on the inside and her alto carries an edge with it. "Chloe, tell me." Warmer, that. "Does this have to do with that tall vampire smiling at you like you're tomorrow's egg's on toast…" Her eyes narrow again when she remembers the look Kegan gave Chloe.

"The tall vampir- I… I don't know." Chloe shakes her head, having no clue as to who the tall vampire actually was. A few more deep breaths, and she no longer looks like she's going to pass out. Her eyes close, her hand comes up to pinch the bridge of her nose, and she exhales a woosh of air. "Josephine, they have a… friend… of mine." She's being careful not to associate herself with him more than that right now, since that will bring the tears. "A friend who told me to get out of the city if anything happened to him. If it's /that/ serious… I mean… it could be dangerous for you too." Oh, she's trying not to have a panic attack.

"Who. Who they." Josephine shakes her head, shoulders raised, not any wiser. She hesitates, debates with a lip between her teeth, but in the end stays right where she is, busying herself with digging out her cigarettes to bring nicotine levels back to normal. Her voice rings distant and guarded when she finishes, exhaling, "And of course, why. If you told /anyone/…"

"I don't /know/." And that might be what's frightening Chloe the most. At least if she had a good, solid idea of /who/ she'd know what to do - run or find him. "You heard them, right? What they said? But just after you left, there was a voice. A voice that said they knew, and I couldn't place it. I really couldn't… I'd be able to if I heard it again, but I sure as shit don't want to go back in there." The hand releases her nose and rubs down over her face. "That's why…" Well it certainly explains a lot as to what happened earlier in the evening.

Josephine takes a step closer, but at least has the courtesy to go to the side of Chloe where the wind won't blow the smoke in the woman's face. "I need more than that," she says simply, "I can't do anything if I don't know who your friend is, why they've taken him, why it's important that 'someone' knows where 'he' is and how that could /possibly/ be dangerous for me." Another drag. "Come on, Chloe, help me out."

There are some things Chloe can't say, because it's not her place, but she does the best she can. "My… friend… is a very important vampire." A VIV? The thought nearly sends her into gales of laughter, thanks to the hysteria she's feeling. "It's important that someone knows where he is, because it means then that it was premeditated and not a random grab by that group that attacked the parade… and it's dangerous for you, because if that tall vampire was as interested in me as you say he was, you were /with/ me… and my protector is gone."

More lip nibbling while Josephine regards the other with a complete focus. There's a restlessness that's not far beneath the surface, but tonight's drinks have taken care of most edges. "That wouldn't happen to be that blonde, the one you're absolutely not doing," she asks bluntly. But once she registers that Chloe didn't tell anyone about their shared talent, she loses some of the tension that held her shoulders so rigidly.

"It's not like that at all," Chloe says defiantly, because it's really not. "He… has saved my life more than once, is all, it's complicated." And not something she wants to get into overly much with a veritable stranger. "I'm just not certain if I should heed his advice and get the Hell out of Dodge, or go and tell someone what's going on." Who would she tell? Erica? Would that even get anything done? "I'm sorry, Josephine. I don't mean to frighten you. You're likely fine, and safe, and will have no worries once you get away from me. I panicked, I… it's been a long day."

"Yeah, well, if you got me into some mess, at least you owe me that I'm in fully informed. Like what's Dodge." She sniffs, smokes in silence until she kicks away an offending pebble before her left foot and asks, "But… First things first. The attack at the parade, that wasn't done by extremists. It was an attack on A vampire?"

Chloe blinks at her, then remembers that the poor woman isn't an American. "It's an expression. Like saying 'get the Hell out of here'." Nodding she takes another deep breath. "I don't know, I really don't. I think it was extremists, but I think it's more than that."

Josephine hms, shrugging, annoyed that she misunderstood, not annoyed enough to keep a stony face. "But if you don't know… Why were you so squeamish back there. I swear I thought you were going to faint or something. I mean, what's in ten days." She leans her back against the wall as well, closing her eyes for a moment.

"You didn't… he'll see the light, that's what she said… do you know what that means, Jo?" Chloe purposefully shortens the name, just for ease of conversation. "It means that in ten days, they're going to kill him by forcing him into the sunlight. It's… it's a term I've heard a church use." But she knows it's not the church either. Her brother would /never/ do that to her. Besides, he doesn't know it's a vampire she was talking about. "They're going to kill him, and he wants me to just /run/."

Nodding, the words come out rather dry, "If you're as involved with him as you say, maybe it's not a bad suggestion. And if you're a decent kinda person, you go back there now and you get Mellie's ass away from here before they use her as leverage, you get me." She inhales a last time, then flicks the remains of the stick away. Savours the smoke before she releases it gently. "What happens to them when they're exposed to sunlight, I mean, exactly. Is there a burst of flames, or do they somehow choke, or, what…" Jo, who doesn't mind this version of her name, sure sounds openly curious.

"I can't get her out of there. She made her decision." As sad as it is, Mellie won't be much leverage against her. "I did the best I could, but my /sister/ will never listen to me, and short of kidnapping her…" Chloe shakes her head. She just can't go back in there. "She's a survivor, she'll be fine and she'll call Bobby." But the question as to what happens is an interesting point. "I don't know. I've never seen it, and I don't want to… but I guess they die. You know, dead-dead, not just walking-dead…"

"Not even kicking the bucket," Josephine smirks wryly, she at least got that part. "Still, can't believe you're just leaving her there. I thought you were better than that, Chloe Cornett…" She leans away from the wall and starts walking. Then hesitates and returns. "Here's something you can do." She takes a note block and a pen from one inside pocket and her cell phone from another. She flicks it open and starts to search, in the end finding a number she needs and she copies it onto paper. Which in the end is given to Chloe. It contains the name Michael Isonzo and his phone number. "Call him," she urges, more gentle maybe than expected. "He's okay, overprotective and a vampire, but okay. If anyone can help you, it's probably him."

The name she recognizes, and Chloe blinks at Josephine. "I know him. He… well, he got me to safety once." During the parade. "I can't tell him anything, I promised I wouldn't, but maybe he can keep Mellie safe when Bobby can't." Since Bobby won't exactly walk into a vampire bar. "Look, I know it's a lot to ask, but if I don't run… if I stay… if I try to find him… will you help me? Two of us that can hear things will be better than me doing it on my own. You don't owe me anything, I know we're not exactly friends, but… I'd really appreciate it."

Her expression actually softens when Chloe shows she does think about a way to save Mellie's neck, but the request certainly erases that sentiment and to say she's reluctant would be the understatement of the day. "Shit Chloe, that's an aweful lot to ask?" Josephine runs a hand through her hair and looks at the pavement while she goes over this from every angle. And maybe it's the unexpectedness of the question that has her dropping her guard mentally as well. « Shit, ik wil niet… Maar ik kan niet weigeren, toch? Shit-shit-shit… Wat als ze er achter komen. » She looks at Chloe and maybe it's a sign of how long she's been in English speaking territory that she repeats, « What if they find out… »

"It's okay. I didn't figure you'd be willing, but… maybe I can get you an interview for your troubles?" Chloe doesn't think that will sweeten the pot at all, but she takes a deep breath. « Just consider it. I don't think I can do it on my own. »

"I'm /so/ going to regret it…" Josephine mutters, the scowl on her face despite being triggered by the interview. "He someone important then." She searches for another cigarette, pocketing the rest of the items again, "Damnit, can't even… Why am I even considering this?!"

"Very important," Chloe says, still not trying to give everything away. "Because deep down you're a good person. I'll… I'll call you and let you know what I'm doing either way, though if I /am/ leaving the city, I likely won't tell you where I'm going." Just to be safe. "Be careful for the next few days. Please."

"Bah," the woman angrily lights a cigarette, pointing a finger at Chloe afterwards, stressing, "You'll call Michael either way. If not, I will. If your friend's that important, he'll recognize my description of him, I'm thinking. Right?" She carefully studies Chloe's reaction. "And I'll call you about my decision tomorrow, fuck it, I can't even think straight, so…"

"Yes, I will call him." Chloe cares at least that much for her sister. Not so much to put herself back into a super dangerous situation, but enough that she'll try to take care of her. "Michael will know who he is, based on my call… thank you, Jo… I appreciate the help back there. More than you know." It's not in her to hug the woman, but she nods and allows the woman to be on her way if she so desires.

Josephine does walk away after a curt nod, brooding and anything but pleased. Still, she got a date out of Valentine. Sort of. Not that she cares. At all. Or so she can convince herself at the moment.

Chloe picks up her cellular phone and begins to dial.

<Phone> You hear the phone ringing at the other end.

<Phone> The phone is picked up at the far end.

(Directed into the phone) Chloe hurriedly says, "I'm looking for Mr. Isonzo."

<Phone> Michael says "Speaking."

(Directed into the phone) Chloe says "Okay, you probably don't remember me. It's Chloe Cornett. I'm er.. a friend of the Sheriff's?"

<Phone> Michael says "The librarian, I remember you quite well Miss Cornett. As I said before, a librarian with your memory's extremely impressive."

(Directed into the phone) Chloe laughs nervously. "Look. I'm on my way home from Mary's. Something… well I'd rather really not discuss it over the phone too much, but they've taken him. Or, someone has? They said he's going to meet the sun in ten days."

<Phone> Michael says quietly "Where are you and how soon can you get somewhere you consider safe?"

(Directed into the phone) Chloe says "I'm nearly home. Can't go to the estate. He told me… well it doesn't matter. Jo said you might be able to help? My sister…" Chloe sighs deeply. "Mellie works at Mary's. She wouldn't leave when I told her it would be prudent. I need someone that can keep an eye on her right now so they don't go after her because of me."

<Phone> Michael says quietly "You know who's behind this, and you're sure they know you?"

(Directed into the phone) Chloe says "I don't know for sure. Sounded like a group with a boss. There was a tall vampire there, apparently according to Jo, he seemed interested in me. But Mr. Grant, he told me to get out of town if something happened. To get out of the state even."

<Phone> Michael says "Yes, getting out of the state may be prudent. I suppose that for now it would be best if you /don't/ go home… find somewhere else to go, someone you trust but aren't known to be close to, stay with them and I will see what I can do to arrange transport for you."

(Directed into the phone) Chloe says "Mr. Isonzo, please forgive me for saying so, but I'm not going to let him be killed. While it would be best that I don't go home, I think I know a place where I can stay that will at least be somewhat safe. But I /can't/ just run off not knowing whether he is safe or not. He's in danger. I can feel it, and it's not a good feeling."

<Phone> Michael says "I can appriciate your concerns. I suspect it would be best if we met somewhere in person so that we may talk?"

(Directed into the phone) Chloe is silent a moment, then sighs. "Where do you propose?"

<Phone> Michael says "Can you make Meadows Museum? It's generally a good place to meet without too much notice."

(Directed into the phone) Chloe says "Up by the university? I… well it's a bit across town, but I can…." A small pause. "… be there shortly."

<Phone> Michael says "Be careful."

(Directed into the phone) Chloe says "I will be."

Chloe clicks her cellular to disconnect the call and hangs up.


It is a while before Chloe actually appears. There was something she had to do first, and since it was on the way she stopped long enough to slide the letter under her brother's door. Things are bad, by her sumization, and someone she cares about needs to know what she's doing. In case things get worse.

The museum appears to be closed when she arrives, so she doesn't force entry. Instead, she just shivers, pulling her red wrap about her a little more tightly. It doesn't do much to keep the cold out, but she didn't have time to stop and grab a jacket.

Michael's been watching the Museum, he's been waiting for Chloe to arrive, and as he does he approaches with Vampiric speed, he's looking decidedly neutral, perhaps a little cooler than usual, his tone however carries a decided edge. "Before you insist on staying I will remind you that last time you refused Mister Grants suggestions you almost got yourself killed."

The voice catches her off-guard. No matter how much time she spends around vampires their speed is completely unnerving. She shrieks, jumps, and then takes a deep breath. "Oh, it's you," Chloe says. Then she shoots Michael a grim look. "Mr. Isonzo, I can't allow him to be killed. I… well it's not important, my reasons, I mean, but running is just not something I can do."

Shaking his head Michael looks almost amused for a moment. "And you have a plan to help I suspect? One that requires you stay in the city?" He gives a dismissive wave. "But we digress, either way you won't leave and I'm uninclined to argue the point, so tell me what you know… everything you can think of."

"I do. I'm going to find him, and save him." Which may sound a bit crazed, but Chloe seems pretty determined on this. Whether she can or not is another matter. "I saw him. Mr. Grant. Earlier tonight, which is when he told me that if he was gone for more than a week to leave the city." She keeps the part about the bequeath of his things to her to herself. "It's only been a few hours, but some crazy woman entered Mary's and said they were going to force him to see the sun in ten days."

Chloe rubs her hands over her face, trying to recall it all. "I only caught bits and pieces of it, but I heard someone say something in regards to the boss being angry that she let out the information so soon, and then someone said they knew where he was. I couldn't tell who said it… but someone knows something." Beat. "Why would he tell me to get out of the state?"

Shrugging Michael keeps that look of neutral disinterest he's so practiced in. "I couldn't say in detail, but for the same reason he insisted I stop him if he feed on you… to protect you." He turns to look at Chloe. "I suspect there are others who know more than I, Isobel almost certainly, I suppose that if they have managed to get to Mister Grant Isobel's at risk as well." He pauses a moment, seeming to freeze in place as he thinks.

"You mean, Erica?" Chloe seems to have no clue who this Isobel person his, and looks rather confused. "I'm not worried about me. I'm of sound mind and can make my own decisions. If it means my death in order to save him, so be it." She exhales heavily. "But I need to know my sister is safe. If I'm in danger, they'll use her to get to me, and she's easily manipulated by vampires. She's a… willing donor." The nicest way she can think of to say fangbanger.

Michael seems to snap out of his thoughts as Chloe finishes. "No, I mean who I say." He nods his head once quick and sharp. "I will gather your sister and see that she's transported to safety… as long as you agree to go with her, she'll need a level head to ensure she's safe, and I most certainly can't go." He looks at Chloe for a moment. "That is unless you /do/ have a plan?"

"I do," she says again. "I'm going to find whoever did this to him, and kill them." It seems to be as simple as that in Chloe's mind. No matter what she has to do. "I can't take care of Mellie, I can't shoulder that responsibility /and/ this one." But a vampire can't really bring her sister to Bobby either, that will /not/ go over well. "Can you bring her to Ivan Fontane, and ask that she be brought to Robert Cornett? Glamour her if you have to to make her comply."

Sighing Michael shakes his head. "That's not a plan, that's an intention. I can respect your…. motivation, but you need to have direction as well. Otherwise you'll just get yourself killed, has it occured to you that for whatever reason whoever is behind this may be /hoping/ you'll do something foolish out of love and get yourself killed?"

"I don't…" Chloe shakes her head. "It's not /like/ that." Of all the things she has to explain, it seems that this is the one that makes her the calmest. "Mr. Grant is a good man, and he has put his life in danger to save mine. The least I can do is repay the favor." The strength seems to fall right out of her, causing her to crumble down onto the steps with a slight little oof. "He has a claim on me, and now we share a blood bond. I haven't even had time to think beyond getting myself out of immediate danger. It takes more than an hour to formulate a good plan."

Michael seems unmoved by any of this, although his tone's very slightly softer than usual. "For now you must get yourself somewhere safe, and do /nothing/ I will gather what information I can and secure your sister…" He shakes his head slowly. "I suppose I won't be visiting the Bass Clef Club tomorrow, a shame, an old friend was set to perform."

"Thank you." Chloe looks down at her lap, but she's still trying hard to hold it all together. "I know a place I can go that is safer than most." Though she's not certain a kitten will offer much protection, at least she knows the company will be secure. "I /am/ going to save him, Mr. Isonzo. But I think this is deeper than that terrorist group… and I really wish I knew who the tall vampire was. I only caught a small glimpse as Jo got me out of there…"

Nodding Michael pauses a moment longer, his expression becoming slightly severe. "I will follow you if you don't object? Just to make sure you're not being followed by anyone else." There's a slight pause. "And Miss Cornett, have you injured yourself? I can smell blood."

"I don't even know if the owner of the place will be around." He was, after all, on a date. Chloe nods, slowly picking herself up. Only to feel all the color returning to her cheeks at once. "Ahh, no. I'm fine It's dried blood from earlier." A pointed look given to Michael as though that is all the explanation he'll need. Thankfully the bite isn't on her neck so it's not been visible. "Let's go."


Roughly an hour and a half, possibly a little more, have passed since the events at the Valentine's Day bash at Bloody Mary's. Chloe has promised not to return home, but as she can't really go to her brother's or her parent's places, and she has no where else to go, she came back to the units. However, she's not at home, she's outside someone else's door. Slumped against it, in her black cocktail dress and red wrap. Her legs are straight out in front of her, her head resting against the door frame, and she looks worn down.

Mischa didn't go right home after the debacle at Bloody Mary's, either. He's been out until about ten minutes ago. Now he comes trudging up the stairs, looking a little defeated. When he sees Chloe sitting outside of his door, his eyes widen considerably and picks up a brisk pace. "Chloe! You should have called, I was worried and I…" Was looking for you. He doesn't finish that sentence, but instead offers his hands to the redhead outside his door. "Up we go… let's get you inside."

Eyes snap toward him as he says her name. Chloe doesn't move until his hands are reached out to her, and she takes them, hauling herself off of the floor. "Where's your date?" She looks past him, trying to see if the woman is there and then glances at him when she realizes that she's not.

"Oh…err…I left her at the bar." Mischa admits, flushing a bit. He takes his keys out of his pocket and unlocks the door, holding it open for Chloe first before he'll venture inside. "Actually, I was looking for you. You seemed so upset. I've never seen you like that before. Granted, we didn't know each other that well until about a week ago…" Mischa chuckles very quietly and takes in a deep breath. Thankfully his house is cleaned up, elsewise he might die of embarrassment. But right now his concern for Chloe overrides anything else going on in his brain.

"Oh, I.. you didn't need to do that." Chloe colors a little, once more her cheeks filling up with a flush of pink. Much better than the shock of white at the bar. She takes a deep breath, poised to explain things, but nothing at all comes out except a choked noise, and then, "M'sorry I ruined your date." She enters the apartment, and then makes her way to the couch where she seats herself, still not having the strength to stand for too long.

Mischa shakes his head a little bit at Chloe, making a dismissive hand motion. "Make yourself at home. And don't worry about it. That girl is way out of my league in every way imaginable. I don't thinks he's used to be abandoned quite like that though." Mischa chuckles again, although his current state of mind is sheer worry for Chloe. Especially after that choked little noise. "Do you want something to eat, drink? Get comfortable."

"I need a place to stay," she blurts out. Then Chloe shakes her head and starts to get up. "Sorry. I really shouldn't be imposing on you, but there is a /lot/ going on that I can't rightly explain right now, and I've been warned off my typical places. No family, no places I'd generally go. I…" Another shake of her head, and a heavy sigh. "I shouldn't have come. I'm sorry, Mischa."

There's a moment where Mischa just stands there, as if trying to gauge Chloe's thoughts or feelings. But he's no psychic like she is. Instead he moves to sit down beside her, reaching out for her hand. "Chloe, don't ever worry about it. If I can help you in any way, I always will. Stay as long as you need. You can have the bed, I'll take the sofa, whatever's mine is yours. And on the bright side, I have enough books that you won't be bored." He winks at her, though it's obvious his concern is only spreading. Warnings are a bit ominous, especially after the theatrics at Bloody Mary's.

"Can you turn into something bigger than a cat?" Chloe's thoughts are really all jumbled, and all that's really showing is worry and concern. Meanwhile, up in her noggin, she's trying to formulate some semblance of a plan. "What do you know about vampires? About their hierarchy? Why would a group of them kidnap another? Why would they /announce/ it at a vampire bar of all places? None of it makes any sense!" Except, when coupled with the previous warnings, it sort of does. "Michael is going to grab my sister and get her somewhere safe, but I need to stay under the radar or get out of the state…" At this point, she's probably sounding a tad incoherent, her thoughts are just spewing out of her so swiftly.

Mischa nods to Chloe, reaching up to rub the bridge of his nose. "I could, yes. If I wanted to. How big are we talking about?" Now he's both curious AND worried. More curious than he was, at any rate. He gently squeezes Chloe hand before he stands up and peels his leather jacket off, moving into the kitchen. "I'm still with you!" He calls out to reassure her, as he puts a kettle full of water on the stovetop. "I'm fairly knowledgable on the subject of vampires. Or so I like to think. Doesn't necessarily mean anything." Once the pot is put on and no longer requires Mischa's immediate supervision, he comes back out to the living room and leans in the doorframe to the hallway. "I guess this is about as under the radar as you can get without fleeing the State completely. What's going on, Chloe?"

"Moutain lion? Bear? I don't know, how much power would you need to take out a vampire?" Chloe quietly removes her shoes, pulling her feet up onto the couch. She hugs them to her, and then starts to quietly cry. It's not until she hears him at the doorframe that she says anything else. "They took him. A very important vampire. He told me to get out of the state if something happened, but I /can't/ just run off. This group, but it's more than that, it's something bigger. I just know it is. They're going to force him into the sun, they're going to /kill/ him."

When Chloe starts crying, Mischa moves back to her side and gently wraps an arm around her, frowning. "Yes, I could theoretically shapeshift into all of that. If I looked at a picture long enough or we arranged an after hours trip to the zoo." Then comes a strained chuckle as he watches Chloe, tilting his head at her. "You know you can always turn to me for help, Chloe. We haven't really been 'friends' for that long, but…I'll do whatever it is that you want." If only to see her stop crying.

His being so sweet is liable to set her off again. Chloe sniffles once, bringing her hands up to wipe at her eyes, mascara running down her cheeks a little. "We may need to," she says quietly, giving him a very serious, very frightened look. "When I find out where they're holding him, I'm going right into the den or nest, or palace… wherever it is, and I'm going to save him." Beat. "Because he's saved me on multiple occasions, and I owe it to him." The more she says it, the more she's going to believe it's just that, and not that she really cares for him.

Mischa nods a little bit to Chloe. "Do I get to know who this mystery man that I'm going to be turning into a bear for is?" There's a pause after that. "Though you should know that if I get hurt in animal form, I get hurt in human form — and I change back too. The shock to the system is what does it. The loss of conciousness. That being said, I'm willing to give it a try." As dangerous as it sounds. He won't even pretend to understand what Chloe is talking about, with the owing. But he does squeeze her around the shoulders, taking in a deep breath.

Chloe likely smells faintly of roses, strawberry shampoo, and fear. But she listens to him, she understands, and she nods. "You… you don't have to put yourself in danger for me. I can… handle it." She'll just have to go in during the day, and hope that it's just vampires that took him. "His name is Will Grant, and he's…" The Sheriff. Only she doesn't say that, she says, "… my friend."

"No. I'm not going to let you do this alone." Mischa says it as firmly as possible, nodding to Chloe. "Every good soldier needs a cavalry of some sort, right? I'm not going to let you go in there alone. If something happened to you, I don't think I'd forgive myself." Mischa loosens his grip on her and moves to stand up, sticking his hands in his pockets. "Do you have any other plans, than the proverbial 'storming the castle' one? Anyone you can call for backup?" Will Grant. The name doesn't ring a bell. But research will be done, considering how important this man seems to be to Chloe.

"I'm not a tactician," Chloe says with a sigh. "The vampires, they'll probably do something too, and I'm sure they're much better at planning such things." Resting her chin on her knees, she stares at the opposite arm of the couch. "Someone that was in that bar, they know where he is. I heard it clear as day, but it was so crowded in there I couldn't tell where it was coming from." She's a telepathic failure is what she is. "But Jo, the woman that helped me out of there, mentioned that the tall, hooded vampire at the back, was taking an interest in me… I thought it /might/ be from him, but so far as I know, I can't really hear their thoughts. They don't work the same as we do at all."

He steps away briefly to take the screaming kettle off of the stovetop, pouring a cup full of hot water for Chloe. She gets one of those herbal remedy teabags that's supposed to calm you down, and two lumps of sugar. After a moment of quiet deliberation and tea preparation in the kitchen, he comes back out and nods to her. "We should get some backup… I don't know if asking around about this would be the right manuever, if these people are as dangerous as you say they are. Which I don't doubt." There's a pause as Mischa offers Chloe the cup, biting his lip in consideration. "The hooded man. Hmm."

"They're affiliated with that group from the parade, I think, so askin' is prob'ly not going to be a good thing." Chloe takes the tea cup, cupping it in her hands, and allowing the warmth of it to seep through her body without even drinking anything just yet. "Tall, I think he had shoulder length hair. Dark blond. I only caught a glimpse of him talking to someone as Jo dragged me out." The cup is lifted up, blown on gently, then a sip taken. "Y'all have a group of shifters or something? That'd be right handy."

"I can't discuss that with you." Mischa says, looking genuinely apologetic — although judging from his tone, it means there probably is a group of shifters. "If you thought vampires used to be secretive, you should see shifters and weres." Mischa reaches up to run his fingers through his hair, sitting back down on the couch beside Chloe. "Ah, THAT parade. I recall it. Yes, so maybe investigating isn't our best bet. Do you know any vampires who might know the hooded man?"

Chloe busies herself with sipping the tea. It's warming, and even if the herbal effects aren't working all that great it seems to be giving her something to focus on other than her worries. "Mr. Isonzo said he'd let me know when he knew more, but I think he wasn't being forthcoming. I really… only know those two. It's not like I'm a fangbanger or anything." Never mind the bite on her thigh that's carefully hidden by the skirt of her dress.

Mischa nods to Chloe a little bit, blushing at the term fangbanger. "Even if you were, that's your business. I can't judge anyone. There have been a /LOT/ weirder fetishes than just wanting to sleep with vampires. Imagine what people would say if shapeshifters came out and then there were… I don't know what you would call them, but groupies for US." Mischa laughs at the very idea, shaking his head as he reaches up to run his fingers through his hair. He starts to loosen the sleeves of his shirt, peeling off the bandage that covers up his stitches afterward. "I don't think I know any vampires personally. Not that I know many people personally at all. You, Lillian, and my parents are about as far as I get."

"Lillian?" Chloe grins at him, "Was that her name? Your date?" She's not trying to make light of the situation or anything. "I just don't like being left in the dark. I mean, I used to crave it, but not when a friend is in danger, y'know?"

Mischa shakes his head wildly at Chloe. "No, no. Lillian runs the Ogham. Just down the street. My date's name was Hailee." And he's probably screwed things up good with her. Which he's not exactly torn up over, either. He bites his lip and watches Chloe carefully for a moment or two, nodding to him. "I know the exact same way you feel. We're…friends now, aren't we? It's been a long time since I actually had one."

"Ohhh, her." Chloe blushes at the mention of the Ogham, then clears her throat. "I went in there to buy the books you showed me the other day." Suddenly, she's very interested in her tea again. Because spending nearly six-hundred dollars in there is not going to be mentioned. No sir, no how. "She seemed to like pushing the erm… aphrodisiacs…"

"So it wasn't just me!" Mischa exclaims all together too loudly, and way too happily. "God, I was beginning to think I came off as…I'm not sure what, but she just kept telling me she had lots of sexual enhancers and aphrodisiacs." Mischa lets out a gale of nervous laughter before looking back towards Chloe and smiling at her. "Her shop is extraordinary." Then he pauses, taking in a breath. "What if we asked for her help?" As Mischa moves to retrieve his jacket for something, a small charm falls out of it. He looks at it, bewildered and picks it up from the floor, eyeing it.

"It was probably because it was right before Valentine's Day," Chloe surmises. "Ask for her help? She's just a shop owner!" Yeaaaah, Chloe was a bundle of nerves the night she went into the shop, and wasn't bothering to read the proprietress at all. "Guess I /could/ ask Ivan, but I really don't want him all up in my business. Ugh."

Mischa pauses for a moment, adjusting his glasses before he shows the charm to Chloe. "Ivan? Fontane?" He asks, quirking a brow. "I met his sister the other night. She stayed with me at the hospital after the wreck." Mischa continues to look down at the little charm himself, tilting his head before he lets out something of a sigh. "I don't remember picking this up. Anyhow, Lillian seems fairly knowledgable. It was just a thought. But Ivan's sister mentioned something about him being a politician. Is that true? He might have connections."

Chloe rolls her eyes. Ivan has /sisters/? With the way he treats women? She makes a face, finishes up her tea and sighs. "It is, he works with the mayor." He's a bit of a pervert, but then again most men are when you can hear their thoughts. "It's been a long day for me, I'm tired, I'm worried. Do you have a shirt or a jogging suit I can slip into for the night? I think I just want to wash up and crash."

Mischa's thoughts are pretty chaste, for a dude's. He nods to Chloe and steps away from a moment. He returns with a rather large UTD t-shirt that looks like it's seen years of usage. "You can help yourself to whatever is in the apartment. The washclothes and towels are in the cabinet near the bathroom door. You can have the bedroom. There are fresh sheets and everything."

Taking the t-shirt, Chloe smiles at him. Faintly, but it's a smile. "Thank you, Mischa. I don't know how I'm ever going to repay your kindness, but I will." She looks as though she's going to hug him, but stops herself at the last moment, and then rushes toward the bathroom. Thankfully, the apartments are laid out similarly, so she doesn't get lost on the way.

No hug for Mischa. That's okay. When Chloe is out of his line of sight, he moves to flop himself onto the couch rather gracelessly. He reaches up to run his fingers through his hair and take his glasses off, setting them aside. "Oh, Mischa. What did you do…" It's something he's been asking himself a lot lately. If tonight's conversation indicates anything, it might be that it's a question that will remain for some time.

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