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Meadows Museum

The Meadows Museum is actually a division of the SMU Meadows School of the Arts. The building is large, housing a comprehensive collection of Spanish art with works ranging from the 10th to 20th centuries. Highlights of the collection include masterpieces by Goya and Picasso, as well as beautifully large Baroque canvases, rococo oil sketches, wood sculptures, as well as works by leading artists in the region.
The floors in the building are a smooth and shiny mid-toned hardwood, the walls a creamy beige though most near the entrance are covered with banners that advertise the different exhibits and galleries that can be found through large arches and doorways down the hallways.

A museum is actually the last place that some would expect the locally famous insane woman, but this is exactly why she is here. A few errands have left her out past dark and a brief moment of paranoia has caused her to seek temporary shelter. Of course her cell is dead so it isn't as if she can simply ask for a ride, no. Curses! Oh, well. This -is- where she ran into Michael originally, so who knows?

To live up to the saying about being in Rome, Faith Rose Tyler takes a moment to walk about and enjoy the art. The museum is dead, comparatively speaking, likely because of all the sickeningly cute couples that are out being romantic. So yes, there's a bit of bitterness to her thoughts but at least she isn't scowling! The young woman is actually doing her best to almost creep from display to display, hoping that no one recognizes her. Suspicious much?

Guy actually likes the museum. Particularly he enjoys period pieces such as the one he's currently looking at now depicting the siege of Orleans. "Nonsense, Joan of Arc had no cavalry at Orleans. Who tries to break a siege from horseback? Still though, the artist was very skilled." It seems he's talking to no one in particular, just musing aloud.

Practically tiptoeing the Tyler twin continues on her way, doing her very best not to be noticed. There's simply no telling what sort of evil is out in the world, especially considering her identity. She's about to leave when she hears Guy speaking and she can't help but stop. Faith looks about, trying her best to figure out who he's talking to. "Are you speaking to me?" Her voice is soft, unsure, yet she stands as if she has all the confidence in the world.

Up until that point Guy had been lost in admiring the painting before him. He'd actually allowed his senses to focus on it so intently so as to be unaware of the world around him. Faith speaking to him broke the spell. He looks directly to the source of the query seeing the young woman who made it. "Non petit. I was talking to my best friend. That being myself." The accent is an odd mixture of French and Germanic. "Merely thinking aloud. And how are you this evening?" He offers a casual smile.

It seems like everyone she runs into has some sort of accent. That's just her luck. Faith tilts her head ever so slightly as she examines Guy, the act innocent, almost childlike. If he's been keeping up with the news he'll recognize her as the crazy lady, if not? Then she'll be happy. "Oh! Sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt your date?" He did say he was talking to himself. Faith looks around as he asks how she is, as if he should be speaking to someone else. "I'm alive and sane, which is something. And you?"

Guy nods agreeably. "A healthy body and mind are both treasures, to be sure. I find myself much the same. But if a conversation is to be had, I believe introductions are in order. My name is Guy Tombes."

"Great treasures." As if she knows what it's like to be without them. Faith actually shifts nervously as he introduces himself. The young woman pauses momentarily as she considers just how she should continue. "Rose." This is the name she finally settles on. "Rose Tyler." Now that she's given her name, she moves the conversation right on along. "So you like this piece?"

Guy looks back at the painting. "It's well done in it's fashion. The artist is very skilled, and the colors are vibrant. His technique is solid. However, as good as it is it is very /very/ inaccurate."

Curious, Rose steps up to the painting. She feels no reason at the moment to be weary of Guy. He obviously doesn't recognize the name. "Inaccurate?" Again she tilts her head, trying to figure out how exactly he knows. "So you're a historian? Or…?"

Guy shakes his head and looks at Rose for a moment or two before it's back to the painting. "An investor, actually. I travel the world putting together buyers and sellers of rare commodities."

"You remind me of someone." This is said while she's staring at the painting. "He's in business as well. Owns quite a bit from what I can understand but only works at night." The implication is there, yes, as Rose is attempting to call Guy out. She is a vampire magnet, after all, and she needs to know if she should flee. The level of fear is rising within her but she's putting that confident face forward. "You'll probably run into him here at some point, maybe."

Guy smirks, enjoying the game. "Perhaps I already have. Who knows. Then again, Dallas is a large city and I am new to it so the odds are not. Perhaps if you were to tell me your friend's name then I would in exchance answer the question that is on your mind but you have yet to ask. That being how do I know the painting is not accurate."

It is a game and she's well aware of it. The downside is that Rose can't just up and walk away for fear that she'll be followed. "I think I know. I have an almost attraction to some things, I've been told." She's certainly afraid now but still refuses to show it physically. "All the same, his name is Michael Isonzo. He's quite… experienced, from what I understand." Where experience means old.

"Isonzo, Isonzo. Perhaps. The name does seem somewhat familiar. Perhaps if I saw him." He looks at Rose for a moment before going back to gazing at the painting. "Fear not petit. I have no interest in sampling your vintage at present. Tell me though, how is your friend Fontane these days? Has he been eaten by that /woman/ yet?"

"Well, I would offer a photo…" As if that is possible. Even so, she has nothing really to go by. Somewhere Faith has his number but with a dead phone she can't even call him. She does calm somewhat when he says that she has no reason to fear, but then her eyes go wide. A step back is taken as she honestly has no idea how to handle this situation. "I hope not." So much for not being afraid. "Though I'm not really sure what you're talking about. Certainly you have the wrong person."

Guy continues to play the game. "Perhaps I have. Perhaps I am barking up the wrong tree, as you Americans say it." There's a mischievious glint to his eyes now and Guy is watching Rose intently to guage her reactions. "But then again, perhaps I have been in position to hear things. Tell me, are you friends with a man who calls himself Fontane? He has a certain personage who seems to be very interested in him. /Very/ interested. She refers to him as Little Dinner."

"I'm not at liberty to discuss any…" The denial continues as she feels that it must. If someone in his position were to be linked to someone like her it could cause quite a bit of trouble. The fear still presents itself in Rose, the desire to flee evident. "It could be some sort of term of endearment. Perhaps she just likes him and would like to lay a claim to him?" Faith is trying here!

Guy smiles warmly, obviously enjoying the game. "Perhaps she would like to lay a claim to him. Tell me, how do you know of such things?"

So he's asking questions. Great. "Isn't that common knowledge?" There's a nervous laugh there as yet another step back is taken. "I mean, it could be, anyway. So maybe I know a little bit about it, not that I'm claimed or any…" Pause. Rose would be kicking herself right now if it would help. "Yes. I know because I am."

Guy is standing nearby Rose, both are in view of a large painting depictig Joan of Arc's battle of Orleans. He appears very amused at something currently. "Non, petit. It is /not/ common knowledge, at least not that common. And which is it, since you are offering information that I did not ask for? Are you or aren't you? Bear in mind, that I am not interested… for now."

They may be standing close to each other, but with each comment Rose is attempting to ease away. She is completely on edge and ready to bolt with the slightest movement she doesn't expect. "Oh. I thought it was. Funny that." She swallows hard at their conversation about vampiric rituals and claiming. "No. Yes. Both and neither. It's complicated." Honestly that's almost the complete truth but it doesn't cause her to ease up any. "No one is interested in me, ever. I understand this. But look at the time…"

And that's when a dapper little Japanese man comes ambling around the corner. Looking around, before his eyes alight on Rose. His expression doesn't change in the slightest, but he immediately vectors towards her with that same easy stride, his dark eyes unreadable. Hiro regards Guy with that same calm look, before patiently looking at Rose. "Found a new friend, little flower?" His lips curve up infinitesimally in a tiny smile.

Guy is completely amused by the apparent desire to bolt, even moreso because surely the young woman before him must realize that she could never hope to outrun him. "Either you are, or you aren't. It's only comp-" The statement is cut off by the arrival of Hiroshi, whom Guy turns partly towards in order to see the source of the speaker. “Good evening sir. Would you be the Mr. Nishimura I've heard so much about?"

That is really all it takes to send the poor girl over the edge: the sudden, unexpected voice. In an act very unlike her, or her recent self, Rose actually sounds out in surprise. She turns to see Hiro on her way to run, which actually causes her to stay put. It is as If she's stuck between a rock and a hard place. Faith honestly has never attempted to outrun a vampire but now could be a good time to start, especially since the two seem to have at least heard of each other. And so finally she'll attempt to leave, to walk past Hiro as he is the safer of the two to do so with.

No, no, Rose really must learn to confront these fears. So as she tries to move past him he puts out a hand and firmly grasps her elbow… turning her back to face Guy. "I assure you, sir, it is all true." Hiro's lips quirk upward further in a self-depreciating smile. "But you have the advantage of me, Mister…?" He cocks his head at Guy inquiringly, all the while maintaining a firm grasp on Rose so she doesn't run away blindly.

"Tombes, Guy Tombes." Guy seems to be barely containing his mirth. "I was just having the pleasure of making the acquaintane of Little Dinner's friend here." Guy's demeanor is very relaxed and non-threatening. "Although, it seemed as if there were some confusion as to wether I had actually met her acquaintances or someone else entirely. Your identity was the puzzle piece that cleared everything up. I thank you sir."

Yoink. Her freedom is prevented by the Asian man that she's technically not supposed to be talking to anymore. Any attempts to continue walking are stopped as he turns her around to face Guy. Now the fear is plainly written upon her features. Good thing no one else happens to be walking by this little grouping. "Wait, wait." Yes, Faith is afraid but there's that other feeling that is starting to surface. "Is there some sort of conspiracy out there that means everyone of you can know about me, dictate my life but I am to be left in the dark and treated like shit?" Hello, anger. Rose attempts to pull away again but finds Hiro's grip to be stronger than expected. "I should just give in at this point."

"Of course," Hiro inclines his head to the man with a genial smile, before turning his eyes to Rose. "I sympathize with your frustration, at the feeling that wheels are in motion that you have no control over. This is, however, nothing new — the faces change, and occasionally the species," here he tilts his head to Guy, "but that has always been a danger, to be caught up in the machinations of others. The trick is to ride out such turmoil, and jump clear when you can."

"Or if one is able, to seek your own opportunities amid such turmoil. My father used to say that conflict breeds opportunity. What I would have given to see him as a vampire." This is said with a nod and a crooked smile to Hiro. The smile he retains as he regards Rose. "Non petit, there is no conspiracy. I simply happened along a conversation about you. Certain particulars were mentioned. If you wish to know, perhaps some answers can be forthcoming. Is this agreeable Mssr Nishimura?"

Insert an angry face here. Rose breathes out deeply as she watches the two vampires, her frustration only an attempt to mask her fear. "So what? I'm to be either a willing donor or join your ranks?" She obviously isn't understanding what is being said to her but it is all so much for her to process. "I'm actually asking here. What's the best way to get this to end? To make that woman not hate me so much?" So yes, she's allowing more information to slip than she should. At the moment she actually forgets that she's being held in place.

Hiro shrugs lightly to Guy. "I have no injunction against such information, so it is agreeable." He looks at Rose, not without sympathy in his face. "Vampires are just as prone to pettiness as humans are. More so in some cases. It might be nothing; it might be something you are unaware of." He shakes his head. "Such loathing though is… worrisome."

Guy shrugs, perhaps not knowing exactly which direction the conversation has turned. "Being a relative newcomer to the city, I'm not exactly sure which woman you might be referring to, or why she has cause to hate you. Perhaps if you were to share exactly of whom you are speaking?" He spares the briefest glance at Hiro. "I can tell you what I heard the other night. I don't believe there was anything said that a human should not know."

Still with the angry face. Rose looks back and forth between the two, trying her best not to just lose it. "A human should not know You know, I'm standing right here. I really already know a lot. It would be almost counterproductive for you guys to start keeping things from me now." So maybe Faith is lumping all vampires together, but she's not really her best at the moment. "Or, you know, maybe you shouldn't. Not if it means Miss Symon will try to drain me or anything." Hiro knows all about her unease around the current Whip. So Rose attempts to turn and walk away again. Even if her words are harsh, her very tone has her near tears.

Hiro sighs. "Out with it, Mister Tombes. Rose has a point; keeping her in the dark is only going to infuriate her." As she tries to pull away, he firmly draws her back to him, tapping her on the chin. "Remember what I told you, Rose. It's safer with me than without." He's trying to be kind about this, although she's not making it easy for him.

Guy eyes Hiro curiously. "To the point yes? Is that how we are to be? Plain-speaking, blunt, plain-dealing? But you lose so much that way. Still though, there is a novelty to such an approach. Keep them off balance. Revert when least expected. Yes, I agree." He has that mischievious glint back in his eye. "Fear not, I'll bridle the beast unreasoned. The other night I was out looking for miss Symon so I could announce my presence in the city. I found her indeed, having just begun a meeting with your friend Fontane. You were the topic of that meeting. It seems our dear miss Symon was attempting to explain the intracacies of the claim to your friend. He was not pleased about the topic, I can tell you that much. There was some talk about miss Symon offering to claim you herself, something about how you'd be safer with her as she doesn't like girls." There is a small pause for effect. "I should like to add my own first impressions of Miss Symon. I'm not sure she hates you as much as she's simply a hateful individual. She seems to regard herself as a very fierce creature. Honestly she may simply just be an angry creature who needs direction. She is /quite/ interested in your friend however."

There is a fleeting moment where she wishes she were a vampire just so she wouldn't be so weak in comparison to them. The most recent attempt to flee is denied to Faith and it actually begins to eat away at her. "I'm going to get caught." She's jumpy and her voice is quiet, as if she's intending it to be for Hiro only. Too bad she doesn't realize that both will hear her. "I'm not safe anywhere." Yes, she's an easy target and even the return of her sanity isn't changing that. Then she hears Guy speak and she just stares at him. What little color she might have fades completely and it honestly is all she can do to keep standing. "So I really am just a piece of meat. This is amazing. I'm actually glad that I ran into you." Faith doesn't actually comment on what Guy reveals. She's trying to show that she has a poker face but she's failing miserably.

Hiro looks at the ceiling, possibly to keep his temper under control. After taking a long, unnecessary breath, he exhales. "I thank you, Mister Tombes, for this insight. I do not know, precisely, what gnaws at her so fiercely. I know that Rose here has had problems involving vampires. Perhaps Symon views her as a complication; but then why would the Sheriff insist that Rose not be harmed?" He rubs the bridge of his nose, turning to the girl. "Rose, I am sorry, for what it's worth. There is definitely something more going on here than just a girl who had a bad brush with a rogue vampire." His jaw sets, expression sharpening. "Perhaps it's time to start asking some hard questions."

"The sherriff is a different breed of vampire, speaking figuratively of course. I mean simply that he is a singular individual." Guy is guaging reactions at this point. "What you must understand Miss Tyler and what I believe Mssr Nishimura here is forgetting that unless a vampire has spent a good deal of time mainstreaming they begin to adopt a certain mindset after they have lived a couple of lifetimes past when they would have died. They cease, or begin to cease to view themselves as once human. Therefore it becomes increasingly easy to be inhumane. Tell me Miss Tyler. How much thought do you give the cattle when eating a steak, other than is necessary for you to best enjoy it? It is much the same with most vampires after a time."

The whole situation is enough to make her cry. While she does refuse to actually cry, the woman is tearing up. "I just don't understand why me. I really just want it all to stop." The young woman is on the verge of another panic attack but so far is doing quite well. Faith does blink at Guy before shaking her head. "You don't know anything about me. For two years I wouldn't touch meat because I swore it was looking back at me. Maybe it takes losing everything you have in life to appreciate what you do have, I don't know. But let me tell you, I do appreciate what I have. It's just getting difficult to fight for." This may or may not explain to Hiro why she's gone missing the last several nights worth of lessons.

Hiro's expression twitches slightly. "Honestly, I was avoiding it. In my experience, and my maker's as well, vampires that fall into that trap tend to become rogues — and then they have to be put down." He reaches up to rub his temples. "I miss being able to get shitfaced," he deadpans. At Rose's distress, though, he makes a point to put an arm around her shoulders. "Rose, perhaps I should walk you home."

Guy nods at Hiro and Rose. "Ultimately your eating habits are not the point. I was attempting to create an analogy between humans and a piece of meat. There is a fine line between viewing yourself as a superior creature and viewing humans as mere cattle. One is acceptable. The other is dangerous."

The point still isn't really coming across to her. All Rose is hearing is that she's a piece of meat. "I'm doomed." It's a thought that she's had for quite some time now and she just has to say it out loud. "Maybe I should have died that night." Completely defeated, Faith no longer attempts to pull away. "You probably shouldn't do that," she mentions to Hiro. "But I can go. I'm sure that I'll be fine." She's already been kidnapped once by some sort of rogue group of whatever they are. Kidnapping never happens more than once in a lifetime.

Hiro inclines his head. "Superiority is one thing, but the latter… I'd like to think that vampires can be capable of more than just base sociopathy nowadays." He looks amusedly at Rose. "Were you planning to swat me on the nose if I did it anyways?" He shakes his head. "No, I don't think so. Besides, you've missed two evenings; you can explain to me what happened on the way."

Guy inclines his head in a farewell as it appears the two are getting ready to depart. "I hope the rest of the evening finds you better. Incidentally Miss Tyler. You may wish to impress upon your friend that is it bad judgement to meet with Miss Symon, especially to discuss you. Ultimately I believe it will do more harm than good. Remember, in general, vampires are fickle creatures. If she gets bored, she'll look for entertainment elsewhere."

She couldn't feel any less included if she tried. It's just like being in high school, only without the popular twin sister aspect. Rose just looks between the two of them. "I-I'll pass along the message." It isn't as if it is something she hasn't mentioned before but now she has more reason to argue with him. "I just, it's just… yeah." There goes the last bit of her resolve. She's not even going to deny Hiro any longer. "Just… yeah."

Hiro bows slightly to Guy. "A pleasant evening to you, Mister Tombes. Hopefully our next meeting will be more cheerful." He gently exerts a little pressure to get Rose moving, guiding her away. He murmurs to Rose as the pair walk off, "Never a dull moment, hmm?"

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