A Council Is Called

Sheriff's Estate - The Vault

It was not so long ago that Isobel experienced this level of panic. It was not so long ago that she watched another she cared for taken from her grasp, held against his will, and killed. It is not something that she wishes to deal with again. The letter under her door upon waking was full of foreboding, and quite a bit of information. So she has been busy, contacting those she knows, and those she has heard she may be able to trust. At any rate, those who's names have not appeared upon the list.

Despite her panic and concern, she is the perfect hostess. While she will not sully the Sheriff's estate with having live donors, she has ensured that there is both TrueBlood and real blood available, set out, ready to be warmed at any moment. And she waits. She waits for those she called upon to arrive to start this council.

This one has not yet had the pleasure of visiting the Sheriff's Estate, yet the invitation made it's way to him and he decided to accept, given his prior business with the Sheriff, so the Whip can do just as well. And so Dietrich strolls on into the place, his eyes picking out the details as he is shown to Isobel. A smile and courteous nod is given to the Whip as he says, "Good evening, Miss."

Meanwhile, Hiro has been a couple times, but he's long been of the opinion that it's best to appear when called for — not before. But now someone's called, and he enters not long after Dietrich, dressed in a longcoat and hat over his usual businesswear. Bowing politely to Isobel when brought to her, doffing his hat as he regards Dietrich with curiousity.

A woman in her position has to ensure a few things, a few goals and a few important perceptions. This is why, as the brunette appears, she has a small cooler hanging from her shoulder. Ever the life of the party, or so Mary would like everyone else to believe. If all else fails, she can honestly claim to be the bartender for this little meeting and nothing more. Having been present for quite a bit the night before, she simply lets her arrival be known before standing off in a corner, cooler still about her arm. There is little that needs to be said at the moment.

Having had a degree of warning Michael's been expecting this meeting, but of course he won't be the first to arrive, he enters the Estate which he's visted before at a confident, yet brisk pace. He nods to Isobel, Mary Hiro and Dietrich in turn, the nod to Isobel just a fraction deeper than that offered to he others.

The nods are all returned, and for a moment, Isobel is silent. Without a word, she motions for them all to seat themselves upon the couches wherever they want. It's formal, but she's trying not to note it as such. "Mr. Isonzo, Mr. Nishimura, Ms. Bathory. I wish we were meeting once more under more pleasurable terms. "Mr. Eberle, I would say a pleasure, but the circumstances will not allow me to. Please make yourselves comfortable, and if you wish for a drink…" A nod is given to Mary. "Ms. Bathory will surely have whatever it is you desire."

There is a bit more of a personal tone taken with Michael momentarily. "I am certain that you are, as I, more well informed than most in this situation." After all, she did deliver the letter herself. "He obviously trusts you very much, Mr. Isonzo. It is my wish that I may be able to afford you the same trust at this time."

Dietrich nods to the others as they arrive while he waits, although he does take one of the offered bottles of synthetic availible from Mary with a nod and smile so when everyone is present and Isobel addresses him, he gives another nod and remarks, "Circumstances are odd at this time, so I can understand to a small degree." He then says, "There is a slight matter that will need to be dealt with after this meeting. I had hoped to discuss it with the Sheriff, but I am sure you can relay the relavent matter when circumstances permit."

Hiro's eyes follow Isobel, after briefly sweeping over the others. Taking a seat, he studies her for long moments, before speaking softly, "Something has transpired, hasn't it?" He steeples his fingers before him, shifting slightly, as he glances at Michael. "Something … bad?" he inquires mildly.

That may or may not be her cue, but she takes it as such. With the ease that she's learned so well, Mary soon finds herself near the drinks already offered. Her cooler is kept closed and on standby, but she will attend to anything that is requested by the others. Mary really has little to say at this point so she simply watches, allowing any to believe that she's merely here for entertainment. Those she doesn't know are considered carefully but the serious business owner remains in the background. For now.

Michael gives away nothing the impassive indifference of an elder vampire obvious as he takes a seat inclining his head to Isobel as she speaks to him. His lips curve into an emotionless smiles and his tone's free of inflection. "I got the message yes." His own tone becomes just a little more personable. "I'm glad that Mister Grant's chosen to trust me, as for you, I gave Mister Grant my word that I would support him and his rule for as long as I chose to reside in Dallas. If you cannot trust my word I would hope you can trust the Sheriffs judgement."

"You may have to wait on that, Mr. Eberle," Isobel says, her voice taking a tone of icy coolness. It is not that she's treating anyone with disdain, but merely her normal tone when she takes things to heart. "Yes, Mr. Nishimura. Many of those in various positions of the city were present last evening at your soiree, Ms. Bathory? Where-in I believe an announcement was made?" It pays to have eyes and ears everywhere, and in this case she had luckily persuaded one of the humans at the estate to attend. "An announcement that coincides with several letters that were delivered. The Sheriff has been taken, and while there is at this juncture no proof, I have sound reason to believe that the King has had a hand in this." There is a slight pause to allow this to sink in. "The issue with this is that the King will find any involvement in this regard as treason. Should any of you wish to leave now, you have my permission to do so, but should a word of this be spoken outside of this room, measures will be taken to keep you quiet until this matter can be resolved."

Dietrich frowns as soon as Isobel mentions the Sheriff is missing and the Royalty might have had a hand in it. A sharp growl can be heard from him as he says, "They never leave well enough alone, do they?" It's clear the mention that the King is likely involved has Dietrich rather irritated. He then visibly composes himself although the look now is all business, "What then is known of his whereabouts and the King's involvement?"

"Treason doth never prosper; what's the reason? Why if it prosper, none dare call it treason," remarks Hiro, with a slight smile. "But in all seriousness… what evidence do we have? Why would the King profit — perhaps not materially, but in any sense — from the Sheriff being abducted? A most curious conundrum indeed… especially as vampires are ten times harder to restrain than mortals."

"You could say that." Her words are soft, almost as if she not dare speak over any other in the room. It is a side of Mary that many will not see and she will deny if ever asked about it. "I would not say that there was an announcement. I would rather say that an insane fit of screams that was short lived informed the entire neighborhood of the situation." The bar owner remains ever calm as she speaks, doing her best to keep what irritation she has well masked. "Aside from using my establishment as a source of chaos" Something that she honestly does not appreciate. " this incident also gives me reason to believe your sources, Ms. Symon. I was given King's order to keep my patrons inside and to overlook what was happening." Perhaps not exactly how it went down but close enough. There is the evidence that some may be looking for, mayhap. Still Mary says nothing about where her allegiance actually falls, but she has yet to actually walk out of this meeting.

Once again there's no surprise registering on Michael's face, he'd either known or he's managing to cover it up well. He simply nods. "There will be little that we can do to cover that up of course… too many people talking." He looks to Hiro with a very casual shrug. "Maybe he suspected Mister Grant to be a threat to his power…. perhaps he simply had something that the King wanted." He frowns thoughtfully. "The simple fact is that either the King his a traitor… or Mister Grant is manipulating us most masterfully. I suspect the former, although the question does raise itself… Can the King truly be considered a traitor, no matter his deeds?"

Isobel turns ever-so-slightly to give a dry smile to Dietrich. "Royalty rarely does. That is why they are royalty." An envelope full of papers is produced, listing names of associates and flunkies of various people within the King's employ. Most seem to be tied to the Voluntary Vampire Extinction Movement. "My instincts say that the King would not be so bold as to keep the Sheriff of Dallas locked up in his own home, so chances are he will not be in Austin and will likely be the last place we would think to look for him." Which means he may still be somewhere within the city. Which takes care of answering Dietrich.

Isobel then turns toward Hiro. "The Sheriff was investigating the King's ties to the organization that has caused much duress to the people of this city not long ago at the Unity Parade. He was able to find that their goals are two-fold. The first, to ensure that mortals fear us and develop a sense that we are monsters and dangerous. The second is to instill fear and terror within our own kind and perpetuate a war between the races, and possibly see to our extinction. The belief is that the King has grown tired of life and is using Dallas as his pawn at the moment."

Mary simply receives a grim nod at this, as though what she says confirms her own suspicions.

"It could also be that the King simply wishes to procure something that the Sheriff holds dear, but I can assure you that these things are few and far between, thus it would be surprising were this the case." Isobel watches Michael with a careful silence for a little while, and then she nods. "King or no, if his intentions are to see us all extinct by some ploy, then I consider him a traitor to his race."

The only sign of distress Hiro shows is a slightly furrowed brow. Then he tsks. "I see. It does answer certain questions I had… an elder vampire would be able to equip such a fringe group lavishly, and place them in contact with like-minded vampires for additional support." He reaches up to rub the bridge of his nose lightly. "Wonderful. One vampire becomes tired of existence, and decides to drag us all with him like some damned Egyptian god-king going to his burial. Very well, Miss Symon; do you have a plan to tackle this problem?"

Dietrich nods and then remarks, "Speaking of the VVEM, I actually happen to be holding one of their members in the trunk of my car that I encountered a few nights back. I'd planned to give her to the Sheriff, but if you'd like, I can bring her in for you, Ms. Symon? She might be on that list of yours then if she's one of the King's." He glances at Hiro when he puts most of what might be going on out there. "Indeed… killing the King is not entirely the problem, it's just getting that close enough with enough support to do so."

This is all tossed around internally as the woman's eyes fix on Isobel. The unique situation that Mary finds herself in is causing more turmoil than she would ever let on. "Without choosing sides or declaring loyalties, I should note that I am rather fond of life. I would consider any attempts to end it a personal attack." Perhaps this is said more to reinforce it in the others, to lend that extra hand to give them strength. "Yet I am but a simple barkeep. It would not be the first time that I've been informed of my ignorance." Hiro is studied closely after his response. "I am interested as well in hearing of a plan. I do not believe the King so foolish as to go offering out his trust, but it does appear that he doesn't distrust me so much as to completely handle the previous evening's situation himself entirely."

Michael shrugs slightly. "I'm not saying I don't think the king needs to be… dealt with, I simply wonder about the technicalities." He grins a little. "Yes, I wonder is there any intention of getting someone close to the King, or are we simply planning to find the Sheriff and let him make further plans for us?"

Ahh, a plan. Isobel has been mulling over one all day. "We have, by my estimation, nine days to find our Sheriff and bring him home. I would like to do so without tipping off the King, and I would also like to do so without seeing any of our kind killed. I am going to ask each one of you to do a bit of investigation. Mr. Eberle, without killing your… witness… please persuade her to provide you with any information she has. Glamour her, torture her if necessary, but kindly keep her alive."

Isobel runs her tongue slowly over her lower lip, and glances at Mary. "Your ignorance, as you put it, has been very useful in the recent past. Should the King appear at your establishment again, please show him every kindness and see if you cannot get him to open up." Fingers tap on her arm briefly. "I had considered allowing a human to become close to the King as well, but in this particular case, I do not think that the Sheriff would take kindly to us utilizing her in such a dangerous situation."

"Mr. Nishimura, you are known for dealing with rogue vampires. Be on alert for any that may be involved in this particular plot, if you will. Mr. Isonzo, you have a list of these names as well. Go through them, if there are any you recognize that you can get us information on, I would be most obliged. This should take precedence, but we will need a solid plan for freeing the Sheriff and ending this group once and for all."

Dietrich thinks over what was just proposed and then asks, "Do we have a techie in this crowd? Someone who knows how to trace cell numbers and figure out who they belonged to? That would help us a lot… King has to be using technology to pull off something this big… can't be doing it all through face-to-face meetings or someone else would have picked up on it."

Hiro clears his throat. "While I'm not that good at it myself, I've picked up a few contacts. However, the VVEM is fond of using disposable 'pay as you go' cell phones; it's unlikely we'll be able to trace them back to names." He taps his fingers together. "Mister Eberle's witness may be more useful in that regard, though. I still wonder… Miss Symon, if you have access to the Sheriff's mail, files… you should review them. All kidnapping the Sheriff does is put us on guard and alert us to the problem; I wonder if he saw something or found out something the King didn't want him to see."

The true nature of Mary, the side she truly is on, has already been displayed for Isobel in the past. This is why the barkeep has no issues holding back her feelings. "Hopefully he will return to see how the night continued after the incident. I assure you, the bar does have eyes and ears everywhere and they will be put to use." Still she never actually says how, but if she is in this very meeting then perhaps it is assumed that she can be trusted. "If the Sheriff is keen on this human, or whatever the reason for his distaste, perhaps a different human could be used? This is assuming, of course, that the human in question has already been asked and formally declined such assistance." Hiro's words do bring pause as Mary continues to look him over. "Ms. Symon, did you not say not long ago that the Sheriff was out of town? I find the timing of this to be horribly suspect. Even if this VVEM has been working for some time, I still wonder about where Mister Grant was. That must be key."

Frowning slightly Michael nods slowly, his expression becoming thougthful. "I suspect the human in question will likely try to do something stupid, I've managed to convince her to remain somewhere safe for the time being… for the sake of Mister Grant." He smiles a little. "I suspect it's possible we may need someone to get close to the King, if it were to get around that I am…. disillusioned with my life, a rumour that wouldn't be original, it may just be possible for me to gain the Kings attention, I can't promise that none of our kind would be killed in the process, I would also need certain…. assurances against…. action once Mister Grant is released. But I may be of sufficient age that even the King would be glad to have me on side?" He shrugs. "And of course with age often comes the foolish belief that oblivion's the better alternative."

Isobel remains silent as to all of this for a long time. Unmoving, staring at the haunting painting that now resides on the wall above the couch. She seems distracted by it, thoughtful, and while she is attempting to play some things close to the chest after a few minutes of silence, her right hand raises up to wipe a small teardrop of blood from her eye.

Only then does she turn to face Mary once more. "He was in Austin," as though that answers it all. "The information that he has obtained is here in this envelope," she says, offering it out again, should anyone care to look at it. "He ensured that I had this, and that should anything have become of me that Mr. Isonzo also had a copy." Isobel shifts her gaze to Michael, and shakes her head. "I would not ask you to be put in that situation. It is, however, your choice to do so. As it would be the human-in-question's choice. While I have no control over the Magister, I am able to offer you whatever immunity I am able to in this situation. I will speak on your behalf, Mr. Isonzo, should it come to that."

Hiro shrugs. "We could always ship Mister Isonzo out of the country temporarily while the legalities are hammered out. I hear Belize is nice this time of year." His dark eyes glint, as he moves forward to take the envelope and examine the contents. "Personally, the idea of inserting a mole is a damned good one. Has anyone spoken to the Sheriff's librarian friend?"

Dietrich nods to Hiro and says, "Well then, that is problematic. Damn cell companies." He glances to Isobel at her remarks that the Sheriff was in Austin before his disappearance. He frowns, thinking to himself for the moment right now.

A deep nod is given to the temporary Whip as her response does indeed answer it all. "So I am to assume that his time there gave him the evidence needed to indicate the King without us having to figure it out on our own." She is not a crime fighter but all of the evidence has been put out there even if she doesn't see the envelope. Mary finally pulls a drink out of her cooler, some genuine blood as the situation calls for such a thing. "Librarian friend? I believe I am at a disadvantage here as I know nothing of this. Still, if she is truly friend to the Sheriff, she would likely be of assistance."

There's a slight shake of the head as Michael considers that. "If I go anywhere it will be Europe, I have associates there who've owed me favours that could see me quite comfortable." He sighs a little. "Has anyone sent out any feelers to see if the other Sheriffs are aware of the situation, and where their loyalties lie… I'm sure there at least a couple would like the chance to take the Kings place, which of course is something else we would need to discuss." He looks at Hiro and then Mary. "The Librarian while apparently useful is also I suspect something of a liability she's very…. emotional."

"Austin is, of course, the King's Area. Houston has not reported problems of this sort as of yet, and as I am uncertain of whom we are able to trust at this point, I dare say that for the time being, we are on our own." Isobel, it would seem is being cautious. Were it only her own life at stake (pun not intended), she would be less so. "Mr. Isonzo, or Mr. Nishimura, since you both seem to be acquainted with that particular asset, please ensure she is kept apprised of this situation. It would benefit us greatly were we able to keep one step ahead of her in this, and ensure she does not go off half-cocked which an emotional woman is liable to do when they are kept out of the loop."

Dietrich frowns, pacing as he seems to consider the problem before them as he then remarks, "Well… the VVEM already knows I'm a active enemy against them, all-thanks to the girl in the trunk of my car… so considering that she and the VVEM all work for the King… he already knows that I'm an enemy… any ideas on possibly exploiting this?" He gestures to the entire room, leaving it a open idea.

"Hmmm." Hiro nods in concurrence with Michael and Isobel. "We definitely don't want her doing something rash." At Dietrich's suggestion, he rubs his chin. "Perhaps you could act as cover for the rest of us — keep his attention on you while the rest of us work." His brow furrows. "Granted, that's likely to be extremely dangerous."

The pacing Dietrich gains her attention only for so long before she tires of moving so much. Wandering eyes fall back to Hiro as he has the envelope in question. "Emotional librarian?" Ironically, Mary has a tie in to Chloe as well without even realizing it. She considers Dietrich's statement only briefly. "I could always 'rescue' her from you and return her to the King, if you're so inclined to use her for anything more than information." It really doesn't need to be stressed but Mary is opting to appear as if she's not involved. That's just better for business /and/ those in her employ. "Mister Nishimura, is it? I believe that anything at this point will be dangerous for all of those in this very room. Those wishing to involve themselves likely should go all in."

Nodding Michael sighs. "I've made sure she's keeping a low profile for now, I'll update her on what she needs to know… although if I am to follow the path I plan to no one outside this room should know… and so someone else will have to contact her." He smiles slightly. "I was thinking the same thing, if I were to hand over one of his servants the king would be inclined to trust me, especially if we can arrange for members of a certain barstaff to be somewhat loose lipped?"

Everything is taken into consideration. /Everything/. "Ms. Bathory, that is not a horrible idea. Perhaps you and Mr. Eberle can garner the information necessary from that woman, and glamour her to remove knowledge of your existence." Isobel glances to the painting again, focusing on it while she thinks. "Mr. Isonzo, at least let her know that someone else will be contacting her as you have out of town business, if you decide to go through with that plan. That leaves you with me, Mr. Nishimura. We shall come up with a plan of action and visit several locations in which our Sheriff may be being held, at least to scout them out and figure out the schematics. Does this suit everyone?"

Dietrich nods to Isobel and then to Michael and remarks, "The plan is sound enough, just the details of it that need to be worked out."

Looking at Each of them Michael nods slowly. "Of course I will leave word that I'm unavailable." He frowns very slightly as he looks to Mary. "Oh, speaking of your staff, I was asked to insure that one of your staff… Mellie be taken to safety, I said I would do what I could, but I shall of course respect your wishes in the matter." He then frowns slightly. "I take it we're all aware that whatever happens we'll ultimately be trying to displace a King? If we wish to avoid true madness we need to know what we're going to do next?"

Hiro nods as well. "There will, of course, need to be changes as we go. Don't worry — I suspect flexibility is going to be an asset here." He smoothly rises to his feet. "I for one look forward to reinstating our Sheriff. I believe we should get on with it." Glancing at Michael, he half-smiles, "What is more important? Stability — or tradition?"

This is asking more of the barkeep than she normally dabbles in. A look is given to Isobel before she nods. Deeply. For the first time since sitting Mary actually stands. "I am at your service, and that of the Sheriff." She actually bows slightly at the waist as she says this. "Although do not be surprised if I deny that very fact to the grave." The others are given attention, each a small bit, before she turns back to Isobel. "We cannot meet at my establishment if this is to work. I can arrange for a human to courier my messages. I look forward to the time when I can gather all of you for a drink." For the first time this evening she actually wears a face of slight surprise as Mary focuses on Michael. "She will not do as you wish, just so you are aware. I know not of why she is of importance, and I intend no disrespect but I believe she is of better use to us if she is close to me."

"Let us consider one thing at a time, Mr. Isonzo. First, we will get our Sheriff back, then we will worry about our next course of action." There is only a slight glimmer of potential manipulation of a next plan in her words, though it is going to be up to Will to make that decision on his own when the time comes. For the first time this evening, Isobel seems to be at ease. So much so that Mary's words cause her to laugh. "I will never let on to your loyalties, Ms. Bathory." A glance is given to Michael. "Who is this Mellie you speak of? Is it possible she could be used as the courier?"

Dietrich glances to Michael. "Someone will have to step up and challenge the other Sheriffs for control of Texas. We will most definately need someone sympathetic to our intentions, which William Grant would work wonderfully for. Keeping in mind though… I'm usually anti-Royal, so I think having a King at any time is a bad idea, but so long as they are willing to simply keep things peaceful and not cause shit like this one is doing, I leave things be."

Sighing slightly Michael shrugs. "Of course, everyone says worry about that next… Do you know how many times I've found myself… suspect just for being around when the title of Sheriff, magister, or king has been open… people seem to think that just becasue I'm old I want the job… personally it would seem likely that unless we can identify another Sheriff to fill whom we can trust with the role Mister Grant will need to take it." He looks at Dietrich. "We need 'royalty' they communicate with each other and protect our laws… if we were to try and work with just Sheriffs the system wouldn't work there'd be too many voices… I've seen examples in the past." He shrugs slightly. "I just don't want to find myself being watched too closely for potential plots to take a throne."

Hiro nods. "It might not be expedient to stage a coup, no matter how personally satisfying. As Miss Symon says, one thing at a time." He smiles slightly at Michael. "Ah, but think of the perks! Oh wait — there aren't any. You get the job of trying to herd groups of entities up to a thousand years old, many suffering from varying degrees of sociopathy. Sometimes, I think such positions are jobs a person should be sentenced to, not elected to."

The sudden appearance of a laugh from Isobel brings the hint of a smile to Mary. She really is concerned for the woman, for all of them, but she is practicing her distance. "I believe this girl to be quite loyal to me at the moment. I was intending to use her as my courier, as the courier. I believe that she is already a familiar face to the King's men." The actual conversation about politics is outright ignored. That is a conversation best held without her. As it seems that the issue at hand is being overlooked for other things, at least in her opinion, the barkeep literally slams her drink. The cooler is left behind purposely, a gift of sorts. Ever a wild child, that Mary. "Is there anything that I may do for you in the meantime, Ms. Symon?"

Isobel peers at Dietrich, then Michael. "Of course, you realize that if we make plans for Mr. Grant without his acquiescence he will be less than pleased. As well, if he is to be installed as the next King should we dispose of the current, then there will need to be a new Sheriff of Dallas, which will bring on another set of issues entirely. As the saying goes, gentleman, that would be another can of worms entirely, and not one I feel we should be opening at this time." Mary thankfully cuts into the political conversation, and Isobel nods. "If you could keep an ear out at the bar, and perhaps set a meeting up with this barmaid and myself, it would be very helpful. The courier should know with whom she is to be speaking so that her information does not fall into the wrong hands."

Dietrich nods to Isobel and says, "Very well then. We'll leave it for the time being." He then glances about, "Was there any other business we needed to discuss tonight? Otherwise I feel I shall take my leave of things for now. Ms Bathory, I shall be in touch with you when we are ready to have my guest returned to her master."

Shrugging Michael shakes his head. "I don't plan anything, I'm listing options, if I should find myself leaving Texas because one group is trying to… remove me from the running while another is trying to show me short cuts to a race I'm not interested in running I will be most disappointed." He smiles slightly. "Now sheriff that is a different can of worms." He shrugs a little. "I doubt however I would be appointed the role." He then nods to Mary. "I see, unfortunately it was Mellie's safety that was the concern, not her loyalty." He looks to Isobel. "Certain people consider Mellie's safety paramount, while I made no promises I did say I'd do what I could."

Hiro cracks his knuckles. "Settled, then. Miss Symon, if you have any places that spring to mind where the Sheriff might be held, let me know; otherwise I will examine a few haunts. Hopefully, Mister Isonzo may draw off enough attention for the rest of us to execute our own parts of the plan." He picks up his hat, setting it on his head. "And, of course, none of us should speak of this meeting, as it never happened."

"Honestly, if I am not given more information about certain individuals, I am inclined to believe that I will have Mellie do as I please." It's a snap, a defensive reaction, since she's asked about this already and still has not received any real answers. "No offense intended, of course, but if she chooses to participate then I see little other reason to deny her." There is a venomous side to Mary after all. Yet she manages to remain composed. "I do not wish to dictate anyone's actions, but I believe the sooner we act, the better. Time is against us, so it would seem. If I do not hear word within the next day or two, I will assume that the plan has been aborted." Hiro is given a nod. "Best of luck to you, to all of you."

"What meeting would that be, Mr. Nishimura?" Isobel winks at the Japanese man. Mary's snap causes her to glance between the woman and Michael, however. "None taken, Ms. Bathory, but I have no idea who the woman in question is, other than your barmaid." She looks at Mary thoughtfully. "Send the girl to me this evening if you have no need of her at the bar. Tell her to come to the Hotel Carmilla."

There's a casual shrug as Mary snaps. "Of course, I simply made the case as I said I would. I personally don't care what happens to the young lady." He smiles as he nods his head. I will get back in touch with you through Mary, if I can get close enough to the King to learn anything that is."

A smile finds its way to her features. "Apparently neither do I. Perhaps I should be conducting more thorough background checks of my employees." Michael's lack of real response earns him no response at all. Apparently she is doing her job quite well in that no one is trusting her with information, not even that which pertains to her own staff. "As I am left with little other argument, I will arrange this meeting immediately." Only a glance is given to Michael, a glare, before Mary bows to Isobel. "I take my leave. I trust that you will be given any information as it becomes needed." Now thoroughly displaced, the bartender makes her way out. No more free drinks for Michael.

Hiro seems satisfied that everything is settled — for the moment — and slips off in Mary's wake. A brief wave of the hand to Isobel, before the salaryman walks out of the room, and presumably off to begin planning. After all, if you're going to stage a counter-coup, you need a good plan…

Things have been set in motion. Were Isobel still human, she would no doubt have a pounding headache. As it is, she's restless. Will being gone for a short time is not strange, but this has her quite unnerved. Enough so that she's contemplating tracking down this human and putting her to good use. "Thank you all for coming." And for staying, for that matter. A nod is offered to each as they make their leave, and only when they've fully departed does she seat herself on the couch. "Valentine, what exactly did I walk into when I found you once more?" The words, barely a whisper, meant only for her own ears.

Nodding slightly Michael seems unconcerned, if not ignorant of any ill will he may have earnt. "I will be going, I have contacts I have to speak with… for a number of reasons." He then bows to Isobel. "And our librarian friend may be a little concerned when she hears Mellie's not secure." He speaks quietly, his intention to be heard only by Isobel, then waiting for no reply he simply slips out the door to make his own plans.

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