Unexpected Allergies


This area, in the northwest section of the city, is characterized by a large number of Korean-owned businesses, serving a primarily Korean community, despite signs that simply label this as the "Asian Trade District". The streets are clean, the storefronts barely containing any English to them at all. Several of the more prominent businesses in the area do have English signs, but they are always below those that name the establishment in Korean. Restaurants, cafes, noraebang bars, grocery stores, and gift stores are among the shops found here.

The sun has been down for just about an hour or so. Koreatown is still fairly active, despite the distinct chill in the air that's coming on. Judging from Mischa's more 'studious' attire, he's just off of a shift at work. He makes his way from the bus depot down towards one of the Asian grocers', hands in his pockets. The cut in his hairline is starting to clear up, and he's been afforded the privilege of being able to take the bandage off of his stitches. He's doing better than he was a few days ago, to be sure. The man squints out of his glasses at the various signs he passes, stopping for a moment in order to take the spectacles off and look at the signs. "Guess it's time for a new prescription."

A night off finds Mellie wandering Koreatown, taking in the sights and eyeing a few of those bars. There's a hope that all white chicks look the same around here, and she might get away with a little more than in her usual haunts. Her meandering path takes her in the opposite of Mischa's, which ends her up in his path, or him up in hers. She almost passes him without noticing, but then: "Oh hey. Car-guy." Perhaps it was the remaining injuries that tipped her off.

Arms crossed loosely over her chest, Vera can be seen walking along the sidewalks of Koreatown in a slow saunter, looking through the various windows as she seems to have no real agenda. As she moves, her heels click lightly against the ground beneath her, the direction of her steps the same as Mellie's, though further away from where Mischa and Mellie meet. She pauses at a window, looking through for a moment, and then continues onwards.

Like others out Abbey is out wandering it seems, her wandering has brought her here with thoughts of perhaps getting a bite to eat somewhere or another. Her pale gaze drifts over the area while she hums a faint tune to herself. A unlit cigarette rests within a hand while she works on finding her lighter within a pocket. Voices catch her attention but so far she isn't paying them to much mind.

Car guy? Mischa takes a moment before figuring out that he's being referred to. He stops and then doubles back to Mellie, smiling at her. "Yes, and your name is Mellie. Didn't I see you talking to Chloe at Bloody Mary's the other night?" He asks. He reaches up to run his fingers through his hair, that habitual nervous motion coming into play. The clicking of high heels brings Mischa's attention towards Vera, to whom he gives a cordial smile and nod to. The din of Asian-spoken languages around them make their own English-speaking a little distinct to the passersby.

Mellie probably remembers his name, but in a pinch, 'Car Guy' came to mind. Or maybe No-Car Guy, considering the fate of his vehicle, but before she can comment on that, her sister is brought up, and her good humour fades a bit. "Uh, yeah, probably. I mean, there were a lot of people there…" Of course, only one of them was urging her so desperately to leave. She follows his gaze over towards Vera, taking her in for a moment, before she turns back to Mischa with a shrug. And then, as though she can't help herself, "You seen her since? She doing okay?" Not concern. Just trying to prove to herself that big sis is a drama queen. Yes, that's it.

As her attention returns to the way ahead rather than the shops beside her, Vera just barely notices Mischa's smile. She pauses a moment, giving a quick glance behind herself as if to check and see if he was really smiling at her. Finding no one else aside from busy-bodies, Vera looks back, flashing a quick smile of her own, the space between herself, Mellie, and Mischa closing quickly as she walks.

Abbey pauses a moment in order to light her cigarette once she finds her lighter. It takes a few tries before she is able to get the lighter to actually work. With her lighter getting tucked back into a pocket she moves forward once more, heading towards the few that seem to be talking some distance away. Her gaze drifts to Vera, have remember her fromthe coffee shop some days ago.

The tall librarian shakes his head at Mellie, letting out a sigh. Suddenly he seems rather flustered. "Seen her? No. I looked and looked though. I'm a little worried. She seemed awfully upset. What about you? That whole night was sort of strange, wasn't it?" For a moment Mischa looks to Vera and smiles at her, as if trying to place her. Once he's assured he doesn't recognize her, his attention span travels past Vera and towards Abbey. He smiles kindly at her too, but doesn't recognize that woman either. "I have to say it was quite a shock when that woman stood up and started screaming. As if the actual heart decorations weren't macabre enough."

"No, haven't seen her, but that's nothing new," Mellie replies with a shrug. They generally do their best to avoid it, after all. And she's not going to allow herself to worry. It's probably nothing. It's definitely nothing. "Yeah, it was a bit strange. Turned out fine in the end though. Just a sick vampire." She gives a shrug of her own. "Crazies do have a knack for disturbing things." Noticing Vera approaching, the woman earns another quick glance, and then Abbey behind her in turn. Eyebrows lift just a little, but she doesn't seem to recognize either.

Suddenly, Vera expels a violent sneeze, hands moving so quick to cover her nose and mouth that she drops her purse in the process and stumbles slightly. "Chyort voz'mi…" she says behind her hands. Even muffled, her thick Russian accent is apparent. Without stooping to grab her clutch yet, Vera glances back over her shoulder, setting her attention to Abbey immediately as she recognizes her. "Volch'ya svora…" She mutters, just barely audible. She turns back around, lowering down into a crouch as she continues to cover her nose with one hand, the other reaching for her purse. Another violent sneeze overtakes her as Abbey draws nearer. Vera struggles with the opening to her purse as a couple lines of blood can be seen running down the hand over her face, almost as if she were having a nosebleed.

Abbey lets her gaze drift towards Mischa curiously watching him for a few moments, there is osmething about him before a faint hum escapes her. A friendly smile and nod is offered back to him. "Evening." Is said with a polite tone to the few there once she's a bit closer. Sick vampire? Well that's different. Her gaze drifts towards Vera at the sudden sneeze, a brow lifting as she curiously watches the vampire looking rather confused to say the least at the muttering. A faint ah escapes her at the sudden sight and smell of blood coming from the vampire and she blinks at the sights. "Ah.. Do you need some help there?.."

"I agree with that much. The whole thing was a little strange for my tastes, but then…" Well, just look at him. Total square peg. He puts his glasses back on in time to see Vera go down like a sack of potatoes, his eyes growing rather wide. When she starts muttering in Russian, that's a totally different story. He murmurs something to her rather fluently before he crouches down in order to see if she's alright. Mischa gives something of a shrug towards Abeey and Mellie, biting his lip. "That was a rather sudden nosebleed. Perhaps it's something in the air."

"Maybe you should try strange a little more often. Might not hurt," Mellie notes with a teasing grin and a somewhat meaningful sidelong look. She's distracted from further thoughts along those lines by era's sudden sneezing fit. "Oh God," she mutters in surprise, glancing over and then frowning as the sneezing continues, and the blood is sighted. "Hey, you okay?" she inquires, taking a step or two nearer, though she doesn't crouch down.

Vera finally snaps open her clutch enough to slip a hand within, pulling out a pristinely white handkerchief. She quickly covers her nose and mouth with the cloth just before another sneeze shakes her. She squeezes her eyes shut, the force of the sneeze causing her eyes to tear up and very soon she has lines of blood streaking down her face, as well. She opens her bloodied eyes, focusing on Mischa as he's closest to her, the previously clean cloth now staining a dark red. Her gaze flicks back towards Abbey as she swallows before she begins coughing now, only adding to the blood mottling the handkerchief. As a crowd begins to gather around her, Vera looks almost helplessly towards Mischa, the stares from the typical inhabitants of Koreatown less than happy to have an obviously Vampiric woman spitting blood on their sidewalk. She leans in towards Mischa, not even bothering with English as she whispers a few words before straightening again and coughing even more.

Mellie looks between the violently allergic vampire and Abbey, not quite putting it together how an allergy to dogs is causing all this. "Geez. Violently is right," she comments helpfully instead. As Mischa turns to her, she offers a shrug of her shoulders, dropping her gaze to the sidewalk. "I'd say this ranks up there, yeah. Though wasn't quite what I intended." Her gaze flickers back to Vera. "She going to be okay?" The question is directed to the librarian, since as far as she can tell, Vera doesn't speak English. Maybe the button-down guy is geeky enough to have picked up a bunch of languages?

Vera places a hand in Mischa's, the other not daring to leave her face or the cloth it holds. Her purse stays on the ground, as she doesn't really seem to be in the correctness of mind to care at the moment. Standing rather shakily, she turns slightly to look to Abbey, her brows drawing together as she looks almost apologetic. As she seems about to speak again, she doubles over in a coughing fit, the cloth in her hand now completely soaked through with blood. She straightens again afterwards, though sways slightly on her feet.

Abbey glances to Mischa slightly at the explantion that is given. A slight ah escapes her at this, dog.. Right.. She shrugs slightly and then continues on her way. "Sorry.. Have one at home, I'll just get going to help her out." A slight glance is offered back to Vera as she catches the look, it doesn't seem to bother her from the looks of it. Another drag is taken from her cigarette as she moves along heading further on down the sidewalk.

"She'll be alright. There's just a lot of dander on this young woman," Mischa says, nodding towards Abbey. He helps Vera up and releases her hand once she's steady, giving her a slight smile. Until she starts to cough wildly. "Must be one Hell of a dog allergy." That comment is to no one in particular. Mischa looks towards Abbey as she starts to depart, waving to her. "Sorry for the inconvenience!" Then he looks stumped over at Mellie. Why'd he apologize? It's not HIS allergy. "Are you going to be alright, miss?" So that Vera understands fully, he repeats it again in Russian — his own first language, as it is.

"Apparently," Mellie agrees, giving Abbey a sidelong look as she starts hustling off. She must roll around in the dog fur or something, at this rate. Then again, it'd hardly be the strangest thing going on even just tonight. When Mischa gives her that stumped look, she merely shrugs. Not big on apologizing even when it is her fault, she's not about to do it for someone else's allergy. There's a bit of vindication as it turns out she was right about the languages thing too.

As Abbey begins to move away, there's an obvious relief that washes over Vera, though the sneezing and coughing is far from over. As she seems to remain steady for a bit, she leans down for her purse, snapping it open. Pulling the cloth down from her face reveals a mess of smeared blood and an overly messed appearance. She gives a slight sigh as she digs out another handkerchief, holding it over her nose before she sneezes again. Sniffing, she says in clear English, though accented, "Da, I will be alright..soon. Need to..sit somewhere.." She glances between Mischa and Mellie, her eyes rimmed with red.

There's an outdoor cafe nearby, and Mischa starts to lead Vera over towards one of the tables. "That's the worst allergic reaction I think I've ever seen." And certainly the first time he's seen a vampire with one. "Is there something that we—I can get for you? Usually they make nasal sprays for this sort of thing…" But Vera doesn't breath. And if you don't have an immune system, what is medication going to do for you? "Your name is Mellie, isn't it?" Mischa calls over his shoulder to the young, dark-haired woman. "Do you have any allergies I should know about?" It seems to be a lighthearted attempt at humor.

Mellie trails along after the two, never having seen a vampiric allergic reaction and rather fascinated by it, to be honest. "Maybe some napkins?" she suggests helpfully, being actually helpful here, even if she's hanging back again rather than taking a leading role. At Mischa's question, she can't help but smirk a bit, shaking her head. "Nah, man, I'm good. And yeah, it's Mellie." She gives a confirming nod with that, quickly eyeing the cafe.

Vera follows Mischa with no coaxing and swiftly lowers into one of the chairs. She smiles beneath the cloth over her face. "Ah…maybe napkins and water? You have been such a help, thank you…" She pinches the top of her nose, blinking a few times as she begin to clear, though now it appears as though she's wearing red eyeliner. She looks towards the inner part of the Cafe. "Perhaps I should go clean up, instead…that might be better." She sneezes again, though nowhere near as violent as before. "There is not much to do for it…just wait, unfortunately."

"Of course. Napkins!" Mischa says, as he gathers some up from the napkin dispenser on the table. One of the servers walks by soon afterward and Mischa offers the napkins to her. "Excuse me, miss. Could you get these wet for me? Our friend here has had a nosebleed." The server stops and stares at Vera for a moment before taking the napkins back into the restaurant. "Does that happen every time you're anywhere near a dog? I imagine that must be troublesome." Yes, the term 'dog' is still being used. "I'm Mischa Alexandrov, and this is my acquaintance, Mellie. Pleased to meet you. Are you sure you're going to be alright?"

Mellie gives the server a level stare in return for the staring. Not that even a deathly allergic vampire necessarily needs her sticking up for them, but hey. She does what she can. "Yeah, geez. Hate to see you within a block of the pet store," Mellie replies with a frown, buying into the dog excuse, even if it's pretty weird. Then again, is it weirder than the truth of the matter? She gives a nod as she's introduced, her attention back on Vera, watching her with that same avid interest now.

As the waiter returns with the dampened napkins, Vera lowers her handkerchief, placing the napkins in its stead. She wipes around her nose and mouth, clearing away the blood. She reaches then for her purse, pulling out a tiny compact that she flips open. Looking into the tiny glass she grimaces slightly, "Chyort voz'mi, I look a fright…" She wipes the napkins over her cheeks, cleaning away the stains of blood there as well. After thoroughly cleaning her face, she works on her hands and arms, that seem to have gotten just as messy from the ordeal. "Da, I will be alright…It is rather troublesome to deal with. If they are just close I start sneezing." She shakes her head slowly, her face appearing a bit pale even for a vampire. "Vera Rybakova, it is a pleasure to meet you both. I wish it had been under better circumstances, though." She offers a faint smile.

Mischa shakes his head at Vera. "Things happens…it wasn't anyone's fault, really. I wish it had been under better circumstances too, but I'm also glad that I was here to help." After a moment of silence and simply watching Vera with some concern, Mischa nods his head a little bit to Mellie and Vera. "Right then. If you two ladies will excuse me, I had a bit of shopping to do. It was nice to see you again, Mellie. And once again, nice to meet you, Vera. I hope you do get to feeling better soon."

"Yeah, don't worry about it," Mellie replies, brushing off the unpleasantness of the meeting. "Worse for you than us," she adds with a shrug. She turns her attention to Mischa as he makes to leave, nodding to him. "Yeah, nice seeing you again. One of these days maybe it'll be without so much drama." But it's said with a smirk. "Sure you'll be okay? You … need something to drink?" she inquires, eyebrows lifting a bit. In her close scrutiny, the paleness has been noted.

Vera nods towards Mischa as she parts her lips in a smile. "Da, of course. Thank you again, very much." She turns her gaze back towards Mellie, seeming to really look over her for the first time. "Da, yes..I will be alright. Though…that would do wonders, I think. A drink, I mean." She glances back towards the cafe, her lips pressing together. "I doubt they would have it here..Do you know somewhere near?"

If Mischa hears anything about a drink, he chooses to ignore it, or to believe that Vera is going to get some TruBlood. He waves his hand politely at the women and nods his head as he starts off in the direction of the little shop that he was going to before the odd chance encounter. He ducks into the shop and disappears back in the aisles.

Mellie's gaze flickers over towards the cafe, and between what she sees and the reaction of the waitstaff, she's not feeling too hopeful about the prospects of finding anything here. "I could find somewhere," she muses, giving just a cursory glance towards the street before her gaze drifts back to Vera. "Unless you … prefer a warm meal?" It's a delicate offer - her lifestyle choices have met with some rather adamant views before. But still, an offer.

Vera pauses a moment, her eyes roving over Mellie as a brow lifts. "Ah…I do not know how I could refuse the offer of a warm meal. It has been.." She cants her head slightly, as she seems to think. "A long time, at the very least." Vera wets her lips before she flashes a smile, hauntingly pleasant. She leans back into her chair, looking over Mellie almost as if her mood has shifted completely.

There's a pleased smile as the offer goes over well. Mellie really is far too into this whole scene for her own good. She gives her hair a little toss, letting it fall back, away from her neck, leaving the tender, scarred side of it in easier view as she's studied. It's like a different form of flirting, really. "Here? Or you prefer somewhere a little more private?" she inquires, now having lowered her voice just a little. Not that she seems against the idea of doing it here; not really.

Vera centers her gaze on Mellie's neck as she smiles again. "Anywhere is fine, zain'ka…Though.." She glances back towards the crowded cafe and the waiters that still seem to staring towards their table. "I am not sure I want to be in the papers later as some sort of attack…as people have a way to stretch the truth." Her gaze flicks back to Mellie, lashes lowering in a slow blink. "Perhaps somewhere more private…"

Mellie's own gaze skips sidelong over the crowds here as she gives a somewhat superior smirk. Yes, these small-minded people could never really understand. "Yeah, that probably wouldn't do at all." And she's not sure how she'd feel about getting written up as some victim either, come to that. "Why don't … we go get you cleaned up in the ladies room?" she suggests. A classy option, to be sure, but she can only think of that or an alley somewhere.

With a lift of her brows, Vera inclines her head. "Da, I could use a bit more cleaning up, I think." Her lips quirk in an amused grin. "Makes me feel young again…skipping off to the ladies' room." She gives a soft laugh as she gathers her purse, and the napkins and handkerchiefs she dirtied, which she folds together as she moves to rise. "Ready, zain'ka?"

"You know what they say: you're only as old as you feel," Mellie replies with a grin, finding some humour in applying that to a vampire. There's another quick glance cast around the outdoor cafe, before she steps back from the table, giving a nod. "Yeah, ready whenever you are." She seems to mean it as well, though she hangs back to give Vera the lead should she want it.

After rising from her chair, Vera sweeps a hand forward, her lips curved in a smooth smile. "After you, please." Perhaps she just wants to check her out a little more…She pushes her chair back in behind her, slipping the dirtied napkins and cloth into a nearby trashcan as they make their way to the bathroom. As she walks, Vera smooths a hand down her blouse, which appears to have also collecting blood from her sneezing fit. She 'tsks' softly, though doesn't seem to care much more than that.

With a shrug and a nod of compliance, a smirking Mellie moves to lead on towards the washroom. "You got it." Whatever looks she might draw, leading the bloodied vampire to the ladies, she doesn't even seem to notice. Not familiar with this establishment, it takes her a moment once inside to figure out the way to go, and then she's heading off that way to lead them inside.

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