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Bunker's Garage and Salvage

Bunkers's Garage and Salvage sits on a rather large lot in the West Dallas neighborhood. The parking lot is small, and one spot is occupied at all times by a beat-up tow truck. Two fully equipped bays, complete with safety notices on the walls are for employees only. To the right side of the bays is an office, containing a simple desk with a grubby looking computer, and a filing cabinet. Behind the desk is a small whiteboard which lists inspection prices, and those for other services. The walls are decorated with a few small display cases where items available for sale are located.

Evening is settling over the city, an while most are going home Abbey can be found sitting working at the garage, which isn't a surprize seeing how she owns it really. No other workers can be found save for her, and at the moment she is actually working on getting some grease and grim off her hands at a sink located at the back of the garage. A radio is heard playing, while a large brindle dog can be found settled near the one open bay doors seemingly asleep. A old ford mustange can be found on one of the lifts, seemingly the car that ABbey had been working on mere moments ago.

Nolcha is familiar with the garage at least, well slightly. Looking just as out of place in it as usual the well dressed woman peeks around the edge of the open bay doors before stepping into view. "Hey Abbey!" is called out when she sights the other woman near the back of the garage, she doesn't step in yet giving the dog a bit of a wave. "Going to have company soon, think of me as the advance warning system."

Abbey glances back slightly, she caught the scent before Nolcha actually appeared, a faint smile is offered. "Ah.. I am?" She questions curiously at this while blinking. She dries off her hands with a towel while whistling for Steele to move. "Go on into the office Steele." This said to the dog, who after a few moments stretches and gatheres himself up with a yawn before padding into the office. "So.. Who is paying me a visit?"

Nolcha steps further into the garage as Steele heads for the office. "Packleader type visit." she peers at Abbey closely and shakes her head slightly "Probably don't have time to actually clean you up, but I'm pretty sure my penchant for overgrooming isn't among my favorite traits to the pack anyway." she grins helpfully before tossing her hair over her shoulder with a flip.

Outside, there is a steady rumbling, loud and proud of a motorcycle driving in closer. This rumbling is accompanied and exaggerated by the arrival of three other motorcycles. When the thunderous growl of the vehicles draw closer and finally cut off, all is ominously still.

Until, that is, Eli literally kicks open the door practically, ambling inside the building with a helmet tucked beneath a leather-clad arm. Flanking him are his personal bodyguards - a select few of his pack, including among them the infamous, stoic Cinco. Now, the grizzled pack leader looks around the building with a discerning eye before finally bellowing out. "So, maggots. I'm here."

Abbey blinks at this while curiously watching Nolcha before looking at herself. She's wearing her normal button up gray work shirt that is covered in dirt and grime from working, jeans and her boots. She smirks. "What's wrong with how I look?.." She brushes her hands across her shirts and then over her pants. "Just been working all day. Happens in this place." Packleader here? Great.. Hopfully she wont piss him off in her own garage, she can't risk anything getting damanged after all. "When is he coming?.." Her gaze turns towards the sound of motorbikes and she lifts a brow before smirking. "Let me guess?" She questions with a faint tone. The kicking of the door causes a series of deep snarling barks to escapes the office as Steele nearly races out, hackles raised. That is until Abbey closes the door on the dog before he can get to far. "Gee.. So much for a seem kock on the door." This said with a faint tone while her pale gaze drifts from Eli then to the three guards, her eyes narrowing slightly. Her thick Irish accent is also picked up the more she speaks.

Nolcha's attention moves to the arrival of her packleader and while she's still herself… she's also a heck of a lot more respectful of him than the general populace, at least in public. A dip of her head at his arrival, her eyes moving back towards Abbey with reassurance in them. "Welcome! Abbey I'd like to introduce you to Eli Donato, Eli this is Abbey Wallace the owner of this garage." and added in with a grin "She can work on motorcyles too."

Instead of the usual sneer or jab, Nolcha is greeted with a respectful nod as well. After all, she has proven her worth to Eli. Her loyalty, and determination. She is worthy of his time and respect. Abbey, however, is eyed with a calculating sort of defiance. With the swagger of a general, he steps forward to inspect Abbey in a way Nolcha must find familiar - like he's searching her for flaws, and can see right through her clothes. It's a very invasive look. "So I see," he drawls, southern hinting his words. "Why, it's a…pleasure, Miss Wallace. Y'mean to tell me that you work of these cars here?"

Abbey does indeed work on motorcyles, well she races them illegaly after all. Her pale gaze rests on Eli, following him and they stay narrowed as he stops in front of her and stares her down. "Nice to meet you to.." This offered with a polite tone actually. She folds her arms in front of her while leaning back against a work bench. "Suppose ye could say that.. Gotta pay the bills somehow ye know?" Everyone has plenty of flaws, as for her own it may not be openly seen, at least not now.

Nolcha is always going to be an expressive kind of person and she watches the exchange with careful eyes, as if by paying really close attention she can make them get along. So far though it seems to be working and the corners of her mouth lift upwards. Silence is kept by the singer though, an occasional glance to make sure that Steele hasn't decided to eat his way out of the office. You know, just in case.

"Really? You? A girl?" There's a certain derisive quality to the inquiry, and Eli looks almost amused by the concept, but soon enough he sobers up. A hand is held out to Abbey as a means of greeting. "Martinez here," he grunts, nodding his head towards Nolcha. "She says you're alright. I reserve judgment until I can know for sure, but I am willing to give you the benefit of the doubt. I haven't lived this long by being the trusting sort."

Steele has calmed down and is at the door eyeing it, waiting for it to open it seems. Abbey just peers at Eli, her eyes narrowing thinly at the comment. "Yes.. Me.. an last time I checked I was a girl. Girls can do anything guys can do, and better." She states with a slight lift of her head. An when it comes to working on anything with a motor Abs is one of the best and she knows it. A glance is offeredto the offered hand, her head tilting slightly, there is unsureness seen across her face. Though she slowly lifts a hand to take hold of the others, grip firm. "Well I'm glad she has so much trust in me.. An I didn't expect you to to just start trusting me off the bat. Would be stupid after all."

Nolcha doesn't dance in place, nope, she even manages to nod solemnly at Eli's gesture in her direction. "I'm hoping to talk Abbey into doing some modifications on my own bike." is added into an appropriate place. "Might see if I can get her to go shopping with me as well, buy a pair of heels … or five." there's smile in her voice.

Eli lets out a snort of amusement, shaking Abbey's hand firmly. "Sure y'can, princess." He allows. Now, Nolcha was given much more grief, but that was only in an attempt to dissuade her from joining the pack/check for her fortitude. Since Abbey isn't asking to join just yet, she'll be let out easy. "Heels for yourself, or for the bike once Miss Wallace here is done with it?" He jokes, eliciting a laugh from one of his younger bodyguards. "Right. Well, Miss Wallace, you seem to have an even head on them shoulders."

Abbey smirks some at Nolcha. "I have heels.." She offers with a tilt of her head. "Hard to wear them when working in a garage." At least it is for her when she has to deal with the other guys. At the princess coment she half glares at Eli while pulling her hand back and huffs softly. "Right.." She says with a faint tone. "You have a problem with a women working with cars? Afraid that we can do better then you guys when it comes to getting dirty and actually fixing things so they work instead of having yer finger up yer arse?" A slight glance is offeredto Nolcha before she looks back to Eli. The thought of joining a pack was there, an she might ask.. Though may need a certain nudge from another wolf in the room before the question actually escapes her.

Nolcha laughs softly, quite content with the teasing from the pack. "Likely both, I saw a wicked pair of heeled boots the other day." the huff from Abbey has Nolcha's attention back on the present though and less on dreaming about shoes. "Mmmm, come on Abbey." is said in a wheedling tone, no doubt to the reluctance she sees in the other woman.

Eli chuckles, low and easy. "You've got a mouth on you. That isn't always a positive thing. Soldiers need to know that sass is useless. Where are you from, Miss Wallace?" He inquires with vague interest, jaw set in an almost insufferable, mocking smile. The comments about shoes and the like are ignored in favor of Eli throwing Nolcha a particularly significant look.

Abbey has plenty of reason to be reluctant when it comes to talking about pack things. She lifts a hand and brush some hair from her face while sending a unsure glance to Nolcha. A smirk is offered to the mouth comment. "Aye.. So I've been told.." Manymany time over her life. "I'm from Ireland, grew up in the states after some.. problem back home." Her pack getting killed by another pack is a real problem after all. "I know when to be quiet.." Most of the time but she doesn't say that. "I was going to ask yer about yer pack.. What it takes to join it." There she asked.. Sort've it seems.

Nolcha holds up her hands in a kind of, yeah yeah I'm shutting up, manner before doing just that. Though at least something about Abbey's next words are pleasing to her and she nods in satisfaction before she decides to braid a length of her hair, letting it absorb her attention at least for a little bit.

Eli is silent. Completely passive as he inspects Abbey. "You want to join our pack, eh?" He inquires, his gruff voice low and dangerous. "Well, Missy, that aint a responsibility to be taken lightly. I would think, long and hard, before you decide to join Muea Tseena. Before you even think to try and join it, 'cause we don't accept just everyone. It takes blood, and sweat, and courage to be one of The Warriors. It takes strength that not everyone can have, and dedication. It takes unfaltering obedience to my every whim."

Abbey watches Eli quietly, her head tilting to the side as he goes about talking, picking up the tone his taken. "Right.. Because living in this world isn't dangerous enough already.." She states with a thin tone. She knows about how the world goes, and knows about what wolves doto there own kind. "I've thought long an hard about joining a pack. Last time I checked yours was the only one in this city.." A faint smirk is seen. "Your the alpha, the rest need to give you the obedience, any wolf knows this.. As for blood, sweat and courage I have enough to spare." Which is an understament with how hard headed she can be at times. She's been on her own since Emily was killed that has to mean something, most wolves are in packs after all.

"Full obedience," Eli stresses in a grunt once more, eyeing Abbey thoughtfully. "This means that if I tell y'not to do something because I don't think you can, because you're a woman, you're charged to accept it." This issue is stretched because he thinks it's the one thing that might actually push her buttons hard enough to make her back out. He is testing her, to see just how dedicated and resolved she is to the task.

Abbey lifts a brow while she watches Eli, her eyes narrowing. "Yes, the alpha gets full obedience.." She steps forward slightly while watching Eli still. "But if you think I'm going to just lay down and roll over because I'm a woman you have another thing coming.." This said with a thin tone. "I'm not giving up /my/ garage for anyone.. An it doesn't have to just mean a garage." If she feels strongly enough about something she would put a fight up over it. A glance is sent towards Nolcha. "How do you put up with him?" True.. she may have just signed her fate and will be over looked for the pack but if that's how its going to be fine. She's managed to live this long without a pack after all.

Nolcha has braided her hair into two long braids by this point, one on either side. The loaded question put to her by Abbey has her arching a brow. "He's packleader." comes her only response as she tosses first one then the other braid over her shoulder, as if her words should explain everything. There's encouragement in her gaze though, the encouragement of a wolf who has only gone from her parents pack to this one. Being a loner likely just isn't in her.

Eli is a battle-hardened veteran. He knows what is necessary in a squad to keep everyone alive - everyone safe. Disobedience leads to deaths, casualties. A weak resolve is almost worst. And so, though he might come of as an ass - which he is - these things are not done at random. The provocations he gives are all deliberate, and all to make sure that she is Ready. And at her reaction, Eli becomes stone-faced. "You are not yet ready." He declares, simply, before turning on his heels to leave. "Miss Wallace. Martinez. My work here is done. Don't bother me unless you are certain next time."

Abbey was not that lucky, her parents killed before she was even a wolf. Her pale gaze watches Nolcha a few moments, a unsure look within them before she turns her attetnion back to Eli and the ones with him. She blinks at Eli and isn't sure what to say.. Her gaze lowers to the floor slightly, she's use to rejection as well. "Told you I was better off on my own.." This is said with a soft tone to Nolcha. She isn't going to giving up on what she believes in. Still the idea of being truly on her own does sadden her to some degree.

Nolcha's expression saddens for a brief moment, but Eli's words have her nodding briskly. "I'll be by later." is said to Eli, the barest hint of a question before she moves towards Abbey. "Nah, you'll come around. Not used to its all." her words are just as soft, though there isn't an expectation of privacy in them in the least.

And with that, Eli and his band of merry furries are out.

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