Off The Wall

Lake Highlands

The Lake Highlands neighborhood was built for recreation. Filled with biking trails, forest, and the easiest access to White Rock Lake, it's become a neighborhood known for its draw to families. There are quite a few subdivisions filled with moderately sized houses with fenced in yards, beautiful gardens, and clean sidewalks. Street lights keep the roads well light at night, and the traffic generally slows down after dark.

There are times when a man simply needs time to himself, to defuse. And unwind. And keep from cussing out his girlfriend's twin sister. And so, instead of heading straight to work, the man left his car in its parking spot and decided to take a thirty minute hike. That was approximately fourty-five minutes ago. Now, Ivan is calm as he returns from White Rock Lake, his hands in his pockets and an almost serene look on his face. Although he is walking with purpose, he does not look particularly rushed.

How wonderful that some people can be so calm. Another familiar face is in the area and he is anything but. Robert is fresh from the hospital, his skin unusually pale and his eyes almost sunken in. It's as if he hasn't slept, has been delivered bad news, or any combination of this. After all, he is relatively close to the hospital by this point. He doesn't notice Ivan at this point as he is fresh on a mission to locate the sisters that so wonderfully have gone into hiding. Women.

Unfortunately for Ivan, he does notice Robert. And he does notice the fact that he's by the hospital, and that he's been recently told some very bad news. Like… 'Oh hi, I'm pregnant' perhaps? Quirking an easy brow, he turns to face the other man with some curiosity.

Ivan doesn't mean bad. He never does. He's just a very unlucky kind of guy. "You come back from visiting Miss Bun In The Oven, did you?" He comments with a wry drawl, brows furrowed down. "Now, I've got to admit. I didn't think you had it in you to sperminate her. I thought she was much too proper to let you lay a hand on her. But - Jesus Christ, man, haven't you ever heard of protection?"

It actually takes a moment or two for him to put together who is actually talking to him. It's almost as if Ivan is speaking in slow motion. Each word said wakes Robert from his trance. Each additional word mentioned adds just one more tick to the anger scale. It's bad enough that apparently only his girlfriend and a stranger are concerned for his folks, but now he has a smartass in his face. A deep breath is taken before Bobby speaks, that one warning sign that Ivan better back down. Yet, if Ivan's not familiar with Robert's anger he's not going to know that. "Now is not the time." It's better than all the other insults that come to mind.

"No, it isn't." Ivan agrees solemnly, spurred on by his misunderstanding. It's so very fitting that it will be his desire to help Hope that'll eventually lead him down the road to trouble. Now, he doesn't know Bobby well enough to read the warning signs, and so the older man approaches Robert easily. "Listen. I know this has to be hard on you," he begins, almost sympathetic. Of course, he's completely talking about the wrong thing. "Fuck, if the same happened to me? I'd be crying like a baby in the corner. Too young. I know. But, I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you're a good guy since you seem to be one, and that you're going to stick around and be there every step of the fucking way for her."

The warning was given, that is really all he can do in this current situation. Ivan's approach just marks him as violent, not friendly. What he says is far from humorous and something inside of Bobby just snaps. Robert lunges forward, reaching for the collar of Ivan's jacket. Soon enough Ivan will find himself literally slammed up against the nearby wall with as much force as Robert can muster. A rage never seen by Ivan is present in his eyes as he stares into those of the man who just doesn't know when to stop. "You are an ass. I don't know what the hell you're talking about, but lay off. He could be dying and you're cracking jokes." Most people might not guess the true strength of Bobby, but it's enough to keep Ivan's feet from actually touching the ground. At least he hasn't hit him yet. "I try to cool to you and this is what you do?"

The time for sisterly bonding has come. They are staying together for the time being, but it's her baby sister. Scarlett is intent on spoiling her today, so they've spent time shopping. Not far down the street, Scar steps out of a shop, a half dozen bags on her arm. "Come on, Helen, it wasn't that bad in there. Let's see him lose his mind at you knowing about lacy underthings now." Yes, it was a lingerie shop. All to get under Ivan's skin. Since he was so adamant that his sister couldn't possibly know about undergarments.

Helen is not going to object too strenuously to being spoiled here, and she's having a fun time, despite the pink hue to her cheeks as they step out of the lingerie shop. "Yeah, or we could just not tell him," she points out a bit wryly, not quite sure she wants to see her brother losing his mind about her need for fancy underthings. "Ooh, we should get ice cream." She's distracted by this random need for sugar in the next breath, which does do something for alleviating her embarrassment about this intimate apparel shopping.

It's not as though Ivan's never been in a fight before. Actually, he's been in many over the years - an unfortunate side effect of not caring whether his current warm body was attached to another man or not. He's gotten his share of beatings, and he's also wiggled out of nearly twice as many fights before. But…there's something different about this particular incident. Perhaps it's the rage, barely pent up, that is being directed at Ivan when Ivan knows he doesn't deserve it. Perhaps it's the fact that it's happened all so quickly.

Or perhaps it's the fact that he's being held off of his feet up against the wall. Surprise is written over the mans features, and instinctually he clutches at Robert's arms that are holding him up - to keep from being choked by his own clothing.

Figures that Ivan has managed to find trouble in such a nice neighborhood. With a cough, he tries valiantly to reason to the monster pinning him to the wall. "What? Who's - ugh - cracking jokes! What do you mean, someone's dying? The baby? Is there something wrong with the baby?" He, truly, doesn't know. The fear in his eyes, found in his voice, is very real, and genuine, and honest. "Li-listen, man, put me down. Violence is not the answer!"

If Ivan is going to be such a smartass, no matter when or what the occasion, he has to learn to stand on his own. All Robert has right now is his job, his ability to fight, since he can't find his own siblings and his parents are in the hospital. The lack of sleep, the stress and guilt - it all just builds. Ivan may not deserve this, but he likely deserves such actions for something that he's done in his life. "Hope was right. You are an ass." This is said as Ivan is allowed to dangle from the wall, no concern at all written upon his features.

Just when it seems like he's calming down, Ivan just keeps his blood boiling. He's moved away from the wall just far enough so that Robert can slam him back into it. Hard. "There is no damn baby! Jesus, man. Do you always act like such an ass?" Even with -that- being said, Ivan is a great source of stress relief so he isn't dropped, not yet. "You've harassed my girlfriend more than anyone else I know, you're taking advantage of her mentally ill sister, and now you're mocking me while my father could be dying? Tell me why I shouldn't just break you right now."

"Ice cream? Sure thing, brat!" Thankfully, Scarlett has enough cash this month for little extravagances like spoiling her sister. Plus it's been a while since she's been shopping. Laughing, she starts to head toward the ice cream cafe, when she hears her brother's voice. The sounds of a struggle. Another voice. Looking over her shoulder, she points to Helen. "You, stay put." She doesn't expect Helen to pay any attention to her, but as she's already running off, shopping bags bouncing as she does, she figures she'll at least have a head start.

"Look," she says, coming upon the two men. "I don't know who you are, or what your beef is with my brother, but maybe before you meld his face with that wall, you'll be gentleman enough to hear him out?" Worth a shot, and if her niceness doesn't help the matter, she's still got a little something up her sleeve.

Helen gives an excited little bounce as the ice cream is agreed to, and it's in good spirits that she sets bounding off after Scarlett towards the giver of frozen confections. The good humour fades however, as she too catches the sound of Ivan's voice, not processing quite as quickly as Scarlett as to just what is going on. Of course, the order is just as promptly ignored as her sister expected, but she does get a few seconds of lead time before Helen is off after her, coming up upon the scene of the confrontation with wide eyes.

Talking is all Ivan can do. Talking and manipulating and masterminding. Physically fighting? Well…let's just say he's at a disadvantage. "Hope was - what!" Ivan inquires, clearly confused as to what she could possibly be saying. Knock after knock, his head bounces off of the surface that he's being pinned too, temporarily sending his word spinning So, even if he could respond, Ivan finds himself quite incapable of doing so. "No…no baby?" It's like talking to a sleepy four year old - all because that hit too the cranium was especially hard enough to mess with his mental functions. "What…"

But then, over Bobby's shoulder. It's an angel! No…no, it's even better, it's Scarlett. In his addled state, he can't help the smile that appears on his face at the sight of his twin, who despite all the contention between them, and all the tension, can always be counted on to come to his rescue. But then, he remembers exactly where he is and what is happening. And he recalls just how volatile Bobby is… "Scarlett! Scar, back away! I've - I've got this, it's okay!"

It doesn't matter who is trying to stop him, his focus is on Ivan. Scarlett is almost ignored but she is not forgotten. Right now he really needs to get through to the male Fontane that sometimes he just isn't appreciated. Another good slam is given to him at yet more mention of a baby. "No. Baby." Just like that, though, he drops the man and takes a step back. Hearing him out did little good so he just finally gave up.

"You know, I tried with you. I really did. Despite how much I hear about you, I tried to see where you were coming from." He would be pacing if he hadn't used so much energy just manhandling Ivan. "You know what? I don't think I want to hear him out." This is said as he addresses Scarlett, his tone far more calm when he speaks to her. "If you can tell me what possibly could excuse him in this situation, I would love to hear it."

In the midst of testing to see if she can lift the minute amounts of water in the area to her aid, Scarlett isn't aware she's being spoken too right off the bat. She mumbles something under her breath, and then gives the man who's manhandling her brother a look. "As I don't really know the situation, I can't honestly tell you. My brother is a jerk, I'll give you that, but his heart is generally in the right place. Maybe there's been some sort of misunderstanding?"

Ivan is given a look. "Ivan Fontane, I've been cleaning up your messes my entire life. I'm not afraid, and I'm not going to back down. You alright? Need a doctor?"

Now that the actual fisticuffs seem to be ending, Helen steps up beside her big sister, peering at all of this still with those wide eyes. "What's … going on?" she asks, concerned and confused as she looks between the three others. Clearly, she missed something, but this doesn't seem the right time for asking a million questions, so she just leaves it at that one for now, other than echoing one of Scarlett's: "Yeah, you okay?" is asked of Ivan as she slips forward to move up to stand beside him, to give him a closer look, make sure he's all right - quite oblivious or indifferent to the previous physical threat.

Ivan is in a very surreal spot right now. He's being yelled at, but he can't really listen to what Bobby is saying. The moment he is released, he collapses onto the floor, as the world is spinning much too violently for him to possibly keep himself upright. Gingerly, he lifts a hand, touching it to the back of his head, now numb from the impact of various jostles, only to feel something warm. Something sticky. It is with an almost child-like awe that he draws his fingers away from his head so that he can stare at the blood in wonder. "H-Helen? What're you doing here?" He gruffs in surprise as he finally catches sight of the youngest Fontane. Then, finally, "I'm fine. M'okay," he lies.

But, Robert's still there, isn't he? And talking to Scarlett. And…wondering what's going on… So, he must speak. "She's pregnant. Gotta be. Hope." He coughs out in slight surprise from where he is on the floor, not even looking up at the pair. "Saw her. She was crying at the coffeeshop, and clutching at her stomach…and went to the bathroom to throw up…in the mornin'." Beat. "She didn't tell me, she'd never tell me, but when I asked if she was sick, she said I was stupid. And she was going to the hospital…what else can it be? I wasn't…I just wanted to know she'd be taken care of, is all…"

For all that he's trying his best here, Ivan really isn't helping anything. Robert would actually go back to thumping on him if he wasn't already pretty well taken care of. Besides, he has girls around him now so even Bobby will be as well behaved as possible. Which, given what is being said, isn't all that much.

His icy glare at Ivan soon fades so that he can speak with the sane Fontane twin. Several deep breaths are taken before he even dare speak. There will be no anger in his tone when he addresses her. "I don't know who you are, or how you're unfortunate enough to know him, but will you kindly make him stop talking? My girlfriend is not pregnant and if he doesn't stop spreading lies about her I will really be angry."

Now that he's found some center of calm, he looks back to Ivan. There's no remorse nor does he apologize for the blood that he now sees. "Did it ever occur to you that she was upset for /me/? That she was sick and coming here because of what happened? Everything has to relate to sex with you. Some of us don't take advantage of the Tylers."

"Ivan, shut up." It's said as sternly and as lovingly as she can manage. Scarlett is concerned that her brother is a little addle-brained right now, and as she has no idea who Hope is, she tries to get him to stop talking. "Scarlett Fontane," she offers dryly. "His twin." The one who has to fight his battles for him, apparently. As she talks, she gives her wrist a little flick causing a small breeze to push a bit of puddled water down on the two men to cool them off. Accompanied by a shriek of surprise as she jumps back.

"Okay, so like I said. Misunderstanding. My brother is an idiot, and he'll stop spreading these rumors now that he knows the truth." A glare given to her twin. Until she notices the blood. "Helen, call the ambulance now please."

Helen drops down to a crouch beside him as Ivan goes down, still looking upon him with concern, and still not quite sure she has the entire picture here. But wondering is pushed aside as she catches sight of the blood, pretty quickly, considering she's right there beside him. "You're not fine," she argues in a soft voice, checking her pockets to come up with a sad, crumpled napkin she picked up somewhere along the way. But it's all she can think of to offer him. At Scarlett's instruction, she looks up at her sister and then nods, pushing back up to her feet so that she can dig out her phone and make the call.

But Ivan can't shut up. He shouldn't shut up. Because if he stops talking, then they'll know that there is something severely wrong with him. Then it'll be proven without a doubt that he's been mentally messed with. If necessary, even the giant baby that is Ivan will fight his battles. He will and stop at nothing to protect those he cares for. But…this isn't a battle to him. It never was. He feels no illwill towards Robert or Hope (yet). All he wanted to do is make sure another kidlet didn't grow without a father. Is that so wrong?

Absently, he stares at the napkin Helen offers him, unsure of what to do with it exactly. After a moment of hazy deliberation, brought thanks to a very minor concussion, the man reaches for it and proceeds to try and wipe his hands clean. Then his eyes close, only catching bits and phrases of what's being said, and he is surprisingly quiet. Unsettlingly so, almost. But just when it looks as though he might have fallen asleep? Well, his eyes snap open, and he turns to stare directly at Robert, almost blank in his expression. "Why would she be upset for you? What happened?" The fact that he doesn't bother defending his relationship with Rose, or bother denying the claim that everything is about sex is quite telling.

"The hospital is right there. He can walk his happy ass in." No, there is no love for Mister Fontane at this moment. Even Robert has the decency to harm someone so close to medical treatment. Unlike how he is at work, however, he's showing no delight in harming Ivan. It's just something that happened, and something he'd do again if given the chance.

There's a lecture waiting for Ivan, so much to be said yet he's attempting to deal with Scarlett first. The cool breeze is refreshing and needed, but he has no idea where it's coming from. The only clue that he feels a thing is the closing of his eyes even if it is momentary. He's about to continue when he hears Ivan speak. "Lord, give me strength." Really, the only one who will likely hear that is Scarlett before Robert turns to Ivan.

"I might as well tell you since I can't seem to reach either of my sisters. Haven't you seen the news? No, likely not." He likely has been having too much sex with a mental patient. "My parents were mauled by some sort of rabid wolf. Thing. My father's in there, likely dying. Hope's a good person no matter what you think and it likely upset her."

"Try to keep him awake, if he's bleeding he might be concussed." Looks like she may have to weave a stronger protection spell for her brother in the future, though had he been wearing one to begin with this wouldn't have happened in the first place. Scarlett glances up at the roof, trying to surmise what she did wrong, but when she hears Robert speak, she just looks confused. "Those were your parents? Christ, I'm sorry to hear that. You should go be with them. I can take care of my brother's loud mouth for you." Her shopping bags are finally all dropped to the ground, and reaches out for Robert's shoulder to give it a gentle, caring, reassuring pat. "I hope he pulls through."

As Robert points out the futility of calling for medical transport right outside a hospital, Helen murmurs something into the phone before snapping it shut again. She drops back into a crouch beside her brother, taking seriously Scarlett's request to keep him awake. She reaches out to rest a hand on his shoulder, leaning in close to speak softly. "You have to stay awake for right now, okay?" She tries to offer up a usual beaming smile, but it falls a little short, thanks to her concern. As Robert explains his bad mood, her gaze is drawn upwards to him, her eyes widening again before she adopts a sympathetic frown. "I'm really sorry," she adds sincerely.

Ivan feels drunk. Ivan feels drunk, and tired, and so many other things that he doesn't quite know how to describe. There is a buzzing in his ears, a sort of white noise filling in the silence…except it's not silent. There are people talking to him. Glancing upwards, he quirks his head to the side slightly as he looks over to Helen, peering down at him. A watery smile appears on his face then. "You're so big now. And pretty. When did you grow up?" He asks of her.

Oh yeah. Ivan's a little loopy. Juuust a little. But closing his eyes once again, he attempts to return himself to the actual situation at hand. To pay attention to Robert. It's so hard for him to pay attention right now. "Mhmm. I didn't know that." He offers the obvious. More might have been forthcoming, but it never actually comes. The girls have handled it much better then he has…besides, Robert wouldn't appreciate it anyway. Robert is in no mood to look onto Ivan with anything but negativity right now.

This is not what he expected, not at all. Ready to defend himself and his actions, to trounce Ivan if need be, Robert is caught off guard by Scarlett's touch. "I, uh, thank you." Just like that he seems to be regaining the sense of Robert that he normally shows the world. There still aren't any apologies offered. "I've been with them. What they need are all of their children, but I can't reach my sisters. That's where I was going."

Finally he sighs. Ivan's reactions show just how much he did rattle him. "For as big of a mouth as he has, he really has no fight in him. I can't be the first person to react to him, and I won't be the last. I'm surprised that Hope's parents haven't throttled him." Giving in, Robert moves towards Ivan and if they allow he will heft him up. He won't be carrying anyone but he will help Ivan walk at least. "Just don't ever do that again. Like I said, Hope isn't like that."

That's Scarlett's job. Diffuse the situation as best as she can, to keep her idiot brother out of trouble. It was part of the manual that came with the twins, or something of the sort. Still in mother hen mode, she moves in when Robert does, trying to get him to drape Ivan's arm over her shoulder. "We can get him inside and taken care of. We won't be pressing charges," that directed at Ivan in case he decides to argue with her. "Go find your sisters, that's more important right now."

"When you weren't looking, goof," Helen replies lightly at Ivan's wondering question, though some of the lightness is still a bit forced. It's so disconcerting seeing her big, strong, protective big brother so loopy and hurt, but at least the situation is much calmer now. Robert gets a quick look as he steps forward again, but since his intentions quickly turn out to be noble, she makes no move to stop him. Instead, after another pat to her brother's shoulder, she rises once again from her crouch, giving Scarlett and Robert room to work, though hovering nearby to be helpful.

Ivan's eyes are closed by the time he is being jostled and removed, and it is with a groan that he is being dragged up onto his feet. His arm goes around Robert's shoulders, and when Ivan blinks his eyes open to see exactly who is helping him - well. He's in awe. He was in the exact opposite situation just a couple of seconds ago and…

Crap. He's going to have to thank Scarlett, isn't he?

"What're you doin'," he grunts to Robert, ignoring the words of his sisters as he merely tries to stare at the man that had so expertly delivered him his injuries. "Why're you helpin' me. Y'hate me."

He's about ready to negotiate the transfer of Ivan whenever the man actually begins to talk. Robert just stares at him as he holds him. It would be easy to let him drop again but he's not going to do that to the women. "I don't hate you. I dislike the fact that you are spreading rumors about my girlfriend. I dislike the fact that you are taking advantage of her mentally ill twin. I sure as hell dislike the fact that you think you can push buttons and walk away unharmed, but I don't hate you."

Perhaps all Ivan needed was a good rattling. Maybe he'll start to behave like a civilized creature now. "I'm sure that despite the fact that you make her blood boil, even Hope will be upset with me for what I did." No, Robert is not going to apologize. He motions Ivan towards Scarlett. "If I turn you over to her, are you going to actually walk in there, or do I have to carry you like the girl you are?" So he's mostly teasing at this point but he's still not happy with Ivan.

"Yeah, well I hate you too, yet here I am, helping get your sorry behind into the hospital for stitches and pain meds," Scarlett grumbles at her brother. She waits until her brother's arm is secure on her shoulder. "He'll walk in there with me or I'll throw him over my shoulder like a big sack." She gives Robert a side glance, and laughs. "You know, for a guy that just beat on my brother, you're actually not all that bad. Go find your family, and let us take care of ours."

Helen makes herself useful by going to collect their shopping bags, while Ivan is handed off from one to the other. "Thanks for your help," she notes to Robert, not unaware of the irony, as she moves back towards her siblings, bags now in hand. "For the record, I don't hate you," she adds in a quiet yet lighter tone, taking up the opposite side of Ivan, ready to offer what support she may. Of course, she figures the non-hatred goes without saying, but still - never hurts to say it, right? "Though I wish you wouldn't go around getting yourself in trouble," is added a little more wryly.

"You judge me, but you don't know me." It's a morose, sad little statement that Ivan offers to Robert - the only rebuttal the man will get with regards to the list of 'dislikes' that has been given. Drawing his strength together, he unwinds his arms from Bobby, moving to walk by his own capabilities and, literally, fighting to get away from both Robert and Scarlett. Speaking of the twin… "You judge me and you do know me. It's even worse." Loopy Ivan is no longer on the awed, merry side of things.

And all this leaves is Helen. Shakey, but determined to go ahead on his own, he offers the blonde a curvy smile. "I know you don't. You're one of the dew that don't - and that's why I love you, little sis. You. Go find your sisters. Get out of here."

"It's actually my job to beat on people. Sometimes I forget that I'm not at work." Robert won't even begin to leave until he knows that Ivan is actually cooperating with Scarlett. "Although if you do throw him around, I wouldn't mind a few pictures. I know someone who might be your number one fan." With Helen helping he finally feels secure stepping away.

He's all but departed when Ivan begins to speak. Instead of overreacting, Robert just shakes his head. "Yeah, yeah. I'm obviously far off." Yet he's not actually sounding angry. "Just stop assuming that Hope's pregnant, alright?" There likely would be a better quip but Bobby's exhausted and still has a search ahead of him. "Just let me know how things go, okay?" This of course is said to Scarlett. His parents will be in the hospital for a while so she won't have issues locating him. With that he sets off to find his own siblings and complete his quest.

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