Hello Nurse

Medical City Hospital

Bright, wide lights hang from the ceiling, casting the clean and sterile surroundings with brilliant light. A reception area sits centered before the door where people can check in, or ask for directions to other areas within the hospital. Past the desk is a small hallway with elevators leading to the upper floors, and signs that point to radiology.
Two large metal doors to the left of the entrance lead outside to the ambulance loading dock. The doors are marked 'EMERGENCY ONLY' in large red letters.

Early morning errands have left Faith out and about quite earlier than normal. So much so that she's already back and reading a book before she gets 'the call'. It's a call that no one ever wants to hear, and even if it is played down she still is filled with quite a bit of fear. Somehow this has to relate to her, after all, since most of his pain usually does. There's no hesitation as she grabs her jacket and keys and heads out. The trip takes slightly longer than it should due to having to rely on public transportation but these are the prices someone has to pay when they're deemed clinically insane by the state.

Eventually Faith arrives at the ED of the hospital and checks in with the desk. They have to follow proper protocol, and after what seems like a good half an hour an orderly arrives with a guest badge for her. She's eventually led back to a room that is sectioned off into several smaller areas by use of walls and curtains. Most of the little cubbies are currently vacant yet one of them contains her boyfriend. The fact that he isn't in an actual room is a bit of a relief to her, a signal that it isn't quite as serious as she expected. With a wave to her guide she slips behind the curtain to investigate the damages.

Even before Ivan is revealed, his presence will be known. For his is a familiar drawl, and it's bright, and it's ringing out in the pristine room right now. "You know, once you get used to it, the breeze is quite nice. Drafty, really. Although, I still don't get why I had to put on the dress…" Currently, the man is sprawled behind one of the curtains, lying down on the bed with his arms crossed behind his head in a gesture of supreme comfort. And the fact that he's lounging in a lavender hospital gown? Well, that's just the icing to the Weirdness cake. Beside him on the table is a bowl of ice cream residue, and the nurse that he had been speaking to - a maternal, older woman - is looking over at Ivan with a fond smile.

It's official. Ivan is so being pampered, and he is so loving it.

That is far from the sight that she was expecting. Faith just watches the interaction for a moment before she actually makes a noise, indicating her presence. "I don't know what you said," she begins as she takes the entire little scene in. "But I never got ice cream while in the hospital." She looks to the nurse as this is said, perhaps looking for some sort of sheepish explanation. Though she's a known mental patient so the nurse likely can understand why she never got any ice cream.

Even if he appears to be more than fine, there's still that level of concern to her expression. "Do I want to know why you're here instead of at work right now?" That's her way of asking what happened without being too sentimental. They are in a secret relationship, after all.

The moment Faith makes her presence known, Ivan's attention swivels over to her. And when it does, his entire expression lights up. The smile that she is given is broad, and genuine…and it is very particular, very rare. It's a look that only Faith can produce from him. Once he's been able to properly express his happiness at her presence, then it becomes almost wry. "Well, you know me. Charming beast, that's what I am," he chuckles lowly. Before moving to sit up on the bed and gesture for his girlfriend to approach. A fleeting glance to the nurse is given. "Actually, the ice cream was payment for story time. It's alright baby. She knows. I had to tell her - we were getting so close otherwise." It's obviously a tease, to both women. "Marcia over there's been taking care of me in your absence. Speaking of," and he turns to beam to the nurse, who is currently cleaning up. "Didn't I tell you? Isn't she beautiful?"

"Christ, if my husband said half the things you do, I'd be a happy woman, Ivan Fontane." Marcia muses, turning to look over Faith with a twinkle of knowing in her brown eyes. After a moment's hesitation, she grabs the emptied bowl. "I'll just give you two a moment to catch up, then. Ivan, if you need anything, you know what to do."

It really isn't until he mentions the nurse knowing that Faith eases up. It's something she takes seriously, after all, and the last thing that she ever wants to do is ruin his reputation. So the young woman walks right up to Ivan, a hand reaching out for his arm. She's smiling, but more at the way he's reacting with the nurse. "You start spoiling him now and he'll always expect it." This is of course offered to Marcia. "But I'm not giving him any ice cream." At the immediate moment, that is.

Turning back to look at Ivan, that concern returns. "You look okay." Yes, she's looking for answers. "What happened?" Even if she's still smiling, the humor is momentarily gone from Faith. Oh, sure, he's not on life support but he's still in the hospital. She hates hospitals. "And don't tell me that it was your amazing good looks that landed you in a hospital gown."

Ivan grins boyishly at Faith's jests. "Aww, but don't I deserve to be spoiled a little? I give you ice cream." But, unfortunately, as much as he'd love to remain in that light, playful mood, there are a few realities to observe. He is, after all, in a hospital. She is, after all, concerned. And so, there is a story to be told, but Ivan isn't looking forward to it. He sighs theatrically, before making a grab for the hand that's touching him. "It was stupid. Just a misunderstanding is all - I got…knocked back. Hit my head." There. That way, it sounds as though he might have stumbled back into the injury, absolving Robert of some of the blame. Looking to collect her hand in his, he lifts their join appendages to run through his hair on the back, where she ought to feel the stitches. "I needed to get sewn up a bit, and I had a minor concussion, but I'm alright. I swear, I'm fine. You didn't worry too much, did you? I told them to stress that I was fine, so you wouldn't be too worried."

His jests aren't returned, not just yet. She's facing some major fears of hers just for him and so she's making damn sure that he's okay. "A misunderstanding?" That to her implies that someone was involved in this, no matter how minor. Faith's eyes go wide when she feels the stitches there and immediately she pulls her hand away. Even if it is minor he has a head injury and she's not quite sure how she wants to react to that.

"Damnit, Ivan. Your head was split open. How is that minor?" Faith is far from yelling. She just doesn't know exactly how to handle this. "How did a misunderstanding split your head open?" At least Faith is keeping her voice at quite a respectful level, not allowing anyone else to overhear. "I've taken a lot of falls lately and even I haven't done that yet."

"Erm. I'm special?" Ivan offers gingerly, his smile sheepish and uncertain. Uncomfortably, he tugs at the gown that covers him and sits upwards. "I'll tell you, okay? But…it's kind of a long story. Kind of funny, too. Well, not yet. But it will be in the future. I'm not sure if I'm mad or not yet." He nods to a seat beside him, indicating that she ought to settle down while he takes the opportunity to drink from the glass of water beside his bed.

"Well…it starts with your sister. I was grabbing my morning coffee, and I ran into her. But something was horribly wrong. She was crying at first, and clutching at her stomach, and throwing up. And then mentioned going to the hospital. And…I mean, I asked if she was sick, and she said no. Well, actually, she was busy insulting me, but that's alright. I just thought it was weird, you know? Kind of…morning sickness-y?" She ought to be able to puzzle out partially what happened. "Anyway, when I was walking, I ran into her boyfriend. You know the one - the Bobby-guard. And he was around here, just came from the hospital, and he looked like he'd seen a ghost. So…I kind of assumed, you know? He…knocked up your sister."

The first reaction is to actually look upset. This is because something is wrong with her sister. They may not be best friends because of Ivan, but Faith would give her life for Hope in an instant. Before she can ask what really happened, however, he's implying that Hope is pregnant. Or at least that he thought she was. Faith just stares at her boyfriend as she processes everything before she bursts out laughing. "You actually thought she was pregnant? She's basically two steps away from being a nun. You'd actually have to" Yeah, she's not finishing that statement.

Yet he mentions Bobby and that part isn't forgotten. "So you took someone who was at the hospital and asked if he knocked up my sister? Ivan, you didn't fall into anything." It's hard to read Faith's expression as she puzzles things together. She does know what Bobby does for a living so she honestly isn't leaping to any conclusions. "And what was going on? Did you ever figure it out?"

Ivan wrinkles his nose slightly. "It was farfetched, I know. I didn't believe it at first. But you didn't see how this kid was walking around - like his whole world had just been turned upside down. Like if he just learned he was going to be a father." The man protests, and he shuffles uncomfortably. "Let me tell the whole story. Anyway…I wasn't sure, but I was afraid it'd be true. So…I went to talk to him. Bobert. To confirm and…well. To make sure that if he did knock her up, he'd be an honorable guy and stick around. Now, I'm not going to lie. Your sister irritates the hell out of me - but if she were…you know. I'd want her taken care of, the same way I'd want…anyone else taken care of." Beat.

"It was a mistake of mine, I guess. I shouldn't have. He was in the hospital because his parents were attacked by some animal, I think? It apparently was on the news? But I didn't know. I didn't. I guess I really bothered him, and I'm sure the issue with his family was wearing down on him, so he just…took it out on me a little. My sisters dropped by. They stopped him." Pause. "I'm not sure if I blame him. I understand what he must be going through is hard, but the violence was a bit excessive. At the same time, I made a stupid assumption…I figure I'll just let it be." But then, green eyes are inspecting her, carefully. "What're you…thinking?"

As requested, she listens to the full story before saying anything. In fact, as he speaks, she eases herself onto the edge of the bed to listen to him. After all is said and done she reaches out to place a gentle hand against his cheek, to offer that look of love that only he receives from her. "Are you sure that you're alright? I mean, I know that ice cream solves everything, but that's usually just temporary." At least she's trying to but some sort of joke into her words but she's falling flat in comparison to her normal self.

Even now she's not used to people calling her out on what she's thinking. "I'm thinking that not everyone looks so upset when they find out that they're going to be parents." Again, an attempt at a joke. Faith finally sighs and shakes her head. "I don't know what to think. I think that if his parents are in here that could explain a lot, including why Hope was so upset." There's a pause as she attempts to get her thoughts in order. "I also think that if he gets close enough to you to rough you up again he'll find himself in a great deal of trouble." At that moment she looks away even if her hand remains where it is. "And I think that I hate hospitals."

Ivan leans into the hand on his cheek, his smile growing broader and more boyish with each passing second. "If I tell you that no, I'm not alright," he begins, a decidedly impish gleam in his eyes. "Does that mean you'll kiss it better?" For the sake of avoiding disagreement, he doesn't argue her claim that not everyone would be mortified at the thought of being premarital parents. Instead, he offers the vaguest shrug of his shoulders, licking his lips thoughtfully. "Yeah. I figured on the parent things. And, I don't think he'll come around for seconds. I know I'm irresistible but I'm not sure he has it in him. But if he does? I'll have no moral quandary about subduing him with my power this time. I can excuse the first, but not the second." But then, a curious expression crosses her face, and he screws his brows down in a furrow. "…Hey, you alright? Do you need to get out of here? You can, you know. I'm fine - and I'm getting out as soon as the doctor comes back. I don't want to make you stay here if it's bringing back bad memories or whatever, Pretty girl."

The response to his impish request comes so smoothly that she doesn't even take the time to consider it properly. "I'm afraid that there's no real way to kiss your ego." Once she says it, Faith actually catches herself and shakes her head. "No, no. No kissing but I might convince you to take the day off of work and have your girlfriend take care of you." In all fairness, Faith never used the word premarital when describing happy parents. Still she's thankful that he doesn't elaborate. It's such a touchy situation.

"I just would think that you shouldn't give him any reasons to want to do whatever it is he did to you." This is not a lecture, at all. It's just her view on things. Faith's attention goes back to Ivan, a soft smile aimed to him. "Not that you might have given him good enough reason already. You know what I mean." Another sigh and she keeps that unknown look to her features. "No, really. I'm here until I can take you home. Although the sooner I can get you out of here, the better. You need to take it easy, after all."

Ivan is caught off-guard by her wit. So off-guard, in fact, that Ivan finds that he can't even laugh at her, but merely blink in confusion. "I…what?" Beat. Finally, after a moment's hesitation has been taken to process the situation, he lets out a bark of laughter. "Haha, yeah, okay! Geez. Aren't you terribly cheeky today?" With a grunt, the man tries to swing his legs off of the other side of the bed, clearly preparing himself to jump on his feet and exercise walking once again. "Mhmm. Well, I don't think I gave him a good reason in the first place, but I'll let that slide. I understand he must be very stressed and all. And, hey? He just gave me a free vacation, I think. However, forgiving my sister is going to be a bit more tricky."

He makes it to his feet, all smiles and brightness, and proceeds to stretch out his arms and such. "So…you're going to take care of me, huh?" Ivan inquires merrily, turning a wolfish grin to the woman. "And how do you intend to do that?"

The way that he processes what she says and how he reacts actually has Faith lowering her head. She's not upset, but her cheeks are blazing. "I don't know. It's been an early day and I was panicked. It's just a relief to know that things are okay." As okay as she would call having his head split open. She continues to look down as he stands up, likely missing any sort of show that would come with a hospital gown. Something does catch her attention, though, so she looks up at him finally. "What did your sister do?" Yet she's blushing again and even chuckles. "Well, I could always drop you off with your twin so I can go shopping." So she doesn't know what she missed but apparently the sister card is one she can rely on. "But I was thinking about letting you rest, making you food and just letting you avoid the world until you're better."

This, however, is a rather serious issue that he's not sure he wants to get into. And so, Ivan deliberately avoids looking to Faith, reaching behind his back to close the gap exposing his behind to the world. Then, with his bare feet on the coolness of the tiled floor, he crosses the room to where his clothing is, deciding that he'd like very much so to dress himself now, thanks. "What did Scarlett do? It's…it's complicated." He begins, jaw set stubbornly as he slides on first his boxers, then his pants. Briefly, his eyes flicker in her direction. "She stopped him. Bobby, so I have to thank her for that. But…you weren't there. You didn't see the sympathy she afforded the man who had just had me hospitalized - and the lack of sympathy she gave me. How easily she accepted that it was all my fault, and that it might've been okay for fuckface to start pounding on me because of something I did." There's a pause, during which he frowns to himself. She doesn't afford me any of the slack she naturally gives everyone else. Ah - but it's not that big of a deal. Not really, anyway." When he looks to her, it's with a faint smile of apology. "Sorry about that. It's just fucking annoying, is all."

Apparently it is a serious issue. One he begins talking about it, Faith makes a point to look down at her hands. It is something more than she was expecting. She's honestly at a lack for words when it is all said and done. "I don't know what that has to be like," she finally says. "I'm used to not being listened to. To having everyone else trusted over my own word. But that's a different situation." Finally Faith does look at him, uncomfortable, but she at least affords him a smile. "Your sister loves you very much. She is a twin, though. That isn't always easy. I'm sure she didn't mean any harm."

Ivan takes the moment to close his eyes and let out a low sigh, before turning to smile wryly at Faith. "I understand the irony of complaining about this to you. And…well, I'm sorry. I guess I'm just bitching, anyway. But…I just needed to get it out and…" He shakes his head firmly, a sign that he's officially finished with the topic, even going so far as to pull the hospital gown up over his head and throw it to the floor.

Just as he begins to strip down, Marcia the Nurse reemerges into the room, and the sight sends her scowling. "Ivan!" She scolds maternally. "You aren't supposed to dress yourself until we give you leave! I ought to tie you to the bed, you're like a big baby."

The man himself, however, looks faintly amused by the reprimand. "Sorry. But all he's going to do is check over my stitches anyway, and I want to get home. No offense to you, my dear."

"No. I want you to be able to talk to me. Vent all you'd like. I'm just afraid I'm not very good with advice." But then he's dismissing the topic so Faith looks back down at her hands, feeling rather useless at the moment. There's more to be said, but she finds the nurse coming in before anything can even bet muttered.

At the mention, from a nurse, of tying him to the bed, Rose stiffens. She sits up completely straight and she just doesn't move. Oh, sure, the nurse is joking around. It's just a mixture of atmosphere and poor choice in words. So she will be more than happy to allow Ivan to do all of the talking for the moment.

Surprisingly enough it is Marcia, and not Ivan, to notice Faith's discomfort. After snatching up the discarded hospital gown and muttering to herself fondly about the man's nerve, she is in the process of setting a few things to sort with the room when she catches sight of Faith. Immediately, the woman sobers up. "Are you alright, doll?" She inquires, even going so far as to place a sympathetic hand on her shoulder. Of course, she doesn't know of Faith's past with Green Oaks. She doesn't know how horrible it can be for Rose.

Ivan is just sitting back, currently buttoning up his shirt one by one, and glancing around the room in search of his shoes.

Poor, sweet Marcia. She really is only trying to do the best job that she possibly can. The hand on Faith's unknowing shoulder does send her a bit over the edge. It isn't as if she's having another full on episode, or that her memories are attacking her. There is no screaming involved and no tears quite yet. Yet when that hand touches her already tense body, Faith almost feels as if she's going to be sick. "Pleasenotyingupformeokaythanksbye." It's said so softly and so quickly that it may take a while for it all to be processed. Slipping off the bed, she tries her best to just leave the little area, step out beyond that curtain and get to freedom.

And Faith is allowed to escape. Marcia is flabbergasted, lacking the insight into Faith's life, but Ivan? Why, he merely furrows his brows thoughtfully, allowing his shirt to remain mostly undone and his feet bare as he stares after her. "It's…don't worry about it, Marcia. I'm going to go see if she's alright." And before the nurse is given time to protest, he's off.

He eases in behind the girl, reaching over with an arm outstretched to deliver a soft, gentle touch to her arm. "Are you alright, there?" He gruffs with clear concern, brows furrowed in a frown. "Faith?"

How anyone in the city has no idea what is going on in her life she has no idea. It seems like it's a fifty-fifty chance on anyone knowing, and sadly it usually always works against her. Faith hasn't gone far so Ivan won't have issues locating her at all. If this were the condition she was in a week ago she'd already be outside of the hospital. So at least she's trying, and she's improving. That's something, right?

Yet when he reaches out, he really ought to speak first. Faith jumps and spins around, a certain level of fear in her eyes. So much for her self defense training, but really her mind just isn't in being strong. What Rose would really like to do is to crawl into a hole and hide. "You should go back to your room," she finally says, offering the best smile that she can manage. "They probably don't like wandering patients."

Ivan has a guarded look upon his features as he looks to Faith, silently taking in the fear, the broken smile… Despite the flinch, he can't quite bring himself to pull his hand away from her person. Tentatively, uncertain, his fingers curl around her wrist, and with a thick swallow as he frowns to the woman. "They can wait. I…" Beat. "Wait for me outside? I'll go have myself discharged right now. I just need to grab my shoes and my jacket, and I'll be set to go. It'll only take five minutes or something, alright? Does that sound good?" Certain situations require a change in procedure. And chief among those situations, so far as Ivan sees it, is Faith's mental health.

Her mental health is always a concern, so it would seem. Unlike the situation at the mall, she's got a pretty good handle on herself. The fact of the matter is that places such as this do not sit well with Faith and never will, especially not with nurses being all touchy feely with her. "Don't rush anything. You've been injured." Leave it to her to always put someone else's well being ahead of her own. "I'm sorry; it was just something that was said. I'm okay, really. I'll just wait out in the lobby so you don't have to worry, okay?" It will also do her some good, too. "You're the one who needs to be spoiled right now, after all."

Ivan shakes his head gently, but firm. He is not going to let up on this current issue. His fingers tighten around her wrist as he attempt to reel her in, and to quicken the process, he also takes a step closer to her. There is something particularly telling about the way he looks at her, something determined and…strong. "No, I'm fine. And I'm going to be fine, no matter what. Just wait for me there, I'll be out in a couple of minutes, I promise." Staring at the girl, he dips his head forward slightly, looking to press a sweet kiss upon her forehead with a faint smile. "You keep trying to put my needs first and to hide how it effects you so I don't worry. And that's why I love you, but let me be there for you, okay, Pretty girl? You don't have to play tough with me." His words are out of his mouth before he even has a chance to think them, ringing of honesty, and easiness, and a distinct lack of awareness that he has finally dropped a very important phrase.

If anyone else tried to confine her as he is, which isn't all that much either, they would likely find themselves with a knee to the groin. As it is, Faith doesn't say a word, or even seem to be bothered by it. If she can share a bed with him he has more than enough right to try and get her to be honest with him. "I'm not worried, really. I'll stay for as long as I need to." Her eyes close as he presses his lips to her forehead. It's such a calming thing for her and eases the muscles that have tensed. Rose is making every plan to wait in the lobby for Ivan, but then he goes and says what he does. She'll stay right where she is, unmoving and unblinking for as long as it takes for him to rejoin her. Nothing is said about it, but that's because she doesn't even know what to say. Broken, twice in one day but for two completely different reasons.

Thoughtlessly, Ivan gallivants off to collect his belongings. Faith might be able to hear the raised voice of Marcia, protesting with Ivan. She might be able to hear the bright, well-humored responses and the faint laughs from the man in return. But whether she hears them or not, he proves that he is very true to his word. A couple of minutes later, Ivan comes sauntering out, messily clothes, and the moment he sees Faith, his expression shifts from confusion to a soft, indulgent smile. He is in the process of throwing his jacket over his shoulders as he marches right up to her. "I thought you were going to wait in the lobby? Ah well. It doesn't matter. Anyway, I'm about ready to bounce - how about you?" And simply, his arm is held out, inviting her to loop her own through it.

Hello! Broken! Faith barely even realizes that he's approached her yet again. He'll see that moment where she actually snaps back to reality. When she does she appears almost lost at first but quickly her cheeks turn a brilliant shade of red. "I, uh, what?" Just like that he should be able to tell that she was broken again, much as she was when he mentioned moving in more officially. It isn't that she's afraid or upset; she simply does not expect such things. It may be during the day, they may be in public, but Faith doesn't care. She wraps her arms around the one he offers and cuddles up close. "I couldn't be more ready to leave this place." It's easier to talk now that she's not caught off guard and now that she isn't actually looking at him. "And you need to be pampered."

Ivan furrows his brows solemnly once he's granted the opportunity to see her snap back into reality. He's been subject and witness both to that so many times recently, and so he does, indeed, recognize her brokenness. What he doesn't recognize, however, is the cause of it. He doesn't walk, peering at her with clear, unabated concern, even after she's proceeded to cling to his arm and seems to be completely fine. In his mind, it's an act. She's so good at acting. "Faith?" He inquires, soft. "What's wrong? Are you…flashing back? Remembering your time in the institute?" He's so concerned. "Look to me…talk to me?" Beat. Then, he recalls that perhaps talking about that here of all places probably isn't the best thing to do, and so he sweeps forward. "I've arranged for a cab to pick us up - my sister has my car…"

His sudden concern sets her off guard. Does she look that bad? Faith looks down over herself before looking up at him, her cheeks still extremely red. "What? I'm fine. I mean, I was upset back there because she was talking about tying you to the bed and I just wasn't comfortable." Now? Right now Faith is comfortable, made obvious by the fact that she's talking. She's stumbling a bit over her words but at least she's trying. "I'm not upset, I'm really not. I'm just, well, yeah. Let's go home?" It's mysterious, it honestly is, but she doesn't want to bring it up here unless he asks her again. In her mind she's going over just how to approach this with him, when to mention it, and it has sort of silenced her for now.

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